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Great News (3 months ago)
Before you say this is a cure, you better try it on a Lyme patient. You “think” is not good enough. It’s not enough. It will not even kill Lyme. This is so wrong to tell people this. While they trust your advice, it will go neurological which is really dangerous. You say this but you should eat your words and retract this video! You hurt many folks this way!
Mona Williams (4 months ago)
What a racket!Lyme created so many jobs reduced the population and lined the pockets of big pharma and the insurance companies get a pass. Wow what a plan😯
UrbanExplorer1000 (4 months ago)
olive leaf good for viral infections and candida not sure about lyme
hearts ash (7 months ago)
She said the word 'dis-info' when she ment to say 'misinformation'
Debbie Billirakis (7 months ago)
OHIO!!! The biowarfare type Lyme Disease was released from Plum Island RH. BIOCIDIN LSF the very minimal to use for a protocol. It's base dies have olive leaf oil. Strengthens cells to allow protocol to help fight Lyme. This isn't enough info and incorrect info. The treatment is 6 weeks minimum. Use BIOCIDIN LSF & Oreganamax P73. Rebuild your immune system. No easy task!!!🤕
Jen Stewart (8 months ago)
If anyone does do olive leaf extract, they need to take 750 mg 3x's/day.. not 150 mg like she said. And, NOT from Walmart.. too many fillers/harmful additives. Order it from Bulk Supplements on Amazon.. pure olive leaf. I'm unable to take antibiotics, so i take it, along with other herbal supplements, anti-inflammatory diet and soon will be doing ozone treatments.
Valerie (8 months ago)
Cats claw is often combined with the olive leaf extract.
RadicalRalph Russo (10 months ago)
facein the tree.Thank you for your effort and speaking up on the spooks putting this shit together.It comes from Plum Island Bio weapon research Island in NY!...Not sure if you are a Mormon but B4 I would mention that filthy Pig Mitt,Take a look at his corporate,Compasion!ty73s---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgbkUID5ms0
Mommies Frugal Finds (11 months ago)
Olive oil helps but understand that it can get worse not better at first. It causes bad headaches, sinus pressure, etc. If u can get thru all the bad stuff and stick to it it can help.
Ncyim (1 year ago)
I've contracted multiple times: as an STD; from flea bites; from mosquito bite. Check out Bill Walsh PhD and take on it with Pyrrole Disorder.
Vicki Kewley (1 year ago)
I have gotten rid of LYME Disease. By doing a detoxing first then Penicillin, then I did the Olive Leaf extract ( up to 1700) then backed off slowly. And I am now free of everything (I wiped out all the childhood shots along with it). And I'm 70 years old and feeling GRATE !!!!
Vicki Kewley (1 year ago)
What kind of ati-byotic should they take?????
howsithngin (1 year ago)
CDC= good enough for government work! I used to believe in them. I was mistaken.
jani sue (1 year ago)
I have suffered from Lyme disease for 5 yrs. Just finding out now. Just curious how you know this bacteria was made in a lab? I believe something like this happened but am just curious where you got your information? I am suffering so , nothing is working. I am trying to raise my 15 year old daughter and she doesn't understand why I am in bed all the time. I thank you so much for this information. Where can I find a Dr. to give me IV therapy and will insurance cover this. I have Bartonella.
Robby B (4 months ago)
jani sue Antibiotics will help initially but will eventually make it much worse. Drs don't know what to treat Lyme with so they use antibiotics. It gives patients a false sense of healing. Try these things: Organic wild Oregano oil p73, youtheory turmeric, NOW Calcium D-glucarate, Dr. Clark's Super W formula, (wormwood) and Dr. Clark's Clove capsules. (type these items into Amazon.com search bar exactly how I have them written here. I have Lyme disease and I have been helped tremendously with these herbs/supplements. I also take a TwinLab Daily One vitamin, enzymatic therapy ultimate iron, magnesium, potassium(most people don't get the 4700mgs needed per day), and I do light exercise when I'm able to...(piyo is great!) Research for yourself here on YouTube, you'll find many other things that may help as well, cats claw, rosemary, many herbs to aid in detoxing and healing. Everyone is different and responds differently to various treatments, you may find some things work better for you than others, but it's all trial and error, these are not drugs so they are safe to try. The oregano oil is amazing and is a MUST! Best wishes to you and God bless! If you have any questions about my story, feel free to email me at robbyc219@gmail.com.
Zealth Steel (2 years ago)
you usa government is killer
alex hammer (1 year ago)
They are busy killing Australia now..
Christian Bailey (2 years ago)
leak plop Kasai oalpaoapoLw
prettybones8 (2 years ago)
What about oregano oil from wild oregano leaf? Which is better? Or should the two be taken in conjunction?
NYROCKERCHICK1 (2 years ago)
I V ROcephin helped now cerftin antibiotics but I am on months!!!!still joints hurt eased a touch can't walk, I will try this I guess I should say thanks to Mitt and Paul Ryan just STOP bashing Trump,please good luck research PLUM ISLAND NY Lab 257
Marta Miron (2 years ago)
Geoffrey Steiner (2 years ago)
i fought the lying cdc since 1990. minnesota healthliars too.
Geoffrey Steiner (2 years ago)
none of this will kill it in the brain , my minnesota llmd since 1993 does 2,4 million 2 butt shots 1.2 million each since 2011 i got 4 months injections same day every week ,7 different yrs, of my 32 yrs lymes got it 12 times my ranch here minn in the center. geof
NYROCKERCHICK1 (2 years ago)
Go on Amazon.com Pinneli brain cleanse in a glass put drops with water, also minocycline antibiotic with plaquinal helped me took years!
Geoffrey Steiner (2 years ago)
since 1993 97 2011 -15 my llmd dioes 2.4 million bi cillan dr horrowitz does his patients too my dr did for me 4 months one day week usually 8 weeks. olive leaf i take 2 x for yrs too .so its 2 injections 1.2 million bi cilan gets thru blood brain barrier . olive oil org none naturals ever kills it all in us chronic 12 times my 32 yr history . sick of liars that cures are there they can hide even 19 yrs come back out oh hiding sick again . liars
Ness Lock (2 years ago)
what kills it in the brain?
Geoffrey Steiner (2 years ago)
32 yrs getting lymes 12 times ,26th yr minnesota lymes advocate ,its not new , 1912 switzerland how about atze man 5,000 yrs dead recently found in his gut, i take olive leaf 3 yrs now,every day oil orag, p 73 yet nothing kills it deep in tissues ,they hide can come back like a friend back in usa christmast to visit family , ten yrs later came back,proven tick within hours is in brain ,after first lymes 1984 till first treated ,told fibro ,6 drs later ,i know here minn 26 deaths now..chaplain geof cushing mnn. treat today is 4 to 6 weeks 100 mgs doxy 2 x with yeast fighters for a year.
Gorgi Gris (2 years ago)
One more think, my Doctor check me for syphilis ,which is similar to Lyme, so the problem is very compels and folk remedy will not help
Gorgi Gris (2 years ago)
Thank You to all Lyme Fighters .My experience and opinion is that You must do Golden standard test for Lyme disease.This is only prove that You have Lyme otherwise in most cases it is miss diagnose .Symptoms of Lyme are very similar with many autoimmune diseases, different neurological problems cause by medicine Infection can happen parallel with other germs or viruses .I recommend IV vit.C
Christian Bailey (2 years ago)
Dr. Elizabeth Martin (2 years ago)
+Gorgi Gris What in the world is the "GOLDEN STANDARD TEST FOR LYME DISEASE" ????? Why waste people's time and give no useful info? sheeeeeeeeeeeesh...
