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Fake Natty Disease Killing Your Gains?

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Atrix xira (7 months ago)
I’m 160lb short guy 5-5 15% body fat and I got my testosterone tested because I wanted to do cycle at 25 and it came back that it’s 922. It’s on high end I been lifting for 4 years(first 2 years I was a dumbass and used a lot of ego ego lifting made little progress) but my diet only has been on point for last year. I think knowing that my Test is high naturally I might not mess around. But I still have the urge to though.
G Coy (9 months ago)
Just one of those dudes you can't not like
AboxoroxRoxursox (11 months ago)
Stay natural for like a year solid of working out. Good nutrition, good program see where you end up before you go down the rabbit hole.
j parks (1 year ago)
well, no doctor is giving you 500 mg of test a week by prescription. just not happening. and even if you were that lucky, no doctor any else is going to do that
Robert T (1 year ago)
How do you feel about people on YouTube like Frank Yang (whom doesn't look natty but claims it) telling his viewers that it's not possible to gain more than 40lbs of muscle in their entire lifting career naturally?
hulk pulk (1 year ago)
Simon M (1 year ago)
Agree so much. The BB industry has become a bit of a joke. When, as a natty, you approach the subject of what else they may be taking - and the person being honest, as it DOES make a difference - they claim natty. I have stopped listening to a great deal of the online advice, and certainly don't purchase the shitty magazines. For ME, the full body - around three times a week - has been a real eye opener, as -at last- I am making gains. Which I'd known the truth earlier.
xT1ger_JP (1 year ago)
When you said, you used to be way larger than now i thought "how much larger can you be?!" and then i looked up some older pictures of you. Just wow... You are an inspiration.
SALTY BANANA (1 year ago)
How about starting to think for yourself ...?
Pierre (1 year ago)
Igus Fox (1 year ago)
Hello Jim, could you please provide an example of what can be achieved natty? I don't know who is real or not on the web....
rottysaurus (1 year ago)
The first bit of advice I was given just came out of your mouth, you need to build a foundation before touching gear/steroids. Trouble is today it's too easy to access steroids. Kids from 18 on redicioulous cycles claiming they know what their doing by simply following their "hero's" it's sad to say the least. Great vid
Darkstep9150 (1 year ago)
It bothers me knowing that there are young guys +-20yo using anabolics. Some even use trenbolone for their first cycle... Got no problem with adults using them but kids without a solid base is just sad..
Gues Whom (1 year ago)
You and this Jody guy *rolls eyes*. Steroids are the magic muscle builder. Have you two not seen studies of people gaining 18 lbs of pure muscle in 20 weeks quitting the gym and sitting on the sofa while on 600mg/week of test?? http://ajpendo.physiology.org/content/281/6/E1172.long What most of us (fake natty busters) have a problem with is these fake nattys are scamming young ignorant people that if you workout hard like me and buy my training program or buy these supplements you'll be just like me. Hard work and effort is a given... so exclude that out of the equation. Did their training program that they are selling for upwards of $200/mo get them there?? Did the overpriced supplements they are hawking get them there? No! It is the gear that put them over the edge and making them look as good as they do. 500mg sounds like a little, but it is a lot vs a natty. Most healthy males produce about 7-14mg of test per day. Most TRT is 100mg/week. And you take 500mg / 7 days = 71mg/day... about 5X the peak of what a young healthy male produces. For any of you on gear that are preaching that "it is hard work and not the juice", then QUIT THE F*CKING GEAR and prove to us you can keep a lot of that muscle from all your "hard work".
Gues Whom (1 year ago)
To me personally, no because I can make my own opinion. But you don't have a problem with these fitness models and gurus -- that don't have the decades of expertise that James and others have -- can jump on some gear and blast past people who are trying their hardest naturally and then try to scam money off them by saying they have the secret. That doesn't bother you?
Patrick Bateman (1 year ago)
Gues Whom You don't really believe anyone has to prove anything to you, do you?
Garrett Finley (1 year ago)
Great video. Definitely made me think more about waiting to see natural potential before using gear. Keep it Up!
