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Epic 1 year Steroid Transformation

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Text Comments (16406)
PumpChasers (10 months ago)
Still a classic video..lol
steroidsR4losers (14 days ago)
Chris Juice & Lost N. Roid GAY4PAY STEROID LOSERS!
Jayson S (15 days ago)
POG "hearting" PumpChasers comment haha. They both have a lot in common. Wow, if only they met in person
steroidsR4losers (1 month ago)
Chris Juice & Lost N. Roid GAY4PAY STEROID LOSERS!
johnny budd (1 month ago)
one of the realest videos too
steroidsR4losers (2 months ago)
Russell Schmidt (15 hours ago)
Steroids are for beta males who dont want to work for anything. You can tell its not them like sometimes you can tell that they have small frames or that they were fat before and that they are too greedy to think about the meaning of earning what you have.
The Many-Faced God (17 hours ago)
This mutha fucker looks like he stepped outta the same machine Captain America did. LMAO.
Sande Motivation (2 days ago)
I dont care if its steroids, that transformation is amazing.
Fuad Bagirov (5 days ago)
Hyperbolic mass gainer is good protein?
King Maxitis (5 days ago)
Mate you take steroids stfu The cool thing that i like from bostin is that he is not a pussy and he tells the truth unlike you
John Gotti (6 days ago)
he looks fat ugly and stupid
Rob Dinero (6 days ago)
his back is monster ...but a pussy for using steroids
Novi X (6 days ago)
yeah the health risk is you end up sticking your tongue out like an idiot every time you flex lol
Xav1er512 (7 days ago)
they must be some good ass steroids.i seen pple with balls pos to be muscle they look hella nasty tho
Sean Alexander (7 days ago)
Take my money
Josh Rey (8 days ago)
This mon funny as hell...
El Titán Thanos (8 days ago)
Classic video dude
Cliff Celestine (9 days ago)
Who care natural or not? Its all about hardwork
Sam Loeffler (10 days ago)
racing8765 fast8765 (11 days ago)
This guy is 16 or 17 bignattydaddy
BallBuster J (12 days ago)
And by the time I get desired results he will be dying from roids.
Jeff Franklin (12 days ago)
Fuck roids
noorizerx (12 days ago)
Is sticking your tongue out and Steroid side effect?
NYS OIF/OEF VET (13 days ago)
Still the best fucking video on juice transformations ever.
FlyingFishDog DR (13 days ago)
Big Muscles but small dick. Not worth it.
Ufc Prodigy (16 days ago)
This dude got 18 million views off this video he is probably so happy he did this vid about this guy
Pandah Sykes (16 days ago)
Are you dead Lloyd?
Beckettwaechter (17 days ago)
I would love to see his 1 year testicle transformation
pankaj chandwani (19 days ago)
I'm natural he juiced wow gr8
pavlara (20 days ago)
The D in D-balls must stand for douchebag. All kidding aside boy got jacked
Leeeroy Jenkins!!! (20 days ago)
Steroids makes you look like a mongoloid lol.
Leeeroy Jenkins!!! (20 days ago)
Give him 30 years and he'll be needing a Kidney transplant.
Nissan Gtr (20 days ago)
Shut the fuck up
Nissan Gtr (20 days ago)
Who the fuck drinks protein shake in the fucken restroom...this motherfucker is dirty as shit
Nissan Gtr (20 days ago)
Kaven L. (21 days ago)
EAbraham.R (21 days ago)
The only good thing is, steroids are noticeable at first sight.
Big Boss #black snake (22 days ago)
This nigga in the bathroom on his phone
Ibrahim Mohamed (22 days ago)
Its big daddy
Leben am Limit (22 days ago)
Hey Gay, he is Natty :-) we all are Netty`s. Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mueller180/
Martin Johnson (23 days ago)
Synthe Coc (23 days ago)
After how much years he will die
생맥주포도주 (23 days ago)
Exchange your dick to useless muscle
pstcontrl (24 days ago)
Where the fuck is the link?
Sus Guy (24 days ago)
But why ya phone so damn small
harry 25 (24 days ago)
no use of looking sexy and not able to have sex
Brandon Thompson (25 days ago)
Still wouldn’t fuck with steroids
Michael Quillen (25 days ago)
Chris Hansen (25 days ago)
aaron maxim (25 days ago)
Kid went from fat douche to dumb haircut ripped douche. Steroids don't fix douche
doyouevenlift t (25 days ago)
aaron maxim Thats a compliment
Major_lazer 1 (25 days ago)
I don't see how steroids are epic
luuk ruitenberg (25 days ago)
Nothing epic about steroids
J Hüby (25 days ago)
And his balls are rotting in his pants 😄
Todd Michaels (25 days ago)
Every dude I know who took steroids in college for football and wrestling now all have to wear hats cause their balding and cant keep a girl cause they have limp sick. Their all under the age of 27.
KryTek (25 days ago)
cough* Bradley Martin cough*
KryTek (25 days ago)
Carson Dodd (25 days ago)
Little known side effect of steroids is spiked hair.
Russell Sykes (25 days ago)
Weak people
Shrek Swampingiton (26 days ago)
Roids make your ballsack smaller though
Busy Box (26 days ago)
Steroid R Gonna Kill U
Wei Li Jr Fang (26 days ago)
Who takes a protein shake in a bathroom?