I believe that this bug was taken from nature and they make a germ warfare weapon from it. I believe most people that are bitten by ticks are exposed to natural lymes and it is no matter what American science says is contagious,I caught it from my husband. Now it's best to use 3 different herbs olive,cats claw and tesil rotate them each week.
olivier753 (1 year ago)
hello what is youre protocol for lyme ? can you help me thanks
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+Alexandra violetbabygirl The government created lyme on Plum Island, NY, infected the ticks and turned them loose. It is sexually transmitted, babies are born with it if mother has it. It can lie dormant for many years before it activates in a body. Sometimes if you have a traumatic event in your life, a surgery, wreck, death in family, it causes it to activate. You need an integrative doctor, or a trained doctor in lyme. (LLMD). Antibiotics long term plus many natural supplements required to get it into remission. Treatment could take longer than a year. I've heard of 2-3 years and more.
Nancy M (2 years ago)
Also try Cats Claw and Ledum 1M homeopathic also N Acetyl Cysteine
Dissolving the Dream (2 years ago)
Thank you for stating your view clearly that Lyme disease is a conspiracy against humanity. Although I am unsure of whether or not it is true, the evidence is strong that it is so, and very few people are taking the bold stance in accusing the authorities for their role in the creation of Lyme disease, the suppression of the cure, and keeping the public ignorant of just how serious it is. There is no debate about the last one.
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+Adam Rose right - conspiracy against humanity is a term that fits for sure!
Gorgi Gris (2 years ago)
I try everything.....over 30 herbs,Ozone therapy, ....I spent so much money....for me worked only intervaines Vit C, 50gr from MD,,,doctors office,,,The problem is in the Diagnosis ,How do You know that You have germs in Your body that cause Lyme disease? Nobody insulate the spirochete from sick person but from tick.....
Transcended Soul (7 months ago)
Can you list the doctor please and if possible provide any proof?
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+Gorgi Gris You can get it sexually or be born with it, Also get it from blood transfusion as blood supply is contaminated with unchecked blood donations. Any biting insect can infect you too, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, spiders. If your dog or cat has it, you can catch from their saliva.
Shazi Rayhana Bey (3 years ago)
I usually don't replay in YouTube blogs but this time i just wanted to make note that every good person that try to share good information to the public there is allays 10 people that will try ridicule the information and these people that are known to be trolls don't even take the time to do their home work, every information or tip is just that, we all the responsibility to do our own research and to make our own decisions, now just using the google search i copy and paste a little about the benefits of the Olive leaf extract, feel free to read. PD: Excellent treatment for viral infections..... OLIVE OVERVIEW INFORMATION Olive leaf is used for treating viral, bacterial, and other infections including influenza, swine flu, the common cold, meningitis, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), encephalitis, herpes, shingles, HIV/ARC/AIDS, and hepatitis B. Olive leaf is also used for pneumonia; chronic fatigue: tuberculosis (TB); gonorrhea; fever; malaria; dengue; “blood poisoning” (bacterial infections in the bloodstream); severe diarrhea; and infections in the teeth, ears, and urinary tract, and infections following surgery. Other uses include high blood pressure, diabetes, hay fever, improving kidney and digestive function, and increasing urine flow. Water extracts of olive fruit pulp are used for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-233-olive.aspx?activeingredientid=233&activeingredientname=olive
Get tested for marcons ,if you have been exposed to marcons the olive leaf and other medicines will not kill the lymes until you get rid of the marcons.Triple action has to happen Olive,teasil and oregano. I think it's a natured made disease from a tick but I do think that it could be synthsized in a lab to create germ warfare. My husband was bitten and I wasn't but I caught it from him, from sharing a tasting spoon. It is contageious ,American science says it isn't but I'm proof that it is .My husband passed away at age 52 due to complications involving his Lymes and depression and a sudden illness. I know that his mind was being taken over by the Lymes and that was what led him to give up ,and ignore the health warnings that led to his passing.I live in California and he was bitten in Marin County. My husband and I were exposed to Marcons 20 yeasr before Lymes came into our lives.
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+Alexandra violetbabygirl WHY do people refer to LYME Disease as "lymes". That is totally incorrect. There is Lyme and Co-infections.
fran gorycki (2 years ago)
+Alexandra violetbabygirl I'm so sorry for the loss of your hubby. I know he must have went through hell. I too have lyme. What a nightmare!
Kocioplayer (3 years ago)
Lol dream on! Olive leaf extract has no antibacterial property's what so ever.. someone needs to quit spreading bs to the in informed.
mrandmrscrooked (2 years ago)
+FURIOUS GAMER NCBI studies beg to differ. Most brands are not potent but there are a few that can disrupt biofilms. Monolaurin is better though.
Sara Star (2 years ago)
+Tony Williamson Really Tony? Have you used in actual treatments on yourself or family? I almost died in 2011 before changing diet and now olive extract on my list of natural antibiotics that WORK, along w/oregano and 100's of other herbs God gave us! Yes, lyme and aids are a culling. I have had Lyme disease 9 years now! And Candida blood poisoning all my life! The doctors and big pharma almost killed me! Maybe if your body and mind were pure of chemicals, fluoride included, you could see the truth? Blessings!
1churchmouse (3 years ago)
Have any of you tried true colloidal silver?
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+1churchmouse I doubt the olive leaf thing. You need azithromycin or Doxy for several months maybe even a year or longer. You need an Integrative Medical Doctor or one trained to treat Lyme (LLMD)
Fred Snorkle (3 years ago)
Hi Mouse... no Lyme Disease... but you can try a number of reliefs... There are usually natural reliefs and or remedies to everything. Silver is great as a prevention... but as a cure I'm unsure what to use.
1churchmouse (3 years ago)
Hey Fred, have you got Lyme Disease? Me too! Wow! They say it's becoming an epidemic. I haven't found or tried this Olive stuff yet, but I will try to get some at some point. How are you? I'm ok.
Fred Snorkle (3 years ago)
arcticablue (3 years ago)
You are a CAMP A person!!!!!!!!!!  If you have Lyme...find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor!!!!!!!!!
arcticablue (3 years ago)
If Olive Leaf Extract alone would work...that would be great, but that's a pipe dream!!!!!
RadicalRalph Russo (10 months ago)
This woman has a nice thing to say about Mitt Romney,LOL..Mitts prob got the in on the investment...arcticblue.I get lyme 2 from Great Cape herbs in MA.I agree with you this woman is miss informing about lyme,She however is correct that the Spooks put this shit together at Plumb Island NY
Ncyim (1 year ago)
Works for me. Add high dose vitamin B3 and some other items such as vitamin C etc.
mrandmrscrooked (2 years ago)
+Faye Vice There is a whole book dedicated to Olive Leaf and Lyme and co-infections. No, you can not get a good brand at WalMart. Olive Leaf Extract does have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and boosts the immune system. It should be taken with antibiotics. Olivus, Gaia, and the most Potent - Island Nutrition Olive Leaf Extract are very potent and expensive.
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+mrandmrscrooked I doubt that Wal Mart carries a highly effective brand to do any good. You probably need to find out from a LLMD where to buy it. I haven't heard of using this for lyme anyway.
mrandmrscrooked (2 years ago)
+arcticablue It doesn't work by itself, but it is powerful if you get the right brand, i.e. 25% Hydroxytyresol. It can disrupt biofilms so it is good to take with antibiotics.
BloodRavyne (3 years ago)
CIA lab created disease? You sound like one of those paranoid government freaks! The disease has been around way before America was around!
Elizabeth C (1 year ago)
Faye Vice I caught Lyme from a common black house spider...bit me on stomach and laft a huge bullseye rash tested positive for Lyme.
mrandmrscrooked (2 years ago)
+Faye Vice But the CDC continues to deny this and says it's self-resolving.
