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Dethroning King Stomach (Fasting II)

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http://mtncreekcoc.com This sermon was preached at the Mountain Creek Church of Christ in Chattanooga, TN. The sermon is the second lesson on fasting, following up on "Whenever You Fast." In "Dethroning King Stomach," we discuss the ways that Satan has used food to distract people from full devotion to God. For instance, Satan used food to tempt Adam and Eve to disobey in the Garden in Genesis 3. In Hebrews 12, we are warned not to be like Esau who traded his birthright for a single meal. Again, in Numbers 11, multitudes died because they put their lust for the food of Egypt ahead of the commitment to God. We also discuss how food is not the key to happiness, and being confused about that distracts us from understanding that true happiness comes only from God. In this way, fasting helps us place our spiritual devotion to God ahead of our physical needs and desires. It helps us appreciate and focus on the true source of all blessings.
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Susanna Persis (5 years ago)
You look great by the way, congrats on the weight loss!
Susanna Persis (5 years ago)
Yes, I believe that gluttony, which is a sin whether people want to admit it or not, and we need to "cut off all sin", is another device of the devil. Two ways, 1, obesity keeps people who know the true doctrine of Christ, lethargic and less able to share the doctrine with others, and sometimes even keep His commands (I know ppl too fat to serve), and 2, it shortens the lives of people. Heart disease, obesity, ect, does shorten the life span, less time to share the Gospel.

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