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Steelers Fans 'Shocked' After Loss To Patriots

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Steelers fans streamed out of Heinz Field in total disbelief Sunday evening; KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti reports.
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imeme (1 month ago)
Still heart breaking
kymber hester (1 month ago)
All we gotta say is 6 rings the pats aint got so...in a steelers fan but the pats won the game it was a good game and i didnt and am not crying about it
The Dude (1 month ago)
What a great day in sports history. Just to see those pigs lose.
EARTH (5 months ago)
Steelers fans are fucking faggots
ingram (5 months ago)
Steelers got screwed
Ronald J (5 months ago)
The call was right. He bobbled the ball and it hit the ground. Stop the whining!
David Edbrooke (5 months ago)
Hahahahahahah, they always say this when they lose.
Gus Goose (5 months ago)
Pittsburgh tears.... ahhhh... Ugh, actually they taste pretty bad!
shigsho (6 months ago)
Watch in slo mo. Not a touchdown. GREAT officiating.
phishfearme2 (4 months ago)
watch the interception in slo-mo - rowe CLEARLY grabbed the receiver's jersey to both hinder the receiver and enable him to tip the ball - forget the jesse james BS - THIS was the worst non-call in the game
shigsho (6 months ago)
Choke. Tomlin a terrible coach. Steelers easy schedule bit them in the ass. Fake wins over crappy teams by THREE (3) points week after week covered Tomlin's mistakes. Yeah Shazier out but Patriots missing their best defensive player Hightower all year but the next man stepped up. Brady also missing his three best receivers! Edelman, Hogan and Mitchell all season. Gronk missed time. Brady missing his two best running backs Burkhead and Gillislee. NE had these devestating losses but they are in the AFC finals because of coaching. Get rid of Tomlin and the Steelers will be fine. Mike Tomlin has to go. He is the reason they lost.
Nick Bernath (6 months ago)
Brings cheer to my heart
David Kolb (6 months ago)
Guy: Ill see you in the playoffs Other guy: ok *Jacksonville knocks Steelers out of the playoffs* Other guy: ah shit :/ Prediction: Jacksonville is gonna get their asses whooped XD
TMart812 (6 months ago)
Pittsburgh fans are the biggest crybabies on this earth. But when shit like this happens to other teams....they laugh about it. But when it happens to them...well...lol all of a sudden they want a sympathy card and they think the victim is them. Eat crow Steelers nation....eat crow. All the years you tormented the Bengals, Cardinals, Browns and any other teams over the years. You got what was coming to you
Ryan F (6 months ago)
Who cares about steelers lost to the patriots those fans should be crying they lost to same florida team just like week 5
Ryan F (6 months ago)
Bye bye steelers again
James Morash (6 months ago)
no rematch. you are toast jags get real patriots will kill them.
Michael Dillon (6 months ago)
I guess we won't be meeting again after all pals patriots vs jaquars
Justin Quarles (6 months ago)
I hate both teams!!!!! BUT Pitt was robbed
The Irony Curtain (6 months ago)
Sure Steelers fans. It was the "refs" who allowed Brady to score the game winning drive. It was the "refs" who made Ben throw a pick into triple coverage up the middle. Get over it.
Zach's zesty Life (6 months ago)
Jalen Brito (6 months ago)
Pittsburgh is full of arrogant crybaby fans. Steelers fans are toxic, Penguins fans bow to Crybaby.
Ace is A God!!! KISS (6 months ago)
I hate both teams!
Jordan T (6 months ago)
Nate Kyng (6 months ago)
lol You had 3 minutes left to play. You could've gone for a FG, wasn't a bad call per the NFL rules. Look it up and stop fucking crying. Thanks for Harrison too!
Jon Scears (6 months ago)
It was a touchdown
Blobulous (6 months ago)
It was the refs fault
MiStEr1 (6 months ago)
Just wait till the butt hurt pats fan start crying all over the place when they don’t make it to the super bowl
Kos Juludo (6 months ago)
It was NOT A TOUCHDOWN. Watch the ENTIRE REPLAY. The ball comes OUT when his elbow hits the turf. INCOMPLETE. He DID NOT SURVIVE THE GROUND.
