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3,4-CTMP Experience Report

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An experience report on 3,4 CTMP patreon.com/akromajones
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fla playa (1 year ago)
Do your homework sir. Methylphenidate has a Phenyl Ethyl Amine backbone with the added acetate group making it like heroin compared to morphine (comparison on potency and ability to cross blood brain barrier). Furthermore any Para chlorinated amphetamine is extremely neurotoxic.. Dip your toes but do not go swimming with this one guys/gals.
bob git (11 months ago)
phenidates are not amphetamines...
Akroma Jones (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info bud.
Leo Schlesinger (1 year ago)
are you a pirate?
Anon Ymous (2 years ago)
can we trade vendors? i need a ctmp hook
Akroma Jones (1 year ago)
Thats actually my main supplier.
Bill The Bull Gates (1 year ago)
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Anon Ymous I don't supply that information, but I can say that it was a canadian site and that reddit has sourcing information, I can also tell you that a similar compound with similar dosage and duration is being sold in UK research chemical sites. That chemical is 4f-mph.
pi seseven (2 years ago)
alright so I for one used desoxypipradrol as a sleep aid.... I'm hoping dichloromephenidate can compare insofar as functional psychostimulants goes sounds like you get similar effects from dichloromephenidate as I did from desoxy. hmmm. I'm hoping for a noradrenergically-heavy thing in this; desoxy is very much dopamine-y IMO methylphenidate is functionally worthless.... and I can do practically unlimited amounts of it in a binge ....
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+pi seveneightseven Hahaha, thats a very funny quote x
pi seseven (2 years ago)
I personally am a dexedrine user and have come to realize it is simply too harsh for me. and yet, I detest ritalin unless abused, frankly; but I loved MDPV and was sad to see it go.
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+pi seveneightseven Yes I find it to be a very good functional stimulant, some borderline recreational effects hit at functional doses, but it is a good functional stimulant and very potent by weight.

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