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Best Bodybuilding Interviews Ever!

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Discovered an awesome resource of which I was previously unaware. There are a number of great interviews there with some of the golden era legends of the sport. In my opinion, the young man doing the interviewing (he himself a very motivating bodybuilder with an incredible physique) has such a refreshing perespective and obtains the best, most candid interviews I have ever seen. Check out his channel: Golden Aesthetics, and let me know what you think.
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1stGenerationGaming (1 year ago)
You should put a link to either the channel or the video you're talking about in the description box. People are lazy. ;)
Richerd Crowder (1 year ago)
hay bro I'm starting weth l arginine and I love the information man 😁😎
Geronimo Bushleague (1 year ago)
You're awesome. Keep up the great work!
Jamie Carter (1 year ago)
i saw the all those today ,your right great channel and so refreshing
Mike Handler (1 year ago)
Thanks ✌️🤙
bigtonutz (1 year ago)
i subscribed to his channel james he has some great stuff. thanks!
James The Chicken (1 year ago)
what about Vintage Genetics?
Dan C (1 year ago)
does anyone else have a hard time getting jeans that fit? When I buy jeans they are tight round my thighs and calf's but baggy a he'll round my waist.
Ashton Stevens (1 year ago)
Gotta wear khakis
Ever Burning (1 year ago)
Padilla's impersonations are awesomely funny. And, I didn't know Arnold basically was saying "If you ain't first, you're last" back in the 70s, just like Ricky Bobby's dad.
J.J. D. (1 year ago)
frank zane was not humble before he was pro..my father went to high school with frank zane...kingston high school which is now valley west high school..he was a conceided prick all out for himself...stabbed friends in the back....my fathers father owned a pool hall and frank (in high school) used to come in and pose in there because the whole.pool hall was mirrored..ive had 5 older guys tell me frank was a conceited arrogant dick..period ps..this is from men who knew him his whole life from high school to post olympia to now
J.J. D. (1 year ago)
whats TINY's email?
Ashton Stevens (1 year ago)
Discernment (1 year ago)
I'm a Westcoast Wop,but several of my Brooklyn relatives that knew him from the gyms back there have always said DP's 1of the most down earth dudes in BBing
d fernandez (1 year ago)
Maybe in another video you can cover "worst bodybuilding interviews ever"
ty reese (1 year ago)
I definitely agree with you...that was a GOOD interview!
HistoryBuff (1 year ago)
Tiny, what do you think of Artemus Dolgen physique? Talk about a golden era physique! His social media is worth the following.
Sean Ward (1 year ago)
Watched some of the Tom Platz one, that was great. Thanks for the tip Tiny :)
bigtonutz (1 year ago)
def will check it out never heard of this guy...hmmm thanks big james
93NissanAltima (1 year ago)
Definitely was worth a watch, I'm going to try his short term diet of an egg for breakfast, a salad, chicken, and another egg for dinner haha
Kilstardo (1 year ago)
93NissanAltima ....wtf?
mikey777666 (1 year ago)
93NissanAltima that was what you call Today a "crash diet" If you have time just lower your caloires like danny said then pullbyour carbs 14 days. then refill! 💪
Dylan HillTv (1 year ago)
Super nice guy
Rene Jakobsen (1 year ago)
Wauu, your channel is growing fast! Not a surprise at all👍👍
Delbert Cutsinger (1 year ago)
To hear you recommend and being excited about this channel means I will be checking it out next for sure!
Zyhgon (1 year ago)
Urban Cowboy (1 year ago)
Check out Kris Dim..
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
I met Kris Dim years ago - he was at a show I did in Vegas.  I talked with him backstage a good bit until we both left.  I took a liking to the guy right off - I think he is a really good dude and he looked awesome when I saw him.
princess lauren (1 year ago)
do you sell those shirts you sport out on your video
Astral Apophis (1 year ago)
Lauren and lexi channel yup all sizes
Cell-Cultured Meat (1 year ago)
xiAknight001 (1 year ago)
im eating a sweet potato right now and it's real big, but i dont think i microwaved it long enough. do you think i'm able to microwave it after ive already cut it open
Neil Shandles (1 year ago)
twitch.tv/wackaroni Oven's the way to go; 425° pre-heat, then let it sit until it's done. You can tell by how easily a fork/knife passes through it.

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