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Is Smaller Better? Uhm, Not So Much

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Well, I have dropped a LOT of body weight - dropped a LOT of muscle. Do I feel better, will I stay like this, is the "natty" life the life for me?????
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Peppa Pig (1 day ago)
What a legend 🙏❤️❤️
Jimbo Jones (2 months ago)
He prefers short esters because they give huge supernatural spikes of hormone. It's like smoking crack as opposed to doing lines. But this hypocrite doesn't want to tell you that. Hypocrite also says he feels better no that he's off gear. He's totally full of shit. He's always been that guy on tons of gear that pretends he's not.
D W (2 months ago)
Get into being light, 2 years will erase most of the residual weight from PED. You will be a bad as$ 225-230 mfer, zero bloat or water weight. Respect.
Sam Owens (2 months ago)
Have to say one thing about your looks at this point at a lighter weight and off of the augmentative substances is that, you look much younger and healthier (more attractive) in the face than you did before....Does this not suggest that the benefits of being lighter offset your perceived negative opinion about being lighter.......Keep it up
Koadak AliveWOKE (2 months ago)
You wanna save your ass???start buying red meat and eating it raw..
Marcus Bryan (2 months ago)
As long as you got your 21 inch arms WHO CARES.
Shawn Waters (2 months ago)
Southsideman (2 months ago)
He's coming down to us, folks!!! He's the Hulk when the green wear off!!! lol
Mr Dynamic (3 months ago)
Steroids are not needed I've seen them kill alot of people last year look up all the steroid related death reports online in the thousands now...I'd hate to see you go to.. All natural is the best... great job...
Swolace Ferrari (3 months ago)
Being swol as can be is best
O O (3 months ago)
You look great, James! Glad to see you above ground. Keep up the good work!
O O (3 months ago)
That whole "body modification" thing is an example I always used. People would ask me why I train so much and eat so strictly and I say "the same reason people get tattoos, it's body modification at it's finest" the difference is that becoming big, strong, athletic is seriously hard work.
Igus Fox (3 months ago)
Not sure why, but i had the same issue this winter. I ended a test+primo cycle at christmas. In january i felt a little weird in the gym, then a month later i had flu like simptoms. Been to the ER, then to the Dr. Nothing! Bloods came fine. Only a small infection in the ear. I have not recovered fully from that small cycle. Recently i started 50mgs prop EOD and feel back to normal. Until now i had panic attacks and major anxiety, couldn't train and was demotivated to do anything... I'll be staying on trt until things begin to settle down in my life, then attempt a power pct... If that fails... then fuck... androgel and pins forever... But besides the cost and pinning, it not that bad, it actually better than natty.
Some Guy (3 months ago)
Its nice to see someone be vulnerable and honest about their body image concerns
SOC 7 (3 months ago)
You look much younger and much healthier even if you let those pounds of muscle go. God bless you, James!
vern schock (3 months ago)
Watched the whole video brother great sense of humor-GOD BLESS BROTHER
vern schock (3 months ago)
Great video James-Lean up you look fantastic-You are going to be around for a long while champ-Lighten up
Pretty Sure (3 months ago)
Man been going through anxiety attacks too. Sucks but been getting better lately
Joe Blanton (3 months ago)
I am 47 and have been on TRT for the past 2 years. I had knee surgery 4 months ago and I had to cut everything cold turkey. 2 weeks after surgery I felt like shit. Couldn't work out and no drugs sucked. I was 256lb before surgery and now I am 271lbs. I am back on TRT and have added Deca. I feel good again and my weight has gone down too. Don't think I will every come off TRT.
Jeffrey Dotulong (3 months ago)
if you still like bodybuilding, check out nimai Delgado and jon venus! they are natural vegan bodybuilders! you could easily have that physique! and in my opinion, it still looks great
Will Key (3 months ago)
First thing I always notice when people go off is neck gets skinny and shoulders shrink no one talks about neck muscles but they make u look so much bigger and I'm sure some people exercise neck muscles but for some reason they fluctuate with the roids
Ptah Adam (3 months ago)
So Jimmy was cruising on 500mg for years and now he came off... And 200mg is a typical TRT dosage! What about an estrogen modulator and a pituitary gland activator? Your testes isn’t gonna produce testosterone at age 55 so your body is going to use muscle mass for energy. His muscles can come back with a low dose of test and good meal prep. Good luck with the health goals Jimmy.
davidblueify (4 months ago)
are you doing pct....hcg....clomid....etc? Have you had your test blood levels done?
Espen Gjermestad (4 months ago)
Very happy that you're happy James :D And btw, you look great!
