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One For The Busters (not intended for normal, decent folk)

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shaun lee (6 months ago)
tiny you gave me hope when all was gone thanks brother for being real and honest respect to you from England have a good and merry christmas
bryan scott (8 months ago)
James stop reading the comments. It's all trolls. No matter what you do there will always be them comments and they will eat you up. Real Gorillaz will email you for info. Keep doing you man. I'm a new subscriber but I can already see what the cause is about. Keep it up brother
bm ak (9 months ago)
Held day certified Geiger counter up to my phone throughout this entire video. The highest reading I got was .0005 mSv. That's less than you would typically receive then living in any modern town, or even living in a home with a microwave turned off. That said, I'm in the middle of nowhere, but modern cell phones pose very little threat.
B Buse (9 months ago)
Well spoken brother! Greetings from Sweden in Scandinavia.
SHELBY MUSTANG (10 months ago)
This Jason Blaha is a fool. Karma will catch up to him one day.
Graham C (10 months ago)
Love this guy and how he articulates himself
Nickolbees (10 months ago)
Well said sir.
Steve Mcqueen (10 months ago)
All kidding aside i could kick this guys ass easy, where does he train? Fuck Piana and Dialysis McKidney
Jason Kings (10 months ago)
SAGEM1A4Me (10 months ago)
He's a legit dude. I respect him. I don't agree with his views on bullying and made a comment on a video in the past sharing my side. He thought enough to reply with a smart and well delivered response. I respect the guy and subbed to him. He just calls it how he sees it.
Jason Lennon (10 months ago)
Amen brother
Russell Forbes (10 months ago)
Real talk, that’s why I always come back. but how do u motivate ur self and get thru the struggles. That’s the biggest gain killer
badass1g (10 months ago)
I can't pinpoint it, but something about your personality REALLY bugs me. Also, what the fuck are you talking about here? Seems like some grown man drama.
MILK (10 months ago)
I know exactly who this was towards. Real Recognize Real. James like my uncle that I never met but somehow i get his advice. Thanks big homie!
Corey Tanner (10 months ago)
Haters Are Soo Weak ... rip rich ...
Eric Rail (10 months ago)
Agreed James :)
shreder youngblood (10 months ago)
We all gotta die eventually better live it up or at least try....
Tuff Bud (10 months ago)
Better to RESPECT the vehicles you have than to glibly "live it up". I do not think Rich Piana respected his body and he has paid the immediate price.
Dblecheez Burger (10 months ago)
I know it has nothing to do with the subject of the video, but I was wondering if you're from the North East? I ask because I'm from MD and everyone I know from Baltimore has a very similar accent.
Tuff Bud (10 months ago)
Thought James was a Canadien. Sounds like one.
Couple Diaries (10 months ago)
R.i.p Rich Piana.
c farkas (10 months ago)
Mr. James , spot on , fucking awesome
And the fucking cowards hide behind thier goofy ass internet names because they got no guts.
Shadowboxe (10 months ago)
Ultimately I think this is addressing those with a lack of empathy coupled with a lack of wisdom/common sense. Empathy allows you to disagree with someone whilst still having some type of understanding of how they might have reached a position or conclusion which differs to yours. Wisdom or common sense has you understanding prevailing dangers but having you take steps to minimize them. So you understand that driving can be dangerous, so you take the time to set up your car mirrors so you have optimal rear and side vision. You understand there may be dangers associated with cell phones, so you keep the phone away from your nut sack and head for the most part using the speakers and hand free options. You realise the dangers associated with PED's so you avoid them or choose natural options derived from nature or you take your chances with minimal rather than maximal doses. But if someone does fcuk up, you can summon a degree of empathy whilst acknowledging that they did nonetheless fcuk up. I hear the message and it makes sense.
