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Low Sex Hormone Binding Globulin & Controlling for Estrogen w/Dr John Crisler

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Learn more about Optimizing Your Health, Reversing Your Aging Process and All Things Testosterone and TRT: http://trtrevolution.com/. To Get Your FREE Copy of the Amazon Best Selling TRT MANual: http://trtrevolution.com/book When it comes to TRT, if you don’t have enough money, you can’t play the game. Why is TRT such a big solution to a lot of health concerns? How do you handle low sex hormone binding globulin? Why is customized care so important? On this episode, John Crisler answers these questions and gives us more of his awesome expertise. There’s a quantum quality to interventional endocrinology that the numbers and how the guy feels don’t have to match up at all. - John Crisler Three Takeaways Endocrinology is the only field of medicine where they never naturally think of the half life of the medication. If you give too much DHA to a man it turns into testosterone, if you give too much DHA to a woman it turns into testosterone. People on TRT need less SSRIs, Viagra, and diabetes medication. At the start of the show, we talked about how finances are holding people back from TRT, and why he’s an outspoken advocate for it. Next we talked about low sex hormone binding globulin and the degradation of the environment. Towards the end of the show, we discussed advanced strategies for TRT. Dr John also spoke about; Why physicians aren’t controlling for estrogen Why men with lower sex hormone binding globulin need more shots Why everyone needs customized care HRT for women Why some men do well on HCG and others don’t People are still debating whether testosterone is good or bad, but we’ve seen so much evidence of the impact it can have on someone’s health. The need for diabetes medication, SSRIs and other medication is diminished by TRT. The use of testosterone with a progressive physician who knows what they’re doing, will solve a great many ills, but the truth of the matter is, everyone requires customized care.   Guest Bio "Dr John" Crisler is a world renowned author and expert on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), having created several treatment protocols which have changed the way physicians everywhere care for their patients. There are good reasons why men have travelled to be seen by him from every state as well as dozens of foreign countries: "Dr John" successfully treats the tough cases. Go to allthingsmale.com for more information. To Listen to the Audio Version of The TRT MANual http://amzn.to/2exRnf7 To GET Your Blood Levels CHEKD From Your Home or Office: http://chekd.com/trtrevolution Feel the Focus of the World's Most Powerful OTC Nootropic-EMF http://www.optimizedlifenutrition.com To Optimize Your Life from Every Conceivable Angle http://trtrevolution.com/coaching
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Tom thumb (1 month ago)
Some great points. Dr. Crisler brought up having enough iron for thyroid conversion which , most doctors, do not understand. However, it is not brought up in groups at all or on you tube, is that iron overload, or called Hemochromatosis causes high SHBG. It affects 1 in every 250 people , which is the most common genetic disorder in the USA and Canada. So, I can understand, leaving shbg where it is, normally, but in the case of iron overload, that is not exactly natural to do that. I hope that gets brought up in the future.
Max Musick (1 month ago)
Why don't ya have the guys from defy medical on any more?
דויד ריינברג (2 months ago)
Excellent video, packed with vital information. Unfortuntely, in Israel where I live, there is just nobody doing this. Mention hormone optimization, and you will recieve nothing but blank stares. Once again, thanks!
Unknown Spectator22 (2 months ago)
Please help! I am 29 and experiencing a list of low t symptoms therefore im on self prescribed trt since there is no help to get in Denmark by physicians unless you are below average range. My goal is to have my test at optimal range hoping that i might counteract the symptoms im experiencing. Im doing 250mg test e a week split in two shots, 6 days inbetween. My total test is at (14,4) from the range of 11 lowest and 39 higest. My SHBG is at (29) 13 lowest and 59 highest on normal range. Im dealing with high bloodpressure sys147/dia90 and im thinking about what the effects of being on (anastrazole) would have on blood circulation due to it being a fluid secreter? RBC numbers are probably going to raise wont this be bad to have less fluide in the blood for the sake of circulation? I also know that to much fluid retention can cause higher bloodpressure..abit of a dilemma? I do not have the option of donating blood since im on bp medication (Losratan) and (Amlopidin) and ofcause the test and being sensitive to anastrazole doing 0,25mg eod my libido has gone very low after i started on it... Other then that i workout 3-4 times a week strenght training, on the days i do not workout i take long walks 4-5 km eceryday and im on a relatively healthy diet. My highest concern is my blood pressure and libido... Best regards from Denmark.
TheBigpappa160 (3 months ago)
Can TRT Therapy help with ED?
