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Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”)

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iTunes: http://smarturl.it/morepitch Amazon: http://smarturl.it/PitchDeluxe Google play: http://smarturl.it/pitchplay Music video by Anna Kendrick performing Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone") (Director's Cut). (C) 2013 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Text Comments (159545)
*unicorn swirl .a* (1 hour ago)
I love this song I tried to to the cup thing now I keep doing it
Asy Syifa Danisha (3 hours ago)
When i'm gone2 Two bottle whiski when im gone2
no name (6 hours ago)
i'm so sad that pitch perfect 3 is over and i won't get to see my bellas together anymore!
Alondra Caballero (6 hours ago)
You will miss me when I gone to school.
Cash Money (6 hours ago)
this make me sad because me best fiend die and she was 10 like me
AF BTS (6 hours ago)
2018 SKKRT
Mamacita Kisa Louisa (7 hours ago)
I love it
iWumbo (8 hours ago)
Ur gonna miss me by my taco ....
Bannana Bannana (9 hours ago)
Inspecteur GadJet (10 hours ago)
The barman 😂
Gamer Bro (10 hours ago)
*sees the cup song is in this video* No, no, no, no, oh nononononononono! NOT THIS AGAIN!!! I AM NOT GOING THROUGH THIS FOR A 3RD TIME!!!!!
Charlie Groves (10 hours ago)
one of my best songs 😘
SolidGreenDay (11 hours ago)
Can everyone stop saying "2018 Anyone??"
Kailane Gaspar (12 hours ago)
Quem é do brasil
Floria Vi Smith (12 hours ago)
i love it
kimmychangaify (13 hours ago)
August 2018
gamerkid 21094 (13 hours ago)
Melanie Finson (13 hours ago)
1:17 when it starts
Farmer Lamb (15 hours ago)
Anyone here from 2024 or is it just me?
The joker (15 hours ago)
Constanza Kostyushko (16 hours ago)
I can do the cup trick. :)
Kara The wolf love (16 hours ago)
Anyone in 2018 I love all the music ppl makes lol XD
JJ Huff (16 hours ago)
Your singing is so good
Zaki Fruitwala (17 hours ago)
I love her voice
Lay Smith (17 hours ago)
She must up in the back
Artworks Overload (19 hours ago)
I remember in Grade 3, we had to learn the cup trick and song in music class 😒
Christina Haddadin (20 hours ago)
Nice seeing you naked I’m nice singing a nice cup cup padding
Christina Haddadin (20 hours ago)
I like the song my friend I’ll tell you do what you do the cuttings I think I don’t know if you’re imagining it or they’re actually doing it but she knows how to do it to my friends so I’ll go look doing that I try to do it but I can’t
nothinbuthitzrecordz (21 hours ago)
422 million views omg
Caitlin Murray (22 hours ago)
Renad.99 (22 hours ago)
2018 ??
Nam Nguyễn (22 hours ago)
30069 anyone?
Umar Dimamto (23 hours ago)
chtungalag (23 hours ago)
i only use cup yo drink not to play song with that...
Aswin Jivan (23 hours ago)
I learnt this song at school
One day, when I'll meet someone who I'll love and who'll love me, I'll send him this song and ask him, if he wants to leave with me tommorrow morning. Without a plan, without bothering 'bout a place to sleep, just we in a car on a road to wherever we like. It's my dream.
Muhammad Sulfihan (23 hours ago)
Hường Nguyễn Thị (23 hours ago)
tiana Grah (23 hours ago)
I Love Song😍😍😍
DaniStar Diaz (1 day ago)
Se dan cuenta que la chava incendió el restaurante a proposito?? Sonó la alarma de las galletas que estaba preparando y solo se fué :v
Sam Valladares (1 day ago)
Sucks the bar tender messed up so many times when the camera was right on him.
