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You will LAUGH SO HARD that YOU WILL FAINT - FUNNY CAT compilation

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Well well well, cats for you again. But this time, even better, even funnier, even more hilarious! We know you like these furries the most, so that's why we keep making such compilations :) Just look how all these cats and kittens behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute Let's laugh together and make our day better by watching these awesome kitties :) What is your favorite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! The content in this compilation is licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. If you have any questions about compilation or clip licensing, please contact us: tigerlicensing@gmail.com WANT TO SEE YOUR PET IN OUR COMPILATIONS? Send your clips or links to: tigerlicensing@gmail.com For more funny videos & pictures visit and like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tigerstudiosfun MUSIC USED: "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ #pet #animal #cat #funny #compilation #laugh # challenge #fun #fail #hilarious #cute
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Text Comments (8291)
ewilliams0957475 (6 hours ago)
2:27 i think the cat is broken XD XD XD XD
ThatGuy David (8 hours ago)
Whenever a cat doesn't attack you..you should pay attention..
Soulaesthete (10 hours ago)
I didn't even laugh hard, much less faint. It was cute and should have been described as such.
nib the cat (11 hours ago)
i am new to youtube! love you guys
Martin Bracken (11 hours ago)
Alexhappystar Plays (14 hours ago)
This sucks
1ranjeeves21 (16 hours ago)
Still conscious...
Haydee Rodriguez (16 hours ago)
Wow!! When i get a balloon and i thought the balloon and my cat gets scared!! The cats were cute and funny!! LOL!!! 😂😂😂😂😎😎
4:55 simba look-alike
2:20 the cat and mouse look alike
I laughed too funny.
CandyLeah (1 day ago)
This is not realy funny :l I only laughed 2 times
Sarah Jean (1 day ago)
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Cécile pz (1 day ago)
Hahaha very funny !! THIS IS MY FUNNY CAT, FOR FAN OF GOT ;) https://youtu.be/dUhBzFvPChc
More positive (1 day ago)
Real Catdog ) https://youtu.be/_byAJYrUdQM
3:15 Karma is a Bitch
Deebz270 (2 days ago)
Most of these vids are *not* in the slightest bit *FUNNY* In fact, they show, just how sick some humans can be.
karal guidubaldi (2 days ago)
LMAF!!! So creative!!! What a ham 😂
Uke-a-foodie Food (2 days ago)
2:50 Why are you dragging a dead cat? Lady: she’s not dead.. I think Checks if cats dead* Lady: SHIT
Polina Voinskiy (2 days ago)
I did even laugh once
Jesper Wössner (3 days ago)
This is not funny!!!!!!! I think people who laughed at this video hate animals
jackybaby1999 (3 days ago)
Some of these were cute and funny. Some of them really sucked like the evil giggling witch watching the cat trying to get that thing off its head, but the younger kids couldn't take it anymore, and ran quickly to help their cat.
Denise Grimins (3 days ago)
Who names these posts? Seriously. I don't even want to watch cos it sounds so stupid. 😠
Natures Path (3 days ago)
Julie Monarch (3 days ago)
It's trapped in a bag, not funny asshole
Tone Pivk (3 days ago)
3:13 - karma is real
RGB (3 days ago)
i want a refund
gerbenst (3 days ago)
This is not funny
gadescas (3 days ago)
Por favor no dejar que los animales jueguen con bolsas plásticas, pueden causarle la muerte al igual que alos niños. 🐱
Lyirina YT (4 days ago)
The first cat is possessed All of them are Ahh but I would be so scared if that same rat was chasing after me in that one clip
TrueOniCio (4 days ago)
Its not funny. But people in the video are duuuumb as hell
Carmelita Casola (4 days ago)
Blueberry (4 days ago)
anyone else see the kkk on the cat at 4:44
Dawn Burwell (4 days ago)
Most of these are not funny. After 3 min I couldn’t watch anymore. Some folks lack empathy and shouldn’t own a pet
Hornadayfan (4 days ago)
What happened? I fainted...
Dan Young (4 days ago)
Sorry I didn't Faint..
Sarah Kerry (4 days ago)
Otis and Elle (4 days ago)
6:09 my new ringtone!!!
Ryan Rambharack (4 days ago)
Didn't faint
Joe Wood (4 days ago)
What is the matter with these people who wish to put clothes on their cats. the cat doesn't like it and all they can do is film it and laugh at it , there are some sick people out there isn't there. these are not cat lovers, they are people who are bored and use their pet as a means of entertainment. because they have no life of their own. they are not being nice to the cat they are being cruel to the cat.
Like a Boss OG (4 days ago)
LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPZzs5VHpnE&t=125s
The Civilian Sentinel (5 days ago)
There's a fine line between fainting and falling asleep due to boredom. Change the title to "Guaranteed Coma"
MiamiPush2theLimit (5 days ago)
2:17 are you listening to a Hitler speech?