Erik Norton (6 months ago)
The day when the Patriots dynasty ends will be so sweet. It will be such an exciting time for all non Patriots fans. 😁
Efrain Velazquez (6 months ago)
Eddie May (6 months ago)
Didn't control it to the ground. That's the rule. Also, could have guaranteed overtime with a field goal.
Naruto Brady (6 months ago)
I like sports because it connects us no matter which side ur on
JOSE 74 (6 months ago)
Its okay pay back is a bitch!!!!!
Robbie Pfunder (6 months ago)
shocked? why? pats have been beating them for years
Ice J (3 months ago)
Isaac Pierna neither were
Isaac Pierna (6 months ago)
Robbie Pfunder because it was a bs call just like the tuck rule
John Waltz (6 months ago)
Yinzer tears are delicious....
I cannot Think of a name (6 months ago)
De Enda (6 months ago)
Steelers and patriots are not rivals
Lerenzo Buatd (6 months ago)
Patriots and titans in the championship game Pittsburgh Steelers farts it's way to a opening playoff day lost
dfk4500 (6 months ago)
Great game! I love my pats.. I hate when they play the Steelers I love coach Mike T. A.Brown & L.Bell crazy finish!!!
hittingtax26 (6 months ago)
George Panagiotou (6 months ago)
I enjoyed every minute of it... Ravens nation baby!! 😈🕺
cloneskiller (6 months ago)
i love the pats fan at the end being all sarcastic and a smart ass haha love it
John Stown (6 months ago)
Not a Steelers fan but the Patriots are just as bad for NFL’s bottom line as the National Anthem issue. The NFL is complete garbage now and I hope it folds.
Dylan Murphy (6 months ago)
Squealer fans squealing as usual.
Dustin Platt (6 months ago)
Hey Ben. Should of spiked the ball for real.
Anderson Junior (6 months ago)
Lol at Steeler fans. Pats own yall
Julio Guerra (6 months ago)
Ole school rules that was a TD , but these new rules changed that .
Justin Carroll (6 months ago)
no rd its been seen
Justin Carroll (6 months ago)
I love the Steelers coach but I don't like Steelers
Justin Carroll (6 months ago)
2words for you Steelers fans GO PATRIOTS
Devin Kendrick (5 months ago)
Justin Carroll 2 words you lose lol😂🌧
MikeG82 (6 months ago)
2words for pats fans STOP CHEATING
Le Le (6 months ago)
Im a Seahawks fan and that was a good call
Jacob B. (6 months ago)
The NFL is fixed. What a Corrupt league. NE has paid off the referees! I want an investigation.
Joseph Mellen (6 months ago)
Boo Hoo.
David Wrigley (6 months ago)
not a touchdown
Robert Stites (6 months ago)
I said the same thing. You were right. It put them in the no. 2 and a date with Jax, which matches up with them. Ha ha.
EjamGaming MC (6 months ago)
Jessie James knee hit the ground a knee = 2 feet, therefore the extension was AFTER he received possession, therefore it's irrelevant if the ball moved or not or if his hands was underneath it, because he already had possession due to his knee touching down and ball over the goal line the play was dead before the ball came out it's a touchdown
isaiah castillo (6 months ago)
"Long time rivals" maybe to Steelers fans pats fans do not consider the Steelers a rival bc they never beat us 🤷🏻‍♂️
Schecter 7 (6 months ago)
Super bowl 40 lmaoooo
IrishDrunkGaming (6 months ago)
Bad call yes. RULES ARE RULES. Learn them & move on
Jordan Hanson (6 months ago)
ok so obviously the steeler fans are gonna say that was a catch and pats fans are gonna say it wasnt a catch due to the bias...but although it should be a catch all around, the rule says that any catch while falling to the ground requires maintained control of the ball so those are the rules and the refs had to go with it so dont go saying that the pats always fix games because they did not write the rules
steve b (6 months ago)
Jordan Hanson The REFs got it 100% WRONG. Only REPLAY got it right!!!!
laine Orlow (6 months ago)
NFL rigged. Done watching it. Wish Trump would shut it down.
