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TBI- Combat Vets & Others

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TBI- Combat Vets & Other
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The Little Garage Studio (4 months ago)
I had three strokes by the age of 40...I started BCAA and creatine, both are found to help the brain, Neuro-muscular function return. Keep working hard, and work to be stronger than yesterday...you might not always be, but you have tomorrow.
fred stuart (10 months ago)
man i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this guy so down to earth and true
On the road (1 year ago)
What an inspiring message and such a great gesture to offer your time to help injured vets. I really enjoy your channel and thanks for the response to my question. Bill M
Jshortca1 (1 year ago)
Great video. You're going to end up making money on YouTube, you're very good.
David Tuke (1 year ago)
Brilliant video, I work in the U.K with Disabled clients getting them back to driving or Learning to drive. It's amazing how vulnerable the human body can be yet how much it can adapt. Its a privileged to be around such people and also their families that have to adapt in some cases to incredible degrees. Keep up the top content mate.
nunya (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video brother. Im in the medical field now but I am a combat vet with 2 TBIs in my history. While in college, I started lifting again and I can attest that it has helped tremendously. Again, thank you for the support mate. Love the videos
Steven Davies (1 year ago)
hey James thank you for the kindness you showed to that man
D3AD M073l (2 years ago)
Hay thanks for your channell man.
dRb33f (2 years ago)
I could listen to this dude all day.
TheTOMMYK1212 (2 years ago)
You should make a twitter or facebook page. Get your message out even more
Jody (2 years ago)
Guerilla with a cause is taking over this place. James is the best of the best!
Harambe (2 years ago)
I watch you over rich piana any day man
Jesse Mitchell (2 years ago)
traumatic brain injury.... u look like the type of bloke that knows all about this..... bahahahahaha
Scott Paterson (2 years ago)
Fuck off and troll someone who deserves it.....namely Blaha
Harambe (2 years ago)
then leave and go watch Mr. Gears Of War Rich piana
Jesse Mitchell (2 years ago)
put a shirt on
Umut (2 years ago)
Brilliant person.Wish most Americans were like you.
Jon Focker (2 years ago)
just need to turn off tv, facebook and games lol.
johnathanstheater (2 years ago)
New sub. Started following after Jerry Ward linked your video on face book. Great content love your positive vibe !
Guevarra Ernesto (2 years ago)
Thanks for caring, I'm a combat vet and I know the struggle. Am glad there is people like you out there that want to make a positive difference.
SkiBert (2 years ago)
James you look like the giant from clash of clans.
Armida Zepeda (2 years ago)
this is a good man,,,big traps
Jesse Vaughn (2 years ago)
awesome video much respect brother
Patrick Drury (2 years ago)
I suffer from severe depression. Going to the gym helps. Thank you.
Patrick Drury (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Nicholas Di Muro (2 years ago)
Great stuff man..Just subscribed.. Great to see a message that doesn't make excuses, just focuses on the solution...........
Exoteric Warfare (2 years ago)
in my opinion you sir have a heart of gold and you are being saluted
David Argento (2 years ago)
Beautiful home. Thanks for the video. Yes we have been putting the youth thru the grinder.
Kuksoman (2 years ago)
this dude is a fucking grizzly on the outside but a teddybear on the inside... i like him
Sam Sammy (2 years ago)
I hope you are straight bro because I would not want to share a cell with you
Mitchell Schultz (2 years ago)
I was in a BAD accident in 2000, rolled a truck and it landed on me. spent 28 days in ICU and much of that time on a ventilator. My hands didn't want to work the best when I woke up, I had a hard time writing. I couldn't grip a pen with out my hand going goofy on me, I was told that was brain injury to some extent but in time the brain would re route things and it did. it took several months but I have full use of my hands back. a positive attitude can take you a long way in life
Joe-D S (2 years ago)
Good stuff brother. I have suffered from two TBI incidents. The gym is what got me back more mentally than anything. You seem to be a good man. Keep helping those that need it.
Bob and Donna Reynolds (2 years ago)
Good stuff James Tiny Vest
David Lyn (2 years ago)
What area of the country are you from?
