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Review Of LG Hanger & BIB Hanger

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To see the NSWFW version of this video, go to: http://elitemanliness.com/review-of-the-best-hangers-lg-hanger-bib-hanger-and-elite-hanger/ To Buy Our Elite Hanger Go To: https://elitemanliness.net/products/elite-hanger
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Text Comments (20)
mumbus 27 (13 days ago)
I understand the lg is expensive...but we get what we pay for... also the owner and his employees are a small business and not big corporation who don't care... I just ordered my LG and can't wait...I don't want cheap Chinese plastic...I want hand made American acrylic...
daniel sabum (1 month ago)
How much? Wer to buy?
Moneyman Jones (1 month ago)
Can you tell me the weight to use for beginning? For example week 1 week 2 week 3 etc..
Lone Wolf (2 months ago)
whats better for girth, penis extender or hanger ?
Lone Wolf (2 months ago)
os that bib comfortable ?
John Koslowski (3 months ago)
Thank you so so much. You do an outstanding job with wonderful explanation and detail. Also, I’m so glad you posted a link showing hands on experience. Usually all videos posted show dildos and it is a big difference when your trying to learn. My question and I hope you can help, I’m circumsized and Im experiencing soreness. Taking the tape off practically pulls off the skin. Is there a way to tape or prevent soreness?
Adrian Span (4 months ago)
Can i do this if i'm 19 year and i'm virgin? my cock is 15 cm!
Mateus Moura (4 months ago)
Lindo e gostoso 😘
C Williams (4 months ago)
cmoneytheman (5 months ago)
How fast would u say the jelq equipment gains is compared to hands and would 50 a day be good enough for 3 days a week
ZyLkYu (1 month ago)
Vegan Rising 600 its a lot un less you are doing em wrong every jelq must last from 3 to 5 seconds
Vegan Rising (3 months ago)
haha 50? more like 600
iblis khan (5 months ago)
Whats your before and after size
münder Hennig (5 months ago)
Do you know instagram
Chandrabali Prajapati (5 months ago)
, please call me mujhe bahut jarurat hai Dua Chahiye
Chandrabali Prajapati (5 months ago)
Cool me 8115274118
cepsluvr (6 months ago)
Thanks for the link to the full version--much more instructive...
Barun Dhakal (6 months ago)
hey Elite please make a video on natural penis enlargement with hand
Huyquan Tran (6 months ago)
can you use the titan gel?
awhitebraxton (6 months ago)
Huyquan Tran I just got my order of titan gel from russianpeptied website ill up date you

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