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My First Line of Code: Linus Torvalds

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June 16 -- Linus Torvalds, who is known for developing the Linux kernel, talks to Bloomberg about his first line of code.
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Text Comments (552)
astral xing (19 hours ago)
Without this man things would be quite different now .
Woofie Play (2 days ago)
Look who put away their bathrobe
Pravoslavni Dildo (6 days ago)
I like his rela table. Get it? Relatable table? No? His messy desk you idiot.
JHlias (9 days ago)
For a sec i though it said first line of coke
rene chavez (12 days ago)
THANKS Linus for the kernel 😀
Рыцарь Тьмы (13 days ago)
is it hard to lie to people that you coded Linux all on your own?
Sergio Dell (19 days ago)
Este loco como sigue tomando meritos ajenos, no hizo nada en mas de 20 años y se cree un dios del codigo, un puto kernel logro hacer solamente y es cerrado, o acaso pueden entrar y ver su codigo?? Y habla del codigo libre, richard es el capo el que hizo todo realidad el que lucho por el codigo libre, la GNU es lo que todos usamos y modificamos, GNU es la estructura libre a la todo tenemos acceso, es el sistema en si, y este payaso ni lo nombra a richard. Acaso cree que trabaja solo en su casa por que el quiere y le gusta?? Es por que richard y el resto ya saben que el solo les robo el merito a todos y que no aporata nada a la causa del software libre, el loco trabaja solo y no cumple las normativas de la GPL.
Jostein Topland (20 days ago)
So Linus uses Emacs... Vim ftw!
Urdu Tech Club (22 days ago)
Mac is linux!
10 print "sara is the best" 20 goto 10
Andy (26 days ago)
Have you ever just LOOK at daddi and decide, "daddi is replace sturgeon?" No/? FUCK YOU. ASSHOLE
ahmed mohamed (28 days ago)
thanks for linux kernel
le tøm_undu3 (29 days ago)
my first line of coke
Tnul (30 days ago)
he is using nano, ha!
Parmesan (1 month ago)
"maybe I'm autistic or something"
Cipher Tester (1 month ago)
Yes Linus is great but lets not forget the people that gave us Unix and C and the GNU project and people involved with that.
Hue Hue (1 month ago)
The day games start to work on Linux is the day where windows will fucking die.
[LIMITED DAYS] (1 month ago)
sudo su make me a sandwich
Mohammed El Ouahabi (1 month ago)
Urmil Shroff (1 month ago)
That T-shirt at 0:57😂😂
Rino Remix (1 month ago)
coding with Gabicci polo... yeah !
Harisanker Pradeep (1 month ago)
Fucking legend
DickDitty (1 month ago)
Linus you bastige, I started out with basic (C64). why didn't I make something out of myself? 🤣👍
Greenball Science (1 month ago)
My first line of code was print("If this is printed this works")
Douglas Fünkler (1 month ago)
What distro was he using?
José RF Junior (1 month ago)
Master Linus !
_ _ (1 month ago)
Joe M (1 month ago)
Who's first line of code wasn't; print('Hello world!')
Shashank Adluri (1 month ago)
Ok, what is is in his computer?
Marcus Forte (1 month ago)
love his desk
ObsoletePowerCorrupts (1 month ago)
WinWAR (1 month ago)
I thought it Sayed Coco lol so stupid
TechTac (1 month ago)
Just like me. Love my DELL SK-8115. Keyboard noise when coding is music to my ears.
Manoj Kumar (1 month ago)
DELL WK117 with music to my ears.
Kel Kun (1 month ago)
At the beginning I read "my first line of coke" and I was like shieet man!
TFG_ 85 (1 month ago)
He looks like tom scott
Moe K (2 months ago)
How humble of him. Like he’s unaware how much his code rocks earth every minute.
Deadrin (2 months ago)
What a slow typer.
ReppoH33G (2 months ago)
"I dont know, maybe I'm autistic or something" - Linus Torvalds 2k15
Jeong-hun Sin (2 months ago)
He works with a single monitor?
Nagarjuna Pamu (2 months ago)
What is the keyboard that he is using? What brand?
Bezzegh Adam (2 months ago)
Windows Vista > any Linux
ClockworkHex (2 months ago)
install gentoo
RENOVATIO (2 months ago)
What is the keyboard model he is using?
S Dz (2 months ago)
10 PRINT "SARA IS THE BEST" 20 goto 10
mohamed emad (3 months ago)
linux is the best os ever !!!!!
Arun Prabu (3 months ago)
What a Legend
Sunny Dsouza (3 months ago)
He also created Github
I.P. Knightly (3 months ago)
Same project for 25 years? When's he going to finish it?
Akaihiryuu77 (3 months ago)
He's originally from the Swedish speaking area of Finland, I expected him to have a lot more of an accent than he does.
“Idk I may be autistic.”
Alitrux (4 months ago)
My first program was an operating system written in binary using a magnet on a hard drive.
Marvelous Marv (4 months ago)
The way he talks reminds me of Dr. Strangelove.
Zabeus (4 months ago)
I used Linux from Slackware 10 and never saw a picture of Linus until now.
akash yadav (4 months ago)
there's something about coding which only true programmer can feel and understand.....the feeling when u code...that happiness...that passion...that moment when u feel like u r living that code u r see it happening visual though it's only text... it's just a divine feeling for a programmer...it makes forget any other thing happening outside in the world...u become part of it...and the end...a program is discreet and complex piece of text which is the proof of the love a true programmer..!!!
