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The End of China's Child Limit is Coming

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China's message for couples after decades of limiting families to just one child? Please have more children! Why the turnabout? China’s aging. By 2040, projections show that 24 percent of the population will be aged 65 or older, a slightly higher rate than in the U.S. and more than twice India’s share. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-06-06/please-have-another-baby-video
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Text Comments (373)
Mohammed Hussain (12 hours ago)
Africa needs a 1-child policy
Hue Lu (1 day ago)
They adopted extras anyway...
Sam Sjk (1 day ago)
Cross your fingers over population doesn't get worse too. 🤞
Xsell Epoch (3 days ago)
But how big a population could China actually support? It’s not as if their population could just grow indefinitely.
fatcat_4444 (3 days ago)
China has a lot of people, but they at least do stuff. India on the other hand, needs a child policy
MrPeace Guy (3 days ago)
India will overtake china in population by 2024. We need better policies to control our population. Its sad because not many ppl might know it but India actually introduced family planning way before China in 1950s and it was even more enforced in 70s. But now we have lots of people. We need to stabilise our population at max to max 1.5 billion and bring it down to 1 billion. Thankfully birth rate has fallen a bit but still some ways to go.
Teddy Kurniawan (4 days ago)
My mom is number 6 of 14 childern..
ruofan fang (4 days ago)
You forgot mention that Chinese government encouraged families to have as many children as possible before the 1960s
I DinDu Nuffin (4 days ago)
Because they’re spreading like cockroaches everywhere
h (4 days ago)
Please no
HAZOX GAMING0525 (4 days ago)
Wtf that’s just cruel, they even tell you how many children you can have!?
Kerem Kerem (4 days ago)
Turkey must do that for East-Southeast anatolia and for Syrians. Really
The Enlightened One (4 days ago)
The world is already overpopulated. The less people we have the less competition we'll get and the less nature's exploitation will happen.
Darn (4 days ago)
fuck the chinese
cheeseburger (5 days ago)
Tbasko sauce (5 days ago)
Its kinda weird now they start having more children then get overpopulatd again then 1 child rule comes back
Ogi - (5 days ago)
There are 7.3 billion idiots on thos planet stop reproducing.
Blu Gill (5 days ago)
In short they like japan but lighter is some area
Adam (5 days ago)
The world needs a 0 children policy
fatcat_4444 (3 days ago)
lolllll yes
Day n Night (4 days ago)
Adam except rich countries tbh
danis wara (5 days ago)
That's what will happen if most women on your country are too materialistic. And I am glad that Indonesia, my country is not one of them.
theking8356 (5 days ago)
They're going to be top heavy if they don't do something.
retak (5 days ago)
They should put in practice what we have here in Argentina, the AUH (in English: universal allocation per child) so people don't stop having children. It is a monthly pension that is paid to parents that send their child to school, vaccinate him and make him have routine medical checkups. It is paid per child, so a couple with 2 children will have double the help. If they do that in China, given the generally low wages people already do have, it would work greatly towards increasing the fertility rate.
elysium76 (5 days ago)
Guess China needs to allow Africans and Muslims to immigrate to China
chris corona (5 days ago)
I volunteer to be the sperm donor to solve this crisis.
yi tao (5 days ago)
独生子女政策看上去很不人道。。但是如果你有做过细菌培养实验就会知道,当环境资源无法供给种群就会发生种内竞争,导致整个菌群在短时间内严重衰退,独生政策用来控制种群增殖超出资源供给能力防止出现种内斗争、维持国家稳定发展的确是有效的,但是如果资源充足时仍然使用这条可能导致种族灭绝的政策就是不明智甚至错误的。。随着国家的崛起,政府取消这条政策是可以预见的 ..........voice from chinese worker.......
Juan Zuniga (5 days ago)
I thought they had a better economy
Governments of s-hole countries should take note an implement a one-child policy. That way first world countries won’t be on the hook when people from there come lugging their children around.
