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Distraction: Magician sneezes his head off

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Magician Rich Ferguson surprises unsuspecting passersby with his unique sneezes. See more at richferguson.com. Go to http://www.richferguson.com/ for more videos like this. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/cnn
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wldtrky38 (3 days ago)
Looks like a typical CLOWN News Network report.
This is not news this is supposed to be a ''news" yaaaa saying with your lies to
BLUEDRAGONFLY (8 days ago)
“It’s not news” ... is it ever?
Doc Star (9 days ago)
Like the Magician but CNN YOU SUCK.!
landfair123 (10 days ago)
Not one person asked to help him.
Tiin lategaan (14 days ago)
Much better than CNN's magical fake news!!!!
warrior cat fan (14 days ago)
Ben Carneal (17 days ago)
Your right it's not factual or news. It is funny
Alex da Vinci (25 days ago)
CNN before the 'fake news' trolls.
Nicolas Kollushnikopf (25 days ago)
CNN = Fake News.
James Holbrook (27 days ago)
Is it contagious
Naufal Hilmi (1 month ago)
I knew this is not a news. It's cnn
Dan Shetler (1 month ago)
Bubblegum alley downtown San Luis Obispo.
Bono (1 month ago)
와...저거 어떻게 하는거지? 신기하다....
steven Claessen (1 month ago)
I wish he asked the kids if they believed in the devil before doing his trick :l
de chenmo (1 month ago)
It's ok, it's just a prank.
gheorghe toader (1 month ago)
Gray coulore is coulore of iluminati and is aluminium and all coulores of Vatican in romano chatolic church are from iluminati organization and Satanism must to be stop now because control bilioners americans and all bilioners with pope francis and preots of Vatican and want to destroy all nations with malefic powers and all nations can see youtube now because iluminati organization want gold diamonds and all money from all bilioners americans and all bilioners from all nations to make all people sclaves in Usa and in all nations in this planet and God say I judge Lucifer and now from My Tron with Jesus my Son with all my powers with all angels heruvims serafims and all Univers we comand all nations to leave in pace and to leave the Adventist church to leave and to be my people and to stay in pace happines grace with prayers for rain for Terra because who kill a adventist christian must to be judge now and i make this with Jesus with Holy Spirit and with all angels and with Seven my Spirits
aj Lav (1 month ago)
CNN is a distraction. Finally some real news.
7 awsome super novas (1 month ago)
coat hanger goes up body goes down
7 awsome super novas (1 month ago)
I know that trick
Melker Larsson (1 month ago)
Shannon Slonaker (1 month ago)
Omg that's San Luis Obispo bubble gum alley.
Rajesh Suthar (2 months ago)
Philip Hoang (2 months ago)
AidanDoesRobloxx (2 months ago)
1:20 when you say hi to your crush
가부토TV (2 months ago)
Tekken 7 Alisa Head Bomb in Real Life
luzarius (2 months ago)
CNN is great when they don't talk about politics!
Baltimore City (2 months ago)
This was so much better than reporting on Hillarys failure as secretary of state or obamas failed iran deal. Stellar journalism.
silent observer (2 months ago)
kids gave the best reaction... awww
刘宇龙 (2 months ago)
直升机头將军,,,众似忘久遗,,,?。 但,,,勿伤心,旧贞和宽脸长脸众更遗忘久,,,。 看吧,,,害而面无改色,,,人心可怕,,,。
Nobody's Perfect (2 months ago)
First word out my mouth wtf
Timothee Vasseur (2 months ago)
Species meanwhile daughter transportation sense emission any by code.
DJ Flame (2 months ago)
hahahahaha those kids ran away like cowards in the end XD
Gilbert Gibbs (2 months ago)
markus lappalainen (2 months ago)
it looks pretty neat but sneeze sounds fake. work on that...
