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GHFear (18 days ago)
Story time! First time I used DNP, I did 300mg every day for 16 days, worked out 3 hours a day and only had 800kcal a day and lost 23 pounds. It was fucking HELL, but I got more cut than I have ever been able to get since then. I had no fat anywhere lol. Glutes were cut to the bone. But it made me so fucking hungry, I could only maintain my BF level for about 1 week and then I binged like a motherfucker and gained everything back. No more, no less. Just got to the same weight I usually stay at. It seems my body doesn't like going below 10% BF at all. But it's great to use in the winter IF you have some crazy self control. I can hold out on DNP for pretty long and get lean, but it's AFTER that I struggle, since the body fills out again and your energy levels go up and you start getting your T4/T3 levels up and then your body just CRAVES food. What I suggest doing is to go real low in kcal while on DNP and lose a shit ton of fat and then the SECOND you go off it, start eating a little more "400-500kcal" than you usually do for 4-5 days after and let yourself have whatever you want, so you don't get those cravings after your DNP is out of the body and your T3 is low as shit. When that T3 is low, you will gain weight so fast lol. I checked my T3 before and after my first cycle and before the cycle it was 0.55 ng/dL and the day after the cycle ended, it was 0.09 ng/dl. Which is INSANELY low. Do NOT take supplements for your T3 while on DNP, it will only suppress you for longer after going off it. I have been on T4 and T3 in pill form all my life and have been studying the effects it has on the body and brain. People on forums say DNP will make you lose 10-50% more weight in the same time frame. I disagree completely. It is way more than that if you eat the right/wrong diet while on it. Naturally without DNP, I can lose about 2KG of actual fat a week, at most. ON DNP, I have lost over 6KG of fat a week multiple times. So I would say you can lose up to 3x more than on a normal, natural cut. For anyone who want to try DNP. It is not dangerous whatsoever as long as you know what you are doing and have spent hours researching and don't be a jackass and go high doses. Low/medium dose and more exercise will give you more results than going high dose and not being able to move for 2 weeks. It's like with anything, doing things in moderation will not get you hurt or killed, but being an idiot and overdosing will get you killed and that's NOT on the DNP. That's on YOU. Have a great summer guys. Thanks for reading. Peace out.
Credinity (3 months ago)
I'm thinking about sarms
J L (4 months ago)
*DNP = Do Not Purchase*
gary smallwood (9 months ago)
Chromium gtf and high dose of fish oil works for me!
Herbert Taylor (21 days ago)
gary smallwood d
gary smallwood (9 months ago)
Dnp is a pesticides.
Robert Ace (9 months ago)
Just cut your carbs

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