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Anthony Bourdain dead: Some things you didn't know about him

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Iconic chef Anthony Bourdain is dead at 61 after committing suicide, CNN reported Friday. Bourdain was in France working on his CNN series “Parts Unknown” when he passed away. Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nydailynews Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nydnvideo Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenewyorkdailynews Follow us on Tumblr: http://nydailynews.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (209)
Leslie Jimenez (3 days ago)
Tomasina Covell (17 days ago)
You couldn't narrate this shit?
tommy alkatraz (18 days ago)
he was a liberal-
sperantaexista1 (27 days ago)
Bourdain had a premonition!? Watch the last seconds from "Anthony Bourdain No Reservations - Romania"(43:00) Strange scene in the bathroom... https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2xup9f
kurt Bohne (1 month ago)
useless info.
Alexandra Abn Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot daughter of Jesus christ
Thomas Mann (1 month ago)
dont make me fucking reade with the stupid music in the background. Just say what it is you want me to know.
Edwin Hsu (1 month ago)
what is the background music of this video?
NDFOOTBALL (1 month ago)
Guy was a communist.. Colluded with Russia
Jay Roe (1 month ago)
Won't miss him...bye bye
Kathy Ortego (1 month ago)
he wasn't divorced
stripmakah215610 (1 month ago)
This goes to show, having fame and fortune is not the key to happiness. Having a relationship with CHRIST will guarantee completeness.
morenoarts (1 month ago)
It's hard to believe that another celebrity death labeled as suicide sometimes I wonder RIP Tony 😥
Jason David (1 month ago)
Suicide is the result of an accumulation of sin, the Bible says; For the wages of sin is death. So people that don't acknowledge God, or people that worship him as a hypocrite. They have to pay the debt of sin. Sin is like a credit card, that you keep on swipping, you keep on pilling up the bills, but eventually your gonna have to pay that debt. That debt is sucide, disease, heartbreak, destruction, pain, suffering and death. The only spiritual being that can pay off that debt is God. That's why God made a human body, then God the spirit got into that body and died on the cross to wash away our sins with the most pure and holy blood. In the spirit world, if you commit unholy acts, the only thing that can atone for unholyness is pure blood. We used sacrifice pure blood of the best and purest animals to atone for our sin, but this could only atone for a single sinner, but by the purest blood of God, Jesus Christ; a body plus the soul of God in it, saved us all from our collective sins. All we have to do is accept him as our Lord and Savior, repent from our sins and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of our sins. Then we have to follow a lifestyle according to his teachings and worship him in truth. God came to Earth as sinfull flesh, to save sinfull flesh from our sinful ways. Not only did he give the example how a sinfull flesh being can live a holy life, but he also payed off the debt for our collective sins. Amen.
Csab (1 month ago)
fuck u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mackay1231 (1 month ago)
He was about to expose the illuminati....
Roman Darius (1 month ago)
Rich! A young beautiful wife? Oh, yeah, and he even looks depressed. Was he about to tell on the elite that have been molesting children? Was Pizza Gate real? How about Lolita Island?
Tina Walters (1 month ago)
Multi-talented guy. Anthony will be missed. RIP
Juan Esteban (1 month ago)
He did NOT kill himself he was taken out
Katie Southwell (1 month ago)
To be fair, airplane food is grim.
Tony Gutierrez (1 month ago)
I DON'T want to hear any negative things ABOUT Tony BOURDAIN as far as I know and will remember he was a great communicator of the unknown places he visited either food or people. I HOPE OUR GREAT GOD WILL FORGIVE HIM AND ACCEPT WHAT HE DID TO HIMSELF.
raymond caruso (1 month ago)
This guy was nothing but a arrogant, pompous, asshole drug addict who thought he was more thst whst he was!!!!!!! So stop acting like this reject was something special. He really was not.
I Had A Bad Day (1 month ago)
Children don't recover from this kind of trauma in their formative years. His actions surely changed the life of his daughter. She'll probably end up in the sex trades.
Csab (1 month ago)
she gets alot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will forget all
love is my religion (1 month ago)
The worst part of this isn't his death. His death is horrible no matter how it may have happened, but the worst part is reading through these comments and realizing how messed up our society has become with their way of thinking. It's a shame that there are some good people on this Earth that will be wiped out when it's cleansed of the filth. Go for it nature! fix the nastiness on this planet🌋🌊⚡😊
Bill Brown (1 month ago)
suicide is a foolish permanent solution for a temporary problem. I don't think Bourdain was a fool.
