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Progress Update - Guerrilla Reflections - The Empty Buster

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Making progress - big is good but too big equals too heavy (which is not good for me).
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Jody (7 days ago)
I am one of the first followers of this channel since day one.. I don't like to many people that deal with the public. I honestly can say this"James is a genuinely great guy". A lot of the new subs are here for body building info...which James has a lot of knowledge about this subject. Food and workout and so forth.. But. The message.. Help each other. It doesn't cost a thing to be a good person. And if you ain't down with that.. You're just a buster!
ziggyjinx (15 days ago)
Damn... you have an amazing bulk for a 55 year old, what is your blood pressure reading and how does body building affect your blood pressure ? Keep up the great work big guy 👌
Francesco G. (18 days ago)
Hi Tiny. At 5 onths off of everything after being on 400 mg of test for the last 20+ years straight. YOU WOULD NOT SHOULD 100% WOULD HAVE THE TEST OF AN OLD LADY. sTOP BULLSHITTING AND JUST TELL EVERYONE YOUR ARE USING THE THERAPEUTIC DOSE AT THE VERY LEAST.
Jay bird (24 days ago)
Thanks Tiny Your a great man
glencannondr (24 days ago)
from a guy about to turn 40, i'm sending you much love and respect bro. keep it up. keep inspiring. peace.
Nick Molloy (25 days ago)
I've followed James progress, being of a similar age. Low T gave me all sorts of issues, so I understand the journey. Thanks for the great work.
Francesco G. (18 days ago)
Well appraently he doesnt have low T. Hes 5 months off making gains again and feeling fantastic. Not bad for someone on high levels of T for 30 years straight. He must be a biologic anomaly....or hes full of shit and went on the trt dosse about 2 months feeling like shit. I think the later. Lets not fool ourselves
Chosen Won (25 days ago)
Bill Lunebach (26 days ago)
Great job Jim.You are the truth.Screw what the haters say. Bunch of morons.
dragoninwinter (28 days ago)
You should start talking about some of your other hobbies too. Guitars? Muscle cars? You have a lot of other knowledge to share. Ignore the douche-bags. You can't avoid them.
KongLuvs (29 days ago)
You should just block that fuckin' guy, James (or Val). It seems like it's always the same few pricks shit-talking on each video.
hampuztt (29 days ago)
Why are you eating meat again?
Breakneck (29 days ago)
Why lie? You're on test and it's obvious to anybody that's ever fucked with gear. No motherfucking 50+ year old has test levels to support your level of muscle and bodyweight. No matter their workout history. But why lie? Your persona is one that you're truthful, honest and tell it like it is and honestly that's my problem with you....you're absolutely lying about being off and dumb people are being misled by your progress etc.
Est Cruz (29 days ago)
Calves.....I hate em so much I try to kill them every chance I get to keep their attitude in check. In fact, I need to go out to the gym and set them on fire right now. Keep up the good fight James, every day a tiny victory is huge. Even inches add up to be miles. In Russia calves eat you, but in America we kick their ass and show them who's boss.
Chosen Won (29 days ago)
Quit calling me a lost soul. I'm the only one on this channel telling the truth. It isn't negative and I'm not anonymous. It's what it is.......gorilla truth.
MrJules39 (6 days ago)
Chris bertani-The lost souls on here still won't believe it. Conflicts with their narrow minded view, you see. James isn't 25 and saying he's natural, he's 55 with 30+ years of bodybuilding behind him. He's been pretty open about using drugs in his past so why lie at this point? Size wise, he's way down from a couple of years ago, yes he's still big compared to the rest of us, but for him, after carrying that much muscle for so long, it's not all going to disappear when he stops taking whatever it was. Haters will always hate though, it's in their nature.
Chris Bertani (6 days ago)
My father looked like James until his late 50s and never used steroids, it is possible to look like him at his age naturally if you train hard, consistently for decades, eat a balanced diet high in protein and have the genetics to maintain large amounts of muscle
Chosen Won (26 days ago)
You're hilarious. You'll fit in great at the camp out.
MrJules39 (26 days ago)
Chosen Won yep, I pick your mom up on a weekly basis.
Chosen Won (26 days ago)
MrJules39 Let me guess, garbage truck driver?
Chosen Won (29 days ago)
Natural and getting bigger at 55. LOL. You are so full of shit. This is getting hilarious.
Mellow Bill (25 days ago)
Go on...
Kfx Guy (26 days ago)
Do any of you accusing busters even know how steroids even work? By the comments here I’d have to assume these comments are based on ignorance and jealousy.
Chosen Won (27 days ago)
FitLife He's a compulsive delusional bullshitter. At least Rich Piana told people what he had taken. None of this gear bullshit.
Chosen Won (27 days ago)
Affiliate Hacks I agree. Top of the long term parking, S. terminal. Thanks.
FitLife (27 days ago)
You hit the nail on the head. I bet he never posts his blood work. He talk ps so amazingly about being off. Prove it for real James. Common let’s see the blood work. Just talking is not making believers. Well some that do not know better. Post that blood work. Let’s squash it.
Dominique S (29 days ago)
He's not back on T, he just backed off cardio
FitLife (27 days ago)
Dominique S this is crazy. Every other video is about him doing so good being off test, but hey he is almost a senior citizen and gains and maintains all his muscle and doesn’t eat as much. Just think about that.
Charles Gusto (29 days ago)
Maybe focus on bigger stuff then your body image little dude.