Sanction (5 days ago)
Wasn't this done a while ago....
mike crox (5 days ago)
Hijos de la chingada, primero mueranse y después tienen más hijos
Benjamin Malave (5 days ago)
The unemployment rate is so high that it is irresponsible to have more children.
Lattrodon (6 days ago)
your pay should be cut after you give birth. that's just reality. has nothing to do with sexism..
Queen Mo (5 days ago)
Lattrodon no it shouldn’t. If you’re not the hours you use to after giving birth then yeah whatever.
Klavier Gavin (6 days ago)
A solution is setting a concrete deadline for the one-child rule so that the couples can wait out and have another child after the deadline. But it's too late for that.
Kauê Moura (6 days ago)
Make more children to offer cheap labour to those who have money. Yeah, right. Because it's better to grow the economy for the sake of growing it than having a smaller population and better distributed income.
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq (6 days ago)
If it didnt works ithink china will make their people to pay more taxes if just having 1 or none child
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq (3 days ago)
GAMINGwithXAN ya they need it so economy will run as usual Nope iam indonesian
GAMINGwithXAN (3 days ago)
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq just like income taxes, bank charges, service charges & taxes, sales taxes, importing taxes with multiple layers one tax after another ? can't they give some facilities to them instead blood sucking plans. btw, are you indian?
EXLM Aquarius (6 days ago)
Every countries go through stages. Its called the Demographic transition model.
Alex You (4 days ago)
It should rise up but that isnt guranteed, just look at its neighbour Japan. Ultra low birthrates, and a extremely high average age of the population. The country is literally paying people to have kids and its not even having a large effect.
EXLM Aquarius (4 days ago)
Alex You Its population should level off soon as long as their government makes the right decisions. Chinas people weren't ready for the rapid industrialisation.
Alex You (4 days ago)
Yeah, China basically skipped like 2 stages, before this they were at the same level as many developing countries, and now they have similar birthrates to the western countries.
Moss Pat (6 days ago)
More Asians to kick our butts in video games. Like no freaking way! 😨😨😨
baghlani92 (6 days ago)
Afghanistan need one child police
baghlani92 (6 days ago)
It was best system to control population sad it’s going to end we need this system in all the countries
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
We need to stop this intelligent race (Asian) over the white race in general. There's no other presucessors than the white race. Mixing racing with someone just because they are intelligent is stupid. Mixing with black people are the worst. White men are not trying their best to be submissive to their wives.
Thomas Jackson (7 days ago)
China doesn't need children for asia anymore? India has already took care of that part lol.
God Samrat (5 days ago)
Population is gonna decline in all of Asia in the coming decades, apart from a few countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. The real problem will be Africa, their population has been exploding and isn't expected to stop anytime soon, the absolute poorest region in the world is going to also become the most populated region.
玉日本語 (5 days ago)
India will actually be in decline by 2070
Thomas Jackson (6 days ago)
Rayden Darkus it will stop by and of century 2100 so 50y time.
Rayden Darkus (6 days ago)
Thomas Jackson Not really , it's slowing down here too and it's gonna be in negatives after 2050 .
Santiago Bron (7 days ago)
Nigeria needs a one child policy.
Day n Night (4 days ago)
Santiago Bron it needs no child policy
azrilia1 (7 days ago)
thats why against flow of nature will disturb cycle of life... human don't live forever... we all die sooner or later.. u must have 'back up' plan .. this child policy always had long term problem.. look at singapore and japan etc .. they are aging, childless ..
twoja stara (9 days ago)
Europe needs 5 children policy.
Groot Official (3 days ago)
europe needs 0 child policy and needs to bring whites living in non european countries abck to europe .
-CLM17- (4 days ago)
twoja stara Crappy countries (before you ask, I live in Romania)
twoja stara (4 days ago)
What do You mean ''except eastern europe''? who do you think lives there if not europeans?
shaka (4 days ago)
LagiNaLangAko23 😂 😂 😂 😂
Jeff Cockmann (10 days ago)
gearing up for war?
Lerong Lin (12 days ago)
The world map, is New Zealand being forgotten again?
Florentin (12 days ago)
So sone innocent childrends and the lives of there parents are just some numbers that need to grow up for the goverment to make money...
