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The Passing of Rich Piana

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Tom Hill (7 days ago)
I agree with you 100%. Rich was a good guy he only to share his knowledge with us. I miss him a lot. Good vid.
Bman Z (15 days ago)
Why are so many people shocked by this. He was stupid, arrogant, and full of shit. Stupid follows stupid.
james hallas (1 month ago)
Hi mate I’ve always been a big fan of rich and watching this video has made me very happy you are such a nice decent respectful guy you’ve just earned yourself a fan your a great guy it’s nice to see positivity on social media rather than haters cheers bro
Celluler Sweller (2 months ago)
I think he wanted to keep his fans pleased
RIP Rich,well see ya again pretty soon buddy no doubt about that!!
MrJoeystockdale (3 months ago)
i like the positivity!
Edward steffy (3 months ago)
Sad to say but that's what a life of steroids will do.. it's sad but very unhealthy
Koadak AliveWOKE (5 months ago)
Rich was a good man.
Geert Sturm (5 months ago)
yeah Rich Piana great guy, a little over the top but hey 'gh'. like they found cocaine-powder on his kitchentable ? then its not a surprise. (i now think about maybe he got ratpoisoned bc his girlfriend 'Jansen' = dutch, &dutch= in.ratpoison, but yeah, xx, who knows what happens, if they found cocaine on his table its kind a sure that killed him, otherwise, Dave Palumbo also wants to know the 'intoxicology-report' like we all want to know why Rich died. in one of rich's last youtube-vid he is in hospital/clinic talking with a 'pro' about how to balance his testosteron bc he used 'stuff' 20 years on end, rich was like yeah like i shoot me up every 'day?' to get a hard one but he quit that for the last 2 weeks b4 talking to the 'pro', not in the exact words but thats what i 'hear'. the 'pro/doctor' would help him with finding a 'key' to level his hormones and lead a healthier lifestyle. if they found cocaine on his table, whats left of a 'healthy life'. ? yeah, i also think he was parting life sometimes talking like that in his vids like yeah, another cycle, why not, my body is 'fucked' by 'stuff' so why not. when stuff fucks with testosteronlevel, ur life is kind a over bc a very important 'gear' in the body is 'zero' which will cause mental problems all ways, not getting a hard one without 'test' ? is that the life of a bodybuilder 'out of control?'.
Larry Colson (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your story brother! Your a solid dude and i appreciate all that you do!
MrFoster (6 months ago)
u are right james... piana deep in side was been very unhappy
David Boulton (6 months ago)
He was an obese unhealthy drug taker what do you expect,!! 💀💀💀💀
Svetlio Stoychev (6 months ago)
Is that other redneck? FuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUCK......!
dick masterson (7 months ago)
miss him so much
Chosen Won (7 months ago)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Running into you was a bright spot in his life. Now get back to 7-11 before you're canned.
JBF Midnightson (7 months ago)
What a horrible life style with all the junk y'all put in your body's. Karen Carpenter comes to mind in terms of killing yourself. Ill take the 5% that really does it right..that means exclude everything as much as possible that's not natural. Dude looked miserable
Kam Rockford (8 months ago)
How can I find Sara's thoughts on Rich?
Corey Gunz (8 months ago)
Your an awesome guy bro. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise
bornfree (8 months ago)
He was an ASS
Erudition (9 months ago)
Did Rich Piana die of steroid use?
Sam Ghoubrial (9 months ago)
Rich has always been a subspecies of humanity ......drug abuser DEALER and and an embarrassment to bodybuilding ....DEFINITLY NOT AN AMBASSADOR TO THE SPORT TOO MUCH NEGATIVE ATTENTION ....lack of discretion and moderation
Eric Woods (9 months ago)
At least he's wearing a tank top today and covering up that disgusting monstrosity that he calls a chest. Maybe I can sit through the whole video today.
Habbit (9 months ago)
Jack Rock (9 months ago)
Very sad R.I.P. Rich. Take care bro
Gio A (9 months ago)
I miss Rich god dam it ):
Deccan Voices (9 months ago)
He will be all ways in our heart, May his soul rest in peace..
Dede Xyz (9 months ago)
To all you fanboys and faggot of Piano Man....did you really think all that shit/LOOKS...was "healthy"? hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! THAT'S what you get when you spend more time exercising your arms than your fucking brains!
Anthony P. (9 months ago)
Rich was a legend in his own time, one of the saddest days this year.
