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Ozempic: the New Diabetes Drug Explained

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In this video I present information about the new diabetes drug Ozempic, which is similar to other drugs like Byetta or Victoza. It is a once weekly injection which might provide some benefit to people that don't like the daily injection of those drugs. Theres also side effects and adverse reactions. https://www.ozempicpro.com/ The package insert: http://www.novo-pi.com/ozempic.pdf My Camera: https://amzn.to/2L15sPX
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Jeff Ef (22 days ago)
I'm going on week 2 of being Ozempic, so far nothing more than feeling full and nausea every now and then. How does this compare to Trulicity? Talking with my doctor she said I can switch to Trulicity if my insurance doesn't cover Ozempic.
Jeff the Pharmacist (21 days ago)
They both have nausea and something called delayed gastric emptying which is when the stomach takes a little longer to empty out. People feel fuller and more nauseated. Both Ozempic and Trulicity have this effect.
Rio D (28 days ago)
Please discuss the thyroid cancer warning...re:testing in mice
Jeff the Pharmacist (26 days ago)
That might be a good video.
Lynda Wade (29 days ago)
Thank You Jeff. You really covered all my current questions. This is new for me, so knowledge is my best friend.
Jeff the Pharmacist (29 days ago)
Thank you for those kind words!
irishgal1969 (1 month ago)
Thank you for the information on Ozempic.  I just started the weekly injection drug and so far, no side effects.  Then again, I'm only starting on .25mg (x 4 wks) before increasing to the .5mg.  But this was very informative.  Keep the information coming.
Rubi Ramirez (13 days ago)
irishgal1969 I just started this myself and of course I’m doing 0.25mg for the first four weeks. So far no side effects and I pray it stays that way when I go up to 0.5mg
Jeff the Pharmacist (28 days ago)
Thanks I am glad you liked it!
Lynda Wade (29 days ago)
irishgal1969 Hi, I’m starting my weekly dose on Sunday. I hope you’ll continue your use with no side effects & that your treatment will be pleasant and successful. Best of Everything to you. Lynda.
Jeff the Pharmacist (1 month ago)
If you find this interesting, what other videos would you be interested in? I would love to hear your input!

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