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Fetty Wap "679" feat. Remy Boyz [Official Video]

1524984 ratings | 319291498 views
The official Fetty Wap "679" music video featuring Remy Boyz. Record produced by Peoples. Download "679" http://flyt.it/679 Stream "Bruce Wayne" the mixtape OUT NOW: https://ffm.to/brucewayne Download Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" single here: http://flyt.it/TrapQueen ►Website: http://www.fettywap.com/ ►Instagram: https://instagram.com/FettyWap1738/ ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/fettywap ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fetty-Wap/398037297030118
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Text Comments (90583)
David Carrasco (3 hours ago)
This makes me happy when im sad
og niya # (4 hours ago)
2018 anyone 😎😎😎
Qasim England (5 hours ago)
Nigga I can fit my finger through that bitch gap
Skrilla Warlock (6 hours ago)
I’m a devil worshiper
James Sako (10 hours ago)
takes 30 seconds to listen https://soundcloud.com/user-906094668
GoldWolf23 (10 hours ago)
2014 anyone
Nevaeh Frazier (10 hours ago)
2018 still fire
whipcurry _30 (12 hours ago)
she got the biggest gap ever
Maurice Ingram (12 hours ago)
100 TI Songs
Maurice Ingram (12 hours ago)
Girls Girls eyhjh
CLASSIC MONEY (13 hours ago)
Remix is better
Aaron Relich (14 hours ago)
eldina Saric (14 hours ago)
U are cute and awesome
Chill Vro (15 hours ago)
Yo I found this track, its fire👀👀
Navarrya Green (16 hours ago)
I love this song
don panquesito (19 hours ago)
hola :v
Drastic Watermelon (19 hours ago)
itss.rachel_ (20 hours ago)
The video is so bad
ঊ͜Ԟ Firstpro (23 hours ago)
Dirtiest GT (23 hours ago)
Sheyla M (1 day ago)
Peggy Beaumont (1 day ago)
wowow 3 years od and i still havent seen the mv
Cool kid 39 39 39 (1 day ago)
2018 gang
Automn Layton (1 day ago)
Rayan Ahmed (1 day ago)
Who still listening to this?
Jodi RayfieId (1 day ago)
I’m like yeah she’s fine...wonder when she’ll be mine! she walks past I press rewind to see that ass one more time!!!
I like this song cus of faze rug
aa ne c;
lil smiley (1 day ago)
baby girl tell me wht chu see isn't me😏 or is the money💸?
Sylvia (1 day ago)
Taurres Ball (1 day ago)
I heard I am a devil worshiper
Robert Kwant (1 day ago)
Green Ninja (1 day ago)
2019 anyone
Jennifer Ramirez (2 days ago)
I was in 9th when this came out. Im a senior now💀 time flies
DravoDaBoss (2 hours ago)
Jennifer Ramirez samee
Robert Marcos (2 days ago)
When this song came out it was the anthem to the best time of my life
Freezee -_- (2 days ago)
July 2018?🤣😝
Austin Ayala (2 days ago)
I Love this song
Ms.Chloe (2 days ago)
18. Anyway
Raymond Maxwell (2 days ago)
you guys are trippen the rapper never said he's the devil worshiper
O M3lh0r d0 Fut3b0l (2 days ago)
July of 2018
Mackieboy Y (2 days ago)
Nån svensk
UN O.G (2 days ago)
This dude fell off
Crankyboi Gamer (3 days ago)
July 4, 2018?? Anyone🔥🤑
MarioFilms (3 days ago)
Felix Plays (3 days ago)
This song surprisingly sounds good
Carson Stewart (3 days ago)
Still jammin in July 2018. Anybody else?
Abraham Ramirez (3 days ago)
Nathan For JOKES (3 days ago)
Show offs
Lala la Peruana (3 days ago)
Miss this Fetty Wap ☹️
Dontell Benjamin (3 days ago)
Damn this nigga fell off hard!!!!
Saoc (3 days ago)
Vim pelo Greg Ferreira Catchorro , Verycrazy HI HI KKkkk
Owen Switzer (3 days ago)
Z W E R V E (3 days ago)
remember when this guy was relevant?
pokemon master 2 (3 days ago)
This is so addicting
Tyrese Tucker (3 days ago)
this nigga fell off harder than silento
Naveen Chaudhary (4 days ago)
Jake (4 days ago)
Don’t care what nobody say still get turnt af to this
Donnell Knight (4 days ago)
I love this song Because he can sing so good
NICKGA BOY (4 days ago)
Listen this song every day 🙋🏾‍♂️
Alex Lo (4 days ago)
3:18 Ikr im watching in 2018, but was that 6ix9ine?
Alex Lo (3 days ago)
• Vigure • (4 days ago)
Look at his hand he has no 69’s
Teekee Coya Shortte (4 days ago)
July 2018?
Joshua Bright (4 days ago)
Dakota Yates (4 days ago)
If you think that he says soda shame on you you not a true fan he says and I got this sewed up
Pacifiqq (4 days ago)
Looking back at this it's lowkey trash
Claudio Gamer (4 days ago)
Mike Wizzy (4 days ago)
Today ☺️
Varshil Bangaar (4 days ago)
Still my number 1 Fetty!!!!!!!
lil myth (4 days ago)
I love you I love you
lil myth (4 days ago)
I love you
lil myth (4 days ago)
I love you
lil myth (4 days ago)
I love you
Ugly Caicedo (4 days ago)
I love Monty
류사라 (4 days ago)
MARK GAMEZ (4 days ago)
Whoever makes fun of this guy is actually sad people changes don’t matter don’t make fun of people
elblondie69 falconer (5 days ago)
Samir Khoja (4 days ago)
elblondie69 falconer not yet
Kenichi Gaming (5 days ago)
Koolface Magical (5 days ago)
July 2100
Jaelynn Jones (5 days ago)
Nobody else finds the girl ugly asf?
kelven Gamer (5 days ago)
عربي لايك
Lesterjr Mendoza (5 days ago)
Amine King (5 days ago)
domako 17 here.
Shani Billy (5 days ago)
Mind blowing ✌✌✌🎬🎧
Lyman (5 days ago)
2019 almost
shadowghost tracker (5 days ago)
300 mil came for fetty wap 8 mil came for Remy boyz
ITzGamezHD (5 days ago)
I’m a devil worshiper
Sharese Sewell (5 days ago)
2018 😩😩😩
주먹밥 (5 days ago)
응딩이 흔드르라~~~
Alex Lo (5 days ago)
Alex Lo (5 days ago)
W H E N F E T T Y R E T U R N ? ? ?
Amirul Aiman (5 days ago)
서유민 (6 days ago)
chila the young waves
Driip (6 days ago)
A true throwback slapper
Random Videos (6 days ago)
Got a rock in my pocket don’t need no clock
SKYZ POTATO (6 days ago)
I remember this song in 5th grade
Jumpydog13 (6 days ago)
PUBG MOBILE (6 days ago)
Rip x
Hamza Jalil (6 days ago)
King Nassir (6 days ago)
Ima play this shit at my wedding
King Nassir (6 days ago)
This shit still hard
King Nassir (6 days ago)
I aint gone lie fetty had a good run
Alban Hajzeri (6 days ago)
If only XXXTECACION had a Glock in His Rarri.
jaydog23 jaydog23 (6 days ago)
2018 anyone
Matthew Cormier (6 days ago)
zoo gang fan

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