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+asian love forever I've read in 1975 when so many cases with same symptoms broke out in Lyme, CT so they named it Lyme. It came from Plum Island, NY where the Nazi scientists engineered it. When you study the habits and abilities of the bacteria, how they communicate with each other (various strains) and can hide from antibiotics, etc, you have to know it was some genius scientists who created it. They infected ticks & turned them loose. Now most all insects carry it. Mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, biting flies, even dust mites. Your pets can get it then transmit to you through saliva. It is sexually transmitted and mothers give to babies in the womb.
mrandmrscrooked (2 years ago)
+BloodRavyne Now does this mean they created all tick borne infections, NO.
mrandmrscrooked (2 years ago)
+BloodRavyne Wrong, this particular strain found in Lyme, CT came from Plum Island, during the time NAZI's cam over via Operation Paperclip. Nazi scientists during WW2 were pardoned by the USA to work for them. At the time of the Lyme outbreak the Plum Island facility was working on Ticks as biological weapons against SOVIet Russa. Of course the outbreak could of been intentional or unintentional. In my eyes it was more likely unintentional as all animals, except birds were to be shot on the island. It was said that the facility wasn't particularly clean or well organized. So birds likely transmitted the infection to Lyme.
Petr Plunder (3 years ago)
I'm not sure about the "lab created CIA thing" behind Lyme but Otzi the mummy which is over 5000 + years old had Lyme too. Anyway I also contracted Lyme. I live in the czech republic, the percentage of infected ticks depends of the region in here but it's estimated to be 10-20% on average. I'm an outdoor, hiker, camper person and I pulled out about 5 ticks a year from my skin for at least a decade unti I got Lyme. I always checked myself for ticks in the end of the day (I carry two small mirrors and a tick tweezers). Anyway, I pulled most of the ticks within hours after they became attached and my guess is that it helps, but even with all the precausions, some may slip away. So if you do any outdoor activities just be caucious, careful, use some good bug spray maybe (I never used one sadly). No doubt people are responsible for the epidemic. For example pheasants and other birds love to eat ticks, there is just so few of them in the wild now, that they can't control the tick population. Instead they're farmed behind fences. Same goes for deers, there is just too many of them, not behind the fences sadly and spreading the disease, and hunters have a profit from deer meat so they let them multiply as much as possible. Just nature off balance.
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+Petr Plunder It is the NAZI scientists brought to USA from Germany after WWII to engineer germ warfare, also develop Mind Control. Our dear government is behind Lyme Disease - to them it's a dirty word - they love lying that chronic lyme does not exist yet millions have it and over 1 million new cases per year. CDC lies and IDSA lies.
Sam Ann (3 years ago)
Well, I think I found the ultimate solution for Lyme & co-infections. It's OZONE. I'm bathing myself with ozone steam sauna, ozone ear & rectal insufflation, ozonated water & oil. Anybody want to challenge this being the ultimate solution?
UrbanExplorer1000 (4 months ago)
get your G6PD tested first i hope
Gary Morse (8 months ago)
Ozone is great. But is not a 100% cure. You need to continue using it, but that’s ok.
Sam Ann (1 year ago)
Well, Ozone is not a cure for lyme unfortunately. It helps though. Check the youtube video Is Ozone Therapy the Miracle Cure That So Many Seek? - Dr. Robert Rowen
olivier753 (1 year ago)
hello , i dont know ozone can you explain me what is it actually ? thank you very much
Sam Ann (3 years ago)
Is Olive Leaf Extract the answer to this dreadful disease?
NoParking (3 years ago)
I tried if for 2 days so it works. However, it is too strong. so I will either lower the drops or have to stop it because the Herximer is severe.   Another herb i ordered was http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0099D09IC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00. (tried this for 2 days Although slow it does seem to have long term effectiveness. As explained here *(http://goodbyelyme.com/free_articles/biofilm/infiltrator).   Below is a scale of my experience with each in order. 5=high rating 1=low rating Oil of Oregano Terminalia Chebula Raw cow milk fast Teasel root tincture     *Benefit* 5/5 5/5 3/5 3/5     *Side effects* 4/5 1/5 1/5 3/5   *Duration* Shorter lasting dosed 3x daily Longer lasting 1-2 daily Short every meal Short lasting dosed 3x daily   *Claimed Length of recovery* if it works *90%or more improvement symptoms in people* up to 1 year around 8 week around 4 months around 6 months   *Brain fog relief* 3/5 5/5 2/5 2/5   *Skin itchiness* some more-high less severe *i would think skin itchiness is the bacteria running around and getting killed which may be a good thing.   If nothing works getting a Doug coil machine is the only way to get Lyme out of your system permanently. Its cost ranges from $1000-$3300. It is the most effective treatment using sound frequencies to vibrate the bacteria cells to death. I still have to see a parasite specialist to rule out parasites which these treatments may not address completely and the coil machine would not be effective in doing because there are hundreds of thousands of different kind of parasites.      
Sam Ann (3 years ago)
+NoParking Sounds good & has great reviews on amazon. Do you use it? Does it work well for you?
NoParking (3 years ago)
Try Oregano Oil. This has been caused me the best relief. out of all the things I tried. http://www.amazon.com/Oreganol-Oil-Super-Strength-P73/dp/B003QB7E5O/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1433646527&sr=8-2&keywords=oregano+oil+p73 If you decide to get it start at 10 drops 2x a day and increase drops and frequency based on how you feel.
Cathy McMahan (3 years ago)
have you tried an extract? some of my friends are looking.
Sam Ann (3 years ago)
+Cathy McMahan Yes, tried it for a while. Not as effective as I thought would be. It's good but I guess I was expecting too much. Anyway, Lyme is not at all an easy disease to treat.
Boyd W (3 years ago)
Michelle Rollings have you tried eliminating dairy or wheat from your diet?
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+Boyd W Also quit sugar!
Tony Boroni (3 years ago)
you need antibiotics with antivirals like pep, and you got to take nano silver liquid with antifungals  also here in Australia they wont belive you even if you send them the finding i went to see a specialist and just found out i had it he said my finding are fake i should smack him i been fkt for years  now there is a tottle reduction here in australia they wont even egknolege a real desease that can be flown in by birds or tourist 
Tony Boroni (3 years ago)
i have it and have a postive reading yet australian dockters just egnore me its taken me 10 years to find out wat it was. these dockters shoud be sued but here in Australia you cant sue a dockter
Weggman Hillard (3 years ago)
This is garbage
Islandbreeze (3 years ago)
Thank you for making this video god bless you
Peter Krauss (1 year ago)
i agree...God bless her indeed
Someguyto (3 years ago)
How well does this work for giving people energy? I know I have been feeling a bit low on energy in which i switched to organic foods mainly and helped some. I take vitamin B12 in which seems to help. What does it do for energy?
Amy Boettcher (3 years ago)
how long do you take the Olive Leaf capsules.  My husband was bitten 20 years ago and was given antibiotics then and now has ALS. 
w0tm (3 years ago)
Facetree - how do I contact you? - some of the info you say in video is NOT correct.  Needs to be corrected to save people.  I am not a Dr. but have had Lyme for many years and am now an "expert" on Lyme disease as expert as anyone can be. I have a book on Amazon Kindle with correct info.     Trace my last name on Kindle to find it.  Pills you talk of (doxycycline or tetracycline for children).  only work for 1st month after being infected.  I am writing book documenting accuracy of Book titled     Lab 257.  Ohio NOT start of Lyme. Came from Nazi germ warfare WW2 and US germ warfare scientists on Plum Is. off coast of CT. Fibromyalgia is actually Lyme disease.  Fed agents forcing docs to shut down. I witnessed armed fed agents threaten a doctor who quit practice same day. Agents did not see me or ??  to me.     I am taking a big chance even stating this info.   I need info of anyone killed due to fighting treatment of Lyme disease for my new book. gyantis   at   gmail   PLEASE CONTACT ME asap!!  Now moving to EBOLA and EB-D68 virus from central America.  which is actually precursor to poliomylitis.   Polio WILL SOON SPREAD ACROSS America!    Many things can be done to slow or stop spread but gvt is fighting info being put out. Why do they want millions to die quickly?  THIS IS WEEKS AWAY!    PLEASE -- E-MAIL ME ASAP!   
