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Does TRT Improve Quality of Life for Everyone?

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Bernardo Maldonado (7 days ago)
I got depressed and anxious out of nowhere last year in January. My moods have been up and down since then. Well i finally tested myself this last march and my levels were 205 total and 4.7 free....the problem however is now im 586 and i still have symptoms. I'll be 34 in August and I'm wondering if 586 is considered low?? Based on what I've researched, its considered normal
Casey Lopez (8 days ago)
I just started TRT maintainence and I'm on 200mg bi/weekly... I'm discouraged because I'm scheduled to see my endo 3mos from now, and feel the dosage is too low and am Stuck for 3 mos. Should I do my shots 100mg a week instead? Or 50mg every 3 days? Or should I just stick with my 200 bi/weekly? Thanks for the help!

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