NE Playbook (6 months ago)
Buck Weet (6 months ago)
What did expect when your playing against the Golden Boy and the Cheatriots?
tavaughan johnson (6 months ago)
Dave Leafey (6 months ago)
There is no team that gets more calls than the Steelers
Christopher Moltisanti (6 months ago)
michael Castle (6 months ago)
Sore Losers! lol
Robbie the goat (6 months ago)
Hahaha crybabys
Taelan Baylor (6 months ago)
Justin Carroll (6 months ago)
Taelan Baylor I love this
Mark Symbala (6 months ago)
Gong ur going to get konked
Robert tremonte (6 months ago)
It was a catch thats all I'm gonna say
Chris (6 months ago)
Rivalry?? Steelers are not the Patriots rival; the Patriots have owned the Steelers for the last 20 years. A rival is an opponent equally as good, Steelers haven't been as consistent as the Patriots.
Josh Zibkowski (6 months ago)
Love seeing pissburgh cry
Ice J (3 months ago)
Josh Zibkowski so do i
Vincent Novak (4 months ago)
Josh Zibkowski fuck u bitch ass
Devin Kendrick (5 months ago)
Josh Zibkowski Can't hear u loser😂
Luke Skywalker (5 months ago)
Josh Zibkowski love seeing karma hit new cuntland patriqueefs. Patriqueefs have been robbing teams with referees for years. 😂😂😂 Karma's a bitch huh patricunt?
Dame Lewis (5 months ago)
Josh Zibkowski 6>5
Max Power (6 months ago)
Like Raider fans Steeler fans should understand the 70s are OVER!
Quietus (6 months ago)
HAhaha. :) Actually, Polamalu is one of the nicest football players I ever had the chance to meet. I grew up in the same town as Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, and lets jump out of the box a bit...Mario Lemuix. Polamalu and Harris are beyond genuine. So, don't go there, you know nothing. Besides, your team would not amount to much as all your focus is on your baby boy Brady. He's not going to be around for much longer and you all know it.
Max Power (6 months ago)
I Grew Up There. A Major Market. #9 in Radio. 6 in TV. I just watched highlights of Brady faking out Polamalu(who we in CA call USC University Of Spoiled Children) he should have quit then.
Quietus (6 months ago)
...the fuck? Nobody is thinking about the 70's honey. Was Troy Polamalu too fast for you that you completely missed the years we had him? Even without him we are so solid, so shut up Pats fan who probably never saw any part of NE in your entire life.
Dominic Hughes (6 months ago)
As a Steelers fan yes it sucks that it went down this way, however the NFL needs to correct many things on catches. Not saying it was or wasn’t a touchdown but the confusion that has resulted is completely unnecessary. And everybody calling the Steelers fans babies because of this are stupid. Any fan base would be upset.
Mr Wentz (6 months ago)
U mean bandwagons
NolanEP84 (6 months ago)
I always say that if you don't want it to come down to that sort of thing, then don't let it. Play better and make it a clean victory with no dispute. Can't leave it to the refs and replay...
KHayes666 (6 months ago)
Hey Steeler fans....BAAAAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!
FIFI playz (6 months ago)
These dumb fucks dont know the rules of a catch lmao
rob boyd (6 months ago)
Hey the rule is the same for all 32 teams stop crying steelers fans
Justin Carroll (6 months ago)
rob boyd his knee hit ground before he broke the plain look extremely close ok
Marc Russell (6 months ago)
After close examination of the NFL rulebook, Rule 12 Section 2 Article 1 AND included Supplemental Notes, The REFS BLEW THIS CALL!!! BY RULE, AS SOON AS THE BALL IS ON OVER OR PAST THE GOAL LINE, IT IS A TOUCHDOWN, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT, AS LONG AS THE PLAYER WITH POSSESSION OF THE BALL IS IN TOTAL POSSESSION WHEN THE BALL CROSSES THE LINE. AS SOON AS THAT OCCURS, THE TOUCHDOWN HAVING BEEN SCORED, THE BALL IS THEN A DEAD BALL. NOTHING ELSE CAN HAPPEN. THE TOUCHDOWN BEING SCORED, THE PLAY IS OVER. OVER!!!!!! Just when I was starting to give KraftBradyCheck their due, and accept their greatness, this shit happens, and I hate them now more than ever!!! I didn't know that the refs could f*ck up a call SO BLATANTLY, AND THE GUYS IN NEW YORK TOTALLY MISSED IT!!!! FUCK THE NFL!!! I GUARANTEE that this rule WILL BE CHANGED in the offseason as a result of ANOTHER zebras fuck up. I'll screenshot the rule and get back to you all when it's changed- Just to PROVE my point: FUCK YOU, NEW ENGLAND!!!! The Bills may have lost 4 straight Super Bowls, but they were NEVER, EVER ACCUSED OF CHEATING!!!
