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CVS in lawsuit for overcharging customers

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NBC News, August 9, 2017 The drug store chain CVS is being sued for overcharging customers for generic medicines. Sponsored by Be-Thin™ PURE Raspberry Ketones Be-Thin™ PURE Raspberry Ketones contains NO blends or other ingredients; only 100% PURE Raspberry Ketones at the most effective dose. DON'T BE FOOLED BY ANYONE ELSE…. --THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT OFFERS THE PROPER DOSE --CONTAINS NO DANGEROUS FILLERS OR OTHER INGREDIENTS Be-Thin™ PURE Raspberry Ketones features: 100% Pure Raspberry Ketones 500 MG per Capsule 60 Capsules per Bottle NO Toxic Chemicals or Preservatives Certified Vegetarian and Gluten Free Made in the USA! Manufactured under strict FDA Guidelines No Auto-Billing, No Auto-Shipping Nothing to Cancel… EVER! Your safe source for raspberry ketones. Get 100% PURE raspberry ketones, made in the USA, under FDA license, and at the GUARANTEED lowest price at: http://www.Be-Thin.com
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