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Cancer The Forbidden Cures!

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Astounding revelations of various cancer cures suppressed by reptilian/Illuminati AMA and FDA.
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Darrin Morgans (12 days ago)
*CANCER CELL KILLERS* Goji Berries, Turmeric, Cayenne pepper, Phytoalexins (red & greens), Shitaki & Portabello mushrooms (PROOF IS IN LITERATURE OF SCIENTISTS OVERSEAS. USA IT'S FROWNED ON) ■■■■■■■■■ Needless to say *Fluoride & GMO* directly cause Tumor formation & malignancies (LITERATURE IS IN USA BEFORE 1970's. OVERSEAS SCIENTISTS PUBLISH RECENT ARTICLES) ■■■■■■■■■ *RIFE and injections of GcMAF (Macrophage ActivationTherapy)* 100% cure cancer & delete Tumors, but at extreme costs $$ (HINT: several GcMAF Scientists are dying overseas, Europe is trying to outlaw broad use) ■■■■■■■■■ SUGAR accelerates CANCER growth like nothing else. *DRINK WATER ONLY*
Jeff Hunter (1 month ago)
Cured myself with hottubbing! if this helps share! video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRWuRpn1d4I&t=1s article: https://medium.com/@jeff.g.hunter/doctors-injected-you-with-cancer-to-make-100-000-000-000-heres-how-to-survive-983c6171a52f
kimberly Rousseau (3 months ago)
They want to get us sick keep us sick, food water everywhere everything, love of money is the root of all evil . Years ago a machine using vibration killed cancer cells they shut him down as well I have inactive thyroid diabetes high blood pressure on on the more goes wrong more meds the sicker I’m getting I have no immune system because of the food and water having no nutritional value Got be better answers, I’m searching .
alex neil (3 months ago)
it comes down to why make cures when it pays better to keep making you ill...they will never make a actual cure for cancer because all the cancer dr's. and all the expensive so called poison medications will all come to an end, they are not gonna do that. very good cure for cancer is baking soda, and ofcourse apple cider vingar only the bottle that says mother on it. just saying.
gerry morgan (3 months ago)
It was never about health, the main focus has been control and disempowerment. You think those above you want a vibrant healthy population with the ability to heal themselves?
Angel Jackson (3 months ago)
SOOO sad...For The Love Of 💰 Money over LIVES!!! The root of all evil ove killing the root of cancer!!! GOD Help us all!!!
FixItStupid (3 months ago)
To Late What about 3 NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS, STILL BURNING ...Japan, So Why Its. A Nuclear END. One Way, Or The Other. 1957 The Price Anderson Act. Legalized Nuclear Murder.. In 1970 The Book " Population Control Though Nuclear Pollution " By Dr.Tamplin & Dr Gofman Found That Cancer & 1800 Other Health Problems From Nuclear, Lie's Killing The Earth & The Next Earth Quake. Do You Think They Fixed The Reactors? JAPAN 3 Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs, & All Contents Of Spent Fuel Pools, In The Pacific Ocean In Our Environment. Man-Made Nuclear Isotopes Are Now In The Hydrological Cycle. & In The Food Chain & Next Nuclear Disaster. Is A Mathematical Certainty ..Due To The Algorithm Of Greed..The Nuclear Lies Have Cost Us Everything...Bad Money = Nuclear WAR
Wednesday A (3 months ago)
Herbs are miraculous. Here are 7 herbs that you must eat everyday to be healthy at least 1/8 pound fresh. Water Hemlock (Cicuta maculata) ... Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna) ... White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) ... Castor Bean (Ricinus communis) ... Rosary Pea (Abrus precatorius) ... Oleander (Nerium oleander) ... Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) Also you should practice bloodletting with leaches that you find in a natural pond. If you get a cold, you should drink industrial bleach. Who need doktors with all there fansie schmansi book lurnings? FEAR THE LIZARD OVERLORDS. LOL
They authorize only three treatments because the Big Pharma would go broke if treatments with natural herbs would be allowed--something Big Pharma cannot patent to make them GREEDY MONEY. They would rather see you die than to see kiss their BIG BUCKS goodby. Why else, after 100 years do you thing they never come up with cures. Money talks, doesn't it?--just like they say in the video. Gee, I wonder why regular doctors only get about 1 day of of education natural cures. Do you know that over the years, hundreds of doctors and and Herbalists that have claimed definite cures for all kinds of diseases, have met their deaths under mysterious circumstances. Gee, I wonder who caused their deaths?
