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CANCER DIES IN JUST 42 HOURS, THIS JUICE CURE MORE THAN 50 THOUSAND PEOPLE! Please like my Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/AMYHomecures ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/UufjKr ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----- Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Amyhome.Cure channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----- Don't miss these videos: 2 TABLESPOONS A DAY OF THIS MIRACLE ADN NEVER NEED TO GO TO THE GYM AGAIN!!! https://youtu.be/2AcP271PoR0 SHE APPLIES VICK VAPORUB ON HER FEET BEFORE BED; WHEN YOU KNOW THE REASON, YOU WILL DO THE SAME!! https://youtu.be/sQXAhx53aNo USE THIS OIL FOR FAST HAIR, EYEBROWS, AND EYELASHES GROWTH !! https://youtu.be/BZwKngY_Pj0 WARNING DON’T EVER THROW OUT SPROUTED GARLIC (HERE’S WHY) https://youtu.be/STTkFHGv8cg DRINK TURMERIC GOLDEN MILK TO FLUSH LIVER TOXINS OVER NIGHT! ! https://youtu.be/LoKe19JTVDA 5 NIGHTS OPEN CHALLENGE – ALL DARK/BLACK SPOTS WILL DISAPPEAR FROM YOUR FACE !! https://youtu.be/l9tnAX8QfVE DOCTORS ARE SHOCKED! THIS AMAZING DRINK CAN CURE DIABETES IN JUST 5 DAYS! https://youtu.be/gSVYl1nGKjc HOW TO REMOVE BLOATED BELLY IN JUST 60 SECONDS WITH THIS INCREDIBLE BELLY-FAT BURNING RECIPE!! https://youtu.be/q_htT7q-Uow TRY THESE REMEDIES TO GET RID OF PAIN CAUSED DURING PERIODS|Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps https://youtu.be/cezEGy_bPJg IF YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR LIVER 20+ YEARS YOUNGER, JUST CONSUME THIS FRUIT! https://youtu.be/C8GSYqvGsII I LOST 146 POUNDS IN 6 MONTHS, THIS 2 INGREDIENT DRINK REALLY WORKS MIRACLE FOR WEIGHT LOSS !!! https://youtu.be/1cn3k5gHDc0 DOCTORS ARE SHOCKED! THIS AMAZING DRINK CAN CURE DIABETES IN JUST 5 DAYS! https://youtu.be/gSVYl1nGKjc DOCTORS ARE SPEECHLESS BOILING ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS WILL HELP YOU LOSE ALL OF YOUR BODY FAT RAPIDLY https://youtu.be/lDTzcYJqrDk DO THIS AND YOU WILL LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER! https://youtu.be/_IoaUvSzzlw THIS MIRACULOUS GRASS HEALS PARALYSIS AND OTHER DISEASES, SEE HOW TO PREPARE IT! https://youtu.be/avYHKcbp9oI Doctors advised that tomato can Prevent Prostate Cancer easily !! https://youtu.be/SXT56EnCsOg PUT THESE 2 INGREDIENTS IN YOUR COFFEE. AFTER JUST 2 SIPS, YOUR BELLY FAT WILL DISAPPEAR !! https://youtu.be/vqVBBhhqSEQ LEMON, PEPPER AND SALT IS A BETTER CURE THAN REGULAR MEDICINES! CAN TREATS 9 PROBLEMS!! https://youtu.be/X7hwC8qY5H0 IF YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR LIVER 20+ YEARS YOUNGER, JUST CONSUME THIS FRUIT! https://youtu.be/C8GSYqvGsII Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Will Change Your Life For Good! https://youtu.be/J1YVGhndSCg SAY GOODBYE TO WRINKLES AND SAGGING FACIAL SKIN AFTER WASHING IT WITH THIS POWERFUL MIXTURE! https://youtu.be/JhOa4r2aIGw The fruit that can rejuvenate liver and make it 20 years younger!! https://youtu.be/PQj-RJ6rD4g THE PLANT, WHICH KILLS 100% CANCER CELLS | 10,000 TIMES STRONGER THAN CHEMOTHERAPY! https://youtu.be/KtriBmLBtw0 10 COMMON HEALTH PROBLEMS THAT CAN BE TREATED USING EPSOM SALT https://youtu.be/uAg7tVNt1MA This Plant Kills 14 Types Of Cancer And 13 Different Infections! So Why Don’t Doctors Recommend It? https://youtu.be/96Z2DDWCl1s Only 3% Of People Have The Letter X On Their Both Hands. Here’s What It Means About Your Destiny!! https://youtu.be/YPUKbN001QE Just Boil These Two Ingredients And You Will Quickly LOSE BELLY FAT! https://youtu.be/Ymjy6_g7Clw What does your sitting position talk about your personality?! https://youtu.be/WNu41Q9xPRU WEARING SOCKS WHEN GOING TO BED CAN IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE.. https://youtu.be/oqAnHZpKMYw HERE ARE THE SIGNS OF STOMACH CANCER YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO. https://youtu.be/GpWwg9tkNIU She Squeezed A Lemon In One Spoonful Of Olive Oil And Then Never Stopped Using It https://youtu.be/yXzbI4cqO9M HALF A LEMON DIPPED IN BAKING SODA CAN DO MIRACLES TO YOUR BODY, THIS IS NOT A JOKE.!! Tags Used:unhealthy food, symptoms of liver cancer, stage 4 lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, oncology, non small cell lung cancer, no food, lung cancer, liver cancer, healthy food, head and neck cancer, harmful foods, food, diet food, colon cancer, cervical cancer, cancer sign, cancer research, cancer, breast cancer stages, breast cancer signs
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Text Comments (42)
T T (18 days ago)
What does 'Do not exaggerated' mean?
