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Big Arm Tactics

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Est Cruz (1 month ago)
You had me at deadlift
What What (1 year ago)
wtf who's tgat creepy person in the window
AJ ? (1 year ago)
doesn't matter how many exercises you do pain brings size without pain there's no size
CZ SHOOTER (1 year ago)
I normally do three supersets and two singles.
Martin Petrov (1 year ago)
Man i love your advice's I must watch all your videos!
James Fortner (1 year ago)
I'm surprised no one mentions loading a muscle. I know it sounds simple but loading a muscle is a big problem. I can curl or bench or row etc , doing the movement but it "Does not" mean I'm loading it. Loading a muscle can cut down tremendously on the amount of sets and exercises needed. I can go thru 3 exercise on my arms for bi & trip and hit all the heads on both. Reverse, incline curls and BB preachers right there if will hit all three areas of the front like an overhead press, Flat press & Downward press will typically hit all 3 heads of the tricep. I see guys going heavy on a Bicep movement doing 2-3 exercises lol that hit the exact same head.
Clark Lee Hendrickson (1 year ago)
You go straight from 30 reps with only bar to 225? But I thought you were trying to avoid shoulder injuries.
sebaswildboy (1 year ago)
oh shit the window
Rob Flores (1 year ago)
I really like this channel
Xanh (1 year ago)
but if it works for you, it doesnt mean it should work for everybody, you are on juice, so look at ur friend it doesnt work for him
Xanh (1 year ago)
only if your videos are 5 mins and on point, then it'll be great videos.....=
steven E (1 year ago)
figured i would leave this here for help to new guys when i first started i was doing your typical push pull routine with triceps and chest and biceps and back when i plaetued i started doing back/chest day 1 legs day 2 arms/shoulders day 3 rest day 4 in the gym 6 days a week and my arms seemed to respond a LOT better to that routine then they did when i did biceps on back day and triceps on chest day...
wesley wright (1 year ago)
who is that kid in the window at the beginning of the vid ??
tachee77910 (1 year ago)
this guy is full of knowledge it s just a shame that he rides with mactruck the suckerpuncher.
E. R. (1 year ago)
James, thanks so much, as always, for the quality information. All the best.
yagis balane (1 year ago)
tiny thanx for the info ive tried everything under the sun but this is a new one
xrxteck (1 year ago)
so I haven't read or heard if you do these supersets heavy or light? thank you
whene u mention the name big Rich Piana, u better put some RESPECK on it.
Ryan Huser (1 year ago)
Thanks for all the advice bro!
Ryan Huser (1 year ago)
Yes, you have a guy creeping on ya! lmao
Pete Flores (1 year ago)
Great info man.
Corrado Conrad (1 year ago)
good guy. thanks man. always willing to learn something new from a dude that knows his stuff.
XXTALEN (1 year ago)
But that doesnt rhyme, curls for the guys. HAHAHAHA
conor sullivan (1 year ago)
00:15 kid in window
Pike Reed (1 year ago)
Man you are huge!
Iron Man (1 year ago)
I once trained with a guy 'full natty', must some 20 years ago, he never ever, like ever ever ever, trained his triceps AT ALL, not one exercise aimed directly at training his triceps, he literally did only heavy pressing movements such as wide grip and close grip flat, incline and decline benches and shoulder presses sat down, behind neck, always 6-8 reps (he was the first guy I ever saw, drug-free to press behind neck with 240lbs on the bar for 4 sets of 10 reps (I struggled to flat bench that kind of weight back then lol) and his triceps where like balloons. He just looked at his arms and figured why train them, they are big enough! Lucky son of a... :)
tachee77910 (1 year ago)
Jay C lol
Seb K (1 year ago)
Is that your son at the window ?!!!
oliver meehan (1 year ago)
I'll try all this...thanks for inspirational and helpful videos :)
stewart suttles (1 year ago)
I've gone from 18 and a half inch right bicep to 22 inches in 11 months
stewart suttles (1 year ago)
the biggest I've gotten my right bicep is 22 inches without the pump. need advice how to break the 23 inch mark.
tachee77910 (1 year ago)
lol the dude is 40% bodyfat go down to 10% u ll see if u still 22
Ludicrous BallBag (1 year ago)
Take some from ur chin
Mr Bierbanger (1 year ago)
I know how to do it to the 23 inch mark. Continue your pizza all day diet and eat a pound of candy every day. You are gonna reach your goal in a month or so.
Erlend Prestmo (1 year ago)
Steve Fletcher look at. His fkn avi
Steve Fletcher (1 year ago)
Lean or fat?
deadboy600 (1 year ago)
Curls are for girls = Bi's are for guys.