Carl Mucker (1 year ago)
Thanks for keeping it real brother and telling it like it is dog!
Carl Mucker (1 year ago)
that was some real shit !
Tommy cobra (1 year ago)
great video, very honest and informative!
Armesh Singh (1 year ago)
How you get 500mg/week test prescription? LOL.
j parks (1 year ago)
Baughman Twin (1 year ago)
Matt lol
Haha wtf (1 year ago)
Nice vid man. Respect
Deltitnu (1 year ago)
Crv C (1 year ago)
Your are in your mid 50s and this is how you look? Damn you are my role model, what is your height? You look like you won the genetic lottery.
joseph lee (1 year ago)
Best video yet
keith barthe (1 year ago)
do u still run 500mgs a week ?
SoldiersofSelfMastery (1 year ago)
James How Much do You Weigh Bro? You Look Really Strong! Hey You seem like a well Educated Dude...
Michael Neo (1 year ago)
THIS. Well said again James :)
Dumb Jason Blaha (1 year ago)
thank you James.
AXR PROJECTS (1 year ago)
I personally love seeing the skinny guys that blow up out of no where and shrink back to skinny lol. Then walk up to me and ask how im walking around 250-230 year round ,I tell them I take nothing but a pre workout and no one believes me. When I say I lift for 1-2 hours and do 1 hour of cardio after 6-7days a week, there reply is no one natural can do that. It's hilarious!
cub68134 (1 year ago)
What is natty, fake or otherwise?
Blvck Scvle (1 year ago)
He's right, but there are exceptions. For example, Arnold took steroids starting at the age of 15, and became Mr. Universe at a young age.
QueensNative (1 year ago)
Some more great advice by Mr tiny vest, who is by no means tiny at all
Luciano (1 year ago)
those that take shitload of gear and still look like shit are prob taking fake or underdosed gear
Armen Martirosyan (1 year ago)
I personally believe that people on social media especially the people with bigger following claim natty because of brand deals. Most companies don't condone drug use.
TIGger Driggers (1 year ago)
Hey James, have you seen AlphaDestiny? He's someone who's been showing us novices that we can make big gains in strength and mass if we do the correct dieting and training. I wouldn't say ALL his advice is spot on since he went on a dirty bulk once but he's very encouraging and seems to have a great novice program and a few unique lifts.
TIGger Driggers (1 year ago)
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Logan - I like the guy because he does testify to his experiences.  He doesn't merely hear, read, repeat something; he actually finds out through his application.  Of course all of us will sometimes miss the mark but I for one always value first hand experience over merely rhetoric.
EastCoastBully (1 year ago)
God damn nicotine is what I can't get away from. Fuckin killin me, but everyday I pray and intend to stop. Patience is key- trying this in recovery coming from skin and bones back to normal to jack city! I've got the time and patience, but like most, my industry does not allow me outta the door less than 60 hours a week. Tough to get where I can get-
diggin' and givin' (1 year ago)
How do I contact tiny us there email or something.... I'm overweight have been my whole life I've beeen trying his high protein diet but I put on 12 pounds in 7 days and I'm just get up don't know how to lose weight.... when I go to 1500 calories I can't get under 240 pounds I'm 5'10 ..... and I was doing cardio 5 days a week along with lifting 3 days but was also doing 250 pushups daily at work five days a week all at 1500 calories and couldn't lose now I'm eating between 250 and 300 g of protein and just gaining weight fast
diggin' and givin' (1 year ago)
I messaged your site. But no I'm not counting calories anymore I'm just counting protein and eating a shit ton of food . So ya I'm putting on weight it's very easy for me to put on weight. I was saying with 1500 calories I easily lose weight till I get to 240 then it stops it won't budge . Idk nothing about macros I just pay attention to calories or protein that's it
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Where are your other macros, percentage wise?  At 1500 cals your protein can be too high, also.  Percentages of the total cals is what you need to learn and then play around with.  Email through www.guerrillawithacause.org
The TRUTH (1 year ago)
People on PEDs (like you) should not give any kind of advice to naturals...unless you're a hypocrite.