Ian Jones (6 months ago)
Marc Russell Dude If you aren't a runner that rule doesn't matter. he didn't run in there he fell in and the ball bounce out aka not a catch, not a td.
Ian Jones (6 months ago)
Marc Russell Not true You just lied out of your ass.
P B (6 months ago)
First of all you're right about that rule.... If the player is a runner, not a receiver. As a receiver he had to maintain total control of the ball until the play is completely over. The rule of crossing the plane only applies if it's a runner going into the endzone. He was not a runner in this case, he was a receiver. Secondly that comment about blaming the Pats for a call made by refs. How can that possibly make sense to you? You were about to give them their due until someone else came up with a call? Seriously? How is that their fault? Is that how things work now? Blame people for others mistakes? Wow. Interesting.
KHayes666 (6 months ago)
Marc Russell Go throw yourself through a table and shut the fuck up like the rest of the retarded Bills fans
Marc Russell (6 months ago)
Patriots76 Read the NFL rulebook. It's in PDF format.Page 14, Rule 11
Lioness Es (6 months ago)
For most of the season the Steelers have been winning by the skin of their teeth and this time ... well you saw it....
Miguel Romero (6 months ago)
Seahawks, Falcons , and Steelers for like the 11th time Brady does it to ya over and over again. Why do you act like it's the 1st time this man does this. After All prior to the last seconds Pittsburgh had the lead and lost it in like 30 seconds SMH
TheGr8stManEvr (6 months ago)
Steelers fans you all are very lucky. If this had happened and benefited any other team no one would give a shit about your loss, but because it helped the best team in the league who every other fan is enraged with jealousy over people are outraged. I GUARANTEE you if the teams had been reversed and this CORRECT call of a FANTASTIC rule had been made against us everyone would love this rule, people would demand the government make a national holiday to celebrate the rule and people would exchange presents on that day. Good luck getting past Jacksonville.
John Mac (6 months ago)
Little known fact: In the entire 85 year history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Steelers have never (seriously, NEVER) lost a game on its merits. Literally EVERY game the Steelers have lost since their inception in 1933 has been because of: A) injuries B) bad luck or C) crooked refs It's true. Ask any Steelers fan.
John Mac (6 months ago)
Sorry, missed your post. I was at Gillette, watching my team win, waiting for the Steelers to come in and beat them, like you've all been saying was going to happen. Speaking of which, how'd your team do today? Been busy and haven't had a chance to watch. I assume they won. After all, we all know what an intimidating venue Heinz Field is, what with all those very scary Terrible Towels and all. LOL
Isaac Pierna (6 months ago)
John Mac spy gate, deflategate, tuck rule are y'all?!
Isaac Pierna (6 months ago)
Dilly Dilly #StairwayTo7 awesome bro
John Mac (6 months ago)
No, your championships are only tainted by rampant steroid abuse.
Ian Jones (6 months ago)
hahahahahaha that was good.
Tyler Hall (6 months ago)
It wasn't a catch, Pittsburgh fans will never understand that
Ryan Friesen (6 months ago)
lol how can they be shocked when they lost to the best team in the modern era, no one is going to beat the patriots if they let them stick around long enough, granted the pats never earned this win but neither did the steelers. bad teams find ways to lose games.
Justin Carroll (6 months ago)
Ryan Friesen don't matter his knees hit ground before braking the plain look extremely close
2ManyTattoos (6 months ago)
Of all the times that the Patriots kicked the shit out of Shitsburgh, this was the greatest. All they want for Xmas is a Gronk and unfortunately he's locked in his contact. Merry Christmas you flag waving cocksuckers.
Thor Theimpaler (6 months ago)
"The refs decide the game" Not this season, buddy. All reviews are done in a remote building in NY. The refs literally just ask questions and get told whether or not it's good or bad.
fpineros22 (6 months ago)
Mike Healy (6 months ago)
It truly boggles my mind that there are people who are fans of this game that want balls that hit the ground to be ruled as completions.