Beastt OfRage (1 year ago)
Also when I was lean I hit 18 3/4 inch cold arms at 195 lbs back in 2004. So my arms are long overdue.
Beastt OfRage (1 year ago)
Great perspective. This is something I will have to try. My arms only reach 20 with a pump and 19 1/2 cold is as large as they get. I hit 19 1/2 cold flexed in 2012 but was originally a sloppy 242 lbs. I later got leaner, but by no means lean, and maintained the same arm size. So thats possible muscle gain in a sense but havent been able to move up the tape. My back/chest measurement is at 56 inches and my back is growing every year. Atleast an inch a year lately. So I should break 60 soon. However my arms have not been growing at all. I was doing 50 sets to failure twice a week for arms. Ive done that routine once a week as well. So I do not believe the answer is more training. It may be time to try giving them a break and hitting back and pressing movements harder with the extra recovery. Ill keep that in mind KILL THAT SHIT !!
A Person (1 year ago)
Hey James love the videos and the truth in them. I'm not a fan of the protein powders. What would you recommend for whole food in place of the powders?
Ben Bowmen (1 year ago)
Yo do u know u had some looking in the window behind u
harrison liney (1 year ago)
the creepy guy at the window
riseofthefallen301 (1 year ago)
Hey James, any chance you'll upload a video with pictures of yourself when you were younger? Let's us all better gauge your evolution
Jason Shults (1 year ago)
My best gains in arms in the shortest time requires a cable pulley and a bench or some kind of arm machines. The exercise is almost an isometric, because the movement is only short, the resistance is at the max of what you can do (more than you think you should be able to), and the sets are based on time rather than reps. Here we go:  After a full range of motion set with light weight for warm-up, load up the machine with your one-rep max, and bring it to nearly a full contraction. Then lower it about a quarter, and bring it up to near full contraction again, slowly. For one full minute. The muscle should be under maximum tension the whole time, and if you don't feel like you are done after 30 seconds, you need more weight. The last 30 should be excruciating. That was set one. Rest at least 2 minutes. Set two, use the same weight, or add some, and this set, you will bring the weight to 3/4 contraction and hold it, again for a whole minute. If you aren't ready to pass out or shit your pants after a minute, you needed more weight. Do it for bi's, then do it for tri's. It is difficult to isolate tri's, but you can get it done with the right machines. Then you can do a light cooldown set, or if you are very experienced, one full rep set for pump with 10-15 reps. I rarely bothered with the pump set. I could barely get the light cool-down reps in. That's the whole thing. It doesn't take much time, but it is brutal, and the recovery takes at least a week (for me, when I was doing this workout). If you aren't wrecked afterward, you needed more weight. The limited range of motion near the top end is specifically to isolate and protect the joints. I put two inches on my arms in less than 6 months. No shit.
Adam Dupuis (1 year ago)
arm tactic worked for me, switched over to deadlifts and shrugs for 35-45 min workouts sometimes i supersetted with that shit, sometimes i split them up, sometimes i went heavy low rep, sometimes i went high rep 15-25 reps but i just wanted to say that this was a great tip and it helped me out my man, my back was so pumped full of blood and I got the soreness which is rare for me in that muscle group, stopped training arms for 3 weeks, and put on a 1/2 inch on my arms when i went back to punishing those arms. Thank You so much for this video. I watched a lot of your vids and you got some good advice my man. and i hope you keep making these types of videos. Cheers
choppertj1 (1 year ago)
Snap Backs for an hour??? Not me... Not today Jack! 😑
Steven Gilbert (1 year ago)
Bi's for the guys
kyle Hill (1 year ago)
this man truly gets it
I really enjoy your videos James keep up the great work on this channel.
Chris Chrisso (1 year ago)
IT works real well.I hit the with arm..So i came up with the same as you are saying and my arm are loving it.
boxerfencer (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips.
Justin Normand (1 year ago)
finally some info I can use rather than the same old training techniques I hear day in and day out.Excellent content,keep it comming
Chantz Gaudet (1 year ago)
Bis for guys!! Curls for girls! Squats for wheelchair!
creo sine (1 year ago)
Russell Crowe is fucking huge these days!