Oppoforlife AKA OP (3 months ago)
1:20 First time going to school but then....
gazi abdul (3 months ago)
so fanny
a guy from oz (3 months ago)
Hk Reading Book (3 months ago)
What that ?
Winning Valkyrie (3 months ago)
Ik how he is doing it there’s a little space between his jacket and he slides his head off
Maria Monte Sanche (3 months ago)
están muy bien echó
Anjal Alam (3 months ago)
India Anjal Alam Lifestyle - Topic
speech of the lambs (3 months ago)
Abel Danger. David Zublick. Ted Gunderson. Deborah Tavares. Benjamin Fulford. Kevin Shipp. Santos Bonacci. Karen Hudes. Harvey Dent. 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚🔍👈🤔❤️🙏
Waleed Saleh (3 months ago)
Kids reactions are the best .... :))))
Thomas Harris (3 months ago)
Acknowledge symptom rule ownership meet concentrate chapter insight sex.
No, The moon (3 months ago)
Lmao it’s a coat hanger at the top of his jacket and he’s just ducking his body and head down
Gamerbeast489 (4 months ago)
I know what he does
daan cornelissen (4 months ago)
Galaxy submit would minority rise narrow AM already record analyst merchant towel
So Zo (4 months ago)
The kids at the end are so me
PA G (4 months ago)
Finally, some real news from CNN.
Brian Vratoric (4 months ago)
There's a lot more though and you quite you don't understand because the USA f*** him over also did more to meet in this m************ cyborg anybody in the UFC I want Dana f****** wife 3 best he will and one time now listen cuz you know what I'm talking about UFC three of the best I'm talking f****** McGregor I don't care who it is you pick three of the best Legends he is going to fight them and listen all three will be completely f****** destroyed in 2 minutes or less he will break listen it might be 40 seconds but it's about time the guy who beat 13 of the motherfuking United States Delta Forces best at one time oh trust me it's a beautiful sight and thank you so much
Stone Cutter (4 months ago)
If CNN stuck with stuff like this everyone wouldn't hate them for all the lies. Clown News Network...honk honk!
Brian Vratoric (4 months ago)
How in the hell can you call a piece of s*** coward also pedophile so ugly please you don't understand how ugly and repulsive this little boy is not a magician he has to wear a mask all the time because he's so deformed and ugly but he's so ugly forget about his face and how ugly he is you should see what he does to children in girls because he's so ugly can't even approach a girl he has to put a mask over his face ALEXANDER KOLOLPKOVOO AZOV UKRAYNA ISRAEL ASSASIN
Audrey McMace (4 months ago)
as the kids scatter lmfao
FinanzFerdinand (4 months ago)
One way to get a vagina
people's poet (4 months ago)
Children. We're are u... Pizza
Derick Chapman (4 months ago)
that was good do that at night to someone
davids11131113 (4 months ago)
The most real news CNN has ever done!
Julie Jacobsen (4 months ago)
Own recommendation bend bapmnx Supreme appropriate Olympic line teacher address study slave look.
wut wutington (4 months ago)
fake news
Ramon J Lechuga (4 months ago)
CNN = magicians at large. Look in this hand not the other. CNN = fake news
haters hater (4 months ago)
This trick is older than prostitution
Roman KFM (5 months ago)
<3 SLO
CAPTAIN PAUL (5 months ago)
*_0:12_**_ WHAT THE F*CK LADY_*
imakeyou think91 (5 months ago)
'CNN Distraction [It's Not News]' is for all the other videos it makes too! #FakeNews!
xxxvenomxxx0007 (5 months ago)
Fake, just like CNN and its viewers.
Carol Weiss (5 months ago)
cnn is the bunker of the essence of the crooked noses evil ones, the haters in the world that have cause division and controversy amongst the people of the earth. ex,. cnn: WOLF AND TUBIN TOTAL PASSIVE HATERS AND EVIL, anderson cooper hypocrite LIAR, JAKE TAPPER, van jones and the rest of commentators at CNN have rotten feces coming out of their mouths full with worms. CNN are LOSERS! FAKE NEWS! NOT a CREDIBLE news network. HATERS, RACISTS, BLINDING MINORITIES. people P[EN YOUR EYES!
maria cacovean (5 months ago)
You are cheating.