Pablo Smog (1 month ago)
"Some things you didn't know about him," like you know. "Some things the people who own this obsolete media company want you to think about him" is more like it.
steve STAR (1 month ago)
How many pallbearers at Anthony's funeral? TWO ....... A garbage pail only has two handles. LMAO ....😂
Joe Asuncion (1 month ago)
And in the end the love take is equal to the love you make. - The Beatles Rest In Peace. Destination: Parts Unknown.
PLANET BOOM (1 month ago)
Satanic pos
des895 (1 month ago)
I miss him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elijah Wood (1 month ago)
Murdered by Asia Argento and Rose McGowans circle of satanists
Jerad Wood (1 month ago)
I have been following A.B. for quite a while & I really don't feel he committed SUICIDE. I think since he has no history of mental illness, "Loves his Daughter", is extremely successful, that it's very possible it's a case of he DIDN'T commit suicide: like Robbin Williams, F&F Paul**, Whitney Huston, David Caradine & many others whose APPARENT Suicides left MANY unanswered questions. Most people in the know: know that Hollywood is a CULT. And once you 'Take the Sacrament' and join (JUST WATCH THE VIDEO OF ANGELINA JOLIE TALKING ABOUT HER HOLLYWOOD 'CULT CEREMONY INITIATION') not unlike a Gang, there is NO Retirement Plan or Option: you are a Life-long member. And if you try to leave (i.e. like Fast & Furious Paul was reportedly going to do, according to friends & family he was going to devote his life to Charity) suddenly you end up DEAD in some kind of 'Accident', 'Suicide' or "Overdose'. I'm not saying that all celebrity overdose, accidental & suicidal deaths are STAGED, but it is VERY EASY to stage these kinds of things and pass them off as 'Natural Occurrences', and most of us know there is a (hidden) history of these occurrences happening (i.e. the mysterious deaths of the aforementioned celebs & many others) A Celebrity becomes unmanageable or does something they're not supposed to or doesn't do something they are instructed to do..........next thing you know it: they're on the front page of the 'NEWS' Deceased ( 9/10 times by Suicide or Overdose) QUESTION EVERYTHING, BELIEVE NOTHING ON FACE VALUE ALONE, AND YOU WILL BE CLOSER TO THE TRUTH IN THE END.
emond67 (1 month ago)
I know people who met him and said he was a condescending dick to ordinary people, similar to how Streisand treats the help. Not fond of shutting on dead people but he wasn't that nice of a guy or so I'm told
Shaolin Stacker (1 month ago)
1-Anti White Bigot 2- Supported White Genocide 3- Mascaraded as a (((white)))(though actually a Jew) person to subvert culture and promote Anti white Bigotry 4- Was the poster of a degenerate hipster heroin addict loser. 5- Only women he could get was Weinstein's used jizz rag. (Xtra butt hurt)
poodle dog (1 month ago)
A lot of people say he was murdered I don't believe he killed himself he loved life and love what he did why would somebody take their own life and ended sorry I'm not falling for it
Kate Schneider (1 month ago)
I did some videos on his death - very suspicious! Don't think it was a suicide at all.
TheBoomOnMizar5 (1 month ago)
It’s VASSAR, not VASSER! NY Daily News, you and your readers are a bunch of DUMMIES!
J Brand (1 month ago)
Shinedown song "HEROES" !!!!!!
Maurice Harvey (1 month ago)
Well...I bet you didn't know that he was a sexist pig. Anthony Bourdain will be remembered as an unappreciative arrogant bastard. An ex heroin addict who drank too much does not deserve any sympathy.
Joe Schmoe (1 month ago)
The system sure is pulling out all the stops to convince us that this man killed himself but all of us psychics know the truth you can kill every single one of us psychics but you won't stop what's going to happen in the future you already lost
Religion WhistleBlower (1 month ago)
The Almighty Creator provided wealth, health, ideas and fame for this man, yet he never did appreciated any of those blessings, and as a consequence he has brought cursed upon himself. This man left this world without having a slightest idea where he came from, why he was here, and where he was going after here. Majority of the humans who come to this world leave as a loser.
Omid Golestani (1 month ago)
Man all the good food that he ate you'll be the last person you will talk the commit suicide
wiz9496 (1 month ago)
After he badmouthed President Trump, I wished death upon him. My only complaint: WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG?
wiz9496 (1 month ago)
son vult MAGA
son vult (1 month ago)
wiz9496 fuck Trump.
Amby Cakes (1 month ago)
wiz9496 you’re a moron
In Vino Veritas (1 month ago)
He's a crack addict,not just a food critic.....