Alkaline Healing Centre (3 months ago)
If we all ate an alkaline diet cancer will be stopped yes stopped, alkaline diet cures cancer and our beautiful world naturally gives humans plants and herbs to cure ALL cancer, cancer is the largest money making market for pharma.... Cancer is not a mystery its FUNGUS yes mould and can be cured....cure has been hidden and lied to all of us....
Dear: You (3 months ago)
This video has made me realize how important cancer is to control the global population.
Ed (3 months ago)
Cancer can not live in a alkaline body. Raise your pH.
Bread Sandwich (3 months ago)
Be careful with apricot kernels. It WORKS for cancer excellently - but our gut bacteria is another thing that releases the cyanide into the bloodsteam. I'm not sure how else it is administered but you have to get around the gut bacteria issue. I ate the seeds for awhile and started getting headaches, lightheadedness, flushed face, signs of cyanide problems.
Christine Naranjo (3 months ago)
Not genetic environmental more like it. I come from a large Hispanic family in az. I have only had one other relative with cancer and that was prostate. So how can you say genetic?
kris white (4 months ago)
wow, its so much worse than i thought.All for a $
I G (4 months ago)
Drain the swamp!
Death Cold (4 months ago)
FDA is Illuminati
Death Cold (4 months ago)
Do you know that the electric cars are invented earlier than the gas/diesel engine!? This is more likely in the cancer treatment. they know already the cure and these are more common than can you imagine as they are found in market and groceries for a cheap price than expensive chemo and radiation which in fact gives more harmful lifetime side effects than the cancer itself! In fact, our immune system can suppress cancer cells so boosting the immune system is one of the cure! Exercise/workout not just boosting our immune system but to eliminate obesity as well! the body fats release toxins that can start cancer cells.
Miss Christy (4 months ago)
thank you for posting this video....... our country and those who run it, should be so shameful for doing all they do. ONE of these days, and its getting closer and closer, American Citizens are going to finally wake up and realize its the pharmaceuticals running the FDA, the educational medial baords that run the medical schools with their directors in high donations that still go on today, and now over the medical journals, and citizens are going to demand those in congress and gov and NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE DONATIONS of medical institutes any more! and until this happens, the pharmaceuticals will remain over this country! always always look at "FOLLOW THE MONEY"
Richard Bruce (4 months ago)
I know this is hard to believe, but in fact it is the demonic realm controlling these people, who otherwise could not be so evil. Until this is understood and who our enemy is, we cannot even begin to fight them.
System 2 Thinker (4 months ago)
I just realized today that Wikipedia is a sort of proxy propaganda machine. What I mean by that is they will delete your submission unless it's from a "reputable" source, i.e. government website or in this case a cancer "expert" site like QuackWatch(dot)org. Wikipedia said Essiac may be harmful lol, but chemo is A OK?? Give me a break.
Jane Gadd (4 months ago)
See also Mistletoe Therapy the parasite fruit that cures cancer
sue eason (4 months ago)
It's time for these crooks to prosecuted. What they've done is unforgivable.
Richard Bruce (4 months ago)
Give me a little while.
Kitty xoxo (4 months ago)
eat your garlic, broccoli, tomatoes, ginger, berries, any plants and nuts alone, if you have to go vegetarian, and you'll be suprised how many illnesses can be cured faster than taking pills. I refuse pills at all cost
Kitty xoxo (4 months ago)
if you could do more research on herbs as the actual Indians did, you'd find out that they have hidden the cure for cancer as the "white man" is not trusted in keeping it, they think they'd get exposed, but i truly believe if you see a native indian doctor, he could cure you better than any PHD doctor in a waiting room.. do your research, cancer is easy to cure if you pay attention to alkaline levels, herbs, and chemicals that kill cancer cells. Don't give up hope! Knowledge is power.
