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Get Bent - 2018 Week 22

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Text Comments (91)
Duffalo Bar sets should read 145kg/320lbs, but I'm an idiot.
njaramillo34 (14 days ago)
That's one big curl bar!
Max Kinlin (6 days ago)
Is testing your once a month too often.
Solid Air (7 days ago)
I like the title
Thanks dude lol
Donneal Hyde (7 days ago)
Are you gonna do a review on the new Slingshot X sleeves?
If they send me a pair
Captain Onyx (8 days ago)
Brandon have you thought about adding a stand alone bench to your gym? if so why or why not? currently debating on adding one, so im interested in hearing your feedback
Not currently, the need is low compared to the cost and floor space required.
matt seay (8 days ago)
I love all the banners and stuff, totally makes the garage gym/basement feel like a true hardcore PL gym. One question I had. Did you use Horse Stall mats for the flooring?
Sure did, got them from Tractor Supply Store
Nicklas Nielsen (10 days ago)
Hey Brandon. As a powerlifter whom i respect ALOT, i really want your take on this problem ive been experiencing. So im a small dude; 76kg, 175cm tall, 21 years old. Ive been training for 5 years, and i consider myself to be between intermediate and advanced. S: 190 B: 145 D: 180. My problem is tho, that every time squat - ONLY SQUAT - i get a HUGE headache after i hit my daily training goal. Today as an example; my traning goal was to get 6 reps with 150kg in the squat. I felt good, doing triples all the way up to the 6 rep150kg RPE of 8 - Big breath - hinge hips, sink, and punish that weight back up and repeat 6 times. Now my problem is, that after i do this top set of the day; i feel BOMBED. Like im completely drained. My head hurts like crazy, and i feel SUPER weak. I did a dropback set all the way down to 100kg, did a triple, and even this felt like an RPE of 8-9. I can never imagine myself actually doing multiple sets of RPE of 7+ because of this issue. I have no clue what i am doing wrong, and i am kind of embarrased to be claiming that im trying to become an advanced lifter, but still have issues like this, and have no idea of how to fix them. My guess is, that it is one of the following 3 things: CNS overload - Breathing issues - technique issues. I breath HEAVY to try to focus on this ALOT every single time. Also, i also consider myself to have pretty good technique. I have one issue tho, and that is my upper-back tightness in the squat, and so when the lift gets heavy enough, my upperback starts to loosen up a little ( Not aggressive AT ALL, just enough so that i can feel like i really need to focus on driving myself back into the bar). Any answers are welcome; both from fella subscribers and the legend himself. Thanks in advance!
Nicklas Nielsen (7 days ago)
Thank you very much for the advice! Ill 100% go try and test some breathing variations in the squat, and see if it helps me with my problem. Im currently a student, so i cant really afford seeing a physiotherapist, since general doctors have this standard response, to just deload for 4 weeks, or stop lifting that heavy. Now that i got you, can i ask you another question? Already mentioned this, but my mid to upperback tends to lose tightnes, and it feels like its under ALOT of load; even so much, that i dont feel like i can succesfully activate 100% of my hip and leg strength. Can this be due to the fact, that i dont do alot of deadlifts? And so my erector spinae is pretty weak? I do focus alot on technique, but even with this extra focus, i still feel the tention, and the feel like im being folded. Does a strong erector correlate with feeling strong in the bottom of the squat, hence feeling like you can push hard with your legs, and not get folded when doing so? All speculations, and sorry if its a little confusing, but i am really giving this alot of thought, so i can work on my weakness.
TBH I'm not sure. I would think it's a breathing/bracing thing but it's only a guess. I do know someone who had to stop doing the valsalva maneuver due to other issues, this may be the case here, but I'd feel more comfortable saying see a doctor
Nicklas Nielsen (8 days ago)
definetly, il give it a shot next workout! I hope this solves the problem, because im basically stalling because of this headache. I feel like i have the strength to progress in weight, but my headache and my body just tells me "NO! LIE DOWN". Its basically a exertion headache after every 1 set of heavy squats.
B0obJunior (8 days ago)
You could try to unrack without keeping your breath, and when you're in position, then your intake -> brace -> squat -> breath.... repeat. See if that does anything, because it's hard to keep a breath for too long.
Nicklas Nielsen (9 days ago)
Not yet. These last days ive been reflecting upon this issue.. So whenever i squat, i take a HUGE breath before i unrack the bar. This breath then gets compressed when i unrack the bar, and so under big loads, where i maximize my core tightness, this air is then being forced upwards again. Not that i lose tention in my belly, not even close, but more like i have too much air in my belly for what it can contain under load, and so its being distributed to my chest, and almost being forced out of my mouth again. Its a pretty weird issue, and this is ofcourse just speculations; but maybe i should try not to force 100% of air into my belly, and instead settle on 90%?
Eric Bishop (10 days ago)
I watch these all the time. Considering I'm usually around 230 lbs and 6'4, it is great motivation and visual for my mechanics being similar to yours.