Barry Schwienteck (1 month ago)
The Breuss diet is 42 DAYS ... NOT 42 hours. What kind of sad human being posts false information for people in dire need of help for a dying loved one? May life return the favor to you in abundance.
Azeb Tamrat (1 month ago)
Mother nature is the answer
Rethink Science (1 month ago)
A friends 78 year old father cured his liver/lung/bone cancer by accident . 3 years before Monash hospital told him they have run out if therapies for him and to go home with get his affairs in order, they also said eat anything you like as he has on months to live. So he did he loved a HUNGARIAN type of BERRIES that he could only get in 780g glass jars. He ate a jar a day. 2 1/2 years later he got the flew and is sent to hospital. He runs into his old doctor at hospital. His doctor was shocked to see him alive. For this reason he asked to take a blood test. After the results he asked him to come back and have some additional scans done. After 6 months he returned to the hospital, a team of doctors where there looking over his old and new scans with amazement His old doctor with came over to him and said I have never had to say this to anyone but you are complete cured of all your cancer , there is no signs of it at all. Cured by berries how simple.
donna philipsien (19 days ago)
AllPro777 (23 days ago)
+Mahogani Red They grow mostly on the Island of Bullsheetia, right off the Horseseheet Coast.
Mahogani Red (1 month ago)
Rethink Science Hungarian type berries where do you get them from
This is total quackery
LOL. They gave me a Love for my comment. That tells you they don't even read comments.
Alton Penny (2 months ago)
not funny ! i have a brother i love very much that will die from this cancer ! have a heart people !
Snicky G (3 months ago)
This is pure bullshit. And you know it so shut the hellmup!
David HK (3 months ago)
Are you boiling the potato or I eatinging raw.? dose your p come out like betroot?? mouve.
D Lopez (3 months ago)
fckin phony ass. bastard. click bait exaggerated bullshit drop off.
D Lopez (3 months ago)
no f c k you and your like .. have the fckin decency. to record like you give a damn. how dare you put up some generic robot crap. you can't be bothered.. then we can't ..ahole.
Silver surfer (4 months ago)
Guys, don't believe this bullshit. There's only 1 way to naturally kill all cancer cells and that's by orally using hydrogen peroxide food grade. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. H20 plus 2 has an extra atom added. Good luck and good health to you all.
HomeValue Glass (1 month ago)
Silver surfer But another hippy was claiming drinking urine was the cancer cure and another was saying baking soda and maple syrup and another was claiming nano silver...
No. That doesn't cure Cancer.
chris2crazzy (3 months ago)
Evelyn Olsen https://www.cancertutor.com/faq_msm/
chris2crazzy (3 months ago)
Evelyn Olsen google sulfer MSM...also start juicing
Evelyn Olsen (3 months ago)
I feel great, but something not too cool is going on in my body and I never would have expected this health issue to arise. So...I've been drinking 9.5 pH Kangen water with an ORP of -500 (high hydrogen content) regularly since 2014 and a CT scan of my body (performed merely to clear me for internal injuries after a motorcycle accident we had that day last week) reveals a 12 cm mass on my fatty liver!!! BIG shocker!! I'm like what???? Can you give me some feedback??
worlds at end (4 months ago)
Is it cure breast cancer
Agnes Williams (3 months ago)
Piroska Kirika (4 months ago)
It's not a lie, natural things has and is and cured me of a rare cancer that doctors says no cure. I would not receive chemo. i drink not this combo of juice but I do drink all the ingredients mentioned plus others. I also make my own vitamin C infusion drink and use essential oils, eat all organic food, everything. drink only distilled water. watch nothing chemical or poisen goes in my body through my mouth, my skin, nose etc. don't use chemicals to clean my home. eating healthy cutting out 70% less meat i eat and eat more vegetables and fruit all ORGANIC. cut out most sugar sweets. Use stevia or honey. Use Manuka honey which is also medical rated. There is a lot of things out there that heal. Your body heals itself, not doctors if you do the right thing. Of course one big thing, get anger and stress out of your life. One main problem in all sickness. You can cause your own stress or others can cause you. You need to learn to handle both and consider your health most important. If you don't have health you have nothing. Nothing worths fighting about, stress out on or be angry -- never solves anything , only gets you ill. And of course helps if you believe in God who can guide you in all things. There is no illness in Gods world if you tuned into his kingdom.
Piroska Kirika (1 month ago)
it has been almost 3 years since I was diagnosed.
