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PAX Seattle Killzone Shadow Fall online loadout screen

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This is before the match started. Just some run down of what the load out screen will look like. Has the 3 classes, load out save slots, etc. Video shot 8/31/13
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TheBrothersCompound (4 years ago)
How do you get to the loadout screen? I feel like such a noob playing this game? How do you also check your Kills/Deaths?
Maddossa (4 years ago)
thx for showing the load outs (Y)
TheSkilledKiller (4 years ago)
Good upload.
TheNatSecWonk (4 years ago)
Much neater and better then in KZ3, also, soooo happy to see that in the loadout screen, we can see what out class looks like, on the far left. Almost as good as what it looked like in KZ2... but still, good to see this indeed!

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