Eric Bishop (7 days ago)
No problem.  Thanks for posting/replying
good to hear from ya dude!
Daniel Kimball (11 days ago)
Random question...you ever use a deadlift bar? I currently use a power bar but hear people either rave about or hate deadlift bars...think it's worth considering if deadlifting in the 500-600 range or is it more gimmicky than beneficial?
I have one. Have been using it once a week (or every other week). I think if you want to lift as much as possible it would be a good way to go, or if you compete in a federation that uses them in competition.
mrkentucky03 (12 days ago)
I like your training videos, thanks for posting!
Thanks dude!
RTbar (12 days ago)
What are those hooks/pins in the front you are using on the second set of squats? Also, I'm curious what your preferences are as to using the monolifts/vs j-hooks are.
They're j cups with plastic rollers in them to easily center the bar. I prefer the cups in general, but the duffalo bar is tough to use on them b/c of the bow. The monos are a bit easier on it.
SCS Powerlifting (13 days ago)
Nice work as always B!!
Thanks Brian!
A Window into Gregors (14 days ago)
Always wanted to try a Duffalo bar, have a lot of issues getting my hands in close enough when squatting (and as such, keeping my back tight).
will keep tuggin
A Window into Gregors (14 days ago)
Also, dont beat yourself up about the Shoulderok, they can be hard to get used to. As you know I have a home made on, just gotta get a feel for the momentum and i try and pull through with my lats and serratus when it reaches the top of its pendulum.
RanchoFundo (14 days ago)
Your outfits are fucking ridiculous but somehow you look awesome in them
lol thanks
Professor B. (14 days ago)
I watch almost all your training vids and your deadlift looks solid
Thanks dude!
Chassetter (14 days ago)
4:20 Haha, you're bald like me you bald bastid. Oh wait. Ow, I hurt myself. 😢
I'm here for you
frank romero (14 days ago)
Duffalo Bar Review Cummin Soon Right?
Probably after a few weeks
alex cuello (14 days ago)
Yes I watch these videos. #Mirin
Sledgerton (14 days ago)
Do you switch hands on your mix grip DL....have you noticed and muscle imbalances?
No and no
Relly like the video
thanks dude!
UrbanLegend2k11 (14 days ago)
Bro we all watch these, or your real bros do.
much love
JasonLeeno (14 days ago)
It’s ok Brandon I still watch all your training videos. How can I hate on them when that’s really all I post to lol
u da real mvp
Hill Billy Barbell (14 days ago)
hey Brandon, I'm wanting to put on more muscle on my off season of powerlifting. I'm still a early intermediate. do you think I still should stick with the big three with accessory work or do more of a bodybuilding style training?
Hill Billy Barbell (14 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond thanks man!
Personally I'd stick with main compounds and add in volume there with accessory work that hits the other things you want to focus on.
Eve Lynn (14 days ago)
Tanner Sowell (14 days ago)
Best videos! 😂
Thanks Tanner!
Darrius Spence (14 days ago)
Quads might need some work, noticing the butt rising on the sqwaaatz.
I'm not too worried about it TBH
Mike Stoklasa (14 days ago)
Mike Stoklasa (14 days ago)
wambo djambo (14 days ago)
Do you Hit depth?
Gan Siong Yi (14 days ago)
Hey Brandon, im having gastritis illness and i couldnt eat or lift without bloating/gas for 3 weeks already :( i need some motivation from you to get through this
Ouch that doesn't sound fun. Hope you feel better dude!
Rack Master (14 days ago)
Did you edit this video on your phone (trimming and combining) or did you do it on the computer?
Retep Mullenoski (14 days ago)
Try coach blaha workouts..
it sick
Connor Johnston (14 days ago)
I find using the Duff bar on warm up sets for bench, makes the range of motion on my working sets feel so short, definitely helps push more weight though in my opinion
JD Langley (14 days ago)
Have seen this before. Makes sense.
Good to know!
freakied0550 (14 days ago)
mirin the time killin'
harlemdeni (14 days ago)
YES we DO watch these, mofo. Come on now, no insults.
Tom Karaiskakis (14 days ago)
@3:02 is that your heart on the backround noise?
Veyus (14 days ago)
Probably his kid upstairs, repping Brandons DL max
Lol I would think background noise :)
Flakey 12 (14 days ago)
You should fix your incline row form
Flakey 12 (14 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond thats all that matters
I'm good with it.
Robert Kenderes (14 days ago)
Watsup Braindon!
Eduardo Alencar (14 days ago)
Dude, your squat form with this bar seems like went sideways, your hips are shooting up way to early. Why did you stoped your high bar? Your high bar form was sexy text book. Anyway, keep it up
Different bar placement and where the weight is distributed will also impact leverages and how things look.
Max Kinlin (14 days ago)
I wear knee sleeves every time I squat. 3x a week. Should I be concerned about doing damage wearing them so often. Do you front squat at all for accessory
Not an issue!

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