Caoimhe Beirne (1 day ago)
2018 people cup song out lol i cant evan do it
Hass Man (1 day ago)
Old guy knows the cup song lolol
Walter White (1 day ago)
1969 anyone?
ko mi (1 day ago)
woo woo
Gabriela Flores (1 day ago)
even the granpa was doing it 😂
nikki17590 nikki (1 day ago)
I love song
dina friends. (1 day ago)
CrazyKup Cakez (1 day ago)
I have Something To tell you... I do miss you :3 Get it The song is called you're Going to miss me When I'm Gone YEAH YOU GET IT? no Okay fine I'm out ;-;
Jason Roman (1 day ago)
Dr.Koopario (1 day ago)
Allyson Sowers (1 day ago)
asmr be like
DIna Yenga (1 day ago)
DrK B1LLY (1 day ago)
Been 5 years and have been waiting for the next upload.
Renae Wise (1 day ago)
Hey 2018??
Maria Luiza Calvo (1 day ago)
5 year later and i just noticed she does it with her left hand
Jonas Kruchkow (1 day ago)
Was this to hard
Love this song
King fortnite (1 day ago)
Who with 2018 like
Minerva Velasco (1 day ago)
I love this......but the biscuits are burning!! LOL!
Queen Bee (1 day ago)
Song starts at 1:16
AhnafS (1 day ago)
this song is still good, and will be good forever
Kpop Potato (1 day ago)
This restaurant looks yummy thooooo
Chloé Gavillot (1 day ago)
Août 2018
Kamari Brown (1 day ago)
I love this for so much
Wātēr Gīrl (1 day ago)
Who's back here after watching Pitch Perfect?
Roxi Arnold (1 day ago)
Great song ! 💗
한국분들.. ?
1:15 początek
Daniel Hotchner (1 day ago)
I have no idea how they made this video but it's fucking awesome!
golden blue (1 day ago)
Remember when everyone was doing this challenge like literally everywhere...
권유영 (1 day ago)
hi my korean is cup song is very good!
Kenneth Diag (1 day ago)
At 3:12 he tried to pull the the cap but failed at first lol.
KRISTIAN YT (2 days ago)
I loved u Anna kendrick ur alwayes my dream hope u have 100million subs
RAR Animation (2 days ago)
Those people are struggling to do it I think they got it like this "PEOPLE WHO WANTS BE IN MY MUSIC VIDEO!?!?!" "MEME EMS ME" MEMEMEMSM" MEMMEMDMD""OK then u have to do the cup trick" "FUKC THIS SHIT I AM OUT
RAR Animation (2 days ago)
You are going to miss me in my TACO 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
Cupcake choco (2 days ago)
Asmr 😂
Its_ shazzza (2 days ago)
you sure are gonna miss mah tacos
How Wrench (2 days ago)
Songs that you make using creative musical instruments...
Zamora Parte Tudo (2 days ago)
Zamora Parte Tudo (2 days ago)
Liviu Miu (2 days ago)
August 2018
lukaaa aaa (2 days ago)
I love it
Julie team Marsha (2 days ago)
Omg this song reminds me so much about my experience when i work part-time jobs as barista, servant & in the future imma be a baker too And i love Pitch perfect Massive thanks to the beautiful Anna Kendrick ❤ btw song is so cool
Gwyn Judd (2 days ago)
your gonna miss me when im gone
Bianca Mitru (2 days ago)
Manaia Anstis (2 days ago)
L am in 2018 Augest who ever said that
lil'miss Midnight (2 days ago)
I loved this song when i was young 😌 the memories.... aww the memories, im actually trying not to cry. Beautiful song 😌😌
Meadow Davies (2 days ago)
yip I am im Meadow Hi
Wendy Boyd (2 days ago)
I don't know if this song makes me happy or sad,WHERE IS SHE GOING 🤔,I'm perpexed
Olivia Gholston (2 days ago)
Yall like whos seeing this in 2018. Im like whos seeing this in 3022. IM IN THE FUTURE BRO AND THIS SONG IS STILL 🔥 FIRE!!!!
Nelly Productions (2 days ago)
They don't even credit in the desc?? The girls who made this should sue, like honestly it's like : o hey yeah let's take your song and not give you barley any credit. -.-
sydara pompey (2 days ago)
i love this song miss Me when I'm gone
Sherene Allayne (2 days ago)
Sweet song 😘
carol archer (2 days ago)
I got a ticket for the long way round
Samantha The Gymast (2 days ago)
115k people liked this so much that they spammed the like button and missed
Donta TVlogs (2 days ago)
indy (2 days ago)
Twilight 🔥😍

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