The TRUTH (1 year ago)
+James Tiny Vest I highly doubt that...m8. You look like the type of dude that abused roids all his life.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
the truth - You are showing your ignorance - why can you not realize that when you say unintelligent shit, people who have knowledge see you as in dire need?  I have trained naturally for many years - MANY years.
The TRUTH (1 year ago)
+cerberu999 Another idiot has spoken. Keep speaking boys. Let the world see how stupid you are.
cerberu999 (1 year ago)
Actually his argument is perfectly reasonable and your stupidity is showing.
The TRUTH (1 year ago)
+BGGovedoto You're an idiot m8. Your argument shows that.
Ryan Thomas (1 year ago)
People really are rolling the dice with that cheap Chinese bullshit.
Aj Johnson (1 year ago)
Good stuff little fella!!!!
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Thanks, brother
Tom Zerra (1 year ago)
Once again , great advice and knowledge. "Gotta put in the time."
*Hey James, I'm All-Natty, would you be interested in making a video together? I respect what you do!*
*God Bless*, do you have an email I can contact you at?
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Sure, why not?
Pera Detlic (1 year ago)
Well, You ARE HUGE. So, I just wonder, how would You describe a phisique of a natural guy lifting for 3 or 4 years with proper training eating and sleeping? You would probably just ask "Do You even lift?" Even at Your age, with being just on TRT, You are having 50% more muscle on Your frame than You ever could achieve with being full natty.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
No, I know some naturals who sport very impressive physiques.  Myself, at 3 or 4 years natural, I looked like a whole different person.  I thought I was huge then . . . but I probably weighed around 170-ish, I think, but pretty lean.  I did get far enough naturally after about 6 years that many assumed I was on gear then - but back then, there wasn't such division between guys on gear and guys natural because no one felt any prejudice either way - of course no one lied about it either back then, hell, it was legal.
Boosted Nation (1 year ago)
Thank you for your videos! made a small donation for all the knowledge you have been sharing.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Thank you, brother
Drama (1 year ago)
yo James why does Jerry ward say you can NOT keep any of your gains but you say u can keep them? I agree with u more but he says ounce u stop u will lose them all after 6 months?
Drama (1 year ago)
Yea i cut to hard when i came off and.lost some muscle but im getting it back.again i woumt cut.so hard.or prob will not.cut at all next time i go off
Drama (1 year ago)
yea im off now but its only been a few weeks im still lifting heavy but cutting. my protein is still high but carbs are low cause im still trying to lean out more. I seem to be maintaining most of my strength ( even rack pulled 455 for 3 reps the other day). An I have a bad disk in my back so that's alot for me. bench is till 315 about and i only weigh like 185 now. I think keeping my protein high and lifting heavy is really helping me maintain. I think alot of dudes just don't work as hard when they are off gear and that's why they lose gains. Im still going balls to the wall and doing failure sets alot.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
You will lose some but you will retain most.  Guys lose because they will not accept that they are going to change body composition - they are used to being hard, lean, and off gear they are going to smooth out, and BF percentage is going to change.  Some guys will fight that, and then they will level out reasonably lean but having lost much more muscle.  I was off 7 or 8 months - there are videos on here showing me at that point.  Hell, I did not even lift in that 7 or 8 months - clearly I am smaller and clearly not full or as hard either but still a respectable amount of muscle remained.  It would take well over a year off to really drop most of the muscle size - but then again, I know how to eat to retain when off for whatever time.