Yosef Monserrat (1 year ago)
I absolutely agree...Supersets have always been beneficial for myself. I have 19 inch arms natural...I train them on their own day as well. Thanks for the advice James. Your channel is very informative and honest
archilonshadowheart7 (1 year ago)
yup 10 sets of 10 doing skullcrushers with up to 315 lbs and 10 sets of 50 for the plyometrics which just pumps the blood in.
archilonshadowheart7 good ol Dave haft..yep rich piana's mystery man..he was on the ric drasin channel, dude was huge
Yosef Monserrat (1 year ago)
I never heard of Dave Haft ...Gotta check him out and thanks for the info.
archilonshadowheart7 (1 year ago)
that was actually one of dave hafts ''tips'' or more so something he just did to build his natural 23 inch arms and he was natural and it was almost entirely triceps there's only videos him like when he is much older but it does work and he didnt even do it intentionally, everytime i get sick i take that as an opportunity to deload for however long i want and i always come back better. i had 20 inch arms when i used todo that. then i said fuck it started training like michalik and defendis and in my own way and got them up to 22 inches but i focused way more on my arms than anywhere else but i still have like 32 inch quads at like 5'6 and there kinda ehh but i dont care i aim to look freaky anyway i'm not a bodybuilder so i dont bitch but it will work
Yosef Monserrat (1 year ago)
Gotta try that tip on not training arms  for a month
Sooleman (1 year ago)
I was just thinking of heading to bed early.But,after watching this decided to do a bis and tris workout instead.I got an excellent pump.Thanks man!
Svilen Atanasov (1 year ago)
The pumped Russell Crowe :)
Harry Callahan (1 year ago)
0:17 Erm...not sure if you know this but you got some creepy fucker at your window.
Duelz (1 year ago)
Ron Weasly
Kristian (1 year ago)
lmfao thats scary shit
pedro Le'wonder (1 year ago)
who is it creepy as fuck james
The Turtle School (1 year ago)
Scott White (1 year ago)
haha good spot
james smith (1 year ago)
could I ask, do you do ,any stretching exercises , cud u do a vid on that, if u do
PAINZ AND GAINZ !! (2 years ago)
Trying this for next 4 weeks. Got 19s and I want 20s so bad. Going to focus on all my strenght gains. It does make sense. great tip bro. cheers!
Deb Hood (2 years ago)
someone in the winte
Alan (2 years ago)
Do you have any similar advice for growing boulder shoulders? Thank you for the content, big man!
bm ak (2 years ago)
Besides straps, learning the hook grip can help a lot too.
Bernardo Costa (2 years ago)
Hey bro, really like your channel, so much good info, im turning my protein up to 200g per day and seeing more and more results, doing what you said, trying it for 7 days, and its working just fine, no stomach aches, nothing, maybe cause i dont eat any animals products tho? and cause i allways eat daily 70 grams of fiber+ bunch of vitamins specially c, anyways, thanks a lot bro, ill be watching your vids.
Joon Soo Park (2 years ago)
Ok... That kid in the background scared the shit out of me lol. Did anyone notice?
Michael Nunez (2 years ago)
hey my friend my name is Mike and I'm 52 I'm glad I watched your video because I totally forgot about super sets so thanks for reminding me and I just subscribe to your channel so keep up the good work
Tyler Begg (2 years ago)
did any one realise the person in window freaky
Julio Smith (2 years ago)
There's a kid creeping in the background.
ElGrigon Extraordinary (2 years ago)
One hour deadlift...man o man. I have to try this shit :D Great tip!
aaron chojnacki (2 years ago)
Great stuff bro.
ghettobeats (2 years ago)
It's curls for girls/bi's for guys.
Jay Peeps (1 year ago)
+Full-Metal_Jacob HAHAHA those were great!
Full-Metal_Jacob (1 year ago)
Presses to drop dresses Extensions to get her dimensions Squat to get twat Build mass to get ass Tri's to get between her thighs Heavy duty to smack booty
Jay Peeps (2 years ago)
or tri's for guys! hahaha
Bro Cole (2 years ago)
You wack as hell..... Stop it...
Charles Jones (2 years ago)
Great info. Who ever was by the window scared the hell out of me.
John Stephan (1 year ago)
LOL yeah you could have made a ghost encounter story about that one!
Nathan Abrantes (2 years ago)
So, I've been bodybuilding for about 4 months now. I just turned 15 and my arms are about 12 3/4 non pumped. I am now doing a 30 day, every-single-day challenge. I started 4 days ago. Should I keep doing this? My genes make it so I have a massive back and chest so my arms are tiny and I hate it. That's why I want to focus on my arms. Is this a good idea? Please help me.
Michael the kid (1 year ago)
+Michael the kid overwork*
Michael the kid (1 year ago)
only do about 3-4 days a week, you dont want to ever work your biceps
deosdany rables (2 years ago)
Hey James I just started following you and I think you are honest. If possible I'm requesting for a video with all the tips from you how to burn fat and lose water weight. Also in the video can you inform us how you can tell if your holding to much water or if it's far... THANK YOU
Lichtwesen (2 years ago)
Thank you, really helpful tips! Arms ftw
Jabba's_ben_ Lifting (2 years ago)
You know that guy in the window?