Millennium News (4 months ago)
If I recall correctly, a Doctor told Rich Piana that he was doing fine weeks before he died. Smart move on your part to drop the weight and cut the gear. You know your body better than anyone... including the Doctors. Your body was telling you that something deadly serious was about to happen... you deserve credit for listening to the warning signs your own body was giving you instead of listening to some other man even if he is a Doctor.
Chris James (4 months ago)
Millennium News how could a doctor predict an opioid overdose?
Inescapable Reality (4 months ago)
It's one thing to do TRT doses when you're old. It's another to go way beyond that to be hella huge. It's not healthy in any way to be a juggernaut after a certain age. But just doing TRT is doable while maintaining health.
onceuponthecross1 (4 months ago)
You look much better, imo.
Terrance Lee (4 months ago)
You're going have to stay on TRT because your body doesn't produce it's own Test anymore I guest...maybe 200mgs a wk like somebody just mentioned already I guest..but. You look great to me..I know you've gotta feel way more functional and want to maintain that...but the fact is you're a bodybuilder and you can't help it...that's why you don't like being that light..but it's best for you at this point in your life...
wvjon75 (4 months ago)
You are super jacked. Very impressive for someone in his 50's. I know it is hard to let all that muscle go, but at 5'10" or so 220 and lean is still bigger than most.
Big R (4 months ago)
Actually you look outstanding. But you used to be huge.... and huge is better than outstanding. Still, you weren't put on this planet to entertain us with your size, you have to do what is best for you. Much respect.
onceuponthecross1 (4 months ago)
huge is better than outstanding...Rich Piana logic, i'll pass :P
paddy mcginty (4 months ago)
Looking healthy...simple as that..didnt before...peace
Tom Maitland (4 months ago)
The bigger stronger gorilla in the animal kingdom wins and gets all the females
Eric Black (4 months ago)
Thanks for the advice.
5%CMON (4 months ago)
Amazing you've kept all that size in your arms being off cycle for 9 weeks, but your traps have shrunk like that
matthew franzen (4 months ago)
my man!!!!!!.......You look healthier!!!!! ive been in the medical field for nearly half my life and have acquired a extraordinary ability to be able to simply look at somebody and be able to tell what type of medical issues they may have. regardless, you look better than eve! you dont look nearly as tired as you normally have in the past. your eyes dont look bloodshot with bags under your eyes. kkep it up!!!!!!!! you honestly look 5-10 years younger. please reply to my comment! have agreat day!
jprp999 (4 months ago)
Go on Eddie Hall's strength routine and bulk up to 440.
kaz85 (4 months ago)
You look much younger since I saw your heart attack scare video.
Bruce Wayne (4 months ago)
Slow it down bro! Your a good man and we’re running out of our kind, fast!!
Jim, what's your profession or vocation...is it in the fitness field? You put out some of the best info whether it's fitness or life in general. I'm definitely gunning for some vacation time and hit Md to visit my sister. Would live to come by Retro and train for a day or so.
SoIoCreep (4 months ago)
All of my panic/anxiety attacks went away when I completely stopped drinking alcohol. I only weighed 175 at the time. Now that im over 200 "was 225", no attacks since.
Matthew Mizushima (4 months ago)
Good luck with your journey. I hope you get to feeling better.
Guy Graham (4 months ago)
You will look good regardless of body weight James, its just the ego that looks at the scale. all that muscle memory dont go away, i bet when you get used to the change you will feel way better lighter.
rickyleeufc (4 months ago)
Looking goooood Bro
Jimmy Sahlstedt (4 months ago)
Your face look so good now.
Will Jackson (4 months ago)
Trill will your fucking awesome dude you rock I'm now a follower
Eric Cartman Fitness (4 months ago)
You seem to look a lot better now than say about 8 months ago.
Jason Dinkins (4 months ago)
James speaking from a guy not far from you in age man you look 100% better. Your energy comes through in this video. You had slowed down a lot over the years. This is a better James. A better James for yourself and your family. Sometimes we just need a wakeup call. You got one and you woke up.
Joe Danna (4 months ago)
Jimmy. Stay tight stay lean. Ur heart is more important. Dont do like me burned out in thailand. Luv u bro. Miran. Zyzz.
Resilience chiang (4 months ago)
you look great alot heal5hier and younger your face glows buddy good for you i think u should stay lighter cheers and thank u for sharing your journey
Andrew Martin (4 months ago)
Hi James, just wondering why you only trained twice in 9 weeks? Is it because you stopped the test? Now that your feeling good and producing your own test again are you training more regular? Also love your videos.
