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Easing Back Into Training - Lil' Arm Workout

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Trying to get back into shape. Hopefully, I can look much better in weeks to come. Easing back into things slowly - when coming back from an injury or other derailment, I like to tread gently. Pushing too much or too far too quickly can result in something worse than I am coming back from. At my age, moderation matters.
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Text Comments (88)
Albert Argibay (2 months ago)
come to ny determine gym like to meet you best regards al ny.
Carmine Mineo (5 months ago)
U done some hard time tiny u look familiar. Sing sing 1988. Lol
harley1969chuco (10 months ago)
It's cool to see you working out thanks for the video 👍
Gon s (11 months ago)
Good Song my God !!! Power !!!! U singe this ?
shane hunsicker (11 months ago)
You don't do a very good job isolating muscles with all that secondary movement. Your partner as better form. And I thought you would be stronger. Too much blood making your pumps painful?
diesel 316 (11 months ago)
Nice! One of your best videos! would be great to see you do some other body parts.
MoLifts (11 months ago)
DMV BABY!!!!!!
The Lottery (11 months ago)
Hey James if you wouldn't mind I have a video on how much Goku can bench on my channel if you wanna check it out and give me any tips thanks!
mike ingham (1 year ago)
nice to see people putting weights back in the rack :)
Buffalo (1 year ago)
_God dammit Dom fuckin' revive me!_
What What (1 year ago)
hey tiny. big fan here. can u do a video on intermittent fasting. I'm trying lose some fat without losing any muscle. thanks
Charlotte Cook-Casey (1 year ago)
Looks like there's some synthol in them there arms
alteredbeast666 (1 year ago)
James I've watched almost every single one of your videos and I still could include that your size and shape is all a product of anabolic steroids and or growth hormone I want to see what you really would look like if you never touched any of that definitely not even close to the same size or condition you're a really positive person with a good message but please stop telling kids they're going to get huge with all the crap you tell them I know you abused the crap out of drugs and I can see it in your physique you're like halfway a good YouTube channel but the other half is definitely dirty and Secret why don't you show all the kids the 30 minutes you spend in the bathroom in the morning shooting all your crap that would be a real honest video right there other than that keep them coming cuz your videos are good but really realize what you look like and the information you give contradicting it
Brutus 632 (1 year ago)
alteredbeast666.....He's admitted many times that he's not natural and only was for the first 15 years of training. What good could come of a video showing him actually taking the drugs? He's never kept it a secret. Do you even follow him or have you just watched a couple of his videos? He's about as honest as it gets in the fitness world.
NWhite (1 year ago)
alteredbeast666 he already said he does dip
Sosua Pimp (1 year ago)
Hey James I love your channel,l know I'm off subject but do you still perform deadlifts?
Omaha Muscle (1 year ago)
James as anyone reached out to you about Marc Lobliner's charity for the semper fi foundation? I think it would be great for you to go and meet fans. My wife and I donated from our jewelry business for the silent auction. Love to see you involved.
oh no, how can we hear you talking over the music?
FitLife (1 year ago)
Do you ever regret getting the arm tattoo's?
FitLife (1 year ago)
Brutus 632 I agree. A clean arm looks better then look dirty. But to each his own.
Brutus 632 (1 year ago)
FitLife M9......I've always wondered what that one is on his right arm.....kinda looks like a alien being to me. I'm assuming he regrets them because if we're being completely honest, they don't look good at all.
Ricky Jordan (1 year ago)
timonium maryland
LifeGoes On (1 year ago)
Omg hes so big 😱💪💪💪
CHAD PAGAN (1 year ago)
the color spectrum in your gym looks like a 70's porn movie set
Brutus 632 (1 year ago)
All Retro Fitness's are the same color scheme.
olderloverxx (1 year ago)
huge beasts
borlan100 (1 year ago)
Goddamn man you're a mass monster! You look great buddy.
Eddy Delgado (1 year ago)
James got enormous arms.......RaSPECT.
BrotherLead (1 year ago)
Bloody big fella!
TJ Mendoza (1 year ago)
George was able to keep his elbows straight and move the weight the way you should!
TJ Mendoza (1 year ago)
Sean Ward simmer down Betsy. You sound like a woman. A man typically doesn't put words in another persons mouth. I said what I meant and meant ONLY what I said!
Sean Ward (1 year ago)
TJ Mendoza Really? You're gonna try correcting tinys form, mr no profile picture. I think you should post a video showing your "correct" form then.
Dameon Macleod (1 year ago)
Epic video brotha
Itchy Malengwe (11 months ago)
Dameon Macleod Hey man. I've heard of you. You're the fake martial artist, right? You can't prove your martial arts background so you pretend like you don't have to. That's pathetic mate. If you're a martial arts expert just make a video detailing it. Show some fights, show some trophies, show some pictures, show some certificates. Easy. Easy if you've got a martial arts background. But you don't. You're a joke.
The Sambonator is here!!! cum back to fitmisch Hun!!! we miss u !!
Dameon Macleod (1 year ago)
that gym theme looks cool too yellow on red!
TheJD (1 year ago)
Did Hulk Hogan choose that gym equipment out, it's all red and yellow.