Drama (1 year ago)
it is a epidemic. You should always wait at least 5 years before u even think about gearing up. i didnt start till i was in my 30's and had been training almost 10 years.
rfmyers73 (1 year ago)
ok shit birds old muscle and you babies who want to bypass hard work fuck off you have no idea how much work goes into a lifestyle not a phase hats off jimmy boy good sound off
robowarriorx xx (1 year ago)
I think the problem is that a lot of guys want to be big but they're afraid to eat. Back in the pre steroid days, when everyone in America was in to weightlifting and not so much body building, guys were getting huge, naturally, over 300 pounds and just beastly strong. Were they cut? No. I'm personally about 240 now, which is pretty big, I'm not ripped, but I am at about 18% body fat and I have a current big 3 total of just under 1500. When I want to get stronger, I eat. Everything. Mostly protein though. When I want to lose, I cut calories, increase cardio, and keep lifting heavy...but maybe I'm a throwback...
Miner4aheartofgold (1 year ago)
robowarrior xx Even the Bodybuilders were a LOT smoother. If you showed a 6pack(or 4 pack!) and serratus, you were in contest shape. I remember when Larry Scott first showed evidence of steroid use. He suddenly blew up 20-25 lbs but was still smooth by today's standards. It took a little while to figure out how to use PED's to cut. Low carb was coming in about the same time, so it was hard to tell what came from where. There used to be a trophy called "most muscular" usually It went to a guy that would do well in a natty show today. They would be pretty shredded and not much size: a guy who hadn't figured out how to eat!
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
robowarriorx xx - YOU are exactly correct (as I am sure you already know).
EyeHeart Phonies (1 year ago)
That's what I tell the young kids who start lifting, go as long as you can natural, if you can help it well in to your late thirties.
André Dias (1 year ago)
Kids, Dont do it. He is right! Its not worth the boulder u get in ur ass after the China injets.
Buddy (1 year ago)
James I gotta admit, steroids make me lose respect. Even if everyone is doing it.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
A man augmenting his testosterone level makes you lose respect?  Really?  I accept a person's individual choices but I also believe there is a time and place where a thing may be wisely considered or foolishly considered.  At 54 years old, I am not ready to live with a decreased test level due to aging.  Women can segment estrogen (and now even super low dose T) for the same reason, and that is okay.  A man who identifies as a woman or a woman who identifies as a man can take enough of the opposite gender's primary sex hormone to "become" the opposite sex, and that is okay.  In this confusing world today seems a huge double standard - why is that?
KaziteGames (1 year ago)
mad respect brother 55 and like this that's dope
Mike Foster (1 year ago)
Sounds like you are talking about Vegan Gains. He's notorious for calling out "fake natties." Well said
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
No, I wasn't thinking of him at all.  He actually has good points and perspectives in some of his vids I have seen - I only have seen a handful
tyler williams (1 year ago)
Very true tiny!!
Martin Hertz (1 year ago)
I agree in most of this. This fake natty crap is going way overboard, and who in there right mind would admit to buying and using illegal drugs and hinder there professional life and risk raids!. Lastly, I really like James, hes honest, kind, down-to-earth humble, respectful guy which have my full respect, and I agree with most he states, but certain things like thinking steroids don't pack on muscle without exercise is pretty ignorant imho. Firstly, it's been tested extensively with alot of subject under controlled environments, and second, anabolics are invented for treating illnesses where people are bedridden and to not let them fade away, hence ofcourse it does exactly that. That is obviously not to say that anyone can become the next mr olympia, as genetics and anabolic receptors is also an equal part of the equation. That is also why people on gear can train and gain in an entirely other manner than nattys, as they don't need to trigger protein synthesis by progressive overload but are just simply aiding in this chemically induced process by showing extra blod and nutriants into the muscle. Keep up the good job James!
Martin Hertz (1 year ago)
I'm sorry for posting wrong info then. I should also have worded it better, in that I just meant many types of steroids are made and prescribed for bedridden/burn-victims etc. I agree it will obviously not build "appreciable muscle without exercise, but my sole point where more that I couldn't understand how you could simply dismiss actual controlled environment testings on many subjects, twice, showing results of muscle-gain without workout. Of-course it was first cycle and not "appreciable" amounts. These things have never been tested by lifters, as lifters wouldn't do that obviously i.e. take gear without training, and the results showed gains where bigger including exercise, as you know. Again, I apologize for misinformation and thank you for the correction and reply :)
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Martin, uhm, no that is not why they were originally invented, so you are under a mistaken impression right out the door.  Also, look at a real life everyday guy like Blaha who says in a video that he might be on between 500 and 700 mgs a week - and he lifts . . . steroids really build muscle just sitting around?  Really?  Preventing wasting and building appreciable muscle are two different things, and again, test was never "invented" as a drug to suppress wasting effects of disease (unless old age is considered a disease because THAT is why it was "invented").