Joe (6 months ago)
Gotta love everyone taking shots at the Steelers even thought if the pats had gotten a gronk td overturned all hell would break loose and the pats fans would call for Goodells head on a plate
mat2000100 (6 months ago)
But did you just win the AFCN title?
I hate the refs fucken now 😒😔 Don't fucken judge me
Dept246 (6 months ago)
Towels are good for crying 😢
super paper mario xl (3 months ago)
Ha thats funny
Devin Kendrick (4 months ago)
Travis Stoudt Hey man I can't disagree with any of that. Tomlins been way overrated, Butler's defense is outdated and the team's window is closing. Lot of other teams are making moves while the Steelers do the same things and expect different results.
Travis Stoudt (4 months ago)
Devin Kendrick u may have 6 but Antonio Brown is turning 30 this summer still without a ring and he isn’t getting any younger that would be a huge disappointment for steelers nation not to win Antonio Brown a Super Bowl without Shazier ur defense sucks u need to fire Butler and Tomlin and my Eagles r just beginning!!!!!!!
Devin Kendrick (4 months ago)
jokerman1964 6>5
Devin Kendrick (5 months ago)
John Mac ?
2 Villainy (6 months ago)
Boo hoo
TrustNone Ebk (6 months ago)
yoooo this is hilarious im over here dying
Ellis Livsey (6 months ago)
I’ll be so glad when the patriots organization just dies I’m sick of the bs. Cheating every which of way refs doing shit in favor of them tuck rule. Don’t call penalties on them when there are blatant calls to be made it’s absolutely sickening and as a Steelers fan it is so annoying to hear these former patriots who are broadcasting now slob the pats nuts along with every one else it’s so annoying omg. I immediately turn my television the amount of meat riding they do I’m convinced they are paid by Kraft.
Devin Kendrick (5 months ago)
Ryan F You're salty 🤣
Ryan F (6 months ago)
Ellis Livsey Fuck you steelers suck every playoff year after 05
Ellis Livsey (6 months ago)
Ian Jones you done bro?
Ian Jones (6 months ago)
Ellis Livsey They didn't cheat, your guy just can't catch.
Justin Carroll (6 months ago)
Ellis Livsey it was no td didn't have full control switching hands to much Hu
Julio- theGOAT (6 months ago)
Cheatriots/ Deflatriots
koolcat420 (6 months ago)
the patriots always get saved by the rule book lmao i cant wait till belichick retires and you go back to the shit organization you once were
steve b (6 months ago)
Marc Russell "clear, yet ambiguous". You FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!
koolcat420 (6 months ago)
Marc Russell it’s cool lol being a Texans fan is just as hard, bout to go toke up right now. Happy holidays, down with the empire!
Marc Russell (6 months ago)
koolcat420 You're right, Koolcat4:20. My apologies. I got caught up in 16 years of disdain for the Evil Empire. They just drain me!!! I need to imbibe in some Mother Bud. Lol. I swear, being a die hard Bills fan since I was old enough to hold a football has cost me more braincells than any substances I've put in my body. Lol. I can't remember what I had for dinner 3 nights ago, but I remember every single loss we ever endured to those Patriots. So again, I apologize and hope we can keep in touch. Keep on Blazin brother.
koolcat420 (6 months ago)
Marc Russell when in my comment did I state that it was a bad call. All I said is the pats get saved by the rule book a lot
Marc Russell (6 months ago)
koolcat420 The rulebook is clear, yet ambiguous regarding this play. It's the classic NFL DOUBLE STANDARD, all in one rule, or 8 different rules in one!!! NFL RULEBOOK, PAGE 16, RULE 11. Look at all the grey areas the NFL INTENTIONALLY LEAVES in this rule. Why did they do it this way? So there could be wiggle room for all the maneuvering the NFL needs. The NFL is at fault here. The Competition Commitee should, by rights scrap ALL the grey areas and put it the way I stated: A Touchdown occurs when the football fully crosses the goal line, as long as the player in possession of the ball is in full possession of that football the moment the football crosses, fully, the goal line. AT THAT POINT, THE PLAY ENDS.

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