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Neil deGrasse Tyson on Bourdain: Life is precious

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson remembers Anthony Bourdain and reflects on the preciousness of life in the universe. How to get help: Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
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Text Comments (2278)
burningknuckle26 (23 days ago)
tony brought all of the world together.
Vania Rangel (26 days ago)
I admire you so much Mr. Tyson.
Wise Guy4U (26 days ago)
Why the obsession with Mars? It is a dead Planet.
Simon Ertzinger (28 days ago)
God damn man. Neil man. Jesus he great.
Davis Steve (28 days ago)
Never ask a scientist a yes or no question.
Muthulingam Ramiah (29 days ago)
Great loss to humanity... I truly idolized him and his unique narration of each and every one of his episodes which not only introduces the wide variety of local delicacies but also describes their unique taste to the rest of the world with such detail that one can almost taste the food while watching his shows... He had great respect for local cultures and their uniquely different tastes while being truly honest about his preference without hurting anyone's feelings... He will be forever remembered as one of the greatest Chef who roamed the earth...literally... 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼
Diogenes26 (29 days ago)
*"only optimists commit suicide, optimists who no longer succeed at being optimists. the others, having no reason to live, why would they have any to die?"* (e.m. cioran)
Cristoval Jesús Amado (29 days ago)
Life is very precious for the cows and calves also and not just for humans.
LoveIsLovely (1 month ago)
Thank you
Susan Sisson (1 month ago)
Here's the deal: we loved him. We loved seeing him, we loved hearing from him, we would have loved to have sat at a table with him. He was haunted by death, he mentions it in almost every episode, but now that it has overtaken him, so many of us are deeply mourning his loss. We loved him.
dave bolich (1 month ago)
Confusing the spirit cookouts with Thanksgiving there Neil? It's gotta be tough keeping up on an ever expanding lie.
dave bolich (1 month ago)
"dig a little deeper"...
dave bolich (1 month ago)
Earth Flat. Space Fake. Bourdain sacrificed.
polifatts (1 month ago)
Going on CNN is beneath Neil's dignity.
Hmm https://youtu.be/ECDHnb5Mu-8
Rick Rascon (1 month ago)
Neil you are so fake mr. Theory man
Master Adjuster (1 month ago)
Really beautiful words Neil.
Whipper Snapper (1 month ago)
This lady is a biiiitch, damn.
Nico Angelo Bado (1 month ago)
Anthony Bourdain and Neil deGrasse Tyson are the best pair to have in any show or channel.
Elijah cesspoole (1 month ago)
I rarely have a falling out with neil, but calling bourdain anything less than a piece of shit is unacceptable.
Adam Edwards (1 month ago)
Neil is a cosmic gem.
Xiphane X (1 month ago)
Lovely tribute Dr. Tyson. Thank you :)
poppykok5 (1 month ago)
I have such a tremendous amount of admiration & respect for Mr. Neil deGrasse...I'd love to spend an afternoon just chatting with him...He's extraordinarily fascinating...
Brian Tyson (1 month ago)
Isn't death by suicide a natural cause?
ValleyBoyKauai (1 month ago)
What a very good man...in all aspects.
David II (1 month ago)
Poster Child for the establishment. All Bogus!
Will g (1 month ago)
Niel Degrasse tyson: we're all just a bundle of cells bouncing around in a meaningless universe also Neil Degrasse Tyson: life is soooooooo precious, but I can't explain why because I'm atheist the overarching point is that without objective truth, an argument for life being precious is futile, except for scarcity i suppose
haissemweneht (1 month ago)
0:08 Who cares what this fool says...he believes in a pear shaped Earth. NDT is a part of the biggest lie told to Man. He is a demon lover straight from the depths of Hell. He cannot even imagine what the Universe "Manifest Destiny" has in store for him when his time comes...wait and see what the Power People will do to him when its his turn to pay the Piper. WAKE Up People!
Scribejay (1 month ago)
Oh shutup about your out of touch science bubble, Tyson. Tony Bourdain is dead!
BIGBEN9999999 (1 month ago)
Always compelling how so talented and authentic people get to struggle so much in life...
Geovany Franco (1 month ago)
Fake news hosting a typical shill interesting?
Hatice Cetiner (1 month ago)
Anthony Bourdain you are loved rest in peace we will miss you.
JHUMAD BHRO™ (1 month ago)
Brian Price (1 month ago)
I am will miss him.
