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The Best Prong Belt? Pioneer Cut Belt Review

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For years I've been using a lever belt. I've tried to go the prong route in the past but could never get the same kind of great fit I was accustomed to with a lever. Pioneer recently released a new cut of belts that allow for micro adjustments (.5"), which is half the size of traditional belts (1"). But the question remains, does it make the cut? Get one here: https://generalleathercraft.com/ Social Links: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bcdiamond Instagram: http://instagram.com/campbellfitness Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/campbellfitness Snapchat: CampbellFitness brandoncampbellfitness@gmail.com
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Text Comments (142)
TheCrazyofcomputer (1 day ago)
Do you think 13mm belts really offer that much over a 10mm ?
Brandon Campbell Diamond (21 hours ago)
I don't think so, not for most.
jamal fikes (1 day ago)
Sexual innuendos were on point in this video
Brandon Campbell Diamond (21 hours ago)
making up for lost time.
meaty cabbage (1 day ago)
It’s the ones you least expect that you gotta watch out for
Brandon Campbell Diamond (21 hours ago)
ayyy ;)
Rushed (1 day ago)
Sexual innuendo overload
Brandon Campbell Diamond (21 hours ago)
I've learned you have to get it in when you can.
TheBulgarianWolf (2 days ago)
"Sometimes the hole you put it in, can make all the difference in the world" "I like it tight" Brandon Campbell 2018
TheBulgarianWolf (1 day ago)
Waste it on a t-shirt? That's a one time presidential speech, atleast ;)
Put that on a shirt.
lochlann fyfe (2 days ago)
Why does Brandon remind me of deadpool
B/c we're both horribly disfigured.
Kerry Gao (2 days ago)
I love how this dropped right after my standard 10mm single prong from Pioneer came in lol... Fml
Lol whoops
Viktren (4 days ago)
This video is gold
Thanks for taking a look!
dherko (4 days ago)
an inch makes all the difference when you like it tight
a singer (4 days ago)
Why is he talking about the different girls off tinder he's fucked?
Too old for tinder.
Barbell Fitness (4 days ago)
I always like to have a choice of 2 holes.
loiidol (4 days ago)
Just out of curiosity, I noticed that you don't tuck the full length of the belt through the loop. Is there a reason for this? Curious as some other guys in gym have done that too and I wonder if I am doing things wrong
I found I was hitting the excess strap some with my arm when I was in the bottom position of a squat.
Brett Morris (4 days ago)
Love It ! Picking one up !!!
Tautvydas Stoškus (4 days ago)
sbd belts are zbest
They're solid minus the price and a few minor issues.
askingforafriend (5 days ago)
Have you tried the Wahlanders belt?
Have not.
ErikTheElectric (5 days ago)
This is going to be fantastic for post challenge deadlifts. :|
Haha def for you
Steve Pritula (5 days ago)
not to mention, the lever gives you the sassy lever flick!
Michael Blesi (5 days ago)
Do you ever plan to review the SBD lever? Bought one and really enjoy it over my Inzer, curious to get your thoughts vs this new prong since both are effectively “best of both worlds” belts. Oh and the innuendos never get old, don’t change a thing my man.
If I ever get one. My thoughts from using a friends is that it's a great belt. The things I don't like are it's price, how sharp the edges seem to be, and the fact that the inside material can bleed against lighter shirts.
tyronebiggums3 (5 days ago)
Bar don't lie, but fake plates sure do help. Cheers!
Duggerdean (5 days ago)
Sexual innuendos are back!
Ian Mcstruthers (5 days ago)
USAPL approved? Quality comparison to best belts?
Meets specs but isn't IPF approved as that costs a lot of money. So you can wear it in any USAPL meet outside of regionals or nationals.
Joshua Cordoba (5 days ago)
You surpassed your innuendo quota on this one...
making up for lost time
Bryan Potter (5 days ago)
the hole of your choice....atta boy BCD
you know me.
Vlad C (5 days ago)
I wish my wife would let me slip into any hole I like
JakeTheRake1000 (5 days ago)
mixed grip deadlifting is giving you some imbalances dude, leaning waaaaaaay to your right at the start of this vid
I've had scoliosis issues since I was younger, it's from that.