USA THE GREAT (1 month ago)
Perhaps it was rough sex with a gay prostitute. We may never know how this libtard bit the dust.
Megamans64 (1 month ago)
He had accusations with Comet Pizza.........All the pedo shit is going to start coming out more and more.
Liverpool 11 (1 month ago)
He seemed like an angry guy, that's never a good sign.
F Fe (1 month ago)
He was killed!!!!!!!
Alaa von Alsburg (1 month ago)
I feel that too...
sam t (1 month ago)
Tube Tuber (1 month ago)
*He ate himself to death.*
Tube Tuber (1 month ago)
*KARMA... for BAD MOUTHING President Trump. ADIOS POS!*
everett norris (1 month ago)
Super disappointed with your Hemlock comment. CNN destroyed Bourdain's political outlook.
no one (1 month ago)
A great man has passed. He will be missed. Rest in peace.
SubSovereign (1 month ago)
What is this song? It fits him.
Jackson Heathen (1 month ago)
Maybe Trump will commit suicide next. Although I doubt he has the balls to hang himself. He'd probably just get high & pay a hooker to suffocate him.
Horatio KJV Bible (1 month ago)
Hey! There have been more deaths. "Suicides". Including that evil satanic jew Anthony Bourdain who said he would poison the president. He was also involved in Pizza Gate with Obama. Caught on camera. Another pedophile dead.
Allen Clinton (1 month ago)
So long junky asshole.
M Litvin (1 month ago)
He saw the evil from the pedos, killers, satanists that linger all around the rich and famous, and couldn't handle it. He should have shot them instead.
Am I the only one who doesn’t believe that Andrew committed suicide? He was on location filming a new documentary for CNN, so the idea of him committing suicide sounds absurd. Andrew loved his job and he took it very seriously. Even if Andrew was deeply depressed, it’s out of character for a person with clinical depression to abstain from their own suicide over a job offer. I was suicidal myself at one point in my life, and I can tell you that something isn’t right about this story.
Greasyy Strangler (1 month ago)
His name was Anthony, not fucking Andrew
Amby Cakes (1 month ago)
World of Retro Gameplay he was killed. Most of them probably were. Sick times we live in :/
A Wax (1 month ago)
Who is Andrew?
Suzie Park (1 month ago)
World of Retro Gameplay Anthony
Kevin O'Reilly (1 month ago)
Sigmar Cruz (1 month ago)
Money, fame, women, drugs: "The world will try, but it can never fill, So leave it all behind, and come to the well: Jesus Christ"
Sigmar Cruz (1 month ago)
Ryan Azeltine: "John 4:7-26"; "Matthew 11:28-30"
Ryan Azeltine (1 month ago)
Sigmar Cruz are you advocating everyone committing suicide?
Marshall Street (1 month ago)
Does anyone know if it was autoerotic asphyxiation?
Hafiz Yarahuan (1 month ago)
I'm devastated so sad....
Kimberly Fraizer (1 month ago)
This is terrible...I feel so awful. My condolences to his friends and family..
Steve Turowski (1 month ago)
I'm gonna miss you buddy May God forgive you and have mercy on your soul.RIP
mrbass093 (1 month ago)
Not suicide... he was killed. For exposing Harvey Weinstein
Stars Star (1 month ago)
Francis W (1 month ago)
Correction: Harvey Weinstein exposed himself. (many, many, many times)
Kate Schneider (1 month ago)
I just posted some videos on his "suicide". I definitely think it was a murder!
heygirlhey504 (1 month ago)
Judi Christopher really? can you give me a reading?
Alaa von Alsburg (1 month ago)
Judi Christopher...I know, I feel somethings up too...
Robert W (1 month ago)
All that talent...gone. RIP Mr. Anthony Bourdain
Matt McMindscape (1 month ago)
maybe suicide rates are up because people are tired of working for these jobs 60 to 100 hours a week living at work, we need less work and more time with our loved ones and families with paid sick leave for people can actually afford to take off work and seek help
heygirlhey504 (1 month ago)
Matt McMindscape TRUE...MY JOB OWNS ME🤣
Katie Ohagan (1 month ago)
I never watched the show but I had seen him at different times on TV I think he looks like he had been drinking very heavy as you see pictures of him throughout different stages Lord have mercy and be with his loved ones
Michael Phillips (1 month ago)
He inspired to me to just go overseas and experience the world, i will always remember his impact on me. His shows, Parts Unknown and No Reservations, were just amazing in my opinion.
Jimz (1 month ago)
Kate Spade and now Bourdian. Something does feel right about this. Perhaps suicided is more like it.