Brian Price (1 month ago)
I will miss him.
weezenberg (1 month ago)
idont like her
Mind Change Trouble is root cause to Suicide but UK USA CANADA FINLAND INDIA SINGAPORE MALAYSIA LANKA UAE AFRICA CARIBBEAN careless about Mind Change Trouble Bio Weapon used by Murasolimaran Kalanithi Network against various Celebrities and UK
John Barnes (1 month ago)
I'm really saddened by his loss. You always made me smile with your stories Anthony Bourdain. I hope you find peace. RIP you're a true icon.
RealGuy24 (1 month ago)
Neil re-painted the ceiling.
Greta Muca (1 month ago)
The late show
teenie beenie (1 month ago)
why is this dude so smiley and happi, inappropriate, as usual
D Mp (1 month ago)
Neil is so great!
rem1100mag (1 month ago)
Pinaki Joadder (1 month ago)
....the cigarettes and alcohol woulda got him but when you date a chick with tats on her titties what do You expect?
Z 769427 (1 month ago)
The struggles he was “born” out of created an amazing human being that benefited us all. Could his past demons really be so unforgivable that he felt he had to leave his life? If so, this is a sad statement on us all. Why can’t we as a people forgive ourselves or others?
Derek Zakrosky (1 month ago)
He touched my life, just real that’s how I saw him REAL! I loved his show I loved how he was authentic. Great American story, great American!
dragonboy718 (1 month ago)
neil does not believe in god so whats the big deal? human life, to him, is an accident of nature.....hypocrite....
Andrew (1 month ago)
Its precious because it's all we have. We get just one shot at living.
alfa1duetto (1 month ago)
Just listening to CNN very long makes one consider suicide.
Melvin Calimag (1 month ago)
So Life is precious in the universe except in the womb?
DMA Lewis (1 month ago)
I never checked him out before. But he looked very haunted to me. Maybe people were too busy getting on with the externals of his success than they were bothered to understand how troubled he was. Well done humans. Someone else dies because we homo sapiens are sometimes so very shallow. RIP Bourdain.
Jason Louzado (1 month ago)
Thanks for ALL the ways you have enlightened our hearts, our minds, our curiosities and our tastebuds over the years!! God Bless you on your journey into the unknown!
Moe Jaime (1 month ago)
RIP Bourdain you where the man !!!
Pensivata (1 month ago)
There are many tributes ‘out there’ honouring Anthony Bourdain. He was indeed a noble soul, and it is right and fitting we should mourn the loss of such a wonderful human being. But I cannot get on board with some tributes to him which extol his “worldly advice” - indeed, he did have some some good, wise advice - apart from his last act - that was not actually a good way to handle life's problems. In fact, it does kind of overshadow all the good advice he gave, if his ultimate conclusion to all his wisdom is to.. erm, well, you know.. his final conclusion, in the face of all his advice, is to kill himself. Its easy to say that his "worldly advice" and his suicide were two separate things. But I cannot believe they are entirely separate - his will to self annihilate at the end - to some extent, however small, diminishes the wisdom he imparted. At the very least, it gives added license to all those other poor souls contemplating suicide. How can that be a good thing? He left no suicide note saying "don't do what I'm about to do" - he left nothing to warn others not to follow his path - and in that respect - as a hugely prominent role model - I take all of his advice with more than a pinch of salt. Sorry to say. RIP Anthony - you will be missed - but you had so much, and your demise has left so many unanswered questions, and some of us - less fortunate that you - remain confused as to why we should still keep going.
Jeff Cook (1 month ago)
I got a job washing dishes at the lobster pot because they were not hiring servers I told them I would take anything I eventually got the server Job there because I wasn't too proud the man inspired me to do what I do today. his Passion for food and the way he describes it is why I do what I do. I will always be who I am at my job and will continue to be successful because of him I'm going to miss Tony
George K (1 month ago)
We are not alone in the universe. We are surrounded by 6.5-7 Billion other humans and that's plenty enough.
Bernard Liu (1 month ago)
He came to look like Don Quixote, I venture to suggest. Very sad.
VWGTI (1 month ago)
I'm surprised a man of his intelligence doesn't believe in God.
Tickle Rick (1 month ago)
Neil deGrasse Tyson is the Morgan Freeman of Science. Love the guy.
Neils a dirty coon
V E (1 month ago)
how about oxygen? No oxygen no life.