Sloth Girl (4 months ago)
beautiful woman God bless her
Wally Merritt (4 months ago)
toby Golding (4 months ago)
they gave us cancer so they have the cure don;'t see many rich jews with cancer also you never see crackheads with cancer cause real baking soda is a cure
Sharon Jones (4 months ago)
I had Cancer , chemo , radiation , and surgery in 2010 . Now I have a tumor connected to my Colo Rectol wall and they want me to go thru surgery . very invasive colostomy bag . 7 he surgery . I need help ! They keep saying it's getting worse . It smells horrible . I need to hurry in. Is there any other notions naturally for me . Can you help me. ? I put the surgery off March 12th . They said I need to get it done April 2018 . My phone number is 614 589 4258 . My name is Sharon Jones . Thank you .
Vinzent Massi (4 months ago)
Rene' Caisse is a heroin!! She was so harrassed by the mainstream greedy medical heirarchy. Her cure was and still works. She lived until 90 and many of her patients that were given short time to live (months or a year) by their doctors, lived ten or more years after she treated them with her cure. Most of them came to her 90th birthday to pay tribute to her for saving their lives.
Vinzent Massi (4 months ago)
The AMA is corrupt period. Cancer has been cured, they don't want it released because they are making billions on our misery of losing a loved one, to their inept chemo and radiation. Jimmy Carter had brain cancer, now he is fine. To those priveledged, the cure is given, to the rest of us, well they pump people with chemo and radiation, which does not cure cancer, it destroys our immune system and all cells, so most people don't have a chance of survival. You must rely on eating the right NON GMO foods, and staying away from processed foods, which all of the large corporations are poisoning society with; of course they are making billions on that crap too. Essiac is a good supplemental option to take daily and IP-6 Inositol. But with chem trails, water pollution and many contaminates in every area, it is getting harder to avoid disease. Take care of yourselves, no one else will.
Rafael Bayerri (4 months ago)
FDA= Fucking Damned Assholes...
Rafael Bayerri (4 months ago)
Damn the unspeakably evil degenerate shite/'elite', deluminati/ill-uminati soulless scum shit vermin cabal to Hell and eternal damnation; by God and all that is good in the universe/multiverse and all Existence. It is done.
rather knotty (5 months ago)
Following the obvious success of her treatment did Rene M Caisse publish her formular? When she had her 90th birthday did she reveal what she was using? The world NEEDS her treatment! Does anyone know what plants she used? What was in Harry Hoxey's treatment? Please let us know. You've got my interest.
ksr622002 (5 months ago)
The Democrats just voted against the right to try medicines that are still in clinical trials. What a bunch of jerks.
Dana M. McIntosh (5 months ago)
My battle with Breast cancer started 4 years ago, after so many Chemo, Radiation and other natural therapy treatment that I took just to cure my Breast cancer, it all did not work for my condition. I have been treating this disease for the past 2 years, but today I'm here telling the world about my final victory over Breast cancer with the help of cannabis oil medication. This is a breakthrough in my family with so much Joy in our life today, I was told about Dr Odia, when I heard about his good works from my friend I requested for the contact information of this man, after some days passed as I was always praying to God for mercy, I said to myself that God could use this man to heal me totally after giving myself this thought I immediately contacted Dr Odia, I do really appreciate all the help and contribution from every member of my family for all they did for me. And if you have any kind of cancer diseases, there is no need to waste money on Chemo or Radiation, go get herbals from Dr Odia Herbal Herbs cancer research center ( drodiaherbalistcenter@gmail.com ),this is a medication that totally kill cancer cells drodiaherbalistcenter@gmail.com
ksr622002 (5 months ago)
So if someone dies from cancer after being treated by conventional medicine, ie; chemo and radiation and someone dies who is treated by alternative natural medicine, why does the medical community call the natural doctors quacks but they themselves are not quacks? The fact is that if you have stage 4 or 5 cancer, you're going to die within 5 years yet they still keep doing chemo and radiation as if it's a cure. They have a longer track record that it's a failed science so why not try something else?