Robby B (4 months ago)
w0tm one word: Depopulation.
Christopher Esposito (9 months ago)
w0tm Can I contact you for info?
Joseph McKeon (1 year ago)
I actually was cured with Lyme disease by going to Germany for Hyperthermia treatment, go to lymeandcancerservices.com . Then unfortunately, I found out after the treatment that I also had Stiff Person Syndrome, but then, I went to see a spiritual healer in Ohio who cures people through the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ actually uses his body as a vessel and cures human beings. I never was religious till I went to see it for myself. If you would like to look into it for yourself please go to blindfaithlive.com to hear real testimonials, and drnemeh.com for info of the doctor. Good Luck and God Bless!!
w0tm (3 years ago)
buy and read the book   LAB 257   for 100% of the details of how it began.   from Nazi germ warfare moved to Plum Island, CT after WW2.  It is THAT old!     This is NOT new.   Buy book new from Amazon or used cheap from alibris dot com.  millions have Lyme disease - I have had it myself for 25 years!   I wrote a detailed book about it!   on Amazon Kindle . I consult on Lyme!  13 millions now infected in US.  Weaponized Lyme disease ticks first released airborne over Lyme CT 1975 in large qty. That's where name comes from.  Lyme CT!  Now found in all 50 states and 69 countries (thus far). I have THOUSANDS of e-mails from those infected!    Must take doxycycline within 3 weeks of infection or it becomes long term chronic Lyme disease. Can wreck your life!    Since US partially responsible for it even FBI going after doctors who treat Lyme!  Bush #2 had it!  This is not new!  Ohio was not ground zero.   Minor infection until USA and Nazis turned it into a weapon. It is now pandemic!  3 million more infections expected just in year 2014.   ticks up 300% this year alone.  Now Ebola, EB-D68 is precursor to Poliomylitis   No one is saying that - I just did!  Kids from C. America being brought here with EV-D68 that will be polio soon then spread like crazy.  Dr, Salk vaccine does NOT stop this new polio.  America is under biological attack - on purpose!  Few listening!  Well, you just read the truth!   Buy Colloidal silver - Silver Biotics from Amazon best brand. Buy big 32 oz bottles. will run out soon or it will be banned.    Other antibiotics also help.  . But government is shutting down antibiotic plants!  doxycycline, zithromax, cipro, levoflaxin, others.  Many pharmacies in my city running out or being pulled from shelves Can still buy antibiotics direct from India.  But difficult back door ways only.   This is a war against America by other Americans!  lots of fake doctors and fake cures!  be careful!   I'll probably be shot or blocked for writing this truth.  Hope you read this before it is deleted!   BTW -- airborne Ebola now developed and has been released.   Buy N95 level face masks plus hazmat suits if possible.  Avoid public contact.   WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!  WHO?  WHY?  This is the long predicted precursor to black (false) flag event leading to martial law in America.  Blocked?  what did I just write not 100% true! 
turmeric curcumin gets through the blood brain barrier and good for bacteria,virus and immune system
3 Advanced Activated Oxygen Technology - Oxygen is Life - the primary element for virtually all life on Earth. Oxygen permits proper metabolic functioning in the body, increased digestion, assimilation and elimination of waste products. Every cell of the body needs it to function. Plentiful oxygen provides for the strengthening of the immune system and is critical in all tissue rebuilding functions. When oxygen levels decrease within the body, an acidic, anaerobic environment is established within which bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi flourish. Oxygen deficiency can result in everything from low energy to life-threatening disease. Unfortunately, many people are seriously oxygen-deficient from sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and numerous environmental factors and toxins. In centuries past, there were vast forests that covered much more of the Earth than today and the oceans were healthy and teemed with life. The result was an atmospheric oxygen content of as much as 38%, This has been confirmed by deep core ice drilling, among many other techniques. The Earths oxygen levels today have dropped to 18% and even lower in many large pollution-choked cities. The result is a major increase in disease and ill health stemming directly from oxygen deficiency. Oxy-C is a 100% natural oxygen-producing and releasing magnesium supplement. It has been derived and upgraded from the original formula developed by famed German homeopathic physician Dr. Eugene Blass in the early 1930s. Dr. Blass found that stabilized oxygen in the form of magnesium peroxide not only destroyed bacteria and viruses, but also fungi, protozoa, and parasites. His research strongly suggested that hyper-oxygenation of the body could also help the system purge heavy metals, chemicals, and a wide range of other dangerous toxins. Blass also determined that increased oxygen enhances the bodys ability to utilize vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from the food we eat. German scientist Dr. Otto Warburg - who won the Nobel Prize twice - determined that the prime precondition for cancer is oxygen deficiency. He stated flatly:   Cancer has only one prime cause...the replacement of normal cellular respiration with anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) cellular respiration. In other words, the more oxygen at the cellular level, the better your health.     Oxygen Is The Key To Vital Health!  Magnesium Importance Far Greater Than Imagined - Vid More Magnesium Slashes Heart Risk By 30% - Harvard Study Oxy-C provides a simple, convenient way for everyone to substantially improve the level of oxygen within the body. This remarkable powdered magnesium has oxygen (02) and ozone (03) bonded to it through the use of Tesla technology. It's effectiveness has been proven for decades and presents an extremely efficient way to oxygenate the system, detoxify tissues, clean and improve digestion and elimination and rejuvenate health.   Magnesium is a superior carrier of oxygen and is also essential for proper enzyme activity to occur at the cellular level. Among the many benefits of magnesium peroxide is its multi-tiered approach to colon cleansing. Oxy-C increases bowel activity and removes old, impacted matter as it detoxifies and oxygenates your entire digestive tract.   Oxy-C is also unique in its oxygen/ozone process as the magnesium peroxide is actually broken down by the vitamin C in each capsule. An amazing 80% of the magnesium peroxide in each capsule actually converts into oxygen. This pure oxygen is quickly absorbed and taken into the blood stream.   Take Oxy-C with your favorite fruit juice for an even faster liberation of oxygen. Oxy-C is superior to psyllium and other fiber/vegetable products which simply push matter out through the center of a clogged colon and can weaken colon muscles.   Oxy-C actually breaks down and dissolves the hardened deposits built up over the years on the walls of the digestive tract. It is safe, gentle, and also will help keep your digestive tract free of toxins and pathogens. A clean digestive tract adds up to a major increase in the assimilation and absorption of vital minerals and nutrients which might otherwise pass right through the body. It is best to begin with two capsules of Oxy-C three times a day. Many people take more. Some take less, even just one or two capsules at bedtime. Experiment and determine what works best for you. An increase in bowel activity can be expected for the first few days or weeks as the digestive tract is purged of built-up waste. This will subside as you determine the correct daily amount of this extraordinary 100% all-natural supplement for your system.   Supplemental psyllium can cut down on the effects of loose stool created by the amount of oxygen released by the magnesium peroxide capsules.   Feel a cold or flu coming on? Try 3-4 capsules of Oxy-C three times per day and see what happens. Oxy-C can also be applied topically to the skin to aid in a wide range of problems such as acne, faster healing of cuts and abrasions, calming the pain and itch of insect bites.   It is even helpful in relieving the discomfort and symptoms of psoriasis and sunburn. Simply open a capsule or two, make paste with a small amount of water and apply it to the skin as often as necessary.   Oxy-C is the same as homozone but yields even more oxygen with the magnesium. Oxy-C is 100% safe and has been used by many women during pregnancy and nursing.   Though most of us are deficient in magnesium to begin with, it is not the magnesium that produces the primary benefits of this product. In fact. the high amount of oxygen that is released can easily be measured with peroxide test strips.   Oxy-C is many times more oxygenating than food grade hydrogen peroxide or oxygenated waters produced by 'liquid oxygen' drops. Furthermore, Oxy-C is far more cost effective and does not produce hydroxyl radicals in the body, which destroy cells as does hydrogen peroxide. The oxygen produced by Oxy-C reduces toxins in the intestines, which subsequently allows for far more oxygen to enter the blood stream and then to the rest of the body cells.   This wonderful product is also considered by many to be the best intestinal cleanser on the planet. The oxygen produced by it will break down old, impacted deposits on the inside of the intestinal walls which can result in a softening or liquefying of this material for a short period of time.   Oxy-C is best taken between meals, at bedtime, and the first thing in the morning. Find out why many consider this the most important nutritional supplement of all.