Stuart james (10 months ago)
I been following this channel for quite a wile, I don't always watch your videos for the bodybuilding side of things, more often its to listen to what you have to say on pretty much anything because I respect straight talking, I respect what you stand for and what Guerrilla with a cause is all about. I may be over in the UK but I feel apart of the cause and will always do my best to help someone if I can. The world needs more people like yourself. I feel your anger and frustration. It seems every single video these days have stupid repulsive negative comments even when the video is all about positivity. Why do so many people feel the need to try and bring people down and make people feel bad or guilty about there life choices. it baffles me it really does. There is one thing I have learnt over the years and that is to not try and argue with ignorance because they will bring you down to there level and they will beat you with years of experience. instead I choose to argue with positivity, intelligence and facts because that is a battle they will never win. I seen some of the comments about Rich and it makes me sick and angry, and I don't care if they are trying to be funny it is dam right disrespectful and uncalled for. you don't wish things like that on anyone not even your worst enemy. Rich pretty much saved my life and he didn't even know it. When I was at my lowest I was in hospital fighting for my life with the MRSA bug I felt I had nothing to live for, it left me with deep depression anxiety PTSD and seriously low T , At that time I honestly didn't see the point in anything. and I remember the first time I watched a video of his. and for the first time in years I had something to smile about, some people might think that is a bit sad but coming from the place I was, I really don't care if people having negative thoughts on it. He inspired me in so many different ways, he changed they way I looked at the world around me. His positivity had a influence on me and helped me turn my life around starting with getting my testosterone levels back to normal with the help of TRT. I will never forget the words he said that inspired me the most. Don't take anyone's word on anything, question everything and come to your own conclusion, and I never have since. I was told id always be a skinny 115 lb guy and I'm now 200 lbs and have studied everything I could into dietitian health and fitness and for the first time I feel happy with what I have achieved. I don't see anything as a negative anymore just challenges waiting to be overcome, and now I use my knowledge and new found positive attitude to try and make a difference in other peoples lifes. Stay positive and show respect, everyone's actions have consequences so lets make them positive. you might just make a massive difference in someone's life
MrMisterMan (10 months ago)
Hey Ruessel crow whats up man? Oh by the way cell phones dont "emit radiation" they broadcast their signle through RF (Radio Frequency) which by the way has never been to actually cause tumors or cancer. Just sayin' hope we can see you soon in gladiator 2.
Donka Shane (10 months ago)
James is the man. Knowledge is power and he has a ton to share.
Rob R (10 months ago)
Great video. Just great!
Stillriding Trav (10 months ago)
Well said, ut most respect for you and your opinions that you share. Keep up the great work.
Antz (10 months ago)
Nice video Tiny!
Jarrod Kackley (10 months ago)
I don't wish death on anyone. R.I.P. James your a good man.
hellrazor117 (10 months ago)
The sperm count is plummeting cause women pee out oestrogen after using birth control and the commercial filtration cannot pick it up.
Thomas Salley (10 months ago)
It's not even worth acknowledging these ignorant fools James, people that have to come on your channel to bad-mouth someone who they don't even know, (and just passed away!) obviously have issues with their OWN self esteem! God bless brother!
Thomas Salley (10 months ago)
If they admire him for that, at least it's positive, and even though he used gear, he still worked hard in the gym and HE WASN'T AN A-HOLE like some people! But putting the guy down after he's dead is a completely different!
Tuff Bud (10 months ago)
And putting a man you don't know on a pedestal simply because he used steroids and other means to develop a monstrous body is better?
Pitt Steel24 (10 months ago)
Well Said James! Great video and I'm right along with you.
Andrew Schofield (10 months ago)
Great points James. Charles Polliquin suggests you sleep with the phone at a minimal distance of 3ft from your head. Rich you will never be forgotten !
William van Gils (10 months ago)
Life is not about how many years you live. We're brain washed into thinking retirement is when I'm finally going to live life and be wealthy. In the meantime, let's make rash, rude comments from misplaced anger? No Thanks.
Drama (10 months ago)
Yea i just watched a video on how bad cell phones are. They are bad i try not to keep it in my pocket as much now.
PROTOTYPE 444 (10 months ago)
This video left me a little apprehensive.. There will always be haters trying to bring the rest of us down into their misery. I wasn't a fan of Rich, but I can respect the fact that he was true to himself. And that's all any of us can aspire to do. And whatever his ideals were, he acted upon them. He didn't sit on YouTube hating on people that took the initiative to live out their dream. I hope some of you can learn from his example and stop pissing and moaning and go try to DO something.. Anything... Just get of your ass and live your life. It all goes by so quick... you'll regret not having the guts to follow your own dreams, when you were too busy criticizing others, because their ideas didn't perfectly align with your sensibilities. James is one of the few people here that actually gives a fuck. If you don't understand that, maybe you're on the wrong channel.