Alex Campion (1 month ago)
good on them for talking about him with enthusiasm and an air of celebration. perhaps it's very sad that he got so low he decided to kill himself. but fuck it. think of it however you want to. he lived, and for a lot of that life he fought pretty damn hard and really gave it some. "people only remember your last hit"...fuck those people. i'd be proud to be able to say i had squeezed as much juice out of life as anthony bourdain had.
Guiding Angel (1 month ago)
suicide is a choice death is a decision
Joseph Della Selva (1 month ago)
Thank you, Mr. Bourdain! You did the world a favor.
Devil of the Seas (1 month ago)
What's the name of the sexy MILF? Look at her thighs..
Joby J (1 month ago)
When CNN like media celebrate or honour a suicide this will continue...
stripmakah215610 (1 month ago)
This goes to show, having fame and fortune is not the key to happiness. Having a relationship with CHRIST will guarantee completeness.
Dwight K. Schrute (1 month ago)
And if you don't, you'll burn in agonizing torment for all eternity. But remember, god loves you!
courgeonaute (1 month ago)
I was expecting a eulogy but I got the news that there was probably life on mars
Barack Yomama (1 month ago)
The funny thing is this guy is an athiest. What does he know about the meaning of life. Kinda like lady Gaga and cameras haha!
Dwight K. Schrute (1 month ago)
Barack Yomama He knows alot more about life then what you got out of a book written thousands years ago by a bronze age tribe that lived in the desert.
Anne ONeill (1 month ago)
I like to think that Anthony Bourdain is somewhere soaking in all the love he wasnt able to feel when he was amongst us.
Les Limoles (1 month ago)
I love those, who speak of HIM nicely. I'll miss his "Parts Unknown".
Stephen Hargrave (1 month ago)
Anthony Bourdain... Poster child of brotherly love. Scorned by hate mongers everywhere. Moments after death, the internet is alive with trolls to tell us what he stood for, as if those of us who gave our time don't know EXACTLY what the man stood for Silly internet. Tricks are for Nazi clickbait
Stonemansteve II (1 month ago)
I've been a fan of Bourdain's since he wrote that article so many years ago!! Learned a lot from the man, from his shows, about food and about the people of different countries and what they ate. This is a big loss for people all around the world!!!
Rob W (1 month ago)
Holy shit. Neil is still alive?
Patrick Malone (1 month ago)
Why is life precious?
Only One Way (1 month ago)
For atheists, why is life so precious if (according to atheism), it's just a line between two points of nothingness? Why is suicide bad? Why is murder wrong? According to Atheists, we're all just walking sacks of chemicals. No combination of elements on the periodic table will every develop things such as a moral code or a system of justice. If atheism is true then there is no basis for good and bad, right and wrong, to even exist.
Only One Way (1 month ago)
Who said anything about God? From your assertions against God it’s apparent that you hold to things such as morality, justice and right and wrong. I want to know why atheists think that murder is wrong if the concept of morals is supposedly decided by community, which boils down to the views or thoughts coming from the brains of these community members. I mean your brain is just a bunch of varying molecules doing things, causing chemical reactions to produce ideas such as morals, love, good and bad, etc. and your agreement with said concepts. Why do your views or thoughts (molecules just doing things), matter more than say the reaction you get when shaking up a can of soda, then quickly opening it up? What is it that makes the electrochemical reaction that goes on in your brain that you deem as “love”, any different than any other chemical reaction?
Dwight K. Schrute (1 month ago)
No atheist ever said we're just walking chemicals. We have said that we are made up of varying molecules and that experiences determine are psychology and views on life. As an atheist, I love life bc I don't live in fear of some narcissistic, genocidal god who will send me to hell just for the sin of disbelief. I have a family, a part time job, and I go to school bc I want to improve the world and make life better for humanity. And to your point on morality, human morality has evovled exponentially over human history. Morality ia decided by the community in which you live. You need only look to the bible to support this claim. Your god ordered the death of a man who gather wood on the sabbath, but I'm sure you won't stone me for not going to church on Sunday. The bible orders the death of atheists, adulterers, disobedient sons, gays, pregnant women who conceived out of wedlock and gives instructions on how to take female sex slaves. Now hopefully you find all that to be abhorrent and I would say you do bc human morality is different now that it was then. Heck, slavery was seen a morally ok by half the country.
