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The Primary Causes of Cankles

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1. Genetic Predisposition -- Most women who have cankles are genetically programmed to have them, which means one of your parents had them. This may be exaggerated by obesity or a not-well-defined calf muscle (even if you’re physically fit). What can be done? Some women seek surgery, but surgery is fraught with problems – and not always successful. It’s called ankle liposuction, but like all such surgery, there are certain dangers and (of course) results are not guaranteed. Does exercise help? Almost everybody knows that you CANNOT spot-reduce with exercise. Such has been scientifically proven for the past 25 years. So all the ankle and leg exercises in the world won’t target fat removal from you rankles. If you’re predisposed to this body type, you must find another way. There is an answer: fat reduction creams and lotions containing caffeine and synephrine actually DO work quite well to reduce fat cells around your ankles. Daily topical application will see your ankle circumference decrease significantly. 2. Retaining Fluid -- Fluid retention in the ankles generally comes from a excessive sodium intake. That is simply a reflection of your diet. If you notice that your ankles have begun to swell or feel as if you are retaining water then see your doctor. Keep in mind that 80 percent of your overall wellness is based on what you eat. 3. Pregnancy -- Pregnancy can cause cankles due to hormonal changes and circulation disturbances. During pregnancy, you should avoid high-sodium, processed, and fast foods. Stay active and do regular exercise to promote circulation. (Consult your doctor before starting any fitness program.) Leg massage and elevation also help with circulation and fluid retention. http://www.Be-Thin.com
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