Claire-Declared (1 month ago)
Piroska Kirika my email is claireslot9@gmail.com Thankyou x
Claire-Declared (1 month ago)
Piroska I also would love and appreciate if u could email me the protocol u used..
Piroska Kirika (1 month ago)
ITS been 2 1/2 years since doctor diagnosed me of no cure cancer, all my symptoms has gone or reduced by 90%.  Also my blood test shows no problem as before 2 1/2 years ago.
Paradigm Shifting (1 month ago)
please try and understand what is reallgoing on. they want us sick.
Kevin Fernandez (4 months ago)
Yeh it titles that more than 50,000 ppl have been cured, but then says more than 50,000 have tried it, which one is it? Cuz anyone can try this, working and curing someone is another story
Foxy Tube101 (5 months ago)
This is a lie because sientice would of found this out by now
Gaius Caligula (1 month ago)
Well actually, science has done a pretty good job at "saving us", there's a reason why infant mortality is lower than any other point in history and Cancer survival rates are high (at least in European countries) and it's not due to God, anti-science natural remedies or magical piss tea that the tin-foil hat brigade push. Science isn't measured by belief, it is measured by evidence, it's what tell's us that next time you get a brain tumour wrapping your head in tin-foil won't cure it, but surgery and tried and tested treatment, such as Chemotherapy might give you a fighting chance. The people you should be angry at is the US drug companies and Government who bankrupt you for said treatment, not Scientists and Doctors.
Paradigm Shifting (1 month ago)
in this day and age people actually belive that they are really trying to find a cure. they are not. think abput all he ceners and hospitals that just look after cancer patients.. just slone kettering has over ten to 20 buildings in manhattan. full ... what about anderson, cancer centers of america. the drug companies. all the people who work in the field. what, they find the cure and then what, send everyone home. lol. please peple dont be so nieve. they dont want to find a cure. think about this. wiith a per scan they inject a nuclear glucose solution. why. because cancer cells eat sugar at 19 times the rate of normalmcells. so they know how to target the cancer cells amd yet they never develop treatments that coukd work. why. that isnt the goal..... please stop believeing in science will save us. it wont ... science makes money....that all.
Gaius Caligula (3 months ago)
I live in a country with free healthcare including prescriptions and people still die of cancer.
Marcelo Tapia (4 months ago)
Lashawn Bell (4 months ago)
Sky Blue scientist are not trying to cure people let's be real.... The pharmaceutical industry is the largest in the world. If people stop taking pills and etc they would be out of business...
DubDimensions (5 months ago)
42 days NOT hrs!! dumbass
Fred Cum Ham (5 months ago)
Stop the lies
Malar Selvi Anthony (5 months ago)
Are you sure 42 hours can cure
chris2crazzy (3 months ago)
Gaius Caligula 😂😂😂
Gaius Caligula (3 months ago)
It can't. Trust your doctor, seriously, regardless of what Dr Google or some "YouTube Expert" tells you, your doctor follows the Hippocratic oath and their advice will give you your best options.
Lucina Cristobal (6 months ago)
If thats true no one would be dying of cancer why you gotta lie
Edegbe Joshua (19 days ago)
HOW I GOT CURED FROM Cancer and am So happy to share this testimony with everyone about how i got my Cancer cured from doctor Ogden the godfather of herbal medicine. I had been going from one country to another for medication for several years just to be cured from Cancer but all looks in vain, i was confused and decided to search through the Internet if i could get any news relating Cancer so i do keep searching until i visited one particular site and i saw the great testimonies from different persons testifying how doctor Ogden has cured them from Cancer and other diseases and i was shock and was thinking if this is real, after a due consideration i decided to contact him with the link he posted just to give it a trail and when i contacted him he proved to me that his herbal medicine can cure me if only i believe in it, so i asked for his herbal medicine and i got it and i applied it as prescribed and after 2weeks of application i went for a test and to my greatest shock the Cancer virus has disappeared and it was just like a dream. Today I am cured from Cancer am so happy and thanking God for using doctor Dr.Ogden to cure me. so if you are out there and you are suffering from Cancer or any kind of illness do contact doctor Ogden through he will help you to cure that illness. or whatsapp him on this number +2349030382266
Gaius Caligula (1 month ago)
Cancer is not one disease. Leukemia for instance doesn't have any actual growth to it, it is when abnormal white blood cells are produced and can't effectively fight disease. What you're saying is a load of crap, and I hope for the sake of your nearest loved ones that none of them ever get Cancer as with your attitude you will be hammering the nails into their coffin rather than giving them a fighting chance at survival.
Paradigm Shifting (1 month ago)
cancer is one disease... they lie about it being difderent. sure it as different chaictaristics depending on where its growing but the reasin its growibg is the same reardless. et rid of reason and it will stop. 95 percent of people have root canels and the infection startes there. you need to remove your root canels.
Paradigm Shifting (1 month ago)
no one juices. very few people. even cancer patients dint do it
Gaius Caligula (3 months ago)
because Cancer is many different diseases, if you found out you had Syphillis and HIV would you consider a "healthy diet" to be enough to keep your immune system in check and stop your face rotting off? I doubt it.
REV7 (8 months ago)

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