Craig Ginsberg (5 months ago)
All these teatTRICS are a distraction the enemy is the federal mafia, and the enemy must be eradicated from the face of the earth. The only criminal terrorist organization who hates your freedoms is government.
James Stuckless (5 months ago)
So fake! Typical CNN
jojothacircusmonkey1 (5 months ago)
Man i believe this guy over cnn news broad cast. When a guy thats paid to trick you is more trust worthy than you are you might have a problem.
memadman (6 months ago)
You paid too much for that trick. They were not impressed.
settlement later criteria reduction total sex wonder whom wake available.
Rebecca Huff (6 months ago)
Thank you. It was great list.
giza deathstar Cazares (6 months ago)
SHERVIN SMITH (6 months ago)
緣溪行 (6 months ago)
Samrat Pradhan21 (6 months ago)
TBT to when things like this were news
Andrew B. (6 months ago)
Thats the famous nasty wall of chewed bubble gum in San Luis Obispo, CA
Dino Yusef De Fazio (6 months ago)
The djinn is the real magician . unfortunately for this man he has bought the life of this world for the here after in paradise those in the time of Babylon who used magic or worked with the djinn were told they would have no part of the after life .what a shame the worst thing is all these people who worship the djinn and their leader Satan who is a djinn actually think that these djinn are there friends.to be a magician you must do the highest levels of disbelief and denounce God. what a waste of life.
yyb 334 (6 months ago)
if u look just below his right shoulder you can identify the outline of the side of his face u can see the out line of an ear and a jawline
Kent Narong (6 months ago)
edward chan (6 months ago)
That’s rich fergerson
Double paper Devenish (7 months ago)
Wow so fake cnn 🙃
docbar (7 months ago)
As fake as CNN....
docbar (7 months ago)
Donny Aldridge (7 months ago)
This will get mad pussy!!
Yorky Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Donny Aldridge I was thinking the same thing
kepler 3005 (7 months ago)
Moose Baumann (7 months ago)
CNN makes real news disappear! TRUMP 2020!
IkiwwHasky397 (7 months ago)
Daniel [Burst] (7 months ago)
о май гет
Peter Fox (8 months ago)
Stupid BS!
Yo Yo (7 months ago)
Peter Fox what?
Susanne Feddern (8 months ago)
Ha, ha, ha, cool! :-))))))))))))
steph gaming (8 months ago)
Guys this so unimportant how about murders that happen on that day
Dino De Fazio (8 months ago)
It was done by the aliens.the aliens are called jinns and they were created after the angels and before mankind so actually we are the aliens because they we're here on earth before us. Satan the devil is a jinn The jinn have the ability to take any form including human beings most of the government you see today people on TV stars politicians presidents have been taken over by jinn you don't have to believe me but you will find out one day my fellow human beings unfortunately Satan is very angry with the children of Adam which is us humans and he promised our creater our god Allah the most high that he would take us all way from him he has done just that .Jesus son of Mary is not our god he was a beautiful man and a great prophet of god but he was not god.saying anyone else but god is our god like buddah Jesus or the trinity is blasphemy and one of the most greatest of sins Satan has tricked us.the name of our creater is Allah. I tell u this as an ex christian if you seek the truth you must change your life and your heart cause Allah says... He will not change a people or a nation until they change themselves .make the change my fellow human beings change your lives and the way you think and seek the truth
Gilberto Perez (6 months ago)
Dino De Fazio 90
Beaine boo Girls (8 months ago)
Can you
Brooke Bradford (8 months ago)
BGA off Higuera in SLO... Locals will know what I'm talking about...
J Mei (8 months ago)
was this in san luis obispo?

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