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Nobody is special. Don't be self centered person. We are just flesh and bone nothing more.
The Raider (7 days ago)
duh where have u been in the 21st century.
Prashant Sharma (13 days ago)
Someone bring one child policy to India. There is not enough air to breathe and it's getting suffocating.
Prashant Sharma (3 days ago)
+Hi Jack I am trying my best to do so.
fatcat_4444 (3 days ago)
Yes please. For the sake of the country
Hi Jack (6 days ago)
Prashant Sharma you can leave if it is that suffocating
Lil Student Loan Debt (13 days ago)
Destroy the factories
FLG LIES (14 days ago)
This old news
Europe needs to pump out more kids
Zhao Zhiyuan (16 days ago)
It fucking ended already months ago
Max Macken (21 days ago)
Why dont they just open the boarders like germany?
Preoximerias (4 days ago)
Kim Jong China isn’t Communist, and Germany would have been a shithole just like the rest of Eastern Europe if it was Communist. The GDP and HDI in Germany today reflect the Cold War with East having less of both and West having more.
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Germany should've been fully communist.
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
China is a communist, you are not.
Caleb Mitchell (21 days ago)
Rarely park artificial ohcqh freedom file flag winner fill evident game.
Enrico Persia (22 days ago)
It's not easy at all to manage almost 2 billions of people i see :D
Haya khan (22 days ago)
Whole need
Steven Zheng (22 days ago)
China is embracing automation right now, so its manufacturing productivity is no longer proportional to human population.
Kalin Dokis (22 days ago)
thanks for pointing out facts.
rubab gunner (22 days ago)
India and chine are gonna scree us all. We are running out of resources.
Bigot Detector (5 days ago)
Too bad people in other "first world" countries throw away and waste more resources than they actually use
Caigen Tan (22 days ago)
ghosttoast (22 days ago)
People are possibly using that second child thing as a buffer now. If they accidentally get pregnant they don't have to worry as much because they sure as hell don't want to risk three if some people can't even afford 2. Also a lot citizens have probably already gotten vasectomies to ensure they didn't have another one as well. The government is stupid for creating this problem in the first place. Learn from their mistakes. This is why history and learning about different countries and their governments is important.
Louis King (4 days ago)
ghosttoast vasectomy? What a bs. None of them get that
Klavier Gavin (6 days ago)
It got implemented a little too late :(
Kill So (23 days ago)
Do what america does, give welfare money to people who have kids they can't afford
marc Lee (23 days ago)
For world domination... Since china will own africa and soon europe once europe will be ally of russia and china.
Amin I (23 days ago)
PsychoPapi (23 days ago)
Have 1 more child in order to over power America.
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Define America
GamingWithAksh (23 days ago)
1 million
E K (23 days ago)
China will be the fastest rising, and fastest falling success stories in history.
Hedgehog Fox (23 days ago)
E K the last Chinese golden age (Ming dynasty) lasted around 300 years and there are several others before that if there is a short lived success story that would be America. 1890 - 202x.
Lee Jack (23 days ago)
So titor is right, ww3 for china is the population issue...
tomato shi (23 days ago)
what Deng Xiaoping do is like Thenos,prevent fell in to Malthus trap
Joe Sikarin (23 days ago)
I thought they already did
Casper G (23 days ago)
if you have 2 wifes can you have 2 kids?
Jay Hahn (23 days ago)
Import billions of mulism and African refugees , problem solved! And world problem is also solved! Please
C61 (3 days ago)
Foreigners commit far more crimes than natives. Why in the world would they want to bring in foreigners?
Cs go giveaway Guy (4 days ago)
Their are 21 million Muslims in China.
azrilia1 (7 days ago)
shut ur fuckin mouth
Haris Ahmed (10 days ago)
Jay Hahn why muslim? There are chinese muslims dumbass
Derek Dilger (23 days ago)
Congrats on almost a million subs
xihang yang (23 days ago)
wait till in the year of the dragon there would be a peak in child birth.