Buddy (1 year ago)
Is everyone on steroids? Why does nobody do natural?
Eric Joseph (1 year ago)
his advice is dead on. I've been a natural bodybuilder and I am 44 years old. it took years to get my arms up to 19 inches without having a single bit of drugs put in my system. does it take medication? f*** yes it does. try over 20 years worth.
Michael R. (1 year ago)
It should be mandatory for every youngster who is starting out at the gym to listen to James. Great insight.
onceuponthecross1 (1 year ago)
fuck fake natties
AbandonHope (1 year ago)
Good video, great dude. I'd have a beer with him.
nathan martin (1 year ago)
Most people I know on gear they look like they don't even lift. It's sickening like what's the point if u have no foundation. Your spot on bro. Then they gonna see a guy who looks great that's been training naturally for years and they are going to call them a fake natty lol because they are on gear and been training for a few months and they look like shit. So the good looking natty "has" to be on gear. That's the logic. So retarded. Your never going to look good if u only Been training for a few months even on drugs. People don't realize especially the kids that it takes years to build a body it's not gonna happen over night.
James Are you natural ????
TIGger Driggers (1 year ago)
ameriac for american YouTube full drama and trolls, No, he's stated that he is not. He may not be taking right now but he's taken it in the past. Still gives legit advice
Aaron Jones (1 year ago)
Thank you, James. Kicking my ass the past few months in the gym, and I will continue to do so. You give me hope that I can excel on my own accord.
Arluvr 1 (1 year ago)
I think a big problem is these turds actually believe that if you juice up you will instantly gain muscle.
Drama (1 year ago)
I agree it is one small factor. u need to have the diet training down before u see good results
M V (1 year ago)
this man is so open and sharing knowladge. thank you sir its very refreshing to follow, on youtube, persone like you.
J Fresh (1 year ago)
yo Jim ! you know you preach a sermon today 👏that was genuine something you can't buy .👍👍👍👍
ronturnpaugh (1 year ago)
right on the money! Thanks for your effort!
rubenaunet (1 year ago)
seriously, i love you james! love your work love your honesty, your a good guy bud, keep doing what ur doing
PR4Y_F0R_PR3Y (1 year ago)
need that hat big bro.. im in philly area.. lmk how
Badger bush (1 year ago)
James i know you have intentionally been avoiding the subject for good reasons but there are so many young guns out there taking huge amounts of gear so much so that they are totally Fking themselves up i think its time for a reality check video on the subject of DRUGS maybe a little series of when to use um but dont abuse um video's ? i really think it the lack of info that is hurting most of the young and guy's/gal's.
Miner4aheartofgold (1 year ago)
It is so easy to get comprehensive info on PED's anyone taking them recklessly or ignorantly is just flunking their "IQ test"
Badger bush (1 year ago)
I understand and respect your decision not to go in to detail on this subject James. :D
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Not for me - all that info from me would be misused by those already misusing.
MR_INSULT 619 (1 year ago)
Jesus get to the point . you make no sense . next time just keep simple you big dumb oaf
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Mr Insult - tsk, tsk, since thus far, as I see displayed here, you serve no purpose among us, I may need to ban you if you do not contribute something, remain silent, or go away on your own.  But I give everyone a chance, so we will see.
The Kauka (1 year ago)
Dude is the most jacked 55 year old I've ever seen, saluted! Lots of young guys are quick to jump on the gear without building a big base and building their knowledge first. Seen lots get big then fall off, get injured, develop bad ongoing shoulder problems from shit form, even seen um on tons of gear with barely any muscle to show because they train like idiots. Gotta have a solid plan and be able to check the ego so you can learn along they way.
