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The Cure for Pancreatic Cancer

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As part of Stand Up 2 Cancer, Katie Couric reports on an $18 million grant given to doctors conducting a clinical trial on patients with pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of the disease.
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maciej wrotek (1 month ago)
Are those doctors in jail now wasting all theze money
Rayado Uno (6 months ago)
After loosing my father to this nasty decease! I just pray and hope a cure and detection method are developed soon so no one, has to suffer the agony and pain of watching your loved ones dying from this. Thank you Scientists and Doctors for your hard work! Hopefully it doesn’t become the gold mine so everyone can have access to treatment and be cured!
Maria Trimboli (9 months ago)
My dad has pancreatic cancer we live in australia and i haven't heard of these treatments doctors are still telling us there is no hope .i feel they dont even want to try.and when i tell them what i have learnt through channels like this they laugh at me and tell its liars.
Tom Wessel (1 year ago)
There has been a lot of progress in pancreatic cancer research, inform yourself about the drugs Opdivo and Yervoy. For some patients the results are very promising, for some they dont help. One day the modern medicine will challenge the cancer into some form of chronic disease with long term survivability, which is awesome given the current average lethality after 6 months from diagnosis. Also dont listen to the retards talking about hemp oil, cannabis medicine and so on, if it would only be that simple...
HorseyTube Eventing (1 year ago)
My mom has found the real cure. She just needs a clinical trial and money to release the cure.
g b (8 months ago)
what is the cure ?
Frank D (2 years ago)
Anyone who has this horrible disease loses hope I watched my mom die from this nothing anyone should have to see im glad they are trying to find something to help but really its In GODS hands I feel for people and their families who have to go through this
Debojyoti Biswas (2 years ago)
My mom's having pancreatic cancer, can i get any help from you,????
Eddie W (1 month ago)
Sanday Sunday no offense but I am gay hehe
Sanday Sunday (9 months ago)
The paw paw tree leaves and bark are said to be very helpful. Maybe research this, and read on YouTube what others have done to help cure/fight this type of cancer. Also call the clinic that did this video and bring Mom in for a consult. Can't hurt to see if they can help. I suffer from pancreas issues too, but mine isn't cancerous at this time, although the risks of getting PC are high in my case. I too am looking for preventative measures as my disease is worsening and I worry about my risks. Best regards to you and all who are suffering similar situations.
cat (2 years ago)
+Debojyoti Biswas hemp oil can cure cancer. check out phoenixtears.ca and also Run For the Cure on yourube
CancersKryptonite (3 years ago)
Liars, cure to cancer already exists and those who are informed are curing themselves every day. 
Tgreenmi (1 year ago)
CancersKryptonite you are a bafoon. Tell us how the researchers that work day and night or just paying video games because they have the cure. I know several that work in the research lab and they don't have a cure all. You are lying to yourself and others. Not everything is conspiracy. Do you have proof of your claim? Do you have proof? If not shut the fuck up!
Sean Taylor (5 years ago)
i have several solutions
Sean Taylor (5 years ago)
can't be explained any better than that. you get life from life. so eat life and you get life. my friend has pancreatic cancer right now.. I'm currently researching to remove that cancer from him, so far things are looking great. got any ideas up your sleeve?
Sophie Souza (5 years ago)
This Video is AMAZING and gives me such HOPE for my BFF Sue who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer! :)
Kevin Mortega (6 years ago)
Casmige (7 years ago)
=OoO= Unfortunately Supply & Demand "Nigga-ReyZizzle", The FEAR-MONGERING OF Long term treatment & Supposed *Preventive Care* of Cancer is by FAR More lucrative rather than a *Cure*, Idiote......get some more years behind those Juvenile Eye-Balls of yous before spewing your putridity.
Pandemicdaband (7 years ago)
take hemp oil its the cure!!!!! Watch run from the cure!!!!!!!!
Ryan Tom (7 years ago)
@cfbpredictionsDOTcom or maybe finding a cure to cancer just isn't that simple. if they found a cure to cancer, i'd be flying off the shelves. supply and demand nigga. so researchers gon' research. just haven't found it yet
John Leake (7 years ago)
Stand Up 2 Cancer and cancer fund-raising in general is a giant scam. That's why there are never any cures despite billions and billions in research. Real cures are ignored, hidden or suppressed because cures=no money for big pharma/doctors. The cures always have and always will lie in diets that don't deviate from the laws of nature, elimination of environmental toxins, reduction of stress and strong happy relationships. There is no other answer and it will certainly never come from a pill.
Steven Moran (7 years ago)

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