Clayton Rego (4 months ago)
He has a few social cues indicative of high-functioning autism.
Kai Borniger (4 months ago)
This is a nice feelgood video. I thought my first code line was something like moveq.l and when Linus mentioned VIC20 I thought his might've been MOV, but then I remembered it was BASIC too. That's why code commenting is important. People forget to forgive, while computers do neither! When can people be trusted? Depends on give and take and time and observation.
- (4 months ago)
25 years?
Jimbo Bimbo (4 months ago)
Not only initiated he Linux, but also the versioning system GIT, that - again - pretty much the whole world is using by now. The man's legacy to the software industry is astounding.
Chr (1 month ago)
Jimbo Bimbo This Guy is a genius
DolphinsWIthIgloos (4 months ago)
Logic gets you everywhere with computers. It gets you to the doghouse with women.
Joshua Hagen (4 months ago)
Yes, you are fucking autistic, Obviously.
Kucing Kucing (4 months ago)
without linux my phone will not work😮😮😮
Justin Hammer (4 months ago)
“You can tell your computer exactly to do and it will do exactly that and nothing else” -I can say that never seems to be true
el rumi (4 months ago)
Hail Unix
Jae duk Seo (5 months ago)
LOOL the legend himself
René Mujica Moreau (5 months ago)
CM Storm QuickFire Rapid, nice keyboard
José Campillo (5 months ago)
What about Elon ?
Martin (3 months ago)
José Campillo What about Elon?
Zulham S (5 months ago)
what's linux distro,,he use?
Chexier (5 months ago)
he stopped using fedora?
skankhunt 42 (5 months ago)
Bob Lin (5 months ago)
this guy is the smartest guy I never know, show all my respect to him, thank you for all this amazing linux for everyone
Benny Hill (5 months ago)
So this is the father of the software of supercomputers? Man, he seems to humble and his office so simple for the impact he's had in the world.
Jeremiah Fernandez (5 months ago)
if i remember correctly, my first line of code was cout << "go fuck yourself"
Jay Lane (5 months ago)
That desk though.
Mihai Lazar (5 months ago)
What's with a 360p upload in 720p
bhatt jagdish (6 months ago)
Just a small room with cheap but working pc and a hardworking programmer is all it takes to build the most powerful and secure os(or software) in the world
The Firehawk (6 months ago)
Linus could now start over again so he could avoid all of the errors we now know all operating systems have
UraniumTube Gaming (6 months ago)
Torilla tavataan!
Hunter Bowman (6 months ago)
Hello World!
Ardi iPhone (6 months ago)
Father of Linux
H3000 (6 months ago)
they should have shown some actual code when he was talking about seeing code, instead of some man pages and compilations in progress
Trilobyte (6 months ago)
Damn get this boy a key with fancy lights and monitor as big as a swimming pool....
Paul Potter (6 months ago)
That sounds and looks a really nice keyboard.
Josqu (6 months ago)
Is Linux way to speak english more American or englisch -style or something other? Iam not a native englisch speaker so I would like to know which kind of accent he speaks because his langauge is so easy to understandt for not natives.(Even my German-Grandma can follow his words...)
Questionable Things (6 months ago)
Step 1: Plagiarize 90% Unix kernel Step 2: ????? Step 3: success.
Megabyte (6 months ago)
I called it I knew it was gonna be print something
TheMightyGamer7 (6 months ago)
Aaron Brailsford (6 months ago)
"The computer will do exactly what you tell it to" - apart from when it's speculatively executing code you didn't ask it to. Right, Intel?
leetlikelime (6 months ago)
important to note is that someone at intel wrote the microcode, too. Thats why they got lambasted in the LKML by Linus.
Martin Stu (6 months ago)
linus is a soy-boy cuck who yells at volunteers who maintain linux kernel. fuck people like him.
Alex Tol, van (6 months ago)
Why did he start so late?
Martin (3 months ago)
Alex Tol, van Because computers were not as abundant as they are now...
brende the dev (6 months ago)
Linus? Umm isn't it Linux?
Martin (3 months ago)
Missing Link (6 months ago)
Thanks for git, man!
internweb (6 months ago)
2018 and i still use windows
Poxod Tech (6 months ago)
coding is easy :p
Paco Maco (6 months ago)
Glad he took the time to clean up the place before showing it to half a million people.
toferj (7 months ago)
10 print "..." 20 goto 10 Was my first program too... On a TRS80 when I was in 2nd grade.
Nether Noah (7 months ago)
My computer used to be a windows system. It now runs ONLY Linux.
Neisor (7 months ago)
Well Linus actually needs mechanic keyboard because when he goes to computer he probably writes a lot of code... I think.
Sam Slim (7 months ago)
What distro he uses ?
Tareboss T. (7 months ago)
wtf downrated this???
Dagoth Ur (6 months ago)
Bill Gates
jark ernark (7 months ago)
I love him
ambar Chakravartty (8 months ago)
which BASIC editor is used in the video
leetlikelime (6 months ago)
emacs, its a CLI text editor like vim but more annoying

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