Iron Man (1 year ago)
Poor nutrition, insufficient rest periods, overtraining and inefficient training programs, poor training form = no results. Some kids cant get all of these right first, but instead, jump on anabolics from day one and they still look shit on chemicals. I must have seen it 50x over. Kids tell me they are on sustanon and deca, and Im like wtf, didnt think you even lifted. Shake my head and just think why these people bother, who is telling/selling them stuff they dont need.
Vivid Joey (1 year ago)
This really needed to be said. Great video,
Ragnarok (1 year ago)
Hat? where is the website so I can get one
Kali Muscle, 10 days off the juice due to his hernia operations, lost 30 pounds...
Miner4aheartofgold (1 year ago)
Surgery is major catabolic. Much of that is not from being off the juice; it's from the stimulation of cortisone.
Jonathan Rush (1 year ago)
Bro as a 45yo soon to be 46yo lifter of 33 years under the iron I have to say you are real af. I found your channel and subscribed immediately. I've got ten years experience with PEDs and am frequently bombarded on the forums with questions from lazy noobs that seriously think they can attain quality gains in 6 months. They fail to realize despite protein synthesis is enhanced on anabolics it still takes years to attain dense quality muscle period.
Simon (1 year ago)
Good morning from England. I like your videos and nice cap by the way 👍
Astral Apophis (1 year ago)
I really want to make a motivational video with your vids man. I really needed this video. Thanks so much brother
d fernandez (1 year ago)
Is a 42" chest ok as a natural?
Kilstardo (1 year ago)
d fernandez no lol
Zero Suit (1 year ago)
fucking tiny no
Ever Burning (1 year ago)
The best thing about staying natural for at least a decade is you have no choice but to learn how to lift and how to eat.
Mads Larsen (1 year ago)
nah the best thing is the working dick
abdulelah alshaykh (1 year ago)
well said, iv been natural for 13 years now and i can bench 125s for rebs and ppl wont blv am natural, i mean blv whatever you want but this is not true, how many bodybuilders you know tried really hard for 10+ years everything on point and had no improvement ?
Sosua Pimp (1 year ago)
Damn Tiny you look good at 500mgs a week. Boston Lloyd takes 3 grams a week of gear and looks like shit.
Nick Hubert (1 year ago)
boston loyd doesn't train hard.
Drama (1 year ago)
i agree i feel like james gets good Pharma grade and Boston prob gets that watered down bathtub bullshit. But i still think boston Loyd is kind of a dumbass
Pedro Santos (1 year ago)
Not to give bostin credit, but he is probably getting a lot of fake/shitty gear cause he for sure isnt getting it prescribed to him.
Ghee Hard (1 year ago)
Sosua Pimp Tiny would be huge with or without gear. Lloyd would not.
supermayne (1 year ago)
you deserve a hell of a lot more subscribers then you have. genuine guy.
Snook West (1 year ago)
Your back yard has a bad ass view of the woods James.
Scottie Soft (1 year ago)
The entire fitness industry is a scam. From BS supplements ads with bodybuilders on grams of gear, to these youtube cunts that lie to their whole fanbase. But most people are idiots that lack critical thinking skills.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Well, your last sentence is proven true in that this is the opinion you have formulated here.
boom shakalaka (1 year ago)
Scottie Soft Chris Jones is natural 😉
Mike Nosyt (1 year ago)
great message
Witz (1 year ago)
Well said ! I done some cycles of gear before but decided to go natural.
TIGger Driggers (1 year ago)
- - That'll be tough at your age if you're the guy in your profile picture. God bless and check back in every now and then. Everyone gets different results when they hop off gear.
CB (1 year ago)
You can't get your natty card back tho
Josh Edwards (1 year ago)
The most genuine guy in the YouTube fitness community. Period.