Jody (2 years ago)
I'm not sure James will agree.. but I can not stress enough that you have to put the work in at the gym or garage or where ever you have your weights.. I worked my arms.every day. YES ..everyday. It worked for me. Hours at a time!
archilonshadowheart7 (1 year ago)
Are you pullin my leg here? i don't even  have any pictures from school or childhood,  the ones i might have are when i'm clothed wearing a 7xl flannel which  has been washed enough i assume its shrunk a fair amount, but no i don't give anyone pics, any videos, and i refrain from giving my advice as much as possible, sure i can get clips right now, but i'm not going to for now, but i will eventually, i'm tired of arguing use it(the advice) or don't and i'll be on my way. 
Gus-Tav-Oh! (1 year ago)
Really cool man. Do you have any pics of those 22 inch arms?
archilonshadowheart7 (1 year ago)
yup i built 22 inch arms doing that, i said fuck it i'll try anything so i did pat casey dip marathons for my tris, i did john mcwilliams tricep workout, pill pettis triceps workout with the 3000 bench dips but he calls them reverse tricep pushups, i did steve Michalik's 50 sets of heavy barbell curls i did john defendis tricep workout you can find on FLEX online and i did lots of different exercises invented new exercises and i just went wild with it i was doing concentration curls with a barbell or seated with one arm very very low reps high reps lots of low incline curls, or flat bench curls , tricep presses for very high sets i learned everything there was to know about arms or so i thought and i'm still finding new stuff that i can use or apply to arm training like 20 sets of 20 serge nubrets bench press thing why cant i do that for dumbbell skullcrushers, so i did, i did incline db skullcrushers standing ( they dont even make those anymore i think it feels so different) collar to collar grip sergio oliva curls i tried everything and i did crazy amounts of sets in the encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding it says something the old timers used to do before shows that put a half to a full inch on the weakest bodyparts and arnold was talking about this so its old for him so its real real old to us a set every hour to failure for a minimum of 14 hours and it does say MINIMUM. it's in the book i've still got it on that page right now, franco is eating pizza on it. cable skullcrushers down the rack up the rack for 5-10 sets i love training in the craziest way i can i grew alot doing this every plateau i ever reached i got out of by doing one of the crazy things i just mentioned. plus i was 5'4 when i did that but got up to 5'6. i often at home used bout the same weight Nimrod Kind used for curls i only used to use 10 15lb each side of a db thats it. i had occasional bouts where i wanted to do overload training with 100 lb db preacher curls for a dozen reps and overhead dumbbell extensions with two hands and one dumbbell great exercise but i cant do that with the rubber dumbbells. i never really followed the conventional stuff i created my own stuff but always was open to try new stuff.
Jody (1 year ago)
+Gustavo Enrique Your welcome bro..I'll tell you exactly what my arm workout was. so stay tuned. I'm not into it like I use to be.. work and life has taken over it seems.
Gustavo (1 year ago)
+Jody thanks for your response bro
Jody (2 years ago)
Julien Kuiper (2 years ago)
Really good tips. Keep it up
Windwar attack (2 years ago)
Jim..You got a Ghost in the window... a floating head in the beginning of your video..or a peeping neighbor checking you out man...Kinda disturbing......Get that floating head in a choke hold Jim.
J.J. D. (2 years ago)
rich piana...FEEDER WORKOUTS!!!!!
Expert Analysis (2 years ago)
Good video!
Major Horn (2 years ago)
any tips on building a chest or is it just reps and pump, more so than focusing on contracting the muscle. i ask because its hard to build inner and upper chest i find
Major Horn (2 years ago)
might try that concentrate on chest and back for a weeks then bring up arms and shoulders for another few weeks
david hoffrichter (2 years ago)
Thomas Howard (2 years ago)
Does anyone else see the person in the window at the beginning of the video ?
Dain A. (1 month ago)
Thomas Howard yes
Matty S (8 months ago)
His son fuking around with him
MuscleHustle (1 year ago)
Just saw that,kind of strange!
skeochJ1 (2 years ago)
scared the shit out of me
Thomas Howard (2 years ago)
+19jody72 same here lol
TheGangsterflavor (2 years ago)
and i love what you said about deadlifts sooo true... everyone uses there back to lift it when they should keep there back straight and lift with there legs! great advice....
TheGangsterflavor (2 years ago)
thanks for the videos im loving all the content! your the man
Damien wood (2 years ago)
do you believe in facia massage to free up the muscle. I had it done recently and feel great. woundered on your opinion, thank you.

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