2 Herbalists use sarsaparilla to clean the blood and to treat skin conditions. Sarsaparilla is a vine-like woody plant, which is indigenous to Central and South America, and the Caribbean Islands. Sarsaparilla contains vitamins A, B-complex, C and D, also the minerals iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, sulfur, copper, Zinc, and iodine. Detoxification | Anti-inflammatory Sarsaparilla has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, and contains saponins which act as a diuretic and it is used to promote healthy kidney functioning by stimulating detoxification through forced urination. Sarsaparilla binds with toxins and is used to improve liver and blood functioning. Sarsaparilla is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties to treat conditions like arthritis, edema, hepatitis, jaundice, rheumatism, and other blood conditions, and is also known to increase the excretion of uric acid, which makes it an effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections.   Skin Health Sarsaparilla is used as a detox herb to treat skin conditions such abscesses, acne, boils, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Sarsaparilla is a diaphoretic and promotes sweating and is used to cleanse the skin since the components sarsaparilla bind with toxins in the skin which are then sweated out of the body.
1step Teasel Root for Lyme Disease is produced from the roots of the specific species of the biennial teasel plant Dipsacus Sylvestris. Don't confuse it with Dispsacus Fullonum. Teasel is commonly found in Europe and Asia, bears small fruits and can grow up to 5 feet tall.  The Chinese use Teasel for its ability to maintain the meridian of the liver and the essence of the kidneys. Teasel Root and Lyme Disease Teasel Root is used for healing from Lyme Disease and for good reason.  Borrelia, the Lyme bacteria, is a spirochete bacteria which means its body is spiral shaped and designed to drill into tissue such as joints, organs, and even bone.  While buried within the tissue of our bodies, the spirochetes are cleverly concealed and out of reach from antibiotics and the immune system much like in a biofilm or cyst form.  Teasel Root is used for its ability to pull the bacteria from tissue, and into the blood stream, exposing it to antibiotics and the immune system. Teasel Root works in conjunction with antibiotics, biofilm dissolvers, and cyst buster for maximum effectiveness.  Teasel Root Dosage Teasel Root comes in capsule and powder form but is most commonly used in a tincture that is diluted with 50% alcohol.  If you're taking the prescription drug Flagyl which is commonly used for busting Lyme cysts, you should not consume any alcohol.  Flagyl and alcohol should never be taken together. The Teasel Root tincture dosage is such that it never requires more than 9 drops a day.  One must build up to 9 drops a day very slowly while following the strategic protocol that follows.   On day one, you will start with only one drop in the morning.  On day two, you will start with one drop in the morning and add one drop in the afternoon.  On day three, you will start with one drop in the morning, one drop in the afternoon and add one drop at night.  Continue this process until 9 drops are achieved.  Some people find that they need less than 9 drops to experience the effects of Teasel Root.  Exposing spirochetes to antibiotics and the immune system will cause you to herx so be mindful of how you're feeling with Teasel Root. Lyme disease demanded coming at it from every angle, not simply by taking antibiotics and herbal medicines. a new approach to exercise and nutrition. began cardio as well as strength training exercises.  heating up the blood and getting it flowing. Spirochetes hate heat and cannot survive it. Therefore, physical exercise is super important to include in a Lyme disease protocol. Borrelia  Burgdorferi dies at 41.5 C or 106.7 F
Susan Keenan (11 months ago)
Susan Keenan (11 months ago)
trinidadbreeze tropical b
I'm not a doctor just someone who reads and understand but you should read up on teasel root it pulls the lyme bacteria out of hiding ( make your own, get some wormwood, black walnut hull, clove, thyme, cats claw powder mix all five ok worm woodand blk wallnut hull kills adult parasites clove kills parasite eggs cats claw works on dna and cells get a capsule machine and mix equal powder to put into gel caps also get milk thistle this good for liver detox and kidneys can make tincture with it by soaking in 100% vodka see its all about nutrition read upon magnesium and msm sulfur get more oxygen 03 in the system like detoxin the colon 75-80 of immune is in the gut. no gmo foods no artificial or process foods see disease can strive in none nutritional oxygen deprived environment make the environment inhospitable is got leave by urination, sweating and defecation a sauna helps as well oh get organic garlic, real lemons combine them in filtered water drink basically try to eat none fake sugr products and starchy products use turmeric it cross the blood brain barrier see the body is over toxified and eating none nutrition foods and gmo foods leads to all the western sickness you got to get the books!
olivier753 (1 year ago)
hello sir , im totally lost with my lyme disease can you help me ? thank you
Boyd W (3 years ago)
I started mowing lawns in 1982. I don't remember any bite or wound or bullseye. I started having aches in my wrists & knees sometime in the early to mid 80s,,, plus extreme back pain at times. Back pain so bad I could barely tilt my body 5" foreward. 88 or 89 the nearly constant headaches started along with sensitivity to honey and corn based products. Itching ears that were clogged with wax so much I lost hearing and had to have them flushed out. Food sensitivity grew in the early 90s to the point that some pizzas I delivered gave me headaches from just smelling them. (I have dealt with depression all of my life. It got worse in the 90s to the point I was thinking of suicide. In the middle 2000s I figured out there was a connection between my depression and the eating of processed wheat. I don't consume wheat any more) More lethargy then my nearly perfect eyes needed glasses so I could drive. Eliminating foods I was sensitive to helped so I could ditch the glasses. I kept throwing my back out through the 90s and into the 2000s. Drinking more water has helped. I was deem hypoglycemic in 2006 and then with Lymes in 2013. I had a reaction to pharmaceutical antibiotics in July of 2013 to the point I felt drunk and couldn't drive,, so I had to stop taking them. I started selling a lot of stuff left from my lawn business. I got bit by a deer tick on June 10th of 2014 and I started feeling worse in July 2014. I got worried but avoiding the computer late at night and drinking a glass of the green "Naked" brand juice every day with the same amount of water has helped me feel better. In the last week I went to a Dr who specializes in treating Lymes patients,,, she also prescribes natural medicines. The appointment was over 3 hours and delved deeply into my lifes health history. She thinks I am dairy and gluten intolerant and have been since birth,, of which I'm not surprised as my mom has those same problems. So the Dr thinks I have to treat the dairy/gluten intolerance conditions before my body can handle any treatments for Lymes. She also said I might not have control of my arms in 5 years. I'm 47 and there are a lot of jobs I can't do because I get tired, I have trouble sleeping. I have lots of goals I wanted to accomplish that I can't at this time and very possibly won't be able to. I still have  not married. Women are turned off by a guy who talks monotone like me and who has to live with his mother. Some days I can think positive and other days its very hard to think positive. I still have a lot more stuff  in storage to sell, scrap, recycle and throw away related to my lawn business. I have asked family and friends for help but I don't look sick and I'm not in a wheelchair so nobody has come to help. Well when I'm dead I hope they come to clean out my storage because that will be too late for me.
