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Text Comments (20426)
D&B Nation (1 year ago)
HB Preyer (6 days ago)
abdou conde the x to to cc ll
Angela Eaton (12 days ago)
Sharee Jordan (18 days ago)
D&B Nation squad or no squad
Dominic Toreto (18 days ago)
D&B Nation *their
Serena Williams (28 days ago)
D&B Nation just right to handle a situation"
maygodbewithyou (22 hours ago)
how df u up fye on him n still giv up yo money
Latonya Cox (1 day ago)
My nigga Damien pulled out da 30 clip With that extended clip
Red1Fiz (1 day ago)
i would of been shot him
saeid safaei (1 day ago)
wtf .
Jalexian Thompson (1 day ago)
I know y’all seen her eyelash
Sabrina Fair (1 day ago)
This still could have went South because Damian possibly could have had another full 30 round magazine somewhere else in the house that she didn't know about
Terrie Cornwell (1 day ago)
The most Calm Invasion I ever seen. I'm glad Damien strap empty,cause it was pointing ALL over.
Queen Ashley (2 days ago)
Team Bianca I love your hair it’s so pretty the color suits you in my opinion
Jacob Cotton (2 days ago)
Yes that was a Bad A** prank , but seriously it could of all went south too.
Empty this 30 Clip 😂😂😐 My boi Damien a Savave Ofn
Janae Siler (3 days ago)
My name is Janae too is it spelled the same way
Dominic Leon (3 days ago)
Royalty Gold (3 days ago)
Who else was trying to keep up with how many times he said my nigga
Dia & Dej (3 days ago)
Four flat up the damn stairs ! 😂
angel read (3 days ago)
D : my nigga my nigga😡👿 Me:really nigga 😐
Adam elmhdati (3 days ago)
Drop it my nigga (*times 50*) What’s good my nigga (*times 70*) WAIT (*times 100000000000000000000*)
Bryant Lastik (3 days ago)
That's how a real man would react. Protect yo fam bruh
Dash Brown (3 days ago)
He had a extended clip lol
Ayomide Ajibola (3 days ago)
Damien said the n word so many times
Marcale Bonds (3 days ago)
If the bullets was in there he would have blew yo ass off
Carolina Mendez (3 days ago)
To be honest I would've take out the choppa too
Keymani Fye (4 days ago)
The lady was in the way(i forgot her name)tryna negotiate all damien was worried about was him wife he wasnt paying her no mind but that love
Marion Moffett (4 days ago)
😅😂😂😂Get off of me
bhuwan shah (4 days ago)
It's a fucking set up
bhuwan shah (4 days ago)
Shit i thought the prank was on the girl Wait how could they do this prank the dad had a gun on that stranger wtf so confusing
Princess Awesome (4 days ago)
Damien is so rude like he be pushing like she can go to jail for like pushing somebody and he was screaming yo get off me
Gold Mind (4 days ago)
Y’all should have hid he’s gun first so these types of pranks don’t get out of hand like that
Curtis Malone (5 days ago)
Marco look like a real shooter😂😂
adamstrange supreme (5 days ago)
You 3 are a bunch of asses. You don't play jokes with weapons...period. What would have happened if he had bought a brand new gun and it was loaded and he had it on him ? He ran for his gun and his mentality was set on that but if he had a weapon on him his mentality would have been different because there would be no need to run to protect his wife, the protection would had started at the front door and with no wife to bargain for in exchange for money, he could have gunned down his friend while thinking he is not going to let him upstairs. Grow up and get a hobby.
markisbear (5 days ago)
My niggas a g forreal im subbing right now
Gta5 be like
Jeremy X Zanea (6 days ago)
Bianca A Good Actress 🤣
Dustin Posey (7 days ago)
I hate pranks within a prank,like we stupid or summin...who would keep doing a prank once somebody pulls a supposedly gun on them...
Imma empty ah thirty clip in you brah
Greg Hill (7 days ago)
boi i woulda been shot his ass , he gotta clean shot to his forehead Ain't No way 👎 he pussy + soon as let er' go da clip woulda been emptied on dude omm good prank couldna been Me tho' 💀🔫
Sauce God44TM (7 days ago)
He got the strap
Hf Jf (7 days ago)
When she was holding the gun by the clip I was dieing
Dajon Ragland (7 days ago)
Why was he holding it like that xD
deontejohnson johnson (7 days ago)
That Boi had the extended on him
Steve Kelley (7 days ago)
This worth a subscribe. Good job and way to stay safe by replacing real clip. Way to throw down my dawg !
JJ Moore (7 days ago)
I saw that little BMW
PL Richardson (8 days ago)
damiem said get out of my
PL Richardson (8 days ago)
Alexis Nicole (8 days ago)
"GET OFF OF ME" ... " I KNOW" 💀
Marie Marie (8 days ago)
Her emoji slippers😂😂
Eddie Dunn (9 days ago)
That fat bitch annoying , screaming and shit . Go eat a donut
Steve Lauitiiti (9 days ago)
Wtf how did ur neighbors not here that?
