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Unicorn Sushi

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Unicorn Sushi is basically a sushi dessert. It has purple yam in the center and the coconut flavor icing on top. I really enjoy making this sushi dessert and I hope you will too. Please don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel if you love this video. Thank you for your support! Ingredients: Soy Paper, Sushi Rice, Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, Sprinkles, Chocolate Pearls, Marshmallows, Powdered Sugar, Food Coloring, and Purple Yam. Facebook.com/GrillWasabi Instagram - GrillWasabi If you like this video, please check out my other videos. The links are down below: Unicorn Sushi - https://youtu.be/O-keAFSdWWo Vegan Gourmet Sushi Roll - https://youtu.be/Vm8DB3UNRSE Vegan Fish Eggs (Tobiko) - https://youtu.be/b6i_-BtAgnE Vegan Spring Bloom Rolls - https://youtu.be/rlBPiBCDZ2c Cilantro Pear Sauce - https://youtu.be/anoIiStiN5w Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) - https://youtu.be/k40_3tnaI4k Oysters & Secret Sauce - https://youtu.be/kGWFxGccCMA Centipede Sushi Roll - https://youtu.be/s-0lemtC3ws Miso Soup - https://youtu.be/LfrxlZzjWMQ Unagi Dynamite Combo Plate - https://youtu.be/Zhum0vqb5aE Stir Fry Clams - https://youtu.be/rDjFTmOCIMQ Spicy Seafood Udon Noodles - https://youtu.be/Gy8e-yDvukU Spicy Seafood Ramen - https://youtu.be/z2QDX7DEzBM Vegan Cocktail - https://youtu.be/_7_cp2yWzug Shrimps with Garlic and Chives - https://youtu.be/5w6PYxM94Bc Inferno Dragon Roll - https://youtu.be/QCi_YGK-t8E Roasted Unagi Temaki - https://youtu.be/q7QPzN6s2kU Sweet n' Spicy Crunch Roll - https://youtu.be/qynFxN3YPXE Pineapple Ahi Tuna Poke - https://youtu.be/Fc_yoGTVtNM Sweet n' Spicy Garlic Edamame - https://youtu.be/my4q6PKVISc Spring Time Sushi Roll - https://youtu.be/5OS3KCrsgnY Honey Sriracha Coconut Crunch Roll - https://youtu.be/DIN2G9E9kcQ 1000 Year Old Sushi Roll - https://youtu.be/eO19TcgJCt8 Dragon Roll Special - https://youtu.be/xWxdUXGazfc Japanese Jalapeno Poppers - https://youtu.be/aCEcW55zPis #sushi #sushitime #sushidinner #sushitime #sushilover #sushitutorial #quick&easy #recipe #sushirecipe #asianfood #japanesefood #foodblogger #foodblog #foodvlog #grillwasabi #summer #eatinghealthy #healthy #healthyfood
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Text Comments (53)
Ford Bronco (27 days ago)
Looks creative and It still looks delicious. This is Rainbow Dragon. Not Unicorn...
THE REAL KING FRANCES (5 months ago)
The music ruins the video
Infinite Athletics (5 months ago)
What an awesome video! Gotta give this a try sometime.
+Infinite Athletics Thank you! 😄
Ninochka Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Sooo cute!
The Vegan Hippie (6 months ago)
Great idea. Love the colors.
ヒカル (7 months ago)
crayzrazed (7 months ago)
This is art.
Berkan Tuna Özer Thank you! 😄
Tristan Stevens (7 months ago)
Best day of my life
Tristan Stevens 😁
Lukedoesdeezgames (7 months ago)
100th sub
Prince Erick (7 months ago)
This looks so cool but I don't wanna eat it XDDD
+Chat Noir Thank you for watching! 😄
Very creative video ! This awesome my friend ! You’ve made my day ! Thank for sharing .
+Miniature Cooking with Ching Thank you! You made my day as well! 😄
Bunny _Gamingz (8 months ago)
looks good give this recipe to a restroom
+Crazy Phantom 😂The yam does look like something coming out of the restroom! lol
Rebecca 1098 (8 months ago)
Honestly, the music was quite loud and annoying, But---over all the tutorial, and how professional it was. Like a bowl with measurings on it
Rebecca 1098 I knew most people dont like it. I rather do voice over but I dont like to hear my own voice. 😣
DanDAboss (8 months ago)
Send me some
Davidsbeenhere (8 months ago)
does it taste any good, it takes "sushi" to another level
Davidsbeenhere Thank you! 😁
Davidsbeenhere (8 months ago)
still though, you could call this art!
Davidsbeenhere It was good but I wish I had add something else inside instead of just purple yam.
BoraKh (8 months ago)
good i like your vdo
Daisy Huang Vuelvas (8 months ago)
Just discover your channel , guess what ? I love it 💕
Daisy Huang Vuelvas Thank you! I might try out a different method of editing and add voice over. But we'll see how it goes when I edit them. 😁
Jupe367 (9 months ago)
You have very little viewers and subscribers, which leads me to believe you just recently launched your channel. You have excellent content. I hope you reach a 100 K and more by next year. I'm glad to be an addition to your new subscriber.
4cybMsp (9 months ago)
but my sugar (╯︵╰,)
Carmelo Pappalardo (9 months ago)
I found you from Gordon Ramsey. Great channel!
Tegan and Courtney GymCon (10 months ago)
Sushi is supposed to be healthy not crazy 😜
Regan Lewis (10 months ago)
this is an abomination
Alan Polanco (10 months ago)
My body is ready
Alan Polanco ready for?
Narwhal Gaming (10 months ago)
so satisfing
Megan Alcott (10 months ago)
I'm the 1034th subscriber
PS4 YouTube OLD (10 months ago)
I'm 1000th subscriber! Yay
PS4 YouTube OLD (10 months ago)
Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel nice, keep up the good work
+Rogue Central Awesome!!!! I'm going to upload a new video this coming weekend!
Robert Ly (10 months ago)
Why does a Sushi making channel have a Suicide Playlist
Blitz (9 months ago)
Robert Ly even sushi chefs feel like dying once in a while
Miruku (10 months ago)
what's the background music?
PickleFN (10 months ago)
I was expecting food porn like u said
PickleFN (10 months ago)
Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel 😂😂
PLEASE MORE DADDY!! you don't see the uniporn? 😂
12dragonlight (11 months ago)
Please post more soon! I absolutely love this channel !!
12dragonlight Aw thank you so much for watching my videos!! I will make more videos when I have some time off from work. I've been working way too much.
great video! it should have many more views tbh....
OMGBEKKAG (11 months ago)
So cute!!!! My daughter would love this I will have to show her
+OMGBEKKAG I hope she enjoy making it as much as I do.
idwtbam (1 year ago)
IIIIIIII'm ready!

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