Robert T (10 months ago)
WTF is up with YouTube ? A couple of bodybuilders pass away and now everyone's on YouTube making these Defensive videos. Athlean-x just did one attacking a commenter for calling him out for not owning up to his steroid use(hormone therapy) to look like he does and miss leading his viewers. He never denied using nor admitted to it. NOW THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!! With Rich Piana gone I'm running out of bodybuilders with balls to watch on YouTube.
robert henderson (10 months ago)
some schooling in thinking outside the box. this is a little philosophy for anyone to chew on. it's bitter truth. might taste bad to some, but is good for you
Michael Wozniak (10 months ago)
You look like a bad MOFO in this video James.
Mellow Bill (10 months ago)
For Christ sake..Cell phones emit non ionizing radiation, not ionizing (look it up if you dont know the difference and why its important) and in minute quantities compared to say, sunlight. This is pure tinfoil hat bullshit. If you're that concerned about your phone, I suggest you start wearing a fucking burqa. Exert from the research. "Numerous epidemiologic studies and comprehensive reviews of the scientific literature have evaluated possible associations between exposure to non-ionizing EMFs and risk of cancer in children (12–14). (Magnetic fields are the component of non-ionizing EMFs that are usually studied in relation to their possible health effects.) Most of the research has focused on leukemia and brain tumors, the two most common cancers in children. Studies have examined associations of these cancers with living near power lines, with magnetic fields in the home, and with exposure of parents to high levels of magnetic fields in the workplace. No consistent evidence for an association between any source of non-ionizing EMF and cancer has been found" Source: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/radiation/electromagnetic-fields-fact-sheet
Darius Hammond (10 months ago)
Thought he went bald for a minute.
PETEY HAZY (10 months ago)
These waves travel at the speed of light if you stopped using your phone. You still would get exposed from the people around you.
PETEY HAZY (10 months ago)
I have taken electromagnetism for my electrical engineering degree and the electromagnetic fields that propagate from your phone are to low to induce harm. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://emfguide.itu.int/pdfs/C95.1-2005.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwjQ1vXggYPWAhVr4oMKHYfnA2oQFghtMBQ&usg=AFQjCNGfc7RBl2N8DCfQNqGM7exGLZZRXQ
Rollin Lachance (10 months ago)
Awesome video james!!!! Keep up the good work!
Clee Hammer (10 months ago)
Hey man great video! Well said! Just wanted to say also, I thought in the first part of the video you had no hair... could not see it in the dark... you should give it a shot man. Shaved bald is beautiful!
Hank Almon (10 months ago)
Well said brother. Well said you speak the truth.
Nathan Kelly (10 months ago)
The lack of respect for these guys deaths is embarrassing. Faceless cowards writing their hateful crap behind a keyboard smh....Rest easy big guys
Kevin Brown (10 months ago)
Well said brother, much respect!!! R.I.P. Rich Piana, true icon and ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding
Jody Wooten (10 months ago)
I agree with that a 100%, unfortunately there are to many smarmy little bitches hiding behind their smartphones, shameless, socially inept nobody's that won't amount to much. Every now and then, those smug ignorant types need to be shut down and shown how unworthy they are to society. If people just tried to be a part of the answer, instead of the problem. Sorry for rambling, SemperFi James
markz800 (10 months ago)
I wonder how many of these ass holes leaving negative comment about what someone is doing to there body and NOT hurting anyone. Drinks and drives putting there self and anyone on the road in danger or maybe death . My GOD I can't stand most people.
Eric Latten (10 months ago)
comparing cell phones to steroids? What a freak'n joke! What s the purpose of trying to be huge? I used to have a mind set like that. Use all that time on something meaningful. Ok you're a beast but, have a heart like a 70 yr old. You're a beast but, drop dead at 50. You're a beast but, u cut your life short. Get a life man. smh.
JOHNNY BOOMBOXER (10 months ago)
cuchulainn1967 (10 months ago)
xxXDeadxxxHeadXxx (10 months ago)
Aleksandar Djordjevic (10 months ago)
He is really pissed .
larry van (10 months ago)
thanks for the video your tje man well said
Jeremy Bolduc (10 months ago)
James TINY VEST i agree brother.. i love your vids your a smart intelligent man, and people who dont have a heart are those who arnt happy with themselves
Biker (10 months ago)
Who teeed Tiny off let the man alone his sound as a pound middle of the road great fella
Gianmarco Greco (10 months ago)
Is he in a cave in this video?