Boyd W (3 years ago)
+John Doe Drink more water. You could have food intolerances.
Boyd W (3 years ago)
Try eliminating dairy from your diet to see if the arthritis goes away. It is common for people with Lyme to have trouble with dairy, wheat, and possibly gluten. Food allergies or food intolerance is also common. Get away from sugars as Lymes disease feeds from most all sweeteners. My main source of carbohydrates is organic long grain rice that I cook at home.
Michelle Rollings (3 years ago)
I have the same ear problems. I also have ringing in my ears and swelling of my left side of my face. I did test positive thru Western blot. I have arthritis and swelling of both legs. Pain is gone with medicine but swelling remains.
J Oliver (3 years ago)
I totally understand Boyd. I got it in 1979 and I'm in pretty much the same situation, but I live alone because the only family I have left is my mom, and she's a fundamentalist Baptist who thinks that I'm not only not sick, but that I'm lazy and "just need Jesus" (despite the fact that I work at home every day of the week to support myself). If a person doesn't *look* sick, they won't get help, period. And, of course, people like St. Romney and St. Ryan make SURE that there's absolutely no social safety net whatsoever to help those of us who are very ill. I'm trying every alternative to mainstream medicine that I can find now, before I end up in a wheelchair, and worse.
look up carnivora
hopee changee (4 years ago)
RE: This video's description Can someone tell be more about the lab infected tics released in Ohio? I can't find anything about it with a google search.
plum island  lyme Connecticut is were it started plum island is right off the east coast
Scottish Gold (4 years ago)
does anyone know if it can come back after treatment? Does it cause mental alterations?
S Dickerson (4 years ago)
Try teasel root tincture- it cured my 2 year long Lyme in a few weeks. I was completely clear for a year, then was bit again- it's very scarey!! But I can tell you, do not be afraid. Find a good organic herbalist to purchase the teasel. $10-$14 not expensive. Start 1 drop/day and slowly build up to your tolerance, max of 3drops/3x day. Go ahead and do the olive leaf extract too. I know that's good stuff.
olivier753 (1 year ago)
hello , i have question about lyme disease can you help me ?
becksta29 (3 years ago)
plus the lyme like bacteris iv had for years but it never made me super bad until I got all these other infections.but im hoping that if I stay on this olive leaf and silver and mms etc il cure my myself of all the pathogens.
becksta29 (3 years ago)
im taking it again and im feeling better already its only been since I watched this vid too as I had some in cuboard.im also on colloidal silver and im feeling heaps better than what I was that's for sure.i know I have somne nasty infections,i have ebv and I caught some bacterial infection off this dog I watched for few months and my dog caught it and my lil gal too so I am wondering if I should put m,y dog on this stuff too lol?I will have to call a naturopath and ask if dogs can take this stuff.
becksta29 (3 years ago)
wow amazing :) so it definitely kills lyme and coinfections then? thanks for info
S Dickerson (3 years ago)
I was well for a year, and then last May I got another lyme tick bite with the bull's eye ring and the tick still attached. I wish I had known to keep the tick and send it in for a lyme test. I immediately began the teasel, had a few flu-ey achy symptoms, but that all cleared quickly and now I've been well again since last June- no symptoms at all.
artistpw (4 years ago)
I'm using the Cowden protocol from the Nutramedixs site - I actually found most of the components for a bit less money on Amazon though.
artistpw (4 years ago)
Mites, mosquitoes and fleas may also be vectors.  I found a pdf from a European study linking tropical rat mites.  It may also be transmitted through body fluids, and is probably a lot more similar to syphilis than most mds know.  Dr. Alan MacDonald sampled the preserved brains of 10 alzheimer's patients, and found the dna for the Bb in 7 of them.  I think I got lyme disease from mites, never had a bull's eye, but had general skin reddening and other symptoms. 
Gene Sewell (4 years ago)
This lady is crazy with here conspircy theory . her treatment may or may not be ok
Sonic Audio (5 months ago)
Not crazy
Susan Rose (3 years ago)
+Gene Sewell It's kind of blowing my mind how many people are taking her seriously.
Jiri Kral (4 years ago)
Another exaggerated statement "it will kill all the bacterias". I have Lyme, I did and will again take olive leaf oil extract and it is the best natural stuff which helped me so far I found and tryed. But to claim that it will kill all the bacterias - mening it will totally cure you - is simply misleading... btw I use optitensin 350mg from walmark with "K" (czech republic)
becksta29 (3 years ago)
That's prob cos of the biofilm etc.how long did you take it for and how much?
Alysha Munoz (4 years ago)
I agree that it does not completely kill the bacteria but it does make me feel better.  I don't think that antibiotics cure it either.  I am going to try the Cowden protocol with concentrated herbs.
Donny Richard (4 years ago)
Could we test for this without my docs?
Str8upbrah (4 years ago)
+daschundloverable There's a list of test at Igenix. I was wondering if people usually test all of them or just do Western Blot first?
daschundloverable (4 years ago)
see above comment..................best lab is igenex of CA........they have a website. 
lipanj7 (4 years ago)
J.Ventura:  Your question about Ankylosing Spondylitis.  Certainly could be. It is an inflamatory disease. Usually tho one has more than just one symptom. I don't know if you have any other symptoms.   You look young. If bitten 2 different times..There is a possibility. It can affect any organ of your body. Igenex lab is best lab-they have a web site. One orders the kit toll free. Only thing your dr. has to fill out the top corner. I lost my dr. who did help me with Lyme. So this one fills out the top corner and lets me ck off the proper tests. Only thing he is not or pretends to be not very lyme literate. One big mess.
ChochyRaebro (4 years ago)
So are you saying lyme disease causes fibromyalgia? I've been diagnosed with fibro and they have not found anything whats so ever. Would checking for lyme disease not be a standard test or how exactly do they find out? I've had numerous scopes, taking blood and urine samples all the time, MRI's, among many others and they continue to find nothing wrong and it's definitely went into my cognitive and motor skills, etc. over time and it almost seems like tourettes like which could be early parkinsons except the thing is I can never stop moving and its getting worse so now they think it's tardive dyskenesia which makes the most sense out of everything I'm told but I'm still confused looking for more answers/
ChochyRaebro (4 years ago)
All the mental shit..murder, cannibals, drugs...some that cause permanent brain damage, diseases (flesh eating bacterias), etc...it's called population control and everyone thinks you are crazy when you talk about it but you'd be surprised how many people admit that is what is going on when you actually look into anything for once in your life.
ChochyRaebro (4 years ago)
Disease is becoming in epedemic and I feel like there is something very sinister going on..A lot of symptoms coming out of nowhere that other people seem to be experiencing and have happening as well...All the neurological/auto immune type stuff and bacterias and diseases like cancer..so many infected young way before their time and this growing autism epidemic..Everyone being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and disorders that they can't even actually test for because there are no definitive tests that show anything unusual. All of it just seems like a big cover up to me. All the chemicals/radiation causing birth defects, etc..this whole world is going to hell in a handbag.
domain46311 (4 years ago)
Iv had all of the symptoms over two years and now its just worse...I was wondering if it is too late for me to fight off this thing with the olive leaf? plz help!!! this disease ruin my life for while now, my focus and energy have gone out the window with sleepless nights and it cost me many jobs....
mrandmrscrooked (2 years ago)
+domain46311 How are you? My concentraion has gone to shit.