The light (1 year ago)
Logan Driggers you should put a flag on his head
TIGger Driggers (1 year ago)
ameriac for american YouTube full drama and trolls, not a fake sport man. Jim's here to help us put on mass and do good for our communities. That helps us in fitness, powerlifting, body building, our relationships with our neighbors, and raise up the people around us. That's talent right there.
Drama (1 year ago)
Josh Edwards agreed
EyeHeart Phonies (1 year ago)
Traav Himself (1 year ago)
because I am an asshole that says mean things
D Mo (1 year ago)
so many folks need to hear this! keep it up big man
tarzanizcool (1 year ago)
You're the shit man. You are one of the only straight-shooting YouTube fitness guys I've seen, and by far the best. Been looking into Guerrilla with a Cause, and besides donations, is there anything else your viewers can do do help?
tarzanizcool (1 year ago)
James Tiny Vest Alright, awesome. Hope you can come to Boston soon!
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
tarzanizcool - Yes, viewers who are members of our GWAC family can spread the mentality and practice our mission statement, wherever they are, in their daily interactions and lives.  I say "practice" because we all fall short and modern day society is challenging.  Also, if in town for a visit or residing near by, join us for some outreach work - the things we do which are not on video.  All are welcomed to come train with us, eat with us, or feed with us.
Middle Finger (1 year ago)
Please do a video on the best natural bodybuilder Mike O'hearn. He is pretty much the only fake natty that pisses me off. All these claim's he come's out with are F'ing crazy lul'z.
bigtonutz (1 year ago)
very true. seen this in the gym over and over with guys on a ton of stuff and don't train at all and look like crap and blood like there faces want to explode. tiny is right! be smart and learn the right way. knowledge is key not the short cut.
Justin St.Louis (1 year ago)
China doesnt give a FUCK.. It's all about being cheap and fuck everything else..
Tony Wilford (1 year ago)
@10:06 what the heck was that?! :-O
Sean Ward (1 year ago)
You been bringing up your neck Tiny? Its looking fooking massive!
Drama (1 year ago)
and he eats 10 pounds of meat a day so of course he is making head and neck gainzzzzzzzzz lol
Drama (1 year ago)
he carries his grocery bags in his house with his neck lmfao
Chad Ashton (1 year ago)
I've been tempted over the years...thankfully not being able to find stuff has kept me natural all these years (41 years old, training 20 years off and on).
Joe (1 year ago)
i know a few guys like that, know someone who was running legit 500mg test, 500mg tren and masteron and looked like utter shit, like 170lb
Joe (1 year ago)
Thats what i'm saying, test, tren and mast would make anyone look good, i agreed that his gear was fake, and he trained like shit.
Pawel Kaszuba (1 year ago)
+Joe cosmetic affect? Naa dude somebody would look insane if that was real.
Joe (1 year ago)
I know, kinda skinny fat, but that cycle would have a decent cosmetic effect regardless but ay.
Pawel Kaszuba (1 year ago)
+Joe he still would look decent that's a decent cycle my dude. Either its fake gear or he is at a really high bodyfat percentage
Joe (1 year ago)
One would assume, all he did was drink alcohol, and the time in the gym he spent chatting shit.
James Javanovich (1 year ago)
When you say you are on 500mgs a week, Is that permanant or is that your cycle?
Andrew Schofield (1 year ago)
500mg isn't a TRT dose. That's a get yr swole on dose. TRT is tops 300mg
boom shakalaka (1 year ago)
I'm sure he is on 500mg year around to support all that muscle at his age.
Hugh Januss (1 year ago)
Ruzty Uk777EEEK My mistake. I was under the impression that he was doing TRT which is not cycled.
Hugh Januss (1 year ago)
James Javanovich It's TRT, so it's constant to bring up to higher levels.
Tyler (1 year ago)
James Javanovich yeah how do older gents do it? If it was a cycle wouldn't it always appear and disappear
dijosoul (1 year ago)
"But but but but...everyone who's bigger than I am MUST be on gear!!!!!" Hahahaha good video I saw such a channel...not a single video giving any advice on lifting, overcoming plateaus, depression etc. All it had was pointing out the "fake nattys"

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