Charl Coetzee (5 days ago)
JakeTheRake1000 single big traps are so hot right now
Kelvin Jan (5 days ago)
Really like this idea - I've got a Best Belt and got it made to the waist size I wanted, but since then, I've kind of slim down juuuuuuuuust a tad and that hole is starting to feel not quite as tight as I'd like. But then I go up a hole and it's just way too tight once I take a breathe and brace...guess I just gotta eat a little more to fill the belt out. lol!
Time to bulk!
Nabil Hussain (5 days ago)
Speaking of prong belts, do you have any plans of reviewing a Wahlander’s belt?
Not unless I happen upon one.
Alex Sutton (5 days ago)
IPF approved?
They want too much money, like well over $100,000. Not worth it IMO.
Two Fours (5 days ago)
Alex Sutton nope
TimIsABat (5 days ago)
Needs to be IPF approved stat
Won't happen, too much $. Something outrageous.
Gökhan (5 days ago)
Hi Brandon! Is it the 6,5mm version or the 10mm? Another question about the powerrack. Do you find the 49inch width to wide? Because of the little space left for the bar to rack. There is almost no or little room for error? Do you get used to it? Or would you rather have more space on the sideq of the bar en less width of the rack? Btw I received my ohio power bar today. I picked it up. Had a little accident with my car. I crashed against the car in front of me. And the bar slided between the seats in to the gps screen. Now the glass is broken. But the bar is ok 😊
This is the 10mm. As far as the rack goes, I don't find it too wide at all. There's enough space IMO, but it really comes down to your bar collar. If you're using a thin one (like eleiko), then it does put the weights closer, but most standard barbells have no issues.
TheRealBrofessor (5 days ago)
Does your shoulder strap really makes a night and day difference? I’ve been considering buying one...it just look like a gimmick to me😐
I wouldn't say night/day by any means, more of a reminder.
TheRealBrofessor (5 days ago)
Whenever I play your videos in public...ppl think I’m watching some sort of a kinky sex tutorial!😂 3:18
skude3 (5 days ago)
So i would buy this, but since it's shipped from the US it's hella expensive :(
ah sorry to hear
R32R38 (5 days ago)
"Sometimes the hole you put it in can make all the difference in the world" There are guys in every prison who wish they'd know that earlier.
lol true
Little PAW 1969 (5 days ago)
I have always herd people complain about the holes being to big and loose, I have never had that problem. Good review.
Hey now!
jclueben (5 days ago)
Have one on the way, can't wait. Great review Brandon
awesome, appreciate it!
Jamie Lee (5 days ago)
what color is that?
light grey
Don Bash (5 days ago)
I've been thinking about fitting a belt into my lifting, never used one before. I am struggling with the prong vs lever choice. I understand proper tightness concern but it seems like being able to easily release in between sets vs unbuckling would be kind of sweet. I'm guessing a lever option of a similar design concept is already patent pending and prototyping. . . Maybe I wait.
SBD has a quick adjust lever, just very pricey at well over $200
Mike Stoklasa (5 days ago)
i binch over 400
Bradley Bromlow (5 days ago)
Liked it once because #support. Wish I could like it again for the innuendos.
You had me at support.
FitGranticus (5 days ago)
That's a really cool design. For something so simple, you'd think that someone would have figured this out a long time ago.
Just goes to show you there's still some little things that haven't been done.
Frank Oliveri (5 days ago)
Good stuff as always. Wish I knew about this earlier. Switched from double prong to the SBD lever belt about a month ago. But so far I am loving the SBD
awesome! looks like a great belt.
freakied0550 (5 days ago)
Contacting muh sponsor now....oh hai, it me. Not in the budget right now fam. Sorry not sorry. Mirin the innuendo game as always.
freakied0550 (4 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond RIP
You don't even lift these days anyways.
Tom K (5 days ago)
I was actually a little disappointed at how many opportunities for innuendos slipped on by. ;) Seriously, I'm 99% sure my next belt will be a Pioneer. I'm just not sure if I'll go prong or lever, so I'll be keeping an eye on what you do. After all, I tend to wear my belt in the same place all the time, so I don't know that there's any real advantage on this either. But, since you're already experimenting with it, I'll see what you think down the road. :)
Tom K (5 days ago)
"I'm pretty sure I made this entire video an innuendo lol." Fair enough. ;) As for levers or prongs, I just got a lever and am completely in love with it myself, but I want what's best for me and not what I just think is cool as hell, and the lever still has that cool factor in my head. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it, though.