Gerry Nightingale (1 month ago)
YOU FUCKER! How dare you do this to 'all of us in the kitchen' you ass-hole! Who will 'speak for us' now? (yeah...I know what you really wanted was to go back to 'sitting on egg-crates out the back-door' smoking and talkin' shit with the guys'...instead of the 'rich and famous'shit that doesn't mean a fuckin' thing)
Alex Banuelos (1 month ago)
I feel like I lost a friend who taught me so much.
Lmao Alexandra Abn Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot daughter of Jesus christ and Mary magdalene
Luv1234 (1 month ago)
Don't know why people equate money with happiness. Money can make life easier, not happier.  Chemical imbalances don't discriminate, there are things out of our control as human beings. We are a very complicated animal.  Some people want to live until 100, some feel that their days are done and they want to leave. I see nothing wrong with it.  He controlled his own life, RIP.
rob farris (1 month ago)
He called the Christian God a tooth fairy and Santa Claus. He also said he would love to cook a meal for President Trump, so he could poison him. I guess he's finding out about now!
kjkhdfghj kgdsggjgfyj (1 month ago)
all the dislikes are vegans...
Judi Christopher (1 month ago)
James James (1 month ago)
Lol. You know who's still alive and kicking it in motherfuckin' flavortown? Guy f'n Fieri!! Maybe all his depression made him a big ball of hate, and all jelly in the belly.
dacosta0656 (1 month ago)
he stored cooked meat next to raw meat, terrible
LoveLaRieXO (1 month ago)
Just like Kate’s death people question how they could be so “unhappy” with all that wealth. Mental stability is everything. Money and fame cannot buy happiness, sadly, too many people thinks so. RIP Anthony. Prayers and love to his family.
Dakota Fleming (5 days ago)
Sarah Kim george michaels
love is my religion (1 month ago)
LoveLaRieXO people have had that exact same thought about Robin Williams.
love is my religion (1 month ago)
mycupoftea you are one messed-up person with your way of thinking. Conveniently you talk about the correct type of person committing suicide....hmm, I'm not telling you to take your own advice but I don't know if you really understand what you said.
mycupoftea (1 month ago)
Well are we supposed to feel sorry for these self absorbed celebrities. I truly believe they commit suicide to leave somewhat of a legacy behind. They should leave suicide to people with really shitty lives, then I may feel sorry.
Sarah Kim (1 month ago)
LoveLaRieXO also fame can be exhausting. Sometimes it limits ur freedom. Also they might not have taken aging too well. It can be depressing for many. Also the mentality of having to “keep up with whatver u already” can put lots of pressure on u.
Bert Bert (1 month ago)
Calling Bourdain a "world renowned chef" is a stretch.
Greasyy Strangler (1 month ago)
Good writer, amateur chef
George Mauricio (1 month ago)
Money can't buy happiness. Sad
Jackson Heathen (1 month ago)
George Mauricio Money can't buy happiness. But it's difficult to be happy without any money.
Europa H2O Alien (1 month ago)
Pizzagate coverup. Coouldn't have happened to a nicer cannibal.
Gerry Nightingale (1 month ago)
(farts) Not from a fictional troll.
Europa H2O Alien (1 month ago)
(chuckle) Would you like a tissue?
Gerry Nightingale (1 month ago)
The 'only thing' you've proven is that you're a thread-troll with NO FUCKIN' NAME! (I've seen your shit on other threads, ass-hole!)
BigErn_Mccraken (1 month ago)
Europa H2O Alien That was Reza Aslan you dumb twat.
Europa H2O Alien (1 month ago)
Don't believe it? Look it up yourself. He was shown on TV eating human brains. That alone proves how sick and twisted he was.
No Nino (1 month ago)
Seemed so happy go lucky.
knowledge876 (1 month ago)
Another honky bites the dust.....
kurt Bohne (1 month ago)
f- off.
heygirlhey504 (1 month ago)
knowledge876 😂
PLANET BOOM (1 month ago)
knowledge876 ...bow down to your honkies peasant
sam t (1 month ago)
KoolCat ! (1 month ago)
My g/f bought tickets to see him talk about his book & his travels around the world at Michigan State Univ several yrs back. I begrudgingly went cuz I had never watched his tv show, read his books or cared much about being a "foodie". But i gotta say that he was not only a really great storyteller but also funny as hell & a genuinely nice guy. So I could easily see why he was so beloved by so many ppl. Hard to believe someone so full of life & talent could be depressed & suicidal like that. But many ppl are good at hiding their pain & looks can be deceiving. Anyway, really sad to hear about his passing. His legacy will live on though.