Shari Peterson (5 months ago)
There have been a lot of views - 2,850,572. I sincerely hope millions more will watch and believe that, we as individuals, have so many natural options for cures outside of the acidic nature of all pharmaceutical drugs and allopathic treatment programs.
robballz (5 months ago)
Just got some Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide today! ☼
wit engineer (5 months ago)
The wife of a man I work with had colon cancer and went the traditional route like her doctor wanted and after months of chemo and throwing up the cancer was still going strong! As a "last resort" she started to take maple syrup with baking soda before bed and two weeks later there was only scar tissue left where the cancer used to be! She told her doctor what she did and they said they do not recommend baking soda because it's dangerous! Now she is dealing with the damage chemo did to the rest of her body! So said this should be the first option!
They just passed a new bill allowing all treatments for terminally ill that better but bullshit. I do not agree to the laws of this country that harms lies and is blinds people to truth! Stop loving money love your fellow humans ! I love hearing that these people said fuck the inhumans at the top 1% See it time to leave this place because now the tech is there where we do not want for anything . Takes the power out of the 1% hands. Anyone who takes money and helps these scum of the earth say those lies they will roast for those crimes against humanity genocide We should not take this anymore! If you do not agree that it all about money live simply . But now you can say here this formula humanity what could they do .drop flyers from the sky with the recipe so they can’t take the cure of cancer from us . Or go to bit chute ,steam it , video tube, d tube, we do not have any other choice. I say that stem cells blanked from deep with in your own hip you can rejuvenate your self with your own chemistry. I had stem cell replacement surgery and it was life changing . It gave me back my life. They don’t want you to know with a little help pulling bone marrow from your body spin it in a centrifuge take those same cells injected into the spin can reverse degenerative disc disease . If you inject your own blank cells it goes in and starts regenerating like our liver! Hey elite fuck you! Again.
It time to delete the elite.
P M (5 months ago)
One simple answer to this. RELEASE THE RECIPE SO WE CAN CURE OURSELVES!!!!
Noremac Floyd (5 months ago)
So use poisons and cancer causing radiation to cure cancer good logic big pharma morons
John Doe (5 months ago)
If you have a child (under 18) with cancer, you MUST give your child the medical establishment treatment or face legal prosecution for child neglect and abuse! You have no choice with a child! How dare they tell anyone how to treat their child? It's the same with their vaccines. They're making billions and billions in profits and we have NO legal recourse.
William Hutcheson (5 months ago)
Those who put a 👎🏿 probably work for the big pharmas or the FDA.
Richard Bruce (5 months ago)
When you make a truth channel, you cannot believe how many people out there really hate the truth. Just hate it.
illumi nati (5 months ago)
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angela prestwood (5 months ago)
angela prestwood (5 months ago)
Merilyn K. (5 months ago)
Then why do doctors do chemo when they get diagnosed with cancer? I personally know two doctors who got cancer and no one of them refused surgery and chemotherapy.
Janet Trim (5 months ago)
The Godless feel that they have to take charge of population control. Poor excuse for control. Selfishness, power for "more". So sorry for them that have to answer to their God.
Xstreamaudio (5 months ago)
Time to go after the 1 percent and tale our lives back
Richard Bruce (5 months ago)
Right, but who is going to give up their job and life and home to start actually doing a single effective thing about it?
Xstreamaudio (5 months ago)
God the drug companies need to be gone! What a evil world we live in
Bob Bidawid (5 months ago)
So what are the remedies herbs to put together to cure cancer this anybody know What they are
Daryl C (5 months ago)
Cancer is a deliberately created disease to make us poor, through garbage science, and kill us!
