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Testosterone Myths: Will Using Testosterone (TRT) Cause Hair Loss?

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William Gombar (16 days ago)
Can you take testosterone if your already on propecia?
Leon Tan (29 days ago)
You look young for 55, buddy.
Michael James (1 month ago)
been doing test since you were 19. is that not 30-40 years too young?
Jason Scharrer (2 months ago)
You think certain medications can cause hair loss? I've been on T for 7 years and had full head of hair when I started. Was on the awful drug adderall for a 1.5 years and noticed my hair going thin and a bald spot in middle of head that I never had before. Stop the adderall about 2 years ago and hoping/believing that the hair loss has stopped.
(((Only_ZuuL)))) (2 months ago)
i'm 36 and about to start TRT dose test undecanoate 100mg per week. i have a full head of hair but very dry and flakes. my dad still has full hair in his 60's his dad was balding in his old age. my mothers brother was balding in his middle age and her dad was balding in his old age. should i be concerned about hair loss? i might use low dose of anavar and deca with the testosterone further down the road..
(((Only_ZuuL)))) (2 months ago)
Michael R. thanks so much for this great reply. i appreciate it. and good point there..yeah i probably would have been losing it already at age 36. my high levels of stress, depression, anxiety and mental breakdowns hasn't had any negative effect on my hair so far. only a bit grey. i am doing as much research as i can before i do my first shot. thanks. from melbourne, australia.
Michael R. (2 months ago)
You are 36 (me too), so if you were super genetically predisposed, your hair loss would have probably started by now. Especially when your consider your family history. If you told me that you were 18, I would have told you that 'yeah', you are probably going to have an issue. ..I'm kind of in the same boat. Every man on my mother's side of the family have major hair loss. My grandfather was completely bald and uncles all have/had the horseshoe. But I still have my hair..which I am very please with, since I have had very long hair my entire life (mid back length..always pulled back though. I just don't have the courage to chop it off hhe). I am one of those people who experienced a little bit of receeding early on, but it never progressed. Kind of like a rounding of the hair line. Some people call it a maturing of the hair line. Believe me, if I was losing my hair or receeding, I would shave my head. Nothing looks worse than guys with long hair who are balding and trying to hang on to it. I think that my hair line changed around 18 or 19..but it could have been puberty. I just remember some shedding way back..and then my hairline was different. But it never changed after that. Test around 200 to 300mg per week for the last 5 or 6 years hasn't impacted it at all. Good luck, captain. Greetings from Canada.
tpfmike1976 (1 year ago)
I'm on trt now.. I have full head of hair no baldness on either side of my family. I'm having issues with high estergon. dr wants to put me on arimidex. afraid if hair loss with that. o.5 mg once a week
Brian D. (1 year ago)
will taking propecia help lesson the hair loss
TRT Revolution (1 year ago)
Hey Man...it still comes down to genetics. Propecia 'might' slow it down a bit. But it's not a cure all to stop hair loss. Plus with Finasteride-or any 5AR inhibitor there are potential sexual side effects. Have to experiment and see how it works on you.

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