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Alabama Boss Tries Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino

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Alabama Boss Tries Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino. When we learned about Starbuck's Unicorn Frappuccino, we immediately thought, "We've gotta get Alabama Boss to try it." So we did. And this is what happened. ___ Check this out!!! http://ratedred.tv/youtube ___ For all of today's stories head over to: http://www.RatedRed.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/realratedred Twitter - http://twitter.com/realratedred Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/realratedred AC - Abby Casey; IG/Twitter - @acoutdoors JW - Jeff Winkler; IG/Twitter - @ThatWinkler PE - Paxton Elrod; IG/Twitter - @paxton_elrod RR - Richard Ryan; IG/Twitter- @RichardRyan ___
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Text Comments (249)
eclipse Sawyer (2 days ago)
1:14 I'd like to give you the gout👅
eclipse Sawyer (2 days ago)
Slagg Magoo (6 days ago)
That Godzilla sound remix sucked.
King M Wu (8 days ago)
you are driving a Toyota 4Runner... you are a fake red neck...
Tremendo562 M. (9 days ago)
u should try dis nuts
edwin semidey (9 days ago)
i love your channel. its so funny and entertaining
Kelpy G (10 days ago)
I thought this drink was nasty as fuck to be honest
zambie hunter (14 days ago)
gay truck
get BeANed (16 days ago)
just imagine working there and only serving basic white chicks then alabama boss shows up
West Wagner (17 days ago)
You’ll get a hint of...... ass*
Kevin Robinson (17 days ago)
What in the ever living fuck is a got damn unicorn frappaccino?
BATTLE FRONT BRO!!!! (19 days ago)
Boss reminds me of Larry the cable guy 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😆😆
Gabriel Xerxes (19 days ago)
A real boss wears his seat belt.
Baba Yagar (23 days ago)
Alabama boss is gay
TSGS Crew (24 days ago)
So basically a kelp shake from spongebob
DJ Kosloski (25 days ago)
In 40 years you could call Alabama Boss, Catfish cause of all them whiskers coming off his face lol
Joel Moore (27 days ago)
Thought you would drive a old Chevy with fat tires
Santiago Poncé (27 days ago)
Hahaha it's Citric-Ass-id lolol
I got a gun ad before the video started it was badass
Ryarios (29 days ago)
You do strike me as a Frappuccino kind of guy.... 🤣
777killad (30 days ago)
More beer reviews
will henley (1 month ago)
Where's your tea and favorite cup lol
Kids TV (1 month ago)
He kinda looks like Kratos from God Of War 4
IDC if he is a republican or redneck. He can get it.
Goob (17 days ago)
Kiara Tyler I don’t understand what you mean. Could u please clarify a little
legend fox (1 month ago)
Dude this is how you join the real gay community
Kevin William (1 month ago)
Most shocking thing was that he doesn’t have a truck
Terribite 170 (1 month ago)
Gayest drink ever. I love it
Raul Arredondo (1 month ago)
lol every other hit like taking a hit of ass ☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂
Güero E. (1 month ago)
Buckle Up!
Cam Couture (1 month ago)
The sad think is I’ve never even been to star bucks there isn’t any near me up in Maine
RomaniaMobil (1 month ago)
Fat bearded bastad You are awesome !
Jack Janosz (1 month ago)
We're is the pickup😂
cmclaybird214 (1 month ago)
sounds like it needs some shine in it
Wolverine s (1 month ago)
Starbucks sucks
Rohith Marthanda (1 month ago)
Links to Music anyone??
Quirky Turtle (1 month ago)
this made me laugh like hell
GrumpyFordExplorer (1 month ago)
"Every once in a while, you'll get a hit of like..... Ass." This had me laughing hard.
Mathew Yuhh (1 month ago)
Alabama boss should start a vlog 😂😂
Chanka Got Ice (1 month ago)
That's some liberal ass shit Starbucks
Wavie Editz (1 month ago)
This dude funny I'm be shitting rainbows
Ben Geist (1 month ago)
Can i get a skinny niller latte and a sweet tea😂
Never stop gaming.co (1 month ago)
Him: "every once and a while you get a taste of.." Me: "ass" Him:"ass" Me: "heh"
Vaping On Gas (1 month ago)
Every once in a while you get a hint of ass”
Austin King (1 month ago)
Bet he fucked his cousin after
Infamous Dago (1 month ago)
No man points for the unicorn.lol
Wortem14 (1 month ago)
Whys boss in a SUV and not a *NICE TRUUUCK*
Aj Settle (1 month ago)
You know your big ass liked it
Evans Bross (1 month ago)
Who else loved his vines
WyattSchamlz 88 (1 month ago)
I thought he’d say it was gay but he’s like imma take 4 of those unicorns and gonna have rainbows out of my ass
Anthony Castillo (2 months ago)
NICE suv??!! What happen to th3 truck
Andrew Whittaker (2 months ago)
Starbucks is a anti military coffee shop. Should be shut down permanently in the United States of America
Ed Spencer (2 months ago)
Causes cancer in the state of California
Ed Spencer (21 days ago)
Boss5slayer234 Man, you tell me and we'll both know.......😆
Boss5slayer234 (21 days ago)
Ed Spencer how can cancer get cancer
Tiny (2 months ago)
Awesome made my morning!!!