TheBigpappa160 (3 months ago)
This is a good video, just subscribed last week! I'm 53 yrs old, diagnosed with ED  the urologist said it was due to Low T and Hypogonism. So he put me on Viagra and 200mg of cypionate 400mg every 4 weeks. Fast fwd to a year, I discontinued the Viagra because it wasn't working and started taking Edex which we me and the wife wants to get intimate I take a shot.  So just about 2 weeks ago I started doing my own research by subscribing to different guys you tube channel and learning about my condition. After all my research and talking to a TRT consultant, the prescription of cypionate I was taking at my urologist dr's office was out of my system in 7-8 days. The reason I started my research was I looked at my labs from March and noticed my Test was at 230.8 and the range scale they had was 300-800, so I contacted my nurse and she said the reason it was low was because I was do a shot of cypionate and that would bring it up, but she didn't know how much. I decided to contacted a TRT Clinic in Dallas, Tx, sent them my labs and began a different TRT Protocol. Which is 200mg cypionate at 0.3mg twice a week. Also I noticed that the lab work from my urologist didn't have a estrogen listed in the things they checked. I called my nurse back and asked why didn't they check my estrogen level and she said the Dr usually doesn't check estrogen in men. I said I would like to have one to see if I need meds for high or low estrogen. Also, should I ask my urologist about HCG shots? I called up the TRT clinic I'm doing the TRT protocol and they consultant said they want to see how my body reacts to the 0.3mg twice a week and they do a blood work and then If I need it they can add it. What's you thoughts on how I took my Testosterone therapy? I haven't told my urologist, probably do it when I go into to get estrogen test.
JamieVegas (5 months ago)
Interesting how Dr. Crisler trumpets having a 90 nmol/L SHBG level as if it's normal, considering his original level was in the 30 nmol/L range. Clearly something is going on with his liver, as it's showing the same signs of struggle as one would see in studies regarding liver cirrhosis or iron overload.
Fernando Almaguer (1 month ago)
JamieVegas please, can you Explain
Pob 1 (8 months ago)
where is Dr Crisler based now? Florida?
Dr. John Crisler (8 months ago)
I hasten to add that I do not lower E if the gentleman has no symptoms of same. just too many variables, and too much we still have to learn.
Dr. John Crisler (8 months ago)
Dr. Nichols, I agree SHBG is better when high(er). Low(er) SHBG can leave the guy unable to tolerate almost no estrogen. And SHBG has been shown to have its own benefits. The newer information describing the presence of a receptor on the cell membrane--allowing extracellular actions by the free T and E molecules which will then bind to it, may help explain many of the cases we see. Higher SHBG is easier to work with, as you can simply mass action more T to get over the top of it. Digivision will soon make the lecture I did on this the other day available as a stand-alone. I'm sure jay will be happy to post a link. It's my "Quantum Interventional Endocrinology: lecture, and also my "Quantum Laboratory Evaluation" lectures. I go way deep into the the topics you ask about here.
Greg Gregory (2 months ago)
Dr. John Crisler hah doctor what are some of the most effective ways to increase shbg?
Dr. John Crisler (8 months ago)
Dr Nichols, first let's correctly understand what an "estrogen blocker's is. I predominantly use Aromatase Inhibitors, to slow the conversion of T into E. "Blockers" are typically Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, which indeed block estrogen, but only after it had been made, and at the E receptor. And I use AI's quite often, and with tremendous results. As I say in the lecture--and delve into more deeply in Jay's upcoming book--SHBG is the centerpiece of every proper sex hormone evaluation. you simply cannot know what is really going on within the patient without doing so. I do know how to lower it, but as I say in the podcast, in the upcoming book, and just the other day during a lecture at the AMMG national convention, there is no good use in controlling SHBG; you just end up chasing your tail. Finally, the studies contrary to controlling estrogen all use the invalid immunoassay technique. The ones which employ the correct LC/MS laboratory methodology tell quite aidifferent story--only then can we know if the patient is at greatly increased risk for, for instance, cancer, by elevated E. And everyone who has properly controlled E, when necessary, will tell you the patient urinates off excess water, increases libido, hardens erections, and loses that "wimpy factor".
Luis Giraldo (8 months ago)
Fucking amazing. I have been on the fence...plus financially strapped, but it's time. Thank you
Ashish Sharma (10 months ago)
Very Informative videos. Thanks
Lucas Aoun (10 months ago)
Love this guy (no homo). I just got my lab tests back, and would love to book in an online consultation with him. Sick video man, keep up the content. Also, would love more natural hacks to increase free T, and manipulate other hormones.
Nemo Nepo (10 months ago)
Wife and I had planned a long weekend away from home. Let's just say Prolargent 5x5 Extreme made our weekend unforgettable! THANK YOU!!!
barcelones exiliado (10 months ago)
Great videos, thank you guys for the information
Dr. V. P. C. (10 months ago)
Great, cutting edge information.
Ryan 98366 (10 months ago)
Jay Campbell is legendary. Low SHBG is barely talked about. Good episode.
Umer Malik (10 months ago)
Was waiting for this! Thankyou

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