Spencer Xiong (23 days ago)
Bear foot doctor was not the main reason china has so many people. The reason china had so many people was because chair Mao written in his book "people is power" and encourage people to have more kids.
中原マリ (24 days ago)
Nothing will change, look at Korea and Japan, people don't want children anymore.
aldo s (5 days ago)
Kim Jong no
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Do you think South East Asians want to have children's?
I agree, people are avoiding having children due to the time, money and effort in raising kids. Also due to technological automation which is making jobs scarce. Countries which have are less labor intensive are likely to have lower populations and lesser children per household. As more people are intended to gain Marginal Utility of returns from the cash and time saved for themselves.
Carlton (24 days ago)
If only Africa had an one child policy
Prit Singh (3 days ago)
Carlton + I cannot understand why you whites are so much concerned about Africa🤔. If you put all whites living in North America ,Australia, South Africa back to their motherland Europe, you will see there is less difference......Just because whites occupied Australia, North and south America and reduced their population in Europe, they cannot lecture Africans or Asians
Bigot Detector (5 days ago)
+Kim Jong Don't worry, they'll blow themselves up before they even have babies
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Middle eastern countries, especially.
Michael n. (24 days ago)
Chinses leaders : wanting to make sure there will be future generations to oppress.
Michie TN (24 days ago)
LoL. Send in the African "refugees" and support a new migrant "rape Han women" culture, because Diversity is Stench, oops, I meant Strangth, no, Stranghe, darn.
croatiancrow (24 days ago)
Why not bring in immigrants from Africa & the middle east?
Preoximerias (4 days ago)
China is already dealing with Muslims, I doubt they would want more.
ツHogdoglog (5 days ago)
croatiancrow The difference is, Europe deserves all these migrants, especially Germany. I don't think inbetween the 1400s - 1900s, China was taking over literally half of the world, spreading diseases and genocide everywhere they go. However, Europe did it and Germany did this too, so Germany deserves it 100%.
FaQiang Liu (24 days ago)
Because we already did? Great prediction only a bit late, Year’s late
fan matt (24 days ago)
The policy was already ended 10 years ago= =
游秀卿 (25 days ago)
China end it in 2015
Mirko Stanic (25 days ago)
By 2040 economic growth is going to be based on AI and robotics. Aging population and contribute economic growth in these circumstances. Think few more times....
Serag Badr (4 days ago)
In 2040 we might see self driving cars, but robots will take at least 60 years before they start to make a difference...
Mr EHEHE (5 days ago)
In most first world countries the economy is mostly in the service sector it is not that far fetched for almost all of these jobs to be replaced by AI soon in fact we can do it the only problem is that computers are just not fast enough yet for a lot of the tasks, there are people working full time in bringing AI to banking and other sectors and robotics is growing fast too.
Akmal Ahmed (6 days ago)
Kim Jong Actually the top 5 most shrinking population is East Asia with Japan being the first to shrink followed by Korea, Taiwan, HK,Singapore.All of these are e sport countries which have led to many male prefer to be single
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Akmal Ahmed no wonder why white men desperately need Japanese woman when their population is shrinking.
Akmal Ahmed (22 days ago)
Roger Jolly Japan would be the first to be using AI and robots because their population is already shrinking. In fact they're already doing it with their high tech vending machines, automated Japanese restaurants, etc. Our world certainly change but not at the direction we think it did because we still have to be practical. Back to the future 2 prediction was all not practical eventhough we have the technology for most of the stuff already. For example no one predicted 20 years ago that social media would ever be a thing or something like Siri could exist. These are all sci fi stuff in Star Trek.
Fad Vortex (25 days ago)
Why dont they bring african women to China to marry single chinese mens?
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Minorities can be obsessed with Kpop
jorge ruiz (25 days ago)
Lol they should of done this 20 years ago they fuked up big time
Lee (18 days ago)
No they are not
Nickle (25 days ago)
This is what you get when you run socialist pension ponzis. You have to keep getting more people to join the scheme to fund the elderly. Instead what should happen is you need to invest contributions and not spend them creating a debt.