Antonio Montgomery (26 days ago)
Im 6yrs late. But damn chris you funny. He came out the capt. America Time machine
daniel newman (26 days ago)
Probably dead now
juliane joson (27 days ago)
Does steroids shrink balls?
KryTek (25 days ago)
Salty _squid (27 days ago)
This is what you don want to be
Fabian Romero (27 days ago)
I know it's steroids but still that's a nice ass bod
David Grenalda (27 days ago)
This is why I like African-American accent
Bass THA Sasquatch (27 days ago)
Natural is always better!
Moody GhannaM (27 days ago)
Ten thousand dollars later...
Pawel P. (27 days ago)
Show your legs buhahahahah
doyouevenlift t (25 days ago)
Pawel P. His legs are big
Dabi Games (27 days ago)
and then 1 year later De- transformation
Prince Verma (27 days ago)
Still he says he use steriods
KryTek (25 days ago)
Yea, the only problem is fake natties
Donovan Giles (28 days ago)
What’s this guys name? Him and his mom workout at the YMCA I go to sometimes.
Shotgun93Alexander (28 days ago)
Shablagoo (28 days ago)
Anabolic time chamber
Speed Racer (28 days ago)
Keep it real! steriods may make things look great FAST but they are unhealthy as fk! natty is strong as an oxe strength throu pain n gain! keep drinkin that shake n puttin the iron up!
Clarencee Dsilva (28 days ago)
The word steroids means a lot bro.
Everybody's Dad! (28 days ago)
Throwback video I WAS hating on that man for using steroid NOW I USE STEROIDS!
Ricoboy Gaming (29 days ago)
God damn😂
George Treece (29 days ago)
That juice will blow your heart!!!!!!!!
hides the chicken legs
Mario Gonsales (29 days ago)
Remmber kids dont take roids
Mario Gonsales (29 days ago)
Lot of muscule but i wonder what his wife thinks in bet get it cause it shruk
doyouevenlift t (25 days ago)
Mario Gonsales only balls shrink
Holla XD (30 days ago)
From 18 years old lookin to 28 years old lookin. That was actual 10 years bruh
Daniel O'Donnell (30 days ago)
Steroids ain't epic
Gabry Cycatryx (30 days ago)
Steroids are for pussies
sweaty links (30 days ago)
Vertical phone position horizontal video
Guala Nejo (1 month ago)
where's the link of the video tho?
S S (1 month ago)
What’s up with him sticking out his tongue
Jannick Yilmaz (1 month ago)
Impressive but I am natty for life
Bryan Ramos (1 month ago)
chevy da 80 (1 month ago)
Fucken deadly stack at that .
Mr3lric4774 (1 month ago)
miss og pog stuffs
Zuccmynut (1 month ago)
How small is your dick now
doyouevenlift t (25 days ago)
ZoZZeZ 2 It doesn't change your dick size.. only balls.
Sole Stash87 (1 month ago)
Training on 1000 X gravity!!!! 🤣
Balaclava Bill (1 month ago)
So vacuum face home boy *"doesn't"* take steroids... yeah right !
Christian Chandra (1 month ago)
He needs to chill his tongue lol
Asif Ansari (1 month ago)
Sir thxs
CJ Sentence (1 month ago)
that are not only roids look at his stomach. u get that from insulin combined with growth hormons
EpicUniverse (1 month ago)
Josh Dejeu (1 month ago)
Tiny chest tho
Lakers fan (1 month ago)
why is he so proud steroids nothing to be proud of
Matt james (21 days ago)
Lakers fan All this study proves is that testosterone has an affect on the body. A fact that we all already knew. You are incorrectly saying that simply taking steroids will give you a massive physique with minimal work, you then quote a study showing that administered testosterone increased muscle and strength gains in normal men as your evidence. The results of this study do not carry over into bodybuilding size/strength figures. Short term gains in size/strength made by normal men as part of a study cannot be compared to the enormous long term body changes that bodybuilders or weight lifters experience. You are seeing an incredibly small picture and need to think about things in a wider scope before you act like a know it all.
Lakers fan (21 days ago)
Matt james https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM199607043350101 maybe next time learn about things before you make a fool of YOURSELF
Matt james (21 days ago)
Lakers fan Hahaha you’re an absolute fool.
Lakers fan (22 days ago)
Matt james there was a study done about that 1 group was given 500mg of test a week and another did no steroids but had perfect diet and exercise program that were monitored and tracked the group given steroids did not have to diet or exercise...yet they put on 21lbs of muscle vs 7 from the normal group. With poor diet and no workout program they put on 3x more muscle in 3 months. so spare me the "you still gotta work" bs and stop defending these insecure juice monkeys.
Matt james (22 days ago)
Lakers fan lol do you think you just take steroids and get huge without doing anything? Most users train even harder than non users
Megatron (1 month ago)
Not worth any possibility of side effects in the long run. And damn how much was that kid juicing.
Sub Man (1 month ago)
Whats his name
Johnny Bats (1 month ago)
Someone seems Jealous.
Mr. Mosby (1 month ago)
If you gotta use steroids you’re a pussy... just sayin 🤷‍♂️
Sandro (1 month ago)
why? You are only a pussy if you dont admit it lol

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