TYSON FURY (10 months ago)
He was a great guy , so many negative retards think there funny talking shit about him , your opinion means fucking nothing your nobody's
Olek_Gannon (10 months ago)
cocaine is the one drug you avoid when you are on steroid's especially in you're 40s he was just asking for death.
rene finch (10 months ago)
Judge not lest u be judged-Matt 7:1-4,but John 7:24-Judge righteously that means fairly,truthfully,lovingly,1 Corinthians 2;14,-the spiritual man makes Judgement's on all things but he is not subject to any mans judgement!Theres only one of 2 places people go after death and that is found in Matthew 7;13-heaven or hell!So what people say from their feelings based on ones life be it theirs or others and what God says are 2 entirely different things-Isaiah, 64:4-6,John 3:3-5,-18!
jim dandy (10 months ago)
Jim, Rich was like a movie star that died early in their life and nobody will ever know or see them get any older, I agree that he was truly a magnetic person and he obviously had talent for making commercials, being in front of the camera, etc.. As smart as Rich was I am sure he knew what he was doing and the possible real dangers but it was in his genes, something like Evil Knievel, the danger was real but something kept him doing it regardless of the risks so what we can say is Rich was his own man and wasn't molded by a company or worked at a job for 25 years that he hated, he loved the iron, being big and being popular.
Brian Washburn (10 months ago)
George Clooney (10 months ago)
can anyone tell me what was on the death cerfificate ,his girlfriend said his eyes rolled back and then he passed out/hit his head ,but why is it that no American can reply
Amy Waz (10 months ago)
Haven't followed bodybuilding since Rich and I broke up and have no idea who anyone is anymore and you by far are the most intelligent. Hands down! You have a brain Sir! 👍👍👍
PlezureandPain (10 months ago)
if your a drug addict for multiple years (steroid user) , your body WILL fail before it should. I hope people lays off the drugs, is it worth dying for ???
Jason Holbrook (10 months ago)
I like your words brother I like your honesty I'm subscribing you today I just ran across your videos. Keep them up I'm going to get deeper into your Videos and check out your site and I am very interested in what you have to say. I agree with you hundred percent which rich will never be replaced I loved his videos there was just something that drew me to him.
eric sunden (10 months ago)
That was straight up man !!! its how you live not how you die !!!
Alex Taylor (10 months ago)
Great video, RIP Rich.
Kevin in Paradise (10 months ago)
Love your video, thank you.
rollin 6fo (10 months ago)
You are a genuine good guy, easy sub
Jason Kings (10 months ago)
rock962000 (10 months ago)
I always come across your videos from time to time and I really respect you, James. Subbed
dave clarke (10 months ago)
This guy is "Tiny", is a man in the truest sense of the word... A credit to not just to the bodybuilding community... but also as a measure of how you should conduct yourself in general .. With age comes wisdom for sure..
Will Hung (10 months ago)
Hey James why do you think you're too good to interact with fans you slimeball!!
PJ Neslo (10 months ago)
True words spoken, Rich lived his life the way he wanted to.He knew the risks that came with it. That did not make him a bad guy, he helped a lot of people, he inspired many many body builders. It's a huge loss, I don't like to see anyone die that young. I'm gonna miss him too bro...Rest in Peace Rich Piana!
Matt & Candie (10 months ago)
I really enjoyed your insight on Rich and his love of talking with people. I have always looked for the good in him and was inspired as well as entertained by his video's RIP Rich....
NDFOOTBALL (10 months ago)
He did it his way and he died for it. Roids are as bad as coke or herion. Body building will soon be diagnosed as a disease similar to anerexia.
MustyBog (10 months ago)
This guy is what chumlee would look like if he swapped out mcdonalds for dumbells
AikiDoge (10 months ago)
Thænks for dhe inside scōōp (ot twō) on RP's carêêr satisfaction.. Šhōōp Δαααh....
Paul Lewis (10 months ago)
did not think much off him
Melo NATE (10 months ago)
Rich piana was a steroids dealer and should be in jail if not dead
Lingering Light (10 months ago)
In the end, the dick and balls are on the same fucking plane. RIP casket boy.
Ross (10 months ago)
James your eyes tell's the story,you have a good heart.
Teddi Miner (10 months ago)
are you sad that your gay lover died?
Michael Whittington (10 months ago)
Very nice video to honor Rich.... most of us probably didn't agree with his life style but we all can agree he was a larger than life kind of guy! Very entertaining and sincere!
Lingering Light (10 months ago)
Ahhh, suddenly all you bitch-titted ball-shriveled roid boys are concerned about life and death. Ha!
Hop (10 months ago)
Piana's death didn't really surprise me, sadly.
Laughtill YouCry277 (10 months ago)
Great video R.I.P. Rich Piana
Jiraiya (10 months ago)
Was not expecting this from James..... actually choked me up. ....Thanks for always keeping it real.... and classy!
roger cask (10 months ago)
James tiny vest what the fuck drug you on
roger cask (10 months ago)
Holy fuck put shit into your body what do you expect. Nice guy for sure but dont fuck with what god gave you
O Rodz (10 months ago)
Bro please! I'm pleading with u please! Shave that thing off! Some dudes have cool beards....some dont....ur the ladder......looks like something i can use to scrub my pots and pans with
Hiram Abiff From Sirius (10 months ago)
His use of the oil was nothing short of mastery. It's comforting knowing he will be there to receive me in the afterlife.
