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Classic Fat Loss Tip

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Classic Fat Loss Tip
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Drill Movement (1 year ago)
60/30??? That's a lot of protein
Chris Kim (10 months ago)
Drill Movement Working for me. Working fast
Good Consumer (1 year ago)
This has been my trusted weight loss supplement ever since I noticed a growing cumulation of fat in my gut. Going by the instructions, I took at least 3 caps each day, an hour before my meal time. I've noticed that the gut I had shrank a little. With Weight loss green store tea, I'm sure I'll be able to get back my flat stomach.
Daniel VelMartin (1 year ago)
Keep it simple, Old school rules
John Bracewell (1 year ago)
anytime someone that has been relatively successful in bodybuilding or fitness says anything about diet rather it be bulking or cutting some gym rats that have never been remotely serious enough to compete chime in about how the guy with the success is wrong which to be fair i use to be that guy too but my first show will be in 7 months got a great friend doing my diet and training now who has won many shows and what he has me eating is so complex you'll never be able to read a online diet or watch a video to get all the real details only many years of training will get you the info that really works for you so everyone under the age of 20 which i figure is most of the ones watching or anyone with less than 4 years lifting should not be giving any advice
Mike Hunt (1 year ago)
Or starve yourself lol
azfitness (1 year ago)
serious question. sorry if you think its rude. Why despite eating as well as you do, you can't lose your belly?
azfitness (1 year ago)
im not critiquing your body. I competed for over ten years in the NPC and won my state title in 2015. I was just curious why you can't hold to a diet. Or why you even would. Or what your channel is about.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Oh, and the reason now it was necessary to make drastic diet modifications is due to having put it off longer than initially expected but as of today nutrition climbs back up, somewhat, with the add in of cardio.  Just another approach - there are many ways to do things.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
I ate the food intended to regain much size I lost during the 8 month downtime with my busted shoulder - kept pushing the earnest cardio further off in interest of trying to see how much I could bring the shoulder up to enable me to really move weight again.  But now, it's time to go with what I got - yeah, I'd like several more months to maintain the environment that can best support the shoulder for further rehab, and that includes a higher body fat percentage - so now I am down 17 pounds as of today and started serious cardio this morning.  Feel free to critique my body all you want but in a few months it will be a different ballgame (but not a new one as I have been here and leaned down many times before).
azfitness (1 year ago)
you put a video out in april, showing the meals you eat, all prepared, ect then you, said you currently looked bad, but in june you'll look like a million bucks. did you not hold to that diet?
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Define "well".  I have only been eating to lean down for about 10 days or so and have dropped better than 15 pounds.  Previously, this was not my intent and I did not eat to support this outcome.  Now, I will roll in cardio and bring some more nutrition back and fill back out without fat gain, and body fat will steadily decrease here out.  In or nearer my goal, I will be able to gain some additional muscle at a faster rate and still continue to harden up.  This is all being documented and will be posted.  By the Arnold, I will not be what I consider "shredded" but many people would consider it that.  I will be bigger and well conditioned at the Arnold without anything I really consider much work - hardest aspect is simply not eating many things I enjoy.  That is why it has to be "worth it" to any given individual - if it isn't worth it, fuck it, eat as you please, if you are in decent health, who cares?  I am merely curious.  Previously, I have gotten crazy conditioned and then even just maintained a good, lean physique but often I was not "happier" just because I had great abs to display - I was actually happier allowing myself to live a complete life which I often consider part of is being able to eat as ever I please.  Like competition - never felt satisfying to me - whether I nailed it or blew it, it didn't make any difference.  You focus on that show, do all the dieting and then it comes along and the whole day is tedious - crowded, boring, a whole weekend shot in the ass. - just my opinion.
Dan Stennis (1 year ago)
good advice
Eric Joseph (1 year ago)
old school baby....hell yes
coombsfh (1 year ago)
Hi James, can you do a bit of a 'day in the life' video for us. Looks like you enjoy guitar, motors and hands on, rough-handed, stocking-snagging, man-stuff.
rick j (1 year ago)
keto! that's how you loose weight
rick j (1 year ago)
:) thanks man keep up the good work
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Well, Rich, actually I think our comments section is pretty civil BUT you will get a buster here and there - when I see them I give them a chance because everyone has the potential to do better and something within them worth contributing - something that makes us stronger or better, but if they go on and continue to be a pain in the ass, then they gotta go.
rick j (1 year ago)
good call I agree james tiny vest, people are kinda rude on the comments ja?
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
"Lose weight" as in very hefty person wanting to drop a lot of fat or bodybuilder type wanting to lean down - totally different approaches would be most efficient in each case.
Bonechip (1 year ago)
If you burn more calories than you consume, boom. Fuck keto.
James Bailey (1 year ago)
Keith Barbaro, you're full of shit and can't know anything about dieting for fat loss. 40/30/30 is fine for maintenance but it will take a lot longer to shed fat. High protein, moderate carbs and low fat, you should try it. Take advice from the guy, he knows what he's talking about.
Ian B (1 year ago)
Probably the best advice you can give anyone
Brian Amriddinov (1 year ago)
awful advice. 10 percent fat? As a natural lifter fats are necessary to keep your test levels stable. 60 percent protein is also absurd. You don't need to go to extreme measures to achieve fat loss. just track your macros which includes a healthy amount of each macronutrient and an abundance of micronutrient dense foods, work your ass off, do come cardio.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
BTW, I personally had an entirely different approach when I competed (and pictures will be displayed on our companion website soon to be complete) and I also looked pretty crazy when I nailed it - of course I have also looked like complete shite when I didn't nail it.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
It is all about what works for YOU - but having said that, Nationally Brian was known as one of the best conditions bodybuilders of that time - even today, his previous best conditioning on this kind of plan would be extremely competitive on the national level.  He is a humble guy but out of us all (back then) he was the guy who repeatedly and consistently brought the best conditioning.  That is exactly why I wanted his opinion.
Brian Amriddinov (1 year ago)
There's no right or wrong when it comes to percentages and shit like that. It's not that deep. The right macros are whatever is best for you to maintain your cut. If you feel like shit eating a certain way, doesn't matter if you see great progress short term if you can't maintain it and end up binging. Just experiment.
Keith Barbaro (1 year ago)
+Brutha Fromanothamutha my macros are about 50% fat/30% carbs/20% protein. I was just evaluating what was said in the video. I think he went too low on fat. My current macros keep me at 185 at 5'11 and I'm in my 40's. I just wanted to self-experiment on the higher fat model. I am going to increase my protein intake soon. Will shoot for 125g protein/150g carbs/80g fat.
Rory McCallum (1 year ago)
+Keith Barbaro the percentages you've given are not for weight loss and that was the question that was asked
Travis Simmons (1 year ago)
luv the no-bullshit straight forward advice.
Keith Barbaro (1 year ago)
Atkins was actually a high-fat diet. The restriction was on carbs, not fat.
jompelis midi (1 year ago)
James i Respect you!
Garrett Miller (1 year ago)
He doesn't talk that loud.
Jesussavedme (1 year ago)
not first!!!
Allen Bowling (1 year ago)
Right to the point! I love it.
Bills Gym (1 year ago)
yeah i got it #1 baby!

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