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Latest Developments In Rachael DelTondo's Murder

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Police have questioned a second individual in connection with the murder of an Aliquippa teacher; KDKA's Kym Gable reports.
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tammylovesmakeup (1 month ago)
This girl looked Persian/Iranian
Justin Hillman (1 month ago)
simple dont hang with niggas who think thier gangsta's fuck that lawyer and his nigga inbread client
Trey Jones (1 month ago)
Franky, how you doing. We did that thing for you.
jokebooks (1 month ago)
Those guys were passing her around like a blunt at a Snoop Dogg concert.
Trey Jones (1 month ago)
She was a child predator that had love for the child Basketball player. I am guessing that that 360 dump turned her own.
Glenn Quagmire (1 month ago)
Burn the coal pay the toll.
theInimitablePip (1 month ago)
OBVIOUSLY...the "cops" DID it! WHO ELSE could shoot from a vehicle WITH a handgun and HIT such a TIGHT bullet GROUPING that she TOOK 10 gunshots to 'er TORSO. A typical thug is NOT that GOOD a shot! Who accessed AND leaked that police report about her PEDO activities WITH that UNDERAGED Black kid a COUPLE years back? With FULL investigative powers that the "cops" HAVE...We COULD'VE solved THIS case by now. CLEARLY...the aliquippa "cops" DON'T WANT this case SOLVED! MORE amerikkkan "cop" CORRUPTION and MURDER!!!
Rick Blain (1 month ago)
Why bother to interview lawyers? They will deny that their client ever existed to try to get them off. When they're charged, they all say that their client is "anxious to clear their name and get on with their life", and when they're found guilty they all say that it wasn't their fault and their client is REAL SORRY!!!! And planning to appeal.
Elliot Bell (1 month ago)
Toll paid.

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