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Vegan Spiderman Eric Wojo NOW on American Ninja Warrior

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Eric Wojo, The Vegan Spiderman, on the immediate season of American Ninja Warrior. Support one of our own! Do not miss this!
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PHILL SHIVELY (1 month ago)
JAMES Wish They'd Change the Name there's NOTHING Ninja About the Show No MARTIAL Arts no kitanas no Shurikans no Ninja uniforms no disapearing it's Nickelodians Double Dare without the Slime
Roidrage Smith (1 month ago)
Can i be honest?. U have so many good videos. Please dont use your channel for this shit. Man i really just give a rats ass about a vegan spider. Ok guess its a bro thing. U guys back eachother up.
batman (1 month ago)
Gettin small again whats going on
batman (1 month ago)
kool-Aid Man ye man it was on steroids for a while now i cant even see it .its like a peri winkle
kool-Aid Man (1 month ago)
batman are you referring to your penis??
Big Chief 👍
Eric Wojo (1 month ago)
Thank you Jim! Indianapolis! June 18th!
Ken Jataimu (28 days ago)
PHILL SHIVELY Why The Fuck Do You Capitalize Every Word Like This?
PHILL SHIVELY (1 month ago)
Your Neither Ninja Nor a Warrior Just be Thankful I'm Not Directing the Show because instead of Doing obstacle Courses like Double Dare. You'd be getting Attacked by Ninja! While Trying to do the Obstacle Courses :-D Shuroken Kitana NUMB Chuck! the Whole Nine The Show would be more like WMAC Masters world MARTIAL Arts Council With Real Ninja!
Ken Jataimu (1 month ago)
Eric Wojo good luck!
ghettobeats (1 month ago)
Nicholas Maddalena (1 month ago)

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