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Is Your Life A Bargain?

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Does a day's worth of life have value? If we expire without the ability to purchase or negotiate even a single additional day, then what value might that day hold if we could? Are you getting good value for the days you are living?
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DJ - Rocket Man - (8 days ago)
Nice video very motivational.
Jimbo Jones (8 days ago)
You are the steroids guy. That's all. A better way to live your life is don't hurt people and be happy. Don't listen to anyone's version of honorable because they're just trying to enslave you.
joe momma (14 days ago)
have u been eating weed brownies today james. lol
Billy Idol (14 days ago)
James always thankful for every drop of wisdom you share, it helps dealing with this cunt lyfe and coming out on top.
Spaniard Prince (15 days ago)
You're always an inspiration brother. Never stop sharing these jewels; God Bless.
ziggyjinx (16 days ago)
Top talk, inspirational 👍
doubanjiang (16 days ago)
A new degree of weird for this channel: the hushed, almost sermon-like monologue and those crazy ass birds. Not quite sure what to make of this.
Fernando Gaviria (7 days ago)
doubanjiang it’s like an Ultimate Warrior promo
mike wolonsky (16 days ago)
life is a gift, live each day now and be in the moment. all you or I have is our integrity-
Bub 66 (17 days ago)
Sometimes we should reflect on this topic. Every day of life is a day closer to death. That's just reality. So we should live our days in a way that's meaningful for us.
Chosen Won (17 days ago)
In your case your life is driven by the recreational use of drugs not intended for recreational use. Now add in vanity, self -righteousness and although claiming complete honesty, lack in the sense..............well, of not being so honest. I would bow down to you with respect if you detailed your bodybuilding drug use, what you have taken and for how long, and when was the last time you used a non-prescribed medicine. I dare you to find one psychiatrist or medical doctor to say bodybuilding the way you have done it is OK. Just one. 55 and a heart problem after being 'healthy' all these years? I call bullshit. I thought for a while the light bulb came on after you quit using drugs as a method of maintaining or building muscle. At least temporarily, a doctor was able to talk some sense into you. So a philosophy of life from you? I don't think so.
Chosen Won (16 days ago)
Yes. It's not rocket science. Natural or juiced?
Jody (16 days ago)
Chosen Won Dude. . Do you know anything about bodybuilding? Seriously, do you?
Chosen Won (16 days ago)
MrChoochoo With regard to interpretation, you seem pretty good at what you think I mean and what Jim's mantra consists of. At least in my case, you're way off. My point is for a guy that promotes and claims honesty he's a little off track. For the sake of this reply I'll skip his prior bodybuilding cocktail regime. There is no way in the world this guy is natural for as long as he claims. There are retired bodybuilders that no longer take 'gear' as this guy calls it. None of them have this size at this age. For a while he claimed good nutrition, blah, blah. He said he didn't lose the size he expected to with his drug free, natural program. I call bullshit. When it's all said and done just what message is it you think this guy promotes? He's doing what Dolly Pardon did for years, claiming her breasts were natural. Saying one thing while doing another is the point. If honesty is such a staple of his message, well, how about being honest? I think it's because like many Youtubers, they become enamored with their amateur success. Rather than Jim the oil changer, he's Jim the freak 55 year old, ex-roider, that still in some way maintains crazy muscularity. He's created an image he can't let go of; and this isn't honesty. I mean who believes this bullshit? On a larger scale, Rich Piana did the same thing. Jim or Rich didn't want any part of 47- 55 year old Mr. Average. Jim understood, and in a big way, his natural regime garnered little interest. His subscribers exited left and right. Thus, he chases the dragon.
MrChoochoo (16 days ago)
His mantra is fairly benign and he doesn't advocate that anyone to follow the same path he did. In his day things were what they were, and he did what he thought he had to do. He 's experienced a lot since then(no doubt good and bad like all of us) and knows a lot more. Recently he's experienced some problems that may have been caused by his previous lifestyle. He's changing his approach and is documenting his progress. Hopefully his example will inform aspiring body builders and strength trainers of the pitfalls in a more real way than just 'shouting' at them not to take drugs/steroids. You know what folk are like. Tell'em not to do something and they will just go out and do that very thing..........I don't think you and I have any serious argument. Just different interpretations.......
Chosen Won (16 days ago)
MrChoochoo I never said he doesn't have some good qualities. But if I had a young and impressionable son that looked at this guy and wanted to be like him I would have a problem. His mantra and past bodybuilding is not in any way about health or honesty.
Bulldog 70 (17 days ago)
nice crows in the background deep thoughts
Dave Dreds (17 days ago)
You have a great outlook on life. Love your vids
Skrawny2Brawny (17 days ago)
Eat that damn bird 🦅 already!
Skrawny2Brawny 😂😂
HeartPiece4u (17 days ago)
4:23 I belive that. don't leave things unsaid , and don't leave things undone.
jacek cieniuch (17 days ago)
The birds behaind you agree with you james and we do too brother
Chosen Won (17 days ago)
You're heading to more of a 55 year old natural look. Stay off that crap and live longer.
Chosen Won (15 days ago)
FitLife Good luck getting through to Jimmy. He sees the world in a narrow column and not anything, even logic will get in his way.
FitLife (15 days ago)
Every video seems somber and sad! Do you have any clue what no or low testosterone will do to the male body? your better off at his senior age to get HRT or TRT and have higher test then low to no test. He needs to go to his doctor and talk it through. A males natural testosterone production slows down after age 30, he is almost twice that age, plus his admitted use of gear. I seriously hope he gets better.
Chosen Won (17 days ago)
You're getting out there. What's with the whispering?
Michael Rodriguez (17 days ago)
Thank you for this. 🙏🏼 Perfectly timed is all I gotta say.
Stylin andProfilin (17 days ago)
Did u say something James could not hear u between your weird whispering and those fucking crows
Paul Stewart (17 days ago)
Such an important message
Brack Slaughter (17 days ago)
Allow me to translate, "Hey Tiny, the bird feeder's empty."
TonyLittleNutz (17 days ago)
Can barely hear you
Jamey Mote (17 days ago)
Happy july 4th man
James Brace (17 days ago)
Message couldn't have come at a better time!
Jason Shults (17 days ago)
Thanks for the reminder, Jim. I spend far too many days lately just basically coping.
Jojo Viscusi (17 days ago)
Thats deep bro dam.. Never thought about it like that
Herb Levin (17 days ago)
Sooo, I'm in my 50s and I just watched the CT Fletcher vid last nite of his transplant and I almost couldn't sleep. I was eating about 50% raw this year and upped my cardio and I have felt much better over all. After seeing that vid, I will be going 80% raw and I do not care if I lose some mass, there is nothing more important than your health. Young guys can not comprehend that till you break the 50 mark and reality starts to hit that you have short timers disease on earth!! Happy 4th and take care of your body and life........
Deathheads69 (17 days ago)
win, lose, whats the difference. Whatever happens, happens.
Deathheads69 no difference
THE WALL MAN (17 days ago)
I Truly Admire You James! Please Keep Doing What You Do My Man......
Nathanael Poley (17 days ago)
Happy 4

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