DIESELMAN8V92 (10 months ago)
Amen James well said :)
Richard Svensson (10 months ago)
One of your best statements. 👍🏻 Take care!
wizard 423 (10 months ago)
hell yea tiny, you tell em. so many of gods creatures are against each other its pathetic. we all need to help and love each other and this world would be a much better place. much love to ya brother. .... R.I.P. Rich
Anabolik2k (10 months ago)
Generation pussy, grew up behind an anonymous screen, very brave to pop off at the mouth behind the safety of that screen. In our day, you mouth off, you get slapped. Social media and social justice warriors = Pussification of America. Embarrassing...
Nick (10 months ago)
one of the best vids you've made
Dumb Jason Blaha (10 months ago)
no frills just real talk - James much respect brother.
FitLife (10 months ago)
you ok man? it can't be that bad-----cellphones-really? You may need to see a doctor bro. Now, I do not agree at all with anyone saying anything negative about those who passed, but we cannot let what other people think steer us in any direction. Just live your life, you only have one and it fades each day.
Daniel Montanez (10 months ago)
Preach on brother! Well put!
Yino Wut (10 months ago)
Man, don't let the idiots piss you off, that is part of their motivation. For anyone who is concerned about cell phone radiation, I suggest you check out this potholer54 video- https://youtu.be/qAfKeHB9Gq4 . He has a great video on GMO's called "Genetic Modification -- science vs belief" if you are worried about them too. He cites reputable sources and also does a video on how to find reputable sources too called "Can we trust peer-reviewed papers?".
MrLiamnichols (10 months ago)
well said
RaysMarketingChannel (10 months ago)
Rich did what most wouldn't or couldnt do he shared the good, bad and ugly and left it up to us to do with the info what we wanted. All I know is I got results from following many of Rich's advice and overall his philosophy and personality inspired me at times when I needed to be. Thanks James for the video.
Mean Dean (10 months ago)
I'd rather die than be average. Rich and Dallas were too good to last forever. They are legends now and we will preserve their legacies forever!!
edups (10 months ago)
Listen up you busters!
zaekeon (10 months ago)
Well put James.
Tuff Bud (10 months ago)
James, your analogous argument has a hole in it--we are ALL using a smartphone (yes, one is in MY pocket, though I use headphones to take calls) Including YOU and likely Rich/most bodybuilders. However, I am not using steroids and ALL OF YOU ARE. Steroids have a reputation for making possible temporary enhancements in physical appearance and prowess. They also have a reputation for cumulative negative effects that are not temporary. Please tell me if I am wrong about my assessment and why.
The perk (10 months ago)
Rip big dog#some day you may....
The perk (10 months ago)
Stupid punk computer geeks that cant even break a fucking sweat mowing the grass....just jealous cause they dont have the heart and mindset to achieve a body bigger than their girlfriends...lol....so they blame it all on steroids which they wouldnt have the balls to do...but they wish they could....thats why their on our channels.....
MVelli (10 months ago)
Comparing injecting yourself with massive cocktails of drugs and being put in an induced coma to cell phone radiation, which is negligible and really low compared to ALL of the other radiation we go through daily, is stupid as hell ya dipshit. Are you being serious? You're more dopey than Jerry Ward. A cellular telephone is also important to every day life in 2017. Nothing Piana ever did was important to him or himself. Working out is great but unfortunately all of you that make money off of it on YouTube are a bunch of working class numbskulls. You look like, speak, and have the intellect of a truck driver
MVelli (10 months ago)
sorry man you understand my point though i'm not trying to insult truck drivers, i'm insulting a stereotype of truck drivers
K Fletch (10 months ago)
MVelli I agree with everything you said up until the truck driver part. I am a truck driver, own 7 trucks with 5 drivers. Must be a pretty dumbass truck driver to be bringing in 700k a year.
Tuff Bud (10 months ago)
OK James, I did not actually KNOW Rich Piana...but I've met and chatted a little with Arnold. He was upfront about the long-term effects steroids had on his life. But for him, it was a means to an end. WHO would have heard of Arnold had he not taken that route? Perhaps Piana made the same kind of decision. I simply do not see Piana's special significance that people in here are making him a kind of icon. Did he grow wealthy and gain fame JUST FOR DEVELOPING A MASSIVE, HEAVILY TATTOOED BODY by any means necessary??
bRob (10 months ago)
Andre Lemon (10 months ago)
well said!