Cee Dub Vee (1 month ago)
And liberals blame it on President Trump in 3...2...1...
Cee Dub Vee (1 month ago)
Gerry Nightingale You're so full of shit. I bet your eyes are brown. Youre an embarrassment to our armed forces and our country.
Gerry Nightingale (1 month ago)
Hey fuck-wit! I'm neither 'unhappy' nor 'sad' over Trump...it means very little to me personally he managed to become POTUS by the actions of the Republican Party suborning the Electoral College."President Orange Dumpster Fire" is NOTHING more than a'temporary aberration' whose actions are so bizarre even his supporters in the Party are 'annoyed'.(since you like 'absolute facts' then remember Trump was NOT 'elected'...Clinton was. He LOST the 'Popular vote' count by 3.6 million) Another 'interesting possibility?' Michelle Obama as POTUS in 2020! If she runs...she WILL WIN! Because 'the Donald' made it possible with his miserable 'ass-hole-ness' of' how-to NOT be a President'...and it's an absolute certainty she'll 'beat the fuck' out of any Republican candidate against her.
Cee Dub Vee (1 month ago)
Gerry Nightingale You already lost retard. See, no matter how much you argue, pontificate, and bloviate, President Trump won. Your side lost and continues to lose. I'm very happy with my President, but you are miserable every day because of him. I take satisfaction in now knowing that. So go ahead, argue your point some more. At the end of the day, you are a loser. Enjoy hating every day he is your President. I'm laughing.😂🤣 #triggeredidiot.
Gerry Nightingale (1 month ago)
Yes...you are a 'shit-wipe' and I never stated I was 'in combat' (unless random B-40's count as being 'fired on') The only severe injuries I had were from a 'mortar' demonstration that detonated maybe ten feet from the tube and blew the fuck out of the right side of my head and ear...the hearing-loss was permanent and I never got a fucking DIME for it! (you are the one 'trolling' here...and I'm not allowed to 'hurl back 'insults??? FUCK OFF!) You actually dared to mention my writing-skills and critique them and you have no knowledge of 'where & when" to use a 'hyphen' and then resort to saying you basically have a 'free-pass' and I have none?  FUCK OFF AGAIN.
Cee Dub Vee (1 month ago)
Gerry Nightingale I'm a military combat veteran too. So what...I dont use that to justify filthy behavior. You're just mad bro. So obvious when you stoop to correcting spelling errors. You have zero credibility when you rely on juvenile insults. I wiped the floor with you again. I guess I'm still a "shit-wipe." 😂🤣 #triggeredloser
Pretty Girl (1 month ago)
This is really devastating😭 he made such a huge impact on the travel channel and the world.
hsingh khakh (1 month ago)
BigErn_Mccraken your mother, sister daughter and wife was being fucked by him. That's why they miss him so much and you can't handle that you motherfucking son of a filthy whore!
BigErn_Mccraken (1 month ago)
hsingh khakh He fucked your mother. That’s what made him so special to you.
hsingh khakh (1 month ago)
Never heard of the guy. Thousands die daily. What makes his death so special?
Peter Kazavis (1 month ago)
BigErn_Mccraken Anyone who still believes in Russian bots is mentally retard. Fact.
BigErn_Mccraken (1 month ago)
Tube Tuber Wow. The trolls are weak today.
Tammys Chin Hair (1 month ago)
Here's a lesson kids....don't tie things around your neck when you're jerking off.....you die and your family has to lie and say its suicide
stank hunt43 (1 month ago)
I'll never understand y ppl with money and fam kill them self like wtf can u possibly be upset about
Elaine Hope (1 month ago)
Tube Tuber: this is to you!
Elaine Hope (1 month ago)
is there more information on this? where did you get this information? thank you.
stank hunt43 (1 month ago)
love is my religion fuck this bitch ass mf glad he killed him self ppl like him are to weak
stank hunt43 (1 month ago)
love is my religion I think ppl like u should die of AIDS while your kids have cancer and your mom should be raped and molested and then shot in the face
Elaine Hope (1 month ago)
lonely at the top.
Meridith Foster (1 month ago)
Rest in pepperoni
Meridith Foster (1 month ago)
BigErn_Mccraken ...
BiG JORGE (1 month ago)
BigErn_Mccraken (1 month ago)
Europa H2O Alien Oh look, the Russian troll bot again! You’re a real human bean aren’t you!
mikemoair (1 month ago)
chocolate rain, no one sees the pain, chocolate rain
Tiffany Burkhart (1 month ago)
yo dude RIP❤️

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