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Consciousness, a rambling

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A small video about consciousness, its actually nearly 15 minutes long but I could talk about the subject for an eon. patreon.com/akromajones
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Ryan 9000 (7 months ago)
Holy shit, I'm not even 3mins in and I'm freaking out!
Akroma Jones (7 months ago)
Unknown Source (2 years ago)
Have you recorded all these vids back in 2015 or is the date on your camera just wrong?
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Dan Smith Camera date is incorrect.
are you still substance free?
absolutely been throught it before
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Timothy Price Nope as of recently. and I'm loving it, it was the right time to experiment again and it was good for me to take a break for a while.
UnrealVikingz (2 years ago)
I've been watching your videos for a while now, I love the way your dialogue flows, especially in your ayé trip report. keep up the great stuff man
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+UnrealVikingz Thanks man, I won't lie, I'm just a fried old raver and psychedelics enthusiastic, it all comes from the top of my head but I think its obvious that I don't do any preparation for these videos.
UnrealVikingz (2 years ago)
+UnrealVikingz well... monologue
Mark Higgins (2 years ago)
The mere fact that your existing is enough , when there it would have much easier there to have been nothing at ALL. Your spinning around a ball of fire and another deadish planet each day. so your already the the fundamental reality. life is death, self is other etc, it all goes together. see from the GOD head , you can never understand it, as the knife can't cut itself or the fire can't burn itself. just as you never what you really want , because when you get , you want something else, so it goes on & on. consciousness will change , but not in our life time. When you die, you will just have same experience as when you were born. you see your already god , you just don't want to believe it?
Mark Higgins (2 years ago)
+Akroma Jones isn't everything an opinion, just like your video of opinion provoked opinions
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Mark Higgins These are all just opinions :p
Mark Higgins (2 years ago)
So to conclude on this topic: your it, your that, we won't put a name on it, because you wouldn't be here if you were not supposed to be. The only probable difficult question in philosophy is why is suicide not accepted
Mark Higgins (2 years ago)
+Akroma Jones your hyper mediation is something that Freud, Yung, were afraid of. Afraid of the subconscious, that is to say your stuck with a Freudian idea that it's attached to libido, stuck in 19th century ideas. When Freud walked with Yung after a lecture in new York, Yung said to Freud, wow there is no many beautiful girls here, let's go out on a date, Freud replied master doctor: but I'm a married man. Your extensive of mediation is simply an idea in the basis that the access to subconscious may hold the key, not it is:
Mark Higgins (2 years ago)
More so in the sense of there is no sound , yet you can't quite understand my point , in that the belief of there is nothing there , yet it's filled with endless possibilities

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