S K (10 months ago)
i don't have a smart phone, i have a flip cell phone that is rarely used.. old school, does the job.. i don't need an iphone to be texting and on social media all day like some 14 year old girl.
ray hanes (10 months ago)
He looks like he's in a dungeon somewhere with nothing but the most primitive and heavy weights to lift as ppl from the village bring him whole chickens and goats (still alive) to consume.
Samson Bandy (10 months ago)
Always liked this guy He's smart and wise When i talk on the phone it's always on speaker phone away from my head at arms length I never lay on it my body
Arluvr 1 (10 months ago)
Gotta love the internet it gives pussies the ability to talk shit and feel like a man.
D Mo (10 months ago)
AnalogX64 (10 months ago)
Great video and well spoken. One of the best things about the internet is that it gives everyone a voice. One of the worst things about the internet is that it gives everyone a voice, which includes the whack jobs, and sadly there are too many of those whack jobs out there.
ibkillah (10 months ago)
These people who dedicate their lives to spreading negativity and hate on the internet are themselves living meaningless lives. It goes to show their mindset and how negative and hate filled it is. They like to put people down because of their own self loathing. Put it this way if they were living good, meaningful lives why would they be engaged in petty nonsense? You almost feel bad for them but then you remember, they chose that life for themselves. They're beyond pathetic. And one last thing if their was no anonymity on the internet that kind of behaviour would be virtually eradicated. They wouldn't dream of saying what they say to someone's face. Chances are they'll get a split lip in a heartbeat.
Gw Mcklintock (10 months ago)
Brother, you're talking to the mind numbed snowflakes.
John Jackson (10 months ago)
And I don't feel sorry for anybody punkAss!! Who goes breaks into someone's house, or robs store. Now there there is no fuckung sympathy for that shit!
tommy rosalee (10 months ago)
Such awesome words. My morning coffee and one of the modern day knowledge legends giving out some truth. And hopefully triggering a few snowflakes. Thanks James, hope you're healing well!
mikedeek (10 months ago)
4:50. 😭 Bitch and piss and moan like a little bitch .... like someone with low testosterone lmfaoooo love it
Brandon Mcdonald (10 months ago)
your the man dude 🤙🏻
DJ Khaled (10 months ago)
Bill Goldberg's Dad?
Cellar Door (10 months ago)
People smoke,drink,don't get enough sleep,eat like shit,sit in front of their computers all day,and they lecture lifters because they use peds to improve their performance and gains.
Moby Green (10 months ago)
Don't even waste your time addressing trolls James... it only adds fuel to the fire. Sooner or later they will realize that what they do is just a waste of energy.
Philip Valerius (10 months ago)
Well said James, if people in general had more respect and compassion for those who passed on regardless of what they did or what their doing the world would be a better place, unfortunately there are those who don't think before they speak and like you said how funny would it be if it was them that passed on and everybody was pointing fingers and talking shit about them, " Busters" punk ass fucks!!!!!!!!
Jersey Devil (10 months ago)
The more I watch your videos the more respect I have for you. I'm pretty outspoken in my beliefs as well. I'm glad to see someone on here doing good things for good people. You are an inspiration Mr. Vest.
Chris James (10 months ago)
I think back when steroids were in the news because of baseball and brought in front of the senate panel. This is mostly were the bad name came from. Any drugs sold otc or by rx in societies eyes is ok, wether it can kill you or not. Pro hormones, tobacco, opiates even Tylenol....the list goes on but you get a guy supplementing to healthy testosterone levels and he's looked at as if he's a junkie, abuser and going to kill himself doing this.
"Beer And Bones" (10 months ago)
Yeah. A lot of the comments are really disgusting. Its no wonder these same assholes are the same type that instead of stopping a bad guy beating up an old lady, would rather video it with their phone. Very aggravating.
Clay Allison (10 months ago)
"We're killing ourselves doing it, and we know we're doing it." Yep.
Donut Fitness (10 months ago)
I love this channel man keep doing your thing. One of my favorite channels!

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