Timothy Love (25 days ago)
Are Chinese men mostly gay?
Allena 09 (4 days ago)
No. But they are fucking ugly.
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Because most white men like the K-pop woman and steals it away from Asian Men from ever producing a Real Asian family.
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
Japanese weeb men and Korean K-pop idols are more gay than human.
Michael Langley (15 days ago)
are you mostly retarded?
Generalissimo Reply (25 days ago)
2019 is the Year of the Pig; the birth rate will skyrocket
J.R. Smith (25 days ago)
Govenments only care about money if there is too many old people then there is more money spent on pensions and looking after them and the younger minority people cannot support the older majority. Same this is happening in Japan. The less people in this world the better and hopefully this will be achieved peacefully.
Hugh Fergusson (25 days ago)
1.8 children per couple please.
Ror R (25 days ago)
why don't import the surplus population from other countries. come on Xi.
DirectX3 (25 days ago)
China should have zero child policy, for they produce nothing but alibabas.
Louis King (4 days ago)
DirectX3 just kill yourself
Hedgehog Fox (23 days ago)
If all the dumb fucks like you had a zero child policy the world would have been a better place.
Allen Wu (25 days ago)
I am Chinese,Child limit didn't end 2016,just loosened it from one child to TWO
Groot Official (3 days ago)
1 cild policy was only in cities . rural china still had 2 children .
Nic holas (5 days ago)
Football Is Life Not all Chinese by ethnicity are Chinese by nationality. I’m Chinese (ethnicity) and yet I don’t know anything about China. Being Chinese by ethnicity does not lend more credibly about China’s policies.
Football Is Life (5 days ago)
Nic holas what else would he mean
Nic holas (20 days ago)
More power to you if you mean you’ve live/d in China or you’re familiar with the policies. But I condemn the concept of stereotyping a whole race of people into one category. Since you felt the need to state that you’re Chinese.
Ti7 Ti7 (21 days ago)
I'm pretty sure you could have more than one child before but there a fee for the extra children.
TimeToGG (25 days ago)
too much CHINESE
Louis King (4 days ago)
TimeToGG nah
Kim Jong (7 days ago)
TimeToGG Are you from Canada
oneday (25 days ago)
Old news. Was introduced in 2016
khary D (25 days ago)
We need to all stop having kids for a minute. The robots will do all the work in 20 years anyway
HD (25 days ago)
China's population is going to PLUMMET in the coming decades.
ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ (25 days ago)
Notice how propaganda forces the 16 cases of some kidnapped women to be associated with the huge country of 1.4 billion. FUD as its called, they have to add the grain of negativity propaganda even if on the first glance an educational video. Imagine if we have educational video on USA cities and then in the middle of it mention some black people in USA violance statistics.
Nico Moraitis (25 days ago)
They’ll need to pay their people to have children...
World's Netizen (23 days ago)
just FYI, this policy/force family planning policy only applied to Han and Han was the only nation/ethnic group exclusively out of the preferential policy that awards bonus points in the national college entrance exams in the past 40 years, which said by some foreigners/CCP's overseas propagandists that the Hans are the supremacists in China. The truth is that the Hans are the slaves.
z4 (25 days ago)
The bloody truth TAT
YorickReturns (25 days ago)
So a country with 120 men for every 100 women still has 'left-over women'? 'Left-over' or too picky? LOL.
YorickReturns (3 days ago)
Most men have pathetically low standards. The only men who are picky are the high-quality ones who can afford to be picky. To women, most men are invisible or don't register as men in their minds. Most men are to women what post-menopausal women are to men.
Sassy Medea (4 days ago)
YorickReturns no the men are the picky ones
Akmal Ahmed (22 days ago)
Andrew Lim Also men die more than women. Men are more likely to be homeless. Men are more likely to be monks. Men are more likely to join the army.If you account all that, the ratio is the same.
Andrew Lim (23 days ago)
Most of the imbalance occurs in rural villages where in some village an entire generation are make up of men. While in the cities, there is less such preference. In fact in some Chinese cities like Shenzhen there are more women and men.

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