Ryan (1 year ago)
I bet my son you were from PA. It's the long O's. Recently found your channel and subbed. Great stuff.
David Lyn (2 years ago)
Ah I stay in SC
Tommy Guglielmo (2 years ago)
+James Tiny Vest yea baby. philly here
James Tiny Vest (2 years ago)
t00 sp00ky (2 years ago)
generalsoul1 (2 years ago)
Trim 3/4 of an inch off that beard and itl look FROSTY my friend.
TheWhiteDeath (2 years ago)
I'm a veteran and I'm getting sick of vets using the fact that they volunteered for service to get attention and benefits. 1% of the population served 1% of that 1% were in honest to God combat. Being at a main U.S. base and hearing a wildly innacurate mortor round that lands a mile away is not combat. I get so sick of the pitty and attention seeking attitudes of bullshit vets. I realise my rant has no thing to do with this video but it's a huge problem. For instance my girlfriend manages a video store, this asswipe comes in and wants a 2$ movie free. After no success through begging, he mentions "help a soldier out" I still taste disgust when I think about it. Being in the army was the best time of my life and I feel like I owe thanks to the citizens of this country for paying me to have the best time of my life. By the way animal therapy has helped significantly in bti cases. Horse and dog therapy, seems horse therapy works the best.
john smith (2 years ago)
I agree with you completely white death! I live in Colorado Springs and see these assholes that our 90-100% disabled that were fucking POG's and never saw combat and yet I know Green Berets that were fucking shot in combat not getting that much disability. Its a broke fucking system full of bull shitters! 90% disabled with a handicapped veteran license plate for tripping when you were swabbing decks on a ship! For Fuck SAKE! 11B for life!
Soul Chicken (2 years ago)
Wait--your girlfriend manages A VIDEO STORE? Those still exist?!
Chantz Gaudet (2 years ago)
"This is my home, I can do what I want to do" best comment
Brandon BRANDON (2 years ago)
your vids kick ass.
Saul Martinez (2 years ago)
damn that's badass brother !!! inspired
STA Downrange (2 years ago)
Shit, if I was built like that I wouldn't even own a shirt.
STA Downrange (2 years ago)
Great channel and an awesome guy. He always has a positive outlook and a positive message in every video I've seen, he reaches out to beginners with tips, veterans with motivation not to mention he is built like a brick wall... has that great viking ass kicking brute look going. Love the channel and the videos James keep 'em coming brother
Richard Morse (2 years ago)
lol i subscribed then unsubscribed , he doesnt answer questions , no good to the fans
Jay K (1 year ago)
He made a video specifically answering your question dude.
Harold H (2 years ago)
Cant answer them all James, ignore the sausage
James Tiny Vest (2 years ago)
Sorry about that, what is your question?
Mark. edfordef (2 years ago)
wow this is deep on a physiological and spiritual level, again, I really like your vids, there's a good measure of intellect in them!
El Bz (2 years ago)
Dude it's like you're filming in heaven!
GROVETOWN BEAST (2 years ago)
Hey James as long as you got shorts or pants on its cool
Eric (2 years ago)
I subbed. Nice video and awesome that you are helping vets in need. So often are they neglected and pushed to the wayside. My brother is a combat vet of 3 tours. He suffered TBI from explosions and also PTSD. Glad to see there are good people out there willing to help some of our best people. Thank you!
TheWhiteDeath (2 years ago)
True but you gotta be careful of shitbag vets who want attention and pitty. There are websites that teach pathetic shitbags who to fake ptsd and get a check. We have a huge issue with this narcissistic society of ours.
GROVETOWN BEAST (2 years ago)
Hey my physic looks like James . I beast
shaithesm0ck (2 years ago)
dude, what a nice garden you have :)
NPC Bodybuilder (2 years ago)
This is my favourite YouTube channel. Love the different types of videos!
Alphapreneur 2017 (2 years ago)
I like the videos when you wear no shirt ..makes my ass motivated to get to the gym
anthony garcia (2 years ago)
Joe Szabo (2 years ago)
As long as you got pants on I'm good.
Johnny D (2 years ago)
Great info man thanks
John Bracewell (2 years ago)
5, 200 subs lets go!

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