I'm pretty sure I made this entire video an innuendo lol. TBH I think I'll end up using the lever more, I just prefer the quick release and same fit every time. But on those days where I'm feeling bloated or don't want as tight of a fit, I'd def use this prong.
Jim Jones (5 days ago)
I might be wrong but didn't you have a video on the Thompson Bowtie or am I thinking of an insta post?
IG post! I also talked about it briefly in my training week recap I posted yesterday.
Paulo Sousa (5 days ago)
What are the colour options of your belt? I like the combination
This is the "light grey" suede.
James Lima (5 days ago)
If it ain't tight, it ain't right!
TheRealMoe (5 days ago)
How does the size line up, like large medium etc
This is a medium and fits 32-40" waists I believe.
James (5 days ago)
Not a fan with coinciding reviews on youtube. It looks like an insidious ad campaign and feels like I'm being barraged with this product when I see it shilled multiple times in my feed. Please put in your description whether this is a paid promotion or not. Just makes me really go hmmmmmmm when I see Alan Thrall release a video then you shortly after...
Jessie Klassen (5 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond thanks for keeping it 100 Brandon
bmanhsu (5 days ago)
The boy brandon has always been. Very honest in my eyes, even when people send him stuff for free.
It's a new product, though. Sort of makes sense that guys who review things would come out with stuff at the same time.
James (5 days ago)
thank you for the clarification, I respect that
It just so happened that we received them around the same time. If you follow Pioneer on IG he posted videos of him making them both. I've never done a paid equipment review to this point, although if I did, I would have to disclose it.
Burgers&Biceps (5 days ago)
the level of puns in this video was top notch
Just letting it flow
SilverSage (5 days ago)
Maybe one day
Sirgromulus (5 days ago)
have been using my new "Pioneer Cut" double row hole pattern 10mm leather belt the past couple weeks and absolutely love it! Very comfortable out of the box with the much added flexibility of 1/2" hole spacing. I now have a 13mm leather (not suede) Pioneer cut belt on order for the heavy squat days. Thanks for the review Brandon!
Awesome to hear!
jelloshaha (5 days ago)
Can't people just poke more holes in a belt
You can def drill your own, just like you can weld your own rack. Just most choose not to for obvious reasons.
Armoured Outlaw (5 days ago)
jelloshaha you risk tearing the belt, hence why the Pioneer has the "zig zag" hole pattern
coin777 (5 days ago)
So... Much.. innuendos
Rich Treonze (4 days ago)
coin777 that’s what she said
Donald J. Trump (5 days ago)
I have zero interest in powerlifting and powerlifting equipment, yet, I watch every Brandon Campbell video...
Donald Pump! Making Amazing Gainz Again!!!
Thanks buddy!
John Hernandez (5 days ago)
😍😍😍nice yeah
Thanks John!
24mrich (5 days ago)
Is that a 10mm or 13mm belt? I have a 10mm at the moment and don't really want to spend the extra money on a 13mm since I do not see much of a difference. Also I saw on there website there is a suede option does that make any difference other than cost that you know of?
This one is a 10mm. Not 100% about pricing, but they have a ton of finish options.
Arniel Batomalaque (5 days ago)
So many “that’s what she said”opportunities in this video
I'm pretty sure the whole video was one big dick joke.
Huawei Android (5 days ago)
Brandon, this reminds me of putting wheels on suitcases... The wheel is old as hell, millions of people carrying our heavy bags through airports exerting our muscles accumulating lactic acid, until someone came with the simple idea of putting tiny wheels on them. Duh! Nothing fancy here, just a simple and better way to adjust the tightness of the belt. Thank you for showing us the belt, stay big!
R32R38 (2 days ago)
My views: if you're a non-disabled male under 65 years of age, and your suitcase weighs under 30 pounds, don't use the freakin' wheels.
Michael Pietrzak (3 days ago)
Yeah nice analogy. But I haven't been able to go back to a pronged belt after using my SBD belt. Man I love that thing
Very good analogy
snipedilo (5 days ago)
goddamn it why did i not think of this..... such a simple change
Jeffrey Tao (5 days ago)
Innuendo overload
Ha couldn't help it on this one.
Maarten (5 days ago)
I really like your videos, great personality!
many thanks!
Mr. Perfect Cell (5 days ago)
Nice 😎
Thanks for taking a look!
Jerel Nabong (5 days ago)
Was just about to get some sleep but my boy came through. Glad youre the last thing I see tonight papi 😍
Keepin ya up

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