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The Boy Who Lived - 2018 Week 21

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Pet Rock's Garage (17 hours ago)
Not for nothin', but it seems like you have soft knees in the dead lift (@ 0:02 & 4:38). They are still bent at the top. That might trigger a red light in comp.
Brandon Veyette (8 days ago)
One of the biggest tips I've heard for deadlift is to take the slack out of the bar before the pull and to retract the scapular. Without any disrespect I don't really see that in your form. Any reasoning?
Depends really. For me I find it throws off some other aspects of my lift. I do try to do this, prob just not to the extent as some others.
Brandon Veyette (8 days ago)
Love the channel by the way, great reviewing content
dustinmcd91 (21 days ago)
Liking the knurling on the pull-up bar?
dustinmcd91 tbh it’s pretty passive. Better than the bare bar though!
Colin DeWaay (21 days ago)
I think you'll really like pausing all bench even on higher reps. Ego has to take a hit but the carryover when you get to heavier weights and need to get ready for comp is huge.
Damn it!
Frank Oliveri (22 days ago)
Were you pulling on the noodle in that first set of deads you showed?
Frank Oliveri (21 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond I am not a big fan of pulling on the noodle. At least in the gym anyway.
Yes, I've been mixing it into my work since I have no real meet planned and want to be able to use some of my stuff. In the past I always avoided it it b/c I was always in prep for a USAPL meet.
Conall S (23 days ago)
All that US flag gear reminds me of John Haack, is someone a fan?
John's a good dude.
justin blackburn (23 days ago)
Have posted any info on those roller j-cups in past videos?
I talked about it briefly in my gym tour video. Been meaning to make a dedicated video on them.
Uncut Krezzii (23 days ago)
Have you tested squat with more toes out or wider stance? It might fix the bar path. At least, it worked for me, becoase it shortens your femur relative to your torso from side view.
Uncut Krezzii (23 days ago)
I see. I have had a lot of testing when i have switched from Romaleos 2 to Leistungs or ANTAs. The squats just felt so different with different shoes. Great numbers btw :)
I've tried pretty much everything, at the end of the day this is what feels best and allows me to squat themost weight (600+lbs at this point).
Andrew A. A. (23 days ago)
have home gym and have to sit for OHP... Just switched to z-press. Not sure if its because its new or because of stability but noticed a significant shoulder muscle fatigue with less rep (figuring out one rep max).
Right on!
Dog Yamato (23 days ago)
Form was wrong on every lift.
Wilden Hernandez (24 days ago)
What program do you follow?
Called AI Coaching, just made an 8 week review of it.
B. L (24 days ago)
How are you liking the Leistungs? I picked myself up a pair while they were on sale (thanks to your previous vid) and I'm not 100% sold on them. I came from a lifting shoe with a wooden 0.6" effective heel, so maybe it's a matter of getting used to the higher heel.
I'm enjoying them so far!
Ray Lopez (24 days ago)
Maybe you should have used The Slingshot.
realmaniac (23 days ago)
the slingshot is useless.
TBH i'd rather just drop %!
Tempelton Amor (24 days ago)
Fuck yeah!
I3aIvaIva (24 days ago)
Perfect Wesley interpretation!
J505 Perez (24 days ago)
Better watch out with your erect game being strong or else kid #2 will be here before you know it.
That's the plan!
Gökhan (24 days ago)
Good work man!
Thanks boss!
ArchT (24 days ago)
Hey brandon I would love to get your thoughts on the DUP program :)
ArchT (24 days ago)
specifically training each lift 3 times a week
ArchT (24 days ago)
I've been reading around on the basics behind them and was wondering if it was worth trying out
Which DUP program?
Alex Ptacek (24 days ago)
Have you ever considered paying for a form and program coach? This is a serious question and not meant to be offensive in the slightest and apologize if it's taken that way.
James Manning (24 days ago)
I'm pretty sure he has worked with a couple of different coaches...not sure though
Have done that before. I actually think for the most part my form is pretty on point lol :)
Mario LP (24 days ago)
are you losing weight? you look slimmer.....
Mario LP (24 days ago)
maybe it's just the clothes...
Been maintaining around 220 lbs for the past few months.
natty4now (24 days ago)
do you get all of your programming for free through friends?
No, I've spent thousands on coaching services.
Mark Macqueen (24 days ago)
Great to see you continuing to keep up all the hard work after all these years man, love it brother!
not dead yet.
Ondřej Záruba (24 days ago)
You're a wizard Brandon!
Thank you Hagred.
TheRealBrofessor (24 days ago)
He came in as a boy...and came out as a big boy💪🏼
oh momma
Sledgerton (24 days ago)
Mowing the lawn....when did you start doing crossfit???
I know right. Dad life.
Donald J. Trump (24 days ago)
this guy looks like Cesaro
I'd actually like to think I have better legs than he.
Garrett Blevins (24 days ago)
Krillin was bald as a kid doe so?????? Blessings
teenage fitness (11 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond he only died 3 times tho. Goku died twice i think. Not counting the future trunks movie special
Yeah but he dies all the time.
Taite Lennox (24 days ago)
Taite Lennox (24 days ago)
hey man I love your videos
you da real mvp
Chassetter (24 days ago)
Bruh, how can you be a 9/10 for dat dere bullstrength but rank only 4 for swole? Are you a Kryptonian and keeping a secret identity? It's ok bro, you can come out, things are cool in the 21st century cuz :)
B/c I'm not a manlet. You won't find many natty mass monsters at my height, except of course Mike O'Hearn..... ;)
Maddog Jonson (24 days ago)

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