Alysha Munoz (4 years ago)
Where are you?  You should be tested first.  Find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD).  You might have to go to another state but it is worth it.
Lyme Survivor (4 years ago)
Thank you for this!
Keri West (4 years ago)
I evidently got lymes desease at some point in my life and have the antibodies for it but have overcome it.  Makes you wonder where it is in my body and wonder if it can spring up in some strange illness from it. 
+Keri West GMO FREE Hawai'i Island (other Islands are ground zero for GMO testing, production) Look at GMO FREE Kauai (facebook), children with birth defects, many illneses. Did you recover from Fibro.?
Keri West (4 years ago)
I think the fybro is a toxic reaction to gmo food and a chemical overload in our bodies.  We just cant process the volume of toxins so our bodies store them.
Willy Wiegman (4 years ago)
It wasn't the CIA, it was the Communist Party USA.
Willy Wiegman (4 years ago)
OK, here is the cure. It works and I've cured myself twice this way...You need 4 antibiotics (15 of each kind) to begin: Doxycycline, Minocycline, Tindamax and Bactrim.  You take Doxy when you have joint pain but only take one a day.  You take Minocycline + Tindamax together for nervous system symptoms but only take one dose. You take one Bactrim for digestive problems but only take one. You take one of the 3 abx doses a day depending on what kind of symptoms you wake up with.   Doxy, Mino and Bactrim kill Borrelia by not allowing it to complete it's cell division.  An hour and a half after taking Doxy the Borrelia will hide from it according to the good research Dr. Eva Sapi has done. Tindamax will kill the Borrelia blebs that contain m-RNA by blocking it's transcription into DNA. Minocycline and Tindamax can cross the blood barrier to kill it in the brain, spine, and nervous system. Tindamax stops the Borellia from creating their round body forms when exposed to the Doxy in the Mino. Bactrim will kill it in the digestive system. When you have taken all the antibiotics you will probably have some Borrelia spirochetes left in the capillaries of the brain.  To kill these you will need to drink Wild Cherry Bark extract drops in your favorite drink once a day for a month. Pinella will also work the same way. Or you can drink Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea which contains lemon grass, wild cherry bark and licorice for a month after completing the 45 day antibiotic treatment.  You can also chew up 5 apple seeds a day for a month after completing the antibiotic treatment to kill the remaining biofilms, blebs and round body forms. No matter how long you have had Lyme this will work! I cured myself twice this way after being re-bitten.  The second time took 8 weeks to a FULL cure.  Good luck! p.s.  I have a degree in Cytology from Indiana University so if anyone wants the scientific papers to back up this cure I will be happy to point the way. Will Wiegman
Reality Check (4 months ago)
Trailblazing theories Will and if you have tested them obviously not theories. Are you still about? In long term do you think the Amygdalin will work without antibiotics? What immune cells are first on the scene? As I'm trying to understand, (as lymecryme mentioned), the outer surface proteins of borellia are tlr1 and tlr2 antagonists which shut down the immune system when the first cell on the scene munch up the osps because "humans can't handle fungus". So then does the Amygdalin enable us to utilize thiocyanate to deal with the fungus more readily? Would the cell digest the fungus and not become a stunned or zombie cell in the presence of thiocyanate? Perhaps supplement iodine and iodide too...
snowthorne (5 months ago)
Transcended Soul (7 months ago)
If this works, and I manage to survive this hell, I will owe you Sir.
Transcended Soul (7 months ago)
https://www.lymeneteurope.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4891 FOUND IT!!!
Transcended Soul (7 months ago)
I would love you to send me the papers ASAP. I have similar ideas myself but this is something I desperately need. I also have been using lemon grass which helps... I would add DMSO and stevia to each dose of Antibiotic because it can help permeate cell walls and trick the bacteria into feeding on the antibiotic. I would also use a dose of Clarinex at the highest you can handle safely gradually stepping it up so the histamine wont wreck you during the herx and you can also partially starve the bacteria with that method as well. Not the full dose needed for 100% kill but partial is better than nothing when using combination therapy.
Rosa M-B (4 years ago)
I believe I have lyme disease, but I can't afford to see a doctor because he charges $395 for 1 hour, after which there are thousands more for treatment not covered by insurance.  All doctors are out to make lots and lots of money.  I can't afford to get treated.
Faye Vice (2 years ago)
+Rosa M-B That is highway robbery. Try to find a NP, Functional Medicine Doctor or Integrative Medical Doctor who is trained to treat Lyme. I know of one LLMD whose price is $180/hour and only asks you to follow up every 10 weeks or so. Much of the supplements can be ordered online. There is a NP near here in KY who charges only $75 for an OV and it's for however long it takes, sometimes 3 hours,
1volsking (4 years ago)
No Ma-am! This is a disease that makes the doctors rich searching for why the patients are sick. They all go to multiple doctors with complaints. It's a engineered disease YES but population reduction is done in a more timely manner. This is suffer and make the medical industry rich disease. My state doesn't acknowledge it's here and do only Western Blot test. This disease requires extensive blood work (Elisa) not even done in my state. I have to go to the Mayo Clinic to get help! 12 hrs away!
Alysha Munoz (4 years ago)
+artistpw Igenex test for Lyme cost me $475.00.  They have several tests for different things.  They send the results to a Dr.  But you do need to pay for the test before they will analyze the blood.
Alysha Munoz (4 years ago)
OH PLEASE do not go to the Mayo Clinic for Lyme.  They do not recognize Chronic Lyme.  If you are on the east coast it is better to go to Dr Horowitz or many others there.  Find a REAL LLMD.  Go to http://www.lymediseaseassociation.org/  They have a box to get a referral to a LLMD.  You will waste time with the wrong doctor and only end up sicker.  LLMDs are worth the money. Any specialist charges $395.  The difference is that the LLMDs will not get reimbursed by the insurance companies - due to the CDC and the ISDA saying that Chronic Lyme does not exist.  The dr needs to get payment for their services.  You need a blood test by Igenex Lab in Palo Alto CA.  This costs $475 - and is not covered by insurance.  You can order it yourself but you need the doctor to fill out some of the paperwork.  The result goes to a doctor.  This is the TOP lab for Lyme work.  They specialize it it.
artistpw (4 years ago)
+lipanj7 Igenex will actually send a test kit free of charge - you just need to find a sympathic doctor that will draw the blood and sign off on the test.
lipanj7 (4 years ago)
Mayo Clinic has misdiagnosed so many people. They are 100% on the political side. use the garbage lyme tests. You many not know in 1995 they made it that one has to have 2 tests. If negative on first one you are thrown in the garbage can. You don't have lyme. If equival or or postive on first one you are kicked over to western Blot test.  2 important antibody numbers  31 & 34 very specific were used to make the vaccine. When vaccine was out they removed 31 & 34 from the lyme WB. If in doubt they could have asked were you ever vaccinated instead of removing 31 & 34? Vaccine is off mkt some people got Lyme from the vaccine. 31 & 34 WERE NEVER PUT BACK IN THE LYME TESTS!  Less diagnosed less ins. cos. have to pay. Best lab is Igenex ofCalif.-they include those 2 antibodies. They have a web site. One orders the kit by mail. Regular MD's- a lot -won't consider that lab. Political pressure from AMA-IDSA-CDC.  Igenex has a test if one shows 31 in WB a special 31epitope test to check for chronic late stage.  This disease will go down in medical history as one of the worst crimes part of what Dr. K. Ligner stated. CRIMINAL & political.
Linda Morgan (4 years ago)
For those who don't believe govm't had anything to do with developing lyme engage your brain for a sec. Lyme or similar may have existed before Plum Island but it was not epidemic, we didn't hear of tic diseases like we do today. So again, THINK. Why is it so prevalent & hard to treat now? Germ weapons are existing diseases turned into stealth diseases by combining them & making hybrid diseases that are nearly impossible to cure. Next best thing to killing us off is make us weak & sick.