UrbanOppression (4 months ago)
Really happy to see you putting your health first man, you look better already!
Cosmicmadman235 (4 months ago)
Depends on what your fitness goals are. I climb tree's for a living so being super big and heavy would not work for me. I try to stay lean and muscular. Keeping stamina and flexibility is key for me strength is good but not my main thing.
shane hunsicker (4 months ago)
COSMICMADMAN thats where its at. Longevity and health brother
Praw Merld (4 months ago)
I think you got depressed when you got smaller mostly from the steroid withdrawal.
Jim Piechowski (4 months ago)
After I watched this video I relate w/ something you said. I was 5-11 at 240 lbs and had plenty of mass. I decided to lean out and get down to about 220 lbs. while I was leaning out, I was was looking great, but losing all that mass made me look skinny and I didn't have that jacked feeling. I felt like I was a skinny twig, even though I was more muscular, vascular, and shredded, but losing all that mass played games w my head. Well, long story short, I'm at 215lbs now, I've never looked better and never felt better. I'll be 50 next year and it's time to keep that weight off. My diet totally consists of chicken, fish, and veggies..I keep my carbs on the lower side, but the carbs I do eat are all clean carbs.
Anthony Llabres (4 months ago)
Always honest. Would love to see some labs
Christopher Wood (4 months ago)
You look great. Arms are still massive.
79boricuarage (4 months ago)
Good video and much respect for putting all your personal problems out in the open. I totally feel you. As an army vet I have PTSD,anxiety personality disorder. Not to mention had lyme disease 10 years ago. the gym is my therapy. Been off and on gear,peptides,hgh for 8 years. Mostly testosterone,but always get blood work every 3 months. Last blood work my HCT were to high. Hemoglobin high. Pretty much my red blood cells are through the roof. Live in Europe so giving blood is not that easy. So I decided to come off test almost 2 week ago. Even at pharma grade 250 mg test a week prescribed by my doc and my test levels were almost at 3000. Nothing new to me. Also I'm tapering off my valium as I want to be completely clean. Except cannabis of course lol.. been off antidepressants/antipsychotics for years. Pharma companies are a joke Still killing the gym 5-6 times a week. With that being said brother. Maybe you can go the clomid route. I was never a believer in clomid,but I did it a few months ago and I felt great at a low dose. Trt doctors also prescribe it before they do the I injectable route and also have a buddy who did 25mgs a day and his levels were at almost 1000. Alright I'm rambling to much. U seem like a good dude..Take care bud
Jim Piechowski (4 months ago)
Bro, you also look younger be lighter
Jim Piechowski (4 months ago)
Did you have to do any HCG when coming off the test
Jim Piechowski (4 months ago)
James, I have to say that you look a lot better leaning out.. At 238 you still look massive/muscular.. Keep up the great work.
Lost Magi (4 months ago)
I'm really excited to see how you get on coming back up. Your doing awesome sir, stay positive and keep up the good work. 😎
mark belluo (4 months ago)
U look normal now
The Remnant 1611 (4 months ago)
You're looking much healthier.
Jared L. (4 months ago)
wow, homeboy came off the sauce for a month and lost all his gains. So much for diet and "training knowledge" rofl
Richard Marino (4 months ago)
James.....you look really good man ! You now look like a quality bodybuilder....alot healthier looking & sounding. There is even more energy in your voice.
ernest copoulos (4 months ago)
after coming off a 200 mg cyp trt a week had a full blood panel done, got my red blood cell count down to normal thyroid sugar the whole nine yards but my t levels are so low its depressing, 5 thats my level and wont budge after 90 days ,doctor is dead against clomid or hcg , . any suggestions out there been training for 30 years and this sucks for me
LitBitCOINS (4 months ago)
Please stay natty or you will die like Rich Piana...😱
K9SBD (4 months ago)
You look great, healthy.
John seven (4 months ago)
First 8 weeks off sucks. Second 8 is better. Third 8 is getting back to normal. My prediction is that you'll do fine and feel a lot better than when on 1/2 g of androgens. Normal everyday tasks will be more effortless like chopping wood or going on a hike.
Jody Wooten (4 months ago)
I think that's great, if you are feeling great, then your doing something right. Besides, we are just flesh and bone, it will be good to take a break and do kind of a reset. And yes, living longer would be awesome. Anyways, your still looking good brother
Ironbound84 (4 months ago)
IMO....200-250mg test a week would be a healthy move. Good luck sir and keep up the good work.
terry b (4 months ago)
ive made the same desition after 12 years on gear . its been 5 monts now . pumps are back feel great im not going back. weight is back still a beast
Taco Platter (4 months ago)
Are you still vegan?