Strayawayfelix (1 month ago)
No more CNN for me, it was the only show I watched and enjoyed from CNN.
BFKC (1 month ago)
Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn't know how to treat the word "philosopher", or what to say, and so babbles something like a child. (Random superficial clichés and feelings he has, on the level of a child, and which are irrelevant here.)
Lawrance Ovarabia (1 month ago)
“Life is precious”? Wow, I didn’t Neil was a vegetarian!
Kiarash Aalaei (1 month ago)
he has a fucking daughter man... :(
S4njuro (1 month ago)
I think they are both on the verge of tears.... why did he do it? FUCK....
PutinWithAnimals (1 month ago)
Getting close to those Prothean Archives?
everett norris (1 month ago)
He accepted the rhetoric of a corrupt news network(CNN). Like Kathy Griffin Bourdain make anti Trump remarks. I would serve them both ( Kim Jung Un and Donald trump). hemlock.
Vincent Esposito (1 month ago)
Whatever inner demons undid Tony Bourdain- being able to go from being a nearly destroyed addict to someone Neil DeGrasse Tyson will Eulogize over is a life well-lived. He'll be missed.
kris pirtsios (1 month ago)
Of all creatures on Earth from the tiniest bacteria to the blue whale only Humans suicide it seems. The anchor should have asked Neil Degrasse Tyson wot quirky evolutionary trait u think has allowed for this? Would love to hear his response . I mean evolution from wot we've been taught is about survival, adaptation and competition and yet with humans they often play the 'get me outta here card' its sad and very perplexing. It must be a human psychological thing. Have there been tests done? Its interesting to study but of course tragic for those who take their lives. In Australia recently there was a 101 year old person his occupation was a scientist from news reports , he was healthy for his age and yet he felt he lost quality of life and flew to Switzerland to end it, as this isn't allowed in Australia. His family were supportive of his decision .
Dexx Tubb (1 month ago)
Bullshit!!when "THEY" are doin the business, smh....Their puppets need oiling....TF they takes us for,FOOLS....this guy goin to sleep talking...hell, hes talkin nonsense the whole time...This mess they mad stanks folks
Kimberly Upton (1 month ago)
"I mean" Criminy.
William Patience (1 month ago)
Seems suicidal people have a certain sense of distraction and irritation.
BREW DUDE! (1 month ago)
Why... just why.. i dont understand. This sucks.
Carla Fernandez (1 month ago)
Thank you NDT and your tribute. I will really miss Anthony Bourdain.
QuietHero (1 month ago)
he was a walking legend now he truly is LEGEND
E ROSSELL (1 month ago)
Hearing this news reminded me of his episode in Buenos Aires in which he speaks about finding inner peace and being content with life
Talanda Mc Clure (1 month ago)
What a REAL & RAW Individual who connected with so many people in ALL walks of life. He truly was an original story teller and lover of ALL things food & travel. There will NEVER be another Anthony Bourdain often imitated but, never duplicated. I will miss forever the sweetest man ever.
Lupe Lopez (1 month ago)
Anthony I loved your show you took me with you on your daily travelers to places I would have never seen you will truly be missed keep your fork ready and a beer in your hand my friend RIP
John Davis (1 month ago)
Anthony Bourdain was an Anti-White Alt-Left jew who wanted White People to mix with Brown peole to kill the White Race. He also refused to hire White People on his show.
Asti Upiastirin (1 month ago)
I am still sad and it's Monday..he died last Friday. His death hit me the hardest as far as celebrity deaths are concerned.
Nitro Express (1 month ago)
curve balls thrown at you? come on Neil. Bourdain choose heroin, cocaine, alcohol.
Gregor Collins (1 month ago)
Incredible to see something that doesn't happen often enough: YouTube coming together and agreeing on one thing: Respect for Bourdain. Rest in peace and love, AB.
deaksbear (1 month ago)
Please keep Octavia in your prayers.. she is a great love of his life.. the mother of his most precious Daughter.. and the keeper of his legacy. I hope all our love supports you.
fausto e torres (1 month ago)
R.I.P Anthony
Black Phillip (1 month ago)
Anthony Bourdain was cool but not faked cool. He was a truly cool guy. Very passionate about everything.
Nitro Express (1 month ago)
even when he said he wanted to poison Trump. real cool.
EVZYL (1 month ago)
Crooked Hillary up to her tricks again.

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