Drama (1 year ago)
George is looking good getting real jacked
Drama (1 year ago)
James has the tiny vest or should we say he has a XXL vest but he just makes it look tiny lol
jim dandy (1 year ago)
Lookin HUGE there Jim,,
JoeDIY&Rentals (1 year ago)
Triceps are nuts!
TonyLittleNutz (1 year ago)
Good tunes
dakidsbac777 (1 year ago)
ur voice sounds just like Jerry Ward lol
caseydog3 (1 year ago)
Still looking good ol man
Looks like u and the Hodgetwins workout at the same gym, making all kinds of gains...…All Kiiiiiinnndddzzz​!! 😂
Old Iron King Yeah, ur probably right. Definitely the same color tho. lol
Spencer Johnson (1 year ago)
Sibuna Het-Ra X prolly not the same location tho, I don't know if that's what you mean
Who's and what is that music? Zone music
Ze Roveda (1 year ago)
Great music! No pop, rap, hip hop crap!! Respect James!
Sean Ward (1 year ago)
Of course, goes without saying, tinys arms are just freakishly ridiculous. Triceps are mind blowing.
Jeff Towery (1 year ago)
Your forearms are crazy big
Sean Ward (1 year ago)
Gotta give George props for having a quality set of guns, respect.
james (1 year ago)
This man is Massive
Jody Wooten (1 year ago)
How do you space a heavy tri day from chest, so you don't over due your tri's?
Jody (1 year ago)
Looking good bro!
stephen verasammy (1 year ago)
can moderate weights build bigger muscle
yup , intensity is not just related to heavy weights...... try doing rich piana style high volume or lee priest in some ways its even mentally mroe difficult ebcasue of the extreme painsignals which last longer with all the volume.... u dont get that kind of stimulation with just heavy weight brief workouts... thats where Mike mizner and arthur jones went into tunnelvision and disregarded other factors like pump, bloodflow and hyperplasia etc.. HIT heavy only training for Looks works only if ur on roids, because ht eroids then take care of the pump and bloodflow.which lacks in that style fo training... for just strength its a different thing... u can train like a powerlfiter and be hella strong but lacvk max development
Gues Whom (11 months ago)
Yeah I think I'm just glad I'm older. It isn't until recently with IG and the YouTube fitness community with the half/fake natty physique and fake plate lifting phenoms out there getting the attention. If I was in my 20s I'd be much more likely to join the dark side... thinking about those short term gains. The maturity has given me the wisdom life with drugs is definitely not good for you long term. Doing the natural way I can see myself lifting into my 60s and maybe even 70s. The other week I saw a 77yo deadlift almost 300lbs at a powerlifting event.
Brutus 632 (1 year ago)
Gues Whom.....I agree with you 100% here. That's why so many start doing the drugs or should I say turn to the drugs because it IS frustrating when you see a jacked dude working half as hard as you, walking into the gym with a Big Mac in his mouth and he's at 5% body fat!!! (Not saying ALL guys on gear don't work hard). I also agree that numbers have to keep going up or SOMETHING Has to change drastically. Me personally, I'm drug free and lifted heavy and hard most of my life yet I'm just now (at 50) discovering super sets, burnout sets, giant sets and confusion principles. I'm doing completely different workouts all the time and it's definitely paying off. I'm always sore (the good sore) from my workouts where I went years never getting sore even after training crazy heavy. Problem is when I started back in the early 90's, everyone said you can't get big unless you do free weights so I did all the hardest exercises in the same order every workout for years and years and years. Hardly ever touched a machine or cable. "Go heavy or go home" they said! LOL Also, in the process, I destroyed my joints because they NEVER got a break. Like I said, you cannot just continue to go up in dumbbell curls or guys would be curling 350lb dumbbells for reps according to that theory. That is where the limits come into play and you MUST do something different to get more growth (for biceps). I can only really curl up to 55's with good form and I was doing that 20 years ago so what do you do in order to keep growing biceps? For me, going lighter with strict form and really getting the blood into the muscle, making that so called muscle mind connection is working because I've never done it. Anyway, sorry for the novel, but what you're saying makes sense.
Gues Whom (1 year ago)
Yup definitely on the same page. Just telling others you don't have to start heavy, but as you get bigger and want to keep getting bigger you need to be progressive going heavier and lifting some serious volume. Can't stick with curling the 30lb dumbbells and benching with 135lbs... numbers have to go up if you want your size to keep going up. The only guys I see able to get and stay big in the gym doing lightweights are those eating trenbolone sandwhiches. I'm just jealous of those guys. I have to keep going hard and heavy while these guys get to get massive on their fluff and pump type workouts.
Brutus 632 (1 year ago)
Gues Whom......I hear ya dude. We're pretty much saying the same thing within reason. And I will agree that the odds of building shredded , huge 22" arms like Tiny naturally are slim to none. But, do I think you can build big muscular arms with lighter weight......absolutely, 100% yes. It's all about how hard you work, the level of intensity, if you train to failure (my opinion) and the amount of fibers that you break down in the gym. You don't HAVE to go heavy to create muscle hypertrophy.

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