Tommy (5 days ago)
beast from the east (5 days ago)
Wasn't funny anyone who declaws their cat should have their fingernails ripped from their fingers
Erzsebet Deer (5 days ago)
I do not watch than... I so not want to faint
Renu Daimary (5 days ago)
so much funny
Skeptik (6 days ago)
Well, I didn't faint, but what I did get is this clickbait from one of the click baitiest channel on youtube.
Nelson P. (6 days ago)
About as funny as an infected wart on a pile.
Kitty Gamer Chan (6 days ago)
Like it very funny
OSN’s Barber (6 days ago)
*I jUsT aTe CrAp*
maddie smith (6 days ago)
the cat trying to jump onto the counter lol
The cats like I did I surrender puts hand of its head I'm ready to get hand cuffs on
Wade Raney (6 days ago)
That first cat was frikin op man
Davy Sinclair (7 days ago)
1:45 when your owner is making your favorite thing and you just have to see it.
Kimberly Gonzales 2.0 (7 days ago)
2:22 Mangle!?
Heidi Khattak (3 days ago)
It was funny okay
Heidi Khattak (3 days ago)
Kimberly Gonzales 2.0 oh
Kimberly Gonzales 2.0 (3 days ago)
no it's because of wtf happened to that cat in the video
Heidi Khattak (3 days ago)
Is that ur cat's name?
Weezie (7 days ago)
Is it just me or this video isn't funny...at all? It didn't make me laugh "hard"...or even laugh at all. And it certainly didn't make me faint...far from it. I should know better than to fall for these types of titles. A CLICK BAIT title to get more "Views/Likes." 👎
next time include this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTbvYFeVZdE
tigermoon44 (8 days ago)
How can you say some of these are funny? They were cruel and shouldn't be posted. Not a fan and won't be watching again!
hannah griffin (8 days ago)
significance function gentleman hat excuse cholesterol strike snow symptom.
Amber Ruby (8 days ago)
I didn't faint!!!
dya76tube (9 days ago)
OMG ! 1:15 make me laugh
Cuuuuute ❤️❤️cats❤️❤️ video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrCBKnZ12FU&t=94s
tankian kian (9 days ago)
Hilarous Progres . com
Nate2great10 (9 days ago)
omg I love cat and the vid
Willis Well (9 days ago)
The only funny cat is a dead cat.
I LOVE COOKIES Coki (9 days ago)
2018 mouse scares cat 2007 cat scared mouse
HerbSuperb44 (10 days ago)
Who tries to catch a cat with a folding lawn chair? DUMB!
Violet the cat (10 days ago)
0:57 OMG hahahahha lol
_Kaméleonka_ (11 days ago)
Neo Nocturna (11 days ago)
3:22 Yeah, good. Got what you deserved, bitch.
Kyan Himpe (11 days ago)
0:40 and hes name is John Cena
StrangeSoul (11 days ago)
Thanks for sharing!!!!
Scott Kosatka (12 days ago)
I did not faint.
Nick Nickolic (12 days ago)
Its really sad when the pets are smarter than the people that own them. And usually fat and stupid.
Nick Nickolic (12 days ago)
Fat and stupid people don t need pets. They are already fat animals.
KEY ASMR (12 days ago)
Did not faint
Savannah Henderson (12 days ago)
Sophia Oros (12 days ago)
10:41 HANDS UP
Sophia Oros (12 days ago)
00:59 hahaa
Sophia Oros (12 days ago)
Sophia Oros (12 days ago)
00:43 LOL
Sophia Oros (12 days ago)
00:27 don't touch me
Christina Gray (13 days ago)
The one with the kittens in the bath tub was my fav
john doe (13 days ago)
OMG! its so funny I just sharted
Christof Verhoog (13 days ago)
1:24 Tom & Jerry be like 😂😂😂
Infinite The Jackal257 (13 days ago)
mrcarter06 (14 days ago)
4:01 desthhhhhhhhhhpicable
Dante Cb (14 days ago)
I love cats!!!!!!!!❤️🐱
1:24 lol I'm dying of laughter lol!!!!!!!
Dana Field (14 days ago)
People you don't dress up cat's ! It's stupid just like dressing up a dog ! Get smart people ! Why don't you put some of the crap on you put on them and walk around town and just see how stupid you look !
argusclips (14 days ago)
Very funny, thank you. Kept me away from work...
AmazonPawan (15 days ago)
Great video
AmazonPawan (15 days ago)
Great video
aubrianna leath (15 days ago)
I did not laugh at all
Roveena Singh (15 days ago)
Do apart 2 that was halirious
Snowy Chan (15 days ago)
1:24 what r they going to do about that mouse 😅
Ajay Rulezzz (16 days ago)
0:54 this poor bastard thinks he's a kitty cat, wasn't a problem till he used the litter box

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