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Nitric oxide - benefits and side effects

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This nitric oxide lecture explains about the benefits and side effects of nitric oxide supplements in human body. For more information, log on to- http://www.shomusbiology.com/ Get Shomu's Biology DVD set here- http://www.shomusbiology.com/dvd-store/ Download the study materials here- http://shomusbiology.com/bio-materials.html Remember Shomu’s Biology is created to spread the knowledge of life science and biology by sharing all this free biology lectures video and animation presented by Suman Bhattacharjee in YouTube. All these tutorials are brought to you for free. Please subscribe to our channel so that we can grow together. You can check for any of the following services from Shomu’s Biology- Buy Shomu’s Biology lecture DVD set- www.shomusbiology.com/dvd-store Shomu’s Biology assignment services – www.shomusbiology.com/assignment -help Join Online coaching for CSIR NET exam – www.shomusbiology.com/net-coaching We are social. Find us on different sites here- Our Website – www.shomusbiology.com Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/ShomusBiology/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/shomusbiology SlideShare- www.slideshare.net/shomusbiology Google plus- https://plus.google.com/113648584982732129198 LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/suman-bhattacharjee-2a051661 Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFunsuman Thank you for watching
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Iman Jabar (4 months ago)
Thank u so much Mr.shomu for such a great vedio ,very helpful .....plz keep going
Umberto Faralli (7 months ago)
In anaphylaxis you have constricted blood vessels???? Actually is the opposite the histamine causes dilation and increase permeability of blood vessels this increases the leakage of plasma into the interstitial fluid, that there is the endothelium that express protein ICam1 to attract wbc.... This leads to inflammation, but the important is that if you continue to to dilate blood pressure lows to much and no peripheral resistance, the blood can't go further....
Sneha Motavar (8 months ago)
Helpful, once again! Ty
arjun , (1 year ago)
but how does protein kinase G work to cause vasodilation?
Sashene (1 year ago)
arjun , by dephosphorylating and inactivating myosin light chains
khadija najah (1 year ago)
I want lectures about nitro oxide compound
Kalpesh Desai (1 year ago)
I hate the pop ups
Steven David Cox (1 year ago)
Sambibur Dewan (1 year ago)
thank you
G Man (1 year ago)
Rawlins, you can't buy nitric oxide per say, its actually a femeral gas of sorts, an electron actually, that disappears very quickly, so it can't be captured and put in a capsule. you need to take a suppliment like L- Citrulline ( or better acetle-L-citrulline, this one crosses the blood brain barrier, ya baby) this suppliment is converted to argenine which stimulates the endotheliel cells (the inner lining) of your blood vessels to produce nitric oxide. which then causes basil dialation (widening of the arteries). This causes your blood pressure to drop with more room for the blood to flow. it won't drop if your bp is normal. (one of the beauties of it)
Darryl Crenshaw (1 year ago)
gary pace is it in vitiam form or how do I get these things
awareone (1 year ago)
Interesting, but too many popups spoil it all.
Banglaroad (1 year ago)
there is no side effects having NO in our body so this is a cheap catchphrase to get attention.......
Rawlins Sarwan (1 year ago)
yes very interesting but where can you get nitric oxide
rikeya Griffin (6 months ago)
Yes, you can purchase it through a Kyani distributor. It is called Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme!
Christopher Duggan (8 months ago)
Falcon Flooring (10 months ago)
Take L- Arginine which turns into nitric oxcide in the system.
subrata chowdhury (1 year ago)
Rawlins Sarwan
mohamed Arab (1 year ago)
Rawlins Sarwan
Latesh Singh (2 years ago)
thank u so much....

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