Richard Allen (10 months ago)
not blaming Mason s
the dude (10 months ago)
I hope young people read about this and realize that rich caused his own death. doing steroids and other drugs is not healthy. I feel bad for a 46 y/o and dead. wasted a precious life. don't do drugs. he looked terrible. muscle mass was grossly abnormal. make his life a testament to living drug free and never ever deform your body by taking steroids
George Graham (10 months ago)
Rich was great and props for being a class act that's why I'm a subscriber
Teddy Sharples (10 months ago)
a true gentleman and a genuine nice man, rest in peace Rich, you were a legend in your own lifetime.
Mohammed Bridgeman (10 months ago)
r i p rich piana my bigger brother
Justin Case (10 months ago)
I wasn't a huge follower of him. But I've seen his sincere friendliness to anyone who approached him. I firmly believe he was a good guy. An ordinary goodhearted buddy from the neighborhood.
Versailles (10 months ago)
new speed (10 months ago)
everyones got their day!
gumpnroy 1 (10 months ago)
Nice chin hair you ugly cunt.... fuck you and rich
Richie Wuest (10 months ago)
Great video... Thabk You for sharing.
g MaytaR (10 months ago)
John Krain (10 months ago)
This guy has been milking out of Rich all these years and sure, he will miss him coz he won't be able to leech from him anymore. -_-;
eddie72bx99 (10 months ago)
Really going to miss rich videos he was some character and always made someone smile RIP RICH🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪
James C (10 months ago)
Nice man. Great vid.
hades angelos (10 months ago)
Atleast Rich got to enjoy some of his, from what I could see or as he said Self Made sucsess ...
Now you need a new clickbait <Insert Name> here for your video titles to get your views
Erik in Minnesota (10 months ago)
This is a great video. Thank you! I believe what you said about rich. You could tell he was all about the fans. I would watch his YouTube all the time and he was so entertaining and so REAL. He lived the way he wanted to live and had no reservations about how people viewed him which is something anyone can admire! A true original and it's a sad day for everyone who appreciated his larger than life personality and REAL approach towards life. Have fun and BE YOURSELF. Never compromise who you are. Thanks for the heartfelt video man!
Sneaky Pete (10 months ago)
Yeah steroids
nicky donaghy (10 months ago)
Nuttn sad about it. Slow down ur self ole man
Gavin McArthur (10 months ago)
Fell asleep listening to rich, a good soul
Goldfinga Sliverfinga (10 months ago)
We came from God and shall return to him... this life is nothing but an illusion
I am/not a troll (10 months ago)
PAPA RICH😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
jack Orr (10 months ago)
I really enjoyed his videos he had my upmost respect in which he told everyone about his cycle an that top mam RIP
Spud Spud (10 months ago)
Who's this guy? The father of rich? Haha
O Rodz (10 months ago)
Rich Comatoseiana Rich Comatoseiana lmao.....u guys r too much!
I only know James beard must be some donated pubic hair from Rich
Wild E. Coyote (10 months ago)
she wasnt even sad. she tried to say she's still married. just wants his money
LBMshall (10 months ago)
I have to say I've watched your videos probably for about a year now, and you are true!! you are a true man, no nonsense, no bull shit!! you really do strike me as a guy I'd like to know, rich did his thing like we all do, death as we call it is just another chapter, we are all products of what we are, fair play man,
Doric Apella (10 months ago)
What really caused his death? Ice cream?
The Spider Crab (10 months ago)
RIP Rich Piana he was a good dude
Carroll Long (10 months ago)
I Apologize..I was in Denial of his Passing..
Carroll Long (10 months ago)
Rich Piana is Not Dead..these Fools as Rich Piana would Say are Fucking Lying Scumbags.. and I'm thinking when he gets out of the Hospital he is going to Produce a Lot of F Bombs Your Way.
I am/not a troll (10 months ago)
Carroll Long he gone dude...
MARK'S AQUATICS (10 months ago)
Sadly the good ones are always taken to soon! R.I.P Rich Which in your case means Reps in paradise my friend!! Your legend will live on. 5%
AikiDoge (10 months ago)
Яičh Piana is in synthol hεaven right now, dhe lænd of Eternal Liftĩng
Richard (10 months ago)
As someone who barely lifts. I just liked Rich purely for entertainment and his character. I wasnt that into the bodybuilding aspect. But the man indeed seemed to be 'larger than life' and unstoppable. Seemed like someone who would live forever. His death was totally unexpected to me and pretty shocking. Im still bummed out by it. And that rarely happens to me. I dont tend to get attached to people I dont personally know. Huge loss for sure. Rest In Peace Rich.
243wayne1 (10 months ago)
Sara Heimis isn't the least bit sad about Rich's death. Make NO mistake, she is a fuckin' gold digger. Class dismissed.
ray hanes (10 months ago)
I was subbed but unsubscribed just recently amongst the race tape fall out, still didn't want to see him die.
Tai Lopez (10 months ago)
I only believed what rich said, 5% of the time :) R.I.P Rich, you are loved and will be missed.
TheLast 8thWalrus (10 months ago)
they pulled the plug. r.i.p big daddy.

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