TREE HUGGAH (4 years ago)
my dr. even told me it doesn't exist?? he told me ''they made it up'' but he said its a lie and it doesn't exist.pretty sick huh? don't trust all drs.get 2nd opinions we all KNOW lyme disease is out there so be careful folks.
Gary Harden (4 years ago)
Thanks for the info!
marieatthelake (4 years ago)
For those looking for help, go to lymenet period org and click on Flash Discussion on the upper left. Various orgs and people like the Lyme Disease Foundation in Tolland, CT or CA Lyme or Karen Forschner or Pat Smith may help.
Di Spencer (4 years ago)
How much coconut oil do we take? Please either pm me on Facebook or email me at di.spencer@shaw.ca - I'm quite sure my daughter is suffering from Lyme's but she hasn't been diagnosed as such. She's on a bucketful of medications for everything under the sun and has no quality of life at all. If something as simple as a daily dose of coconut oil will make a difference, please advise me as to how much and I will pass it along to her. Thank you very much.
alphefemale (4 years ago)
I've have had Lyme for 15 years.I caught Lyme Disease in 1997 in Pasadena, CA, I have been diagnosed w/ Fibromyagia , MS, Seizures,. I was on IV Antibiotics for 3 yrs, in addition to thousands of antibiotic pills over the past decade. I have Microplasma Babesia, Erchiliosis, Bartonella. I am now crippled. I saw several doctors at Kaiser ( West Los Angeles) and they told me I had MS and refused to help me. I am desparate for any help. Thank you sister,,,,,,,
olivier753 (1 year ago)
hello are you better now ??
lipanj7 (4 years ago)
Faceintree: Kroger's? Sounds like you are from Pgh area.They have Kroger's there. Pgh. my home area was. Virgin coconut oil is good for many things even microbes etc.
yomeyo99 (5 years ago)
Can you message me on where i can learn more about rife maching and lyme. You are a great testimony.
heyred16 (5 years ago)
take antibiotics. easy to cure when initially bit. doxycycline 100 mg for 2 to 3 weeks.(diarrhea is a side effect) do not trust results from big labs like quest. call Igenex labs and get tested for Lyme and co-infections. it is expensive but they are a trustworthy lab. good luck. also eat fermented foods like sauerkraut.
Securityinc1 (5 years ago)
Yes I stayed cured. I had neurological symptoms, memory loss, confusion, lyme rage, limbs beginning to curl...just like MS. You have to do liver cleanses too as the dying spirochetes put off neurotoxins.
DariaRock (6 months ago)
Securityinc1 what remedies or antobiotics helped you?
The EqualiZer (5 years ago)
You're right about MS, ALS, ETC being lyme
The EqualiZer (5 years ago)
Don't listen to the CDC or the dr's they are all in it for $, even some of the LLMD's. It isnt only a bacteria, dont only use antibiotics. Do some research. Richard M why would you listen to the CDC, really????!!! LOL
The EqualiZer (5 years ago)
lyme photos dot comm
The EqualiZer (5 years ago)
Why don't you guys try salt? Not table salt, pure NaCl. Such as the tablets used by athletes/construction workers so they can maintain electrolytes and not cramp up. Salt will purge ALL of these parasites from your GI tract AND your bloodstream as salt enters the cells, enters the brain, everywhere it needs to be, it is water soluble, so drink lots of water. That stuff works... lyme is a PARASITE
DariaRock (6 months ago)
The EqualiZer if this works it is a miracle sent by God
Richard M (5 years ago)
God Bless America
Richard M (5 years ago)
tiny ticks that size were most likely larval stage or "seed ticks" which most likely have not yet fed on an infected host so are not Lyme carriers. Also that you removed them soon after attachment is in your favor as it supposed to take over 24 hours in most cases to get infected if they did carry Lyme. I suggest you get your info from the CDC website not youtube. Take precautions in the future, wear Permethrin treated socks,clothes and shoes and use repellent on skin and inspect yourself often.
notapplicable66 (5 years ago)
Sorry but I don't believe it's lab created. It happens to people who own and work around animals. You don't just get it from tics. You can get it from flea bites, infected animal bites or animal scratches. It is the Bartonella bacteria. Apparently there are over 26 different strains. Very hard to tested for. Especially when doctors don't take the disease seriously. .
notapplicable66 (5 years ago)
I 100% percent agree with you. Guess what proved that theory to me. I have MS and my ex-fiancee has MS. She was diagnosed 2 years before me. What are the odds of that? That is like winning the lottery.
notapplicable66 (5 years ago)
I heard fasting kills off the Bacteria which is what Lyme diease is. The bacteria hides in bile. Confusing the immune system which ends up attacking areas it shouldn't be,
crszitamarshall (5 years ago)
Can you please help!!!! I juat came back from the woods and found two toney little ticks on my body, they were literally something like just a bit bigger than a peace of sand. Anyway i removed them (without tweezers) (i know very stupid of me) anyway i don't see any black marks dots or anything on my bumps, just the bump itself. What shod i do now??? Please help me
Sherri Kessler (5 years ago)
can you use it on a dog?
Moon Line (5 years ago)
marty fowler (5 years ago)
Then the government/military confessed to the spraying of toxic chemicals to the population. I personally think if the government/military was not questioned then they would have continued and If the whistle blower didn't give the info and the chemicals were not analyzed. Who knows how many more that would have been affected. it's a sad world we live in :( IMO it's the Government with it's military to do their bidding and the Corporations and the few Elites to gain money and power.
marty fowler (5 years ago)
I'm not at all surprised by the agencies uses for population control and experimentations. I was living in California when the Government/Military were spraying/chem trail in northern parts of California and a whistle blower gave information about the deadly toxins harmful effects to the public. The toxins made women infertile, caused kidney failure, heart and lung problems et cetera. The public took action against the Military and was filing a civil lawsuit and got some media attention. Cont'd-
Doggy Doge (5 years ago)
What if its in your joints (knees,hips) ?
Doggy Doge (5 years ago)
I live in loudoun county Virginia and I was bit twice by two different ticks in 2006. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Do you think it could be lyme?
Nandang Windana (5 years ago)
Hello! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Fibromilorex Remedy (do a search on google), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried home remedy called Fibromilorex Remedy? I've heard several extraordinary things about it and my work buddy completely cure his fibromyalgia safely with this remedy.
rick mytys (5 years ago)
Eric traub made the disease dont forget to mention it he founded the place plum island after world war 2 he was infecting tics with desert fever/lymes disease/parasites.He was a nazi that the u.s. took onboard after world war 2.This disease got flown over by birds not 30 miles away from the island since they were doing testing outside.ended up in lyme connecticut where it recieved the name lymes disease.Gov even has patents on these diseases.
nutopiansg (5 years ago)
the cure cardston medical research
Erica Badu (5 years ago)
lyme diasease causes body odor. the kind of body odor that doesnt come off after many showers, this is because the bacteria that causes lyme disease infects the stomach and causes the foods the person eats to putrify in the stomach and causes bad digestion. this putrifying and bad digestion cause the person to have incredibly bad bad, the type that fills and entire room. so in conclusion.. the government sucks ASS.
Alex Kramer (5 years ago)
horseflies, and worse still, mosquitoes. If you look as some of the Executive Orders from more than a few of our past and present President's, you will find that they have given themselves permission to "Experiment on the public without their knowledge or consent if it is in the best interest of our country or National Security"....in other words, that is the cloak they can hide behind. You might want to watch these films: Under the Eightball, which documents our history of this & Under Our Skin

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