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This Brain Implant Could Change Lives

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It sounds like science fiction: a device that can reconnect a paralyzed person’s brain to his or her body. But that’s exactly what the experimental NeuroLife system does. Developed by Battelle and Ohio State University, NeuroLife uses a brain implant, an algorithm and an electrode sleeve to give paralysis patients back control of their limbs. For Ian Burkhart, NeuroLife’s first test subject, the implications could be life-changing. Featured in this episode: Batelle: https://www.battelle.org/ Ohio State University https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/ Producer and Editor - Alan Jeffries Camera - Zach Frankart, Alan Jeffries Sound Recordist - Brandon MacLean Graphics - Sylvia Yang Animators - Ricardo Mendes, James Hazael, Andrew Embury Sound Mix and Design - Cadell Cook ----------------- Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (997)
SOVEREIGN BRAND (15 hours ago)
It’s like he’s trying to learn how to jerk off.
andrea giudici (1 day ago)
keep improving Ian! never give up man!!
sah (4 days ago)
This is awesome
Anonymous (7 days ago)
Ambilical cord Stem cells las vegaa?
Equintrinity (7 days ago)
But can I learn karate?
ordinarylover (7 days ago)
Steam cells could give him his life back in months...but nooo we can´t do research with steam cells!
AssholusSupremis (8 days ago)
In 10 years he'll be playing Starcraft
Fabian (9 days ago)
I could've sworn the title said *"charge"* after seeing the thumbnail.
John Jeffry (11 days ago)
So its like Bruce Willi's Sci Fi -- Surrogates
Sathish Kumar (12 days ago)
proud to be INDIAN
Vlad Imir (12 days ago)
jonathan whitt (13 days ago)
fuck yeah he can finally jack it again
Raphael (13 days ago)
*Upgrade in real life*
Andru (13 days ago)
Humanity is lost!
victor kasprzak (13 days ago)
Martin Montes (14 days ago)
Keep moving forward.
Aidan Zoldyk (14 days ago)
Gaurav is a genius!
JAMSit JOLOXx (15 days ago)
Soon enough, we can control robots and AI with our minds.
jainendra mohan (15 days ago)
To the next level
É tão estranho isso. Ao mesmo tempo em que há na humanidade um esforço hérculeo para devolver os movimentos de uma pessoa, há um desprezo de igual intensidade com suas vidas também. Um esforço para dar liberdade e também um esforço para tirar a liberdade e escravizar os humanos. -------------------------------------------- It's so weird. At the same time as there is in mankind an effort to return a person's movements, there is a disregard of equal intensity with their lives as well. An effort to give freedom and also an effort to take freedom and enslave humans.
Will Sauers (16 days ago)
Shilpan Shukla (16 days ago)
Mr Sharma I am an Engineer and I think that instead of writing an algorithm try a machine learning algorithm and train it on normal people then apply it to disabled once.
Usman Ajaz (18 days ago)
What if someone hacked him and assasinated someone
Nicole Martin (19 days ago)
NepalCode TV (19 days ago)
soo upgrade movie got reference from here
Harjinder Singh (21 days ago)
i want this my sister is suffering from same condition please anyone can tell me how we can reach to these people
dickson etokhana (22 days ago)
You would not see China hear but when they still this technology they would start making noise.
santa banta (22 days ago)
Masturbation can be possible now ;)
John angel Guitarist (23 days ago)
cute girl (23 days ago)
He has a socket in his head
It will happen people
Richard Green (23 days ago)
How much quicker if we invested the budget we spend on shitty defence that only makes it easier to kill
Chicken McNugget (24 days ago)
has black mirror taught us nothing?!?!?! Seriously though this is amazing and i hope it changes many lives for the better!
utsav chattetjee (24 days ago)
Yup it's a Indian doctor. You r a hero✌️✌️
masyola (25 days ago)
he could be a yaeger pilot
Kastr3o (26 days ago)
I feel bad for the guy, but he so so brave ;D
Jerremy Hughes (26 days ago)
A) this is cool B)is it not possible to create a receiver at the top of the spine and then a stimulator at the bottom below the brake and bridge it with wifi? C) what about stem cells and such for just regrowing the broken segment? ( might require some 3d printing but hey why not?) these are all possible i know so i'm just waiting to hear about how far people are getting in those types of repairs.
Damon Koerschner (27 days ago)
I think these things are already being implemented by people, for more then just movement, I believe its being used for memory aswell and the ability to treat drug addictions. A chip processor is implanted and wireless controller is used, they can change what you see/feel/and hear. The only problem with this is the factor of someone else getting ahold of the controls. Without the proper security this could be a way to manipulate someone to do a million things they would have before not have done. I think this program should be very closely monitored and not used unless the client knows the full risks.
Nuno Machado (27 days ago)
His last sentence speaks volumes about his personality. He is having a rough life with a very complicated condition and he is focused on helping a future someone that he doesn't even know.
talking metastasis (27 days ago)
This is amazing, because they are giving back to this man his independance. I realy hope technology will enough progess to make this happen ...
Thought Art (28 days ago)
Cure tinnitus plz
Jade bylund (29 days ago)
You can barley notice it on his head
Dar El (29 days ago)
George Hitchens (30 days ago)
jacking off will be my main motivation...
Jooonoothoon (1 month ago)
Looks like a power plug
DeathStroke (1 month ago)
That guys accent is so funny sounding
Clorox Bleach (1 month ago)
What the song near the end of the video?
Eliel Navarro (1 month ago)
Who else thought this was a clickbait bright side video?!?!?!?
What if you think of jerking off jus saying
dark hunter (1 month ago)
less dislikes wan we have something with out robotic parts more dislikes wan a robotic are is in (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
jacker372 (1 month ago)
This has a larger impact as a brain to machine Interface. This could lead to technology like mind controlled machines and machine controlled people.