R Droid (29 days ago)
what was your early life like
Ptah Adam (29 days ago)
Please make vids about supps and diet and ways of training. Why you care about trolls opinion? I liked the hardcore bodybuilding vids.
David Tad (29 days ago)
The internet is full of you theses days you been active good to have you
Jamey Mote (29 days ago)
6foot7 athlete boki (29 days ago)
What zodiac sing are you? ♉?
AlabamaJRB (29 days ago)
6foot7 athlete boki probably a bass
PaulBodyBuilder (29 days ago)
I'm proud of U. Go Vegan
meataddiction is mroe ridiculous
Lloydy (29 days ago)
Veganism is ridiculous.
Jody (29 days ago)
Man.. these busters are something else. Looking bro.. you don't need our validation though. You know how science goes. James.. have you ever tried a high rep workout? I do that.. can't do heavy any more because of shoddy injuries and knee injury.. you should try it. I almost would bet you a one of my chicken and rice meals you would respond to it well
David Lanceley (29 days ago)
I love what you have to say I'm natural bodybuilder at 52 year old and l know how hard it can be so I love the message in the videos. Keep doing it it's inspiring.
David Lanceley (21 days ago)
No but don't look to bad.
FitLife (27 days ago)
David Lanceley are you as big as a James!
Tony Crawford (1 month ago)
Tiny he just doesnt understand bro. Man why and the hell u evev talk about that dumb shithead bro. We UNDERSTAND U BRO. YOUR HEART IS PURE MAN. Thats a gift bro. Keep enriching our souls Love u bro. Sarge
SKYZTHELIMIT514 (1 month ago)
James your a stand up guy, it is my wish there were more humans like you brotheren....
morkmorkster (1 month ago)
Glad things are working out drug free for you :)
morkmorkster (27 days ago)
FitLife he said he's drug free.. I don't know what to believe.. he's a liar?
FitLife (27 days ago)
morkmorkster you actually believe that at 55 years old?
knowwe (1 month ago)
I did enjoy listening to you rambling, but could you actually give us your progress, ie then vs now in terms of weight, bf levels, gym work etc. I am on week 11 of my cut, currently weighing 91.5kg @ 6’2, down from 99.8kg I started at on week one. Target weight is sub-90kg, so Im gonna lose another 2-3 kg, should take another 2 weeks, 3 weeks tops. Would of hit target weight sooner but had bank holiday weekend at the end of week 8, so I took week 9 off the diet and put on about 2kg, but its all good, I knew I could as I’ve done this diet several times before and know how it works for me. Strength has held steady except this week, I was short a couple of reps on bench, which sucked. Will be worse in the last week but its fine, will all come back the following week or two after diet ends.
Dan Säfbom (1 month ago)
Great content,knowledge & information Tiny! Been training for 25 years but always pick up something i did not know watch ur stuff! Thx man & keep it up bro!
Adolf Oliver-Bush (1 month ago)
Has he gotten blood work yet? I really wish he would get more regular blood work. It would take away all the guessing he has to do with where his T is at.
Francesco G. (18 days ago)
He aint guessing shit. He pins somewhere between 200-300 mg test a week. He has been for a good 2-3 months now. You dont just go from teenage girl test levels back to normal in a 5 month span. If he stayed off right now hed still not hit the lowest end yet. This would be a long process that would involve pct drugs. And he claims not. I liked Tiny. But now I realize he is going the route of fake natty. Probably will start taking on clients pretty soon. You watch
StarRat (1 month ago)
dude you rule thanks for the positive vibes
Equalizer (1 month ago)
U look great my friend
Joe Fixxit (1 month ago)
Damn Jim you got to be atleast 230ish. Your still a big ass dude.
Sam Graves (1 month ago)
Damn wish i was closer
sirbrad4 (1 month ago)
Big is never good after age 50.
Dean Quinones (1 month ago)
Can you send me a cap.?
Valerie B (29 days ago)
Dean send an email to guerrillwithacause@gmail.com
Dean Quinones (1 month ago)
Hey mr vest my name is dean from annapolis MD. I was wondering if i can cap with your logo they are so cool i wanna be a brother...
Doie Venlift (1 month ago)
you can buy those on his page. google "guerrilla with a cause"
lord byron (1 month ago)
Your mood seems a lot better james funny so much of who we think we are is hormones derived
Igus Fox (1 month ago)
lord byron Same thing noticed with Jerry Ward when he came off. Another person!
ALEXxpress (1 month ago)
Light juice?
Breakneck (29 days ago)
He's definitely on test. Not the amount he was before but he's on.
cmo butts (1 month ago)
Keepin it simplicity dats why i love ure uploads bro!👍🏼
eric yam (1 month ago)
Do you like getting your dick sucked
Curtis Mitchell (1 month ago)
Looking damn good, James. Glad things have smoothed out.
Guy Graham (1 month ago)
Dont even validate negative comments Tiny it could be some silly kid. Great to see your health and training is on point.
Guy Graham (27 days ago)
he feeds the homeless and clothes them, this isnt the chanel for you.
FitLife (27 days ago)
You can be serious. He is not eating, off everything and almost a senior citizens. I guess he is a freak of nature. That begs the question, why no pro card! Why not post the blood work and squash all this. All he does is talk about it. Prove it.
Michael Hansen (1 month ago)
Hello james. Im Michael from denmark. I really like your videos, and I hope you will keep up the good work and making videos. Have a really good day sir.

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