LOL i have to take 500-600mg a week just to feel normal and to function like normal man. But hey nice that your testies start producing so you feel normal allready.
Al Olsen (3 months ago)
Are you serious?
Mike Collings (4 months ago)
Looking younger and healthier James
Sabah Waifu (4 months ago)
I think you look fantastic man. Also love the beard!
Sabah Waifu (4 months ago)
Kind of look like Wolverine.
Gunworld74 (4 months ago)
Stay drug free. 270 to 230s the heart is going to gain 10 years. Lower lipids and lower bp!!! Good job...
marc murphy (4 months ago)
wow what a change your looking good!!! Wonder if you'd have felt good at 230 whilst being on 500mg of test, ive never taken gear ive dropped a lot of weight and I feel a lot better on all levels. Anyway thanks for the update, looking forward to seeing your progress, I think through your food you;ll boost your test naturally or atleast aid it and get close to 250 off gear :-)
PAPA BEAR (4 months ago)
To be honest you look much better than before.
J. Allen (4 months ago)
man you look much better!!!
Shane Marbry (4 months ago)
You look way better!!! Much less bloated looking . Stay healthy . Get to 220 you’ll feel like a million dollars
Kiinganu Tiamat (4 months ago)
GABA for panic attacks 5- HTP for anxiety and alcohol at the end of everyday.If all else fails BETA-blockers from a prescription.
Tony Tony (4 months ago)
This will be a 1st on YouTube! Cant wait to see the progress
Joshua Langer (4 months ago)
James, you will see great gains if you join a grappling art. Your heart is good for it. You will gain mass using muscles you haven't used or used in the same way.
CHAD BEAST (4 months ago)
Such an honest channel. Father figure like.
Joseph Comacchio (4 months ago)
Looking great my brother James!
Peter Garcia (4 months ago)
Sounds Fun.
ThinkSimply (4 months ago)
right on man. took a break too, i feel great.
Randy Miyasato (4 months ago)
I think you should stay Big, Big Guy ! Aloha from Hawaii
Denny Medeiros (4 months ago)
Looking great man at this new weight... Gained 10-15 years easy
James you feel better without the gear or just lighter body weight?
David Michael (4 months ago)
James, you look amazing. Your face and neck is leaner and your beard looks much better. Sorry, but the billy goat had to go. Please stay at 230 lbs. Don't go back to 275. I love your videos and I don't want anything to happen to you. Your to good of a person.
George Morgan (4 months ago)
Looking good with that Beard . The look suits you well. What do you do for a living? Auto mechanic ?. I've seen you wear snap on gear from time to time?
radix3d (4 months ago)
he looks younger in this video
diggin' and givin' (4 months ago)
I think your actually looking bigger right now because your face is slimed down.... and your body still looks big as hell so it don't look like you lost any size you look good man enjoy it
ONE WAY KENNELS (4 months ago)
Looking good brother
Donbusto Arigato (4 months ago)
Nothing wrong with 238 or 230. Probably be better at 225 or less in terms of carrying around LESS weight for a six footer or so? It has been said that even carrying a lot of extra muscle is not the greatest thing for an older man. Being Big is not everything! Being strong and fit and healthy, yes! There is no real fountain of youth. Diet and training and sleep, constantly ADJUSTING for the fact that one is continually growing older and older. Panic attacks! Welcome to the HUMAN CONDITION. If you aren't already living unto death, AGE will teach you how to do that! Aging is a BXXTH, lol Graceful gray, less muscle, less T.? Getting old. I'm with you, but almost a decade further along! The hill just keeps getting steeper and steeper until you just can't climb it anymore. Not there yet, but I can see the peak I'll never get to from this age.
dragoninwinter (4 months ago)
Sometimes, you just need a good long rest. Take it easy for a while. We need you. : )
Benji Truth (4 months ago)
God bless brother im glad to hear youre doing well. Im sure you can make 245 easy. Ill keep you and your family as well as all the brothers in my prayers, if you think of it send one up for me and my loved ones. Thankyou for the motivation as always
MegaSkyline69 (4 months ago)
It's good to see you back and looking healthier Jim. Your breathing seems a lot clearer to me. And the weight loss is a good idea once you get to our age. TBH the hardest thing is getting over the "headfuck" and panicky feelings.You know the ones, i'm sure. But seriously, you still look huge and jacked. I think if you came down just a lil' bit more. And did more regular light cardio and lifting. You could look all kinds of "different" Lets not fuck about here. You've got size and muscle sitting there. You've spent years doing the HARD part. The next part can only be good.

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