Lucas the stone dragon (1 month ago)
The things we can invent today, to get independent lives are very amazing. From artificial arms, to artificial legs and so much more. Science and studying of our really incredible body, really helps to solve the problems we face from time to time. I really hope this man will help the next generation, who also may have the problem as well ;-)
mahadzir abd karim (1 month ago)
subhanallah our body is perfect.
MintGreen (1 month ago)
LONG LIVE SCIENCE!!!! like literally you live longer with science. its a fact. i think
DUSKIE STUDIOS (1 month ago)
Literally The Surge.
M (1 month ago)
Hope modern medicine and technology will get to a point where nobody is hindered in either health, performance or appearance so everyone can life their lives without any obstacles or unfair disadvantages. Even looks play a huge role ofc way less than any handicap or health problem, but still its sad that a lot of people dont get the same chances partners or happiness the stunners take for granted.
barbaryn PK (1 month ago)
"How about you go get a brain dumbass" me:
Dudeineedaname (1 month ago)
Looks like he has an iphone charger plugged into his head.
BushBush Games (1 month ago)
Imagine connecting the head transplant to someone else's body, could you control his body than?
High Priest of Keku (1 month ago)
All these people talking about "lelelel move military money into science xDDDD!!!!!" Meanwhile the money we spend on things like welfare, social security, and government programs going to useless things far exceeds the actual defense of our country and others.
Cracked Egg (1 month ago)
Yeah, I don't trust this at all
Berry雪 (1 month ago)
I thought the guy in the thumbnail was jonah hill lol
Vélasquez Bertea (1 month ago)
This is insane !!! It's unacceptable , it's like they find a way even if they do it to all the population to become disable or with multiple handicap , they still find a way for you to live the life ! I can't believe what I'm seeing , no offence people , but it's unacceptable ! THINK !!!! This is a business for them just like the hospitals in the big city's !!! THINK ?
Himanshu Mohanty (1 month ago)
Indians are intillegent
Niiruno (1 month ago)
If fake he can't move hims body he said and he need the computer but if you see the video he move the other by mistake. Ha fake
jimmy Rynn 1100 (1 month ago)
It looks like a bit off the old PlayStation remote
SHREDDER2025 (1 month ago)
Cybernetics are slowly but very closely becoming a mainstream technology. Soon the world is literally gonna look like something out of those cyberpunk movies and whatnot. Fully robotic arms, legs, even organs at this rate. It's kinda scarry to think about but also kinda amazing.
TBXD (1 month ago)
Reverse engineer this and boom, sao
Thiccr than u (1 month ago)
Charge your phone with brain juice
﴾ ﴿ (1 month ago)
omg indian AND cant speak.. my nightmare
Golden Archangel (1 month ago)
this is the mark of the beast the end times are here
Z0MG H4X (1 month ago)
No feeling tho, someone with this can easily get hurt and not notice until a long time but its a big step towards full restoration.
Krusty Kraken (1 month ago)
Sounds legit.
School Account (1 month ago)
And then the matrix was born
Iamvox (1 month ago)
Thumbnail looks like Jonah Hill
FUSSELCRAFT HD (1 month ago)
If they are using an electronic device connected to his mind to transmit signals to his muscles he can't use otherwise isn't he technically the first cyborg? Also doesn't that reeeaaaaaally fucking hurt if he stubs that port on his head on like a lamp or something ?
Christian Vega (1 month ago)
“Upgrade” this is gonna be Stem!!!!
that's amazing.
Todor Tashev (1 month ago)
And I'm taking for totally granted that I'm able to write this message with my own fingers.
Hjalte Ramsland (1 month ago)
No, u
BDoggy45 (1 month ago)
Before watching the video and just seeing the thumbnail, I was gonna make a dumb power outlet joke but after watching the video I decided not to make that joke.
David Grigorenko (1 month ago)
The apocalypse starts with the implant folks
Mercury (1 month ago)
And they still cant find a cure for male pattern baldness. fml.
Victor Waeo (1 month ago)
You can reboot your brain by pressing your thumb
Bulgarian Memes (1 month ago)
Haha you guys are idiots,open your blind eyes
Ingen som helst (1 month ago)
Amazing progress.
Kobi Morton (1 month ago)
First step for the future? this guy can tap and go now same as me. this is brilliant.
I'm hoping to access Wikipedia through my brain and to directly influence my intellect.
Javier Navarro (1 month ago)
Exciting 😮😮😮
Arcanum Mysterium (1 month ago)
Meditate. Enough with this joke.
H Truelock (1 month ago)
W0LFM4N (1 month ago)
It could be the future as long as I’m not tethered. But seriously this is awesome for those who have to live without the ability to live as they used to or they never have.
Mike Kotze (1 month ago)
flip it gives me a eery feeling watching him move is hand!
Why a implant? If scientists understood ether, consciousness, dielectricity and counterspace. They wont need implants, they would able to communicate wirelessly with the brain.
You should read it if you are interested in reality.
Ingen som helst (1 month ago)
No thank you.
Read Uncovering the missing Secrets of Magnetism.
Ingen som helst (1 month ago)
hype train (1 month ago)
I thought this was to charge something using your head
Dio_ solaire (1 month ago)
Who dfq disliked this video
iFornix (1 month ago)
The matrix
jackdawcaw (1 month ago)
I'd think a limitation is not getting sensory feedback. You don't feel your touch, movement of muscles and joints.. but it's certainly quite cool :) It's basically like the ab-exercise bands you can use while doing other things, except this is activated on the basis of brain activity. We've been able to read brain activity for quite a while with EEG so it really isn't that surprising.
二屄 吃屎 牛屄 (1 month ago)
no thank you.

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