Every time the guy next to the girl with the la shirt when he says get off me she says I know over and over but it’s scary
Recless Layy (9 days ago)
They took to long to say it’s a prank 🤷🏽‍♀️
Nicole Janae (9 days ago)
Ivan Ruiz (9 days ago)
That’s what she do!🤣🤣
Romeo Andrade (9 days ago)
He was out
Iyunah Wimberly (9 days ago)
At least we know how he gone handle it in real life 💀. Damien was playing no games !
Caitlin Moores (9 days ago)
The way they ran down then I see Bianca’s slippers
Khristopher Patton (9 days ago)
Damien buck😂😂😂
Bianca Moran (10 days ago)
Can I order a Damien
Bianca Moran (10 days ago)
My name is Bianca too
susan johnson (10 days ago)
Jalayah Feliciano (10 days ago)
Where day baby
Layla Isaac (10 days ago)
I'm dead bro. 😱😱😱😵😂😂
Malique Guiton (10 days ago)
U could of lost a nigga DAT day
Cortex (10 days ago)
I wish he shoot
Haitian Princess (10 days ago)
bruhh that lady aggy asf bruhh i was gettin irritated cause she kept touching him bruhh like dammn get off him
faceofantasy (10 days ago)
Mmm but how u don't know ya strap empty
faceofantasy (10 days ago)
No warning no get down. No yelling straight to the bullets. Otaaay lol. He said he gone have to kill us all then
Random Stuff (10 days ago)
Damien :What's good my nigga (X10)
Random Stuff (10 days ago)
Damien:What's good my night(X10)
xXLágrimaXx (11 days ago)
I would of pulled the trigger deadass
j reese (11 days ago)
it was coo but it was also dangerous she couldve got marco killed rt cuz i damn sho wouldve answered da door with da stick but it was a good one after all but i jus knew he was gone pop him going down da stairs
Shaina Thompson (11 days ago)
What’s good then ni**a
Jala Michelle (11 days ago)
this prank legit made me mad. Once he actually pulled out a real gun, they should have told him that it was a prank. Someone could have gotten seriously hurt.
RobloxApex Roblox (11 days ago)
The fat lady was touching him like 17 times and says I know I know a tone of times lol
Lillian Henderson (11 days ago)
Who watching in 2018??
Jhene Flowers (11 days ago)
My name is Jhene’
Yung & Zee World (11 days ago)
Bro Damien ain’t really with the shit cuz he would’ve got fired up especially when the thief took off running
FrankWonderBeantown (11 days ago)
Somebody should’ve told Damien not to hold a gun sideways. He watches too many movies.
ethan Vasquez (11 days ago)
All I hear is nigga 30 clip get off me and stop
orion mcgee (11 days ago)
He got the extendo
Jainaba Ceesay (12 days ago)
The way Damien ran into the room it's like when a cat run from a dog
Skylar Casey (12 days ago)
This one went too far..Like what would've happen if he shoot..I love yall..But that prank was too much
Tracie Bogard (12 days ago)
Are there real bullets in the jungle 🔫🔫🔫🔫
Anilah Houchins (13 days ago)
I would slap that big girl In the face like she steady trying to stop me from getting my wife... like gone somewhere piglet
teafuddled (13 days ago)
i think its because if damien shot, there was a chance he would shoot his girl too
Anthony Johnson (13 days ago)
Stupid prank...what if he would of pulled the trigger...cause i know i would have
Asya Martin ! (14 days ago)
When Damien ran up the steps 😂😂😂
Raul Rolon (14 days ago)
This girl is going to make him snap one day
Moreh Meir (14 days ago)
Too dangerous, but you know how the law is, its even illegal to kill people who break in and enter in some places. Its a scary moment but at least he was strapped.
Abiodun Oshibote (15 days ago)
This is risk and dangerous prank
Dra nation (15 days ago)
He was finna put a bullet in his ah
Jahkiara Buchanan (15 days ago)
How many times did he say nigga
Saddam Loc (15 days ago)
He went an got the 30 😂😂😂
Goo bear (15 days ago)
He went full hood mode for n these niggas DAMNNN
Shazir Fearon (16 days ago)
B4 u shoot da nigga u pass da gun to monique then he let her go u still dont shoot foh b yah buggin tf out
semmy the dancer (16 days ago)
What is that fat girl doing lol
Hey It’s Ari ! (16 days ago)
Well at least Bianca knows that she is under great protection!!!!
Kim Small (16 days ago)
Bianca do a prank on Damien good bloody nose print with a pencil stuck in it
Bigblunts NdBigblunts (16 days ago)
Feel like I'm watching a movie 😂🏃
RiGOr MORtis (16 days ago)
Christopher Lee (17 days ago)
In NC he's dead as soon as he pulls out the gun. We're all strapped. And that's legal too in NC
Chris Lee (17 days ago)
@nikisha mitchell I guess u deleted your ridiculous comment. "That's the problem?" what is your point? Wouldnt you do anything in your means to protect your own family? Guns are for protection and security. Not for unwarranted violence
K J (17 days ago)
why precious is grab ing damien hard
K J (17 days ago)
all damien is saying is "what good my n word "

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