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UPS Workers Could Soon Strike

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United Parcel Service workers have given their union the go-ahead to call a strike in what would be their first walkout in decades; KDKA's Jon Delano reports.
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John Clark (18 minutes ago)
Wounded Knee (short film) ft Russell Means-Lakota by ANYRIN----utube one min 21 seconds-----today a 300 lbs 6 foot something drop off a 60 lbs box----the man wanted to know my name---i told him----the story is the BARSTOW ca ups depot--must talk about me 7/24--first of all they cant figure a hell of a lot---me being american indian my name does not fit ---the name fits we use everyday names---as u watch the video listen ---he has a colonial name he also is a real indian--- this tape he says these r forced colonial names-----number 2 there r no indians in el salvador--u need to check ur drivers license these r state issued--the state will have your race identified-- the real indians r red people --its the red race---these numbers r very small---the indians blood is also like no other person in the world---they can also get a simple name by marriage. i know el salvador is going to take over the united states---i suggest u best be reading---there r a lot of authors the say salvador people can only fuck anything and everything up ---thats why the wall is going up--and people r asked to leave this country asap 07132018
Gladiator_H2 (10 days ago)
The worst experience ever. i was suppose to send a package to a friend who stayed in Pennsylvania hotel in New York, and leaves to overseas on 07/07/18 10:00 am .... on 07/05/18 3:30pm paid $77.56 to send a next day 1.5 pound package from St. Louis, Mo to my friends hotel in NY. UPS Store Clarke said it will be delivered 07/06/18 @ 9:30am.Next day morning the package still in Missouri called customer service they apologized and said there was a delay, night time the package still in St. Louis. Called on 07/07/18 morning asking UPS to return my package and my money because the receiver has left. customer service told me to go back to the local store where I send the package from and get your refund and let them request a package return for you. went to the store, explained the situation to the lady who listened to me like she was listening to an insect. She told me that she cant give me the money back because she just open and i have to wait till Monday until the owner come back on Monday. the way that clerk was talking to made me feel insulted. I had to take the receipt telling here I don't need no help from her. she called me about an hour later telling me to come back and get my money back, when i went back to the store she told me that the owner will wright me a check when she come back Monday.
War Zone (17 days ago)
91% ??? no way!! it was 93% of it's members!!
Ltrain80 Bham (21 days ago)
The last strike created RPS Fedex ground and this strike will create something bigger or wake up a sleeping giant and UPS will go down like interstate brands another teamster union company
sr166 (1 month ago)
Who cares I’ve been in the Hub for Two years already and it’s bulllshit for any new comer who wants to work there. Management is terrible, supervisors are stupid. And the all around harassment low wages cutting of hours is ridiculous if your a package handler. Could careless if it’s bad for both sides . Strike strike strike strike strike!!!!!billions is being made and teamsters employees deserve there fair share of the profits. United Postal Slaves have been getting away With this unfairness for to long...
Frist Name Last Name (1 month ago)
What ever happens Strike or No its going to end badly of both sides.
War Zone (16 days ago)
No way, it will only end badly for UPS, not it's workers who will still be paid weekly for the strike by the union. What do you think our union funds arn't paid by it's members? UPS will loose big time if they got to fill the positions with untrained shit employees from the street that will want to quit before the strike even ends...UPS can't even hire regular employees on a yearly basis that will stay for more than two weeks!! You think some minimum wage temp worker would would work for UPS?
xczamora (1 month ago)
Disorderly conduct bitch eskeeeetit
Nick T. (1 month ago)
Not a strike vote.
RoninHunter (1 month ago)
I hope they strike this company is so ass!

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