Jasper Edwards (2 months ago)
sounds a bit cornish
Jasper Edwards (2 months ago)
surprising you havent been arrested by the police,i remember a women got palled over for eating a apple
jhon doe (2 months ago)
such a dilemma for fat people you know it tastes bad yet your brain says "its food keep eating until there's nothing left"
Lizardo (2 months ago)
Since vine
Tony Anthony (3 months ago)
This guy if Fl^^^ing funny 😂😂
aaronplayz (3 months ago)
That stuff is shit
Chad Nolte (3 months ago)
You and Paxton make rated red love this channel but u 2 the best
Jake Yohn (4 months ago)
Wtf, that’s not a Frappuccino, dodododo member that from that one vine
Dr. Dank (4 months ago)
I thought it would tastnluke cotton candy or something
redd paradox (4 months ago)
Lalalalalalalalaa!!!¡!!!!!!!! " good God,.every once in a while ...you get a hit ...of aaasssss". ... man points lol!!!!!! what part of Al? Leeds here !
Jose Torres (5 months ago)
Is Alabama boss single and ready to mingle
Hoss Ironvein (5 months ago)
these are the kind of drink that just piss ya off
Stratten 45 (5 months ago)
Shoulda took the big truck😂
FBI (5 months ago)
Why are you giving the liberals money?
Kate Marie Edwards (5 months ago)
no man points
Hayden Benninghofen (5 months ago)
Wait he pulled away and wasn't driving a dually extended cab diesel truck?!
Mad Shagger (6 months ago)
Mate, you’re funny as fuck!
Jackson Frame (6 months ago)
“I hope you enjoy it as much as we do” lol so true
MysteriousCatLady (6 months ago)
Josh Childs (6 months ago)
I spit my beer out when "im probably gonna shit rainbows out" Lol
Jas D (6 months ago)
God damn he drank 4 of them that's like a mountain of sugar
Wolf3mate games (6 months ago)
Shoot out rainbows out of my ass
Salvator seeno (6 months ago)
I've been doing YouTube all wrong. These are the kind of videos I should be watching. I never giggled like a little girl so hard when he said he was gonna shoot rainbows out his ass.
Larry Lee (7 months ago)
Mango with a hint of Ass. Sounds like a glowing review.
Keith Kelley (8 months ago)
I’m from Alabama
Coye Allen (4 months ago)
Keith Kelley from Alabama yall. give it up!!
Samuel Clark (8 months ago)
This dude needs a Chevy truck
kdccatgmail (9 months ago)
How can you be a boss rolling up in a Toyota 4runner....just sayin'. M
Spank Me (9 months ago)
Bet you shave your pubes
Stoner Strains (9 months ago)
For 5 days only they have a Zombie Frappacino at Starbucks !!!!!!!!
TheAGCteam (9 months ago)
When I see a guy like this struggling with something like that then I know not to go anywhere near it.
John Kulisek (10 months ago)
Hell Yeah Jeremiah!
Stoner Strains (10 months ago)
Hey i wonder if Alabama Boss and Larry the Cable Guy are Friends ???
Jett Usrey (10 months ago)
Why was Alabama boss driving a SUV ????????????? IM LOOSING IT AHHHHHHHH
Merry Marauder (11 months ago)
Sam G (11 months ago)
I'll stick to Black Rifle Coffee, I think you should too.
Xavier Najera (1 year ago)
Looks like ur really getting into the gay community hahahahahahahabahahahahabababhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
USA ARMY (1 year ago)
If diabetes had a form it would be that
Brenden Perkins (1 year ago)
If he is a red neck dose he own a confederate flag
Bish I’m a donut (1 month ago)
Herman Henson how do you know his skin color huh? I mean I doesn’t even have a pic of himself on here... so tell me, how do you know that he is black?
all beatz (1 month ago)
Herman Henson ....you struggle in life don't you?
Ethan Rhea (1 year ago)
You went to school with my dad
Matthew AZ boy (1 year ago)
Go to hell Starbucks! You want to give 10,000 illegal terrorists jobs to sling your shitty ass coffee? Redneck boy pick your challenges more carefully!
Riley Nash (1 year ago)
Yeah... But say no to hipster bucks. Say yes to BRCC black rifle coffee company.
derek garcia (1 year ago)
How do you know how ass taste like😂
Jonathan Pearson (1 year ago)
"What is this?" "Just suck it"
David King (1 year ago)
Sir I may need to alter your man card, lol 😂 just joking, and most of Starbucks's is not meant for human consumption
Avy J (1 year ago)
"GOOD GOD! Every once in a while you'll get a hit of like, ass and I don't know what it is." 😂
Wyatt Riemenschneider (1 month ago)
Avy J lol
Nice truck!!!
Jared Johnson (1 year ago)
Haven't this guy since vine 😂 subscribed!!

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