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Grill Wasabi Trailer (Sushi Channel)

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Hi! Welcome to Grill Wasabi! Thank you for subscribing to my channel. I hope you continue to like, comment, share my videos. I definitely take video requests, just let me know in the comment box or in my YouTube discussion page. #sushi #sushitime #sushidinner #sushitime #sushilover #sushitutorial #quick&easy #recipe #sushirecipe #asianfood #japanesefood #foodblogger #foodblog #foodvlog #grillwasabi #summer #eatinghealthy #healthy #healthyfood #trailer Facebook.com/GrillWasabi Instagram - GrillWasabi If you like this video, please check out my other videos. The links are down below: Unagi Dynamite Combo Plate - https://youtu.be/Zhum0vqb5aE Stir Fry Clams - https://youtu.be/rDjFTmOCIMQ Spicy Seafood Udon Noodles - https://youtu.be/Gy8e-yDvukU Spicy Seafood Ramen - https://youtu.be/z2QDX7DEzBM Vegan Cocktail - https://youtu.be/_7_cp2yWzug Shrimps with Garlic and Chives - https://youtu.be/5w6PYxM94Bc Inferno Dragon Roll - https://youtu.be/QCi_YGK-t8E Roasted Unagi Temaki - https://youtu.be/q7QPzN6s2kU Sweet n' Spicy Crunch Roll - https://youtu.be/qynFxN3YPXE Pineapple Ahi Tuna Poke - https://youtu.be/Fc_yoGTVtNM Sweet n' Spicy Garlic Edamame - https://youtu.be/my4q6PKVISc Spring Time Sushi Roll - https://youtu.be/5OS3KCrsgnY Honey Sriracha Coconut Crunch Roll - https://youtu.be/DIN2G9E9kcQ 1000 Year Old Sushi Roll - https://youtu.be/eO19TcgJCt8 Dragon Roll Special - https://youtu.be/xWxdUXGazfc Japanese Jalapeno Poppers - https://youtu.be/aCEcW55zPis
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Text Comments (26)
NorCal Slot Guy (8 months ago)
+NorCal Slot Guy 😁 With the buffaloes win...you can hire me 😉😂
Apolonia1971 (8 months ago)
Wow! Subbed en like. Hope sub back❤
Ferny Reyes (9 months ago)
Yo did it's couple from peri, you do this stuff??
+Ferny Reyes Yeah i made all these sushi videos. 😁 How are you guys doing?
shrimpchocolate (9 months ago)
Something not sushi called sushi
shrimpchocolate you're very welcome! 😂
shrimpchocolate (9 months ago)
sushi 2.0. Thanks for upgrading our sushi culture.
shrimpchocolate 😄 just for you...I will call it rice rolls 😉
Mightygamer11769 (10 months ago)
Mightygamer11769 (10 months ago)
Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel I really like seafood but mostly sushi,and Japanese foods
+Mightygamer 11679 Thank you!!
Apollo 440 (10 months ago)
Man, tension is high when you're pouring that sauce. I can tell by the music!
Apollo 440 😂😂😂😂😁 That comment made me laugh out loud. 😁 Thank you for watching my video!!! ❤
VidsWithJim (1 year ago)
Certainly a great start to a channel Well Done 👍
SAS-ASMR (1 year ago)
I can eat this everyday!!!
SAS-ASMR (1 year ago)
lol its part of it or get the person who didnt cook to clean :)
Me too! I just hate doing dishes.
Chef Vegán (2 years ago)
I like your camera footage I think your channel is fine, just keep uploading 1-2 a week same time if you can. Humans are creatures of habit :) :)
+Chef Vegan goodnight, it is nice to connect with you as well.
Chef Vegán (2 years ago)
Yeah, you have a good night, it was nice to connect with you :)
+Chef Vegan thank you. I just have a bad habit of procrastinating lol I should upload more though.
villa teng (2 years ago)
Thant is wonderful, thanks for sharing
+villa teng thank for watching my video. I will upload more videos soon.
Brandon Conceicao (2 years ago)
Dear lord, that all looked so good
+Brandon Conceicao thank you kind sir. Hope you enjoy the other sushi videos as well :)

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