rose danteze (5 months ago)
HOW I GOT CURED FROM CANCER VIRUS: Am rose dataze God bless Dr. Ajayi for his marvelous work in my life, I was diagnosed of Cancer since 2014 and I was taking my medications, I wasn’t satisfied, i needed to get the Cancer out of my system, I was directed by my brother in-law to meet Dr.Ajayi who is good in curing HERPES DIABETES and CANCER with his herbal medicine, I contacted him and he guided me. I asked for solutions, he started the remedy for my health, he sent me the medicine through UPS delivery service (UDS). I took the medicine as prescribed by him and 13 days later i was cured from Cancer , Dr. Ajayi truly you are great, do you need his help also?  Why don’t you contact him through his email: drajayiherbalhome@gmail.com  Or contact his number via (Whatsapp or call him (+2349054914348
David Elmes (5 months ago)
those doctors supporting big pharma are in total denial
Mike Roberts (5 months ago)
I have had 4 different types of Cancer plus stroke over past 6 yrs, now facing my 5th Cancer awaiting treatment (4 Cancer tumours in my chest area) I have tried many different supplements, I have had so much Radiation and surgeries as well as Chemo-which they now tell me to have chemo again but it will only maintain the current condition and been told it will only extend my life from 12 to 18 months..I am 63 yrs old and ex 20 yr soldier so I will fight to the end and try to stay positive, last month got told my wife has kidney cancer and next week Feb 2018 will undergo Cancer surgery, we pray all be well. I will start to try this Baking Soda drink and see what happens. My Blog and my book I wrote about my Jouney with Cancer check this link out: http://grownmendontcry.blogspot.sg/
C romana (6 months ago)
Thank you for this incredible documentary. We live in a time when evil rules in the name of good. I know many people who benefit from Iscador, but in America it is barely known. Yet in Europe where there is also big pharma, Iscador is allowed, and not banned. Why can these co-exist in Europe but not in America?
Mark Skinner (6 months ago)
Chemotherapy cures cancer.
Mike Norwood (6 months ago)
YouTube will not let me view ANY replies to comments that have been posted on here that are related to ingredients in formulas or anything related to "Cures". I can see the original comment, but it locks me out of additional comments posted. Hmmmmm. Kinda pissing me off.
graeme bromley (6 months ago)
How do these people have so little moral compass? You could almost be forgiven for thinking they didnt want people to live to a good age and not be reliant upon the drugs that are offered by the system. How is this even humane? sick sick people creating a sick and sicker system. We now have a virtual global medical system with everyone rushing to copy the American system, i wonder how this will end? it's very obvious i feel.
Stephen Owens (6 months ago)
wow!! must admit my wife and I have both used colloidal silver and found that can cure sore throats quickly and helped incredibly well with eczema, my doctor had never even heard of it!. I use bi-carb now for cleaning and sterilizing and its excellent in so many ways, I was even thinking of trying it on some psoriasis which nothing seams to touch. I have been convinced but never really researched about cancer tho, but I have mentioned to my wife over the years that it sounds crazy that cancer research in the UK is always asking for donations yet the news keeps saying cancer is increasing as a percentage and will rise over the next couple of decade to 50%!!!!!. Good video Richard I should have looked into this some time ago.
Chris Swisher (6 months ago)
This documentary exemplifies the avarice of American Corporations, and their sinister cover up to obscure the truth on Cancer cures. Sickening!!!
kcuf7 (6 months ago)
so true and so sad and bad!
mr Sandman (6 months ago)
they found cancer cures in nature.https://youtu.be/T5fUIEjgKhU
Andrea Lewis (6 months ago)
Everyone trusting blindly the medical establishment needs to stop. There is no reason to trust them at all.
Israel Montes De Oca (6 months ago)
I drink bicarbonated sodion every morning i feel good this is medicine that kills cancer believe that. God put this for us
thena marie (6 months ago)
I read a testimony of a woman diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer who had been sent home to die. She sought alternatives an discovered baking soda treatment. Her husband was a veterinarian, so he had the proper equipment to carefully rinse her uterus with a baking soda solution. Consequently, her cancer was almost instantaneously healed and remains cancer-free. Whether or not we feel we can trust such testimony or alternative treatment/therapy, the point is that we should be at liberty to pursue natural options with proper medical supervision without having to leave the country.
i have been taking baking soda prescribed by my doctor for three years now , and today i have breast cancer , what do you say about that ? wehere did it go wrong ? thanks
Maneki Neko (7 months ago)
Hi I am from Hong Kong. Please excuse my clumsy English. Thank you very much for producing this enlightening documentary. I just don't understanding something. $20m to go through all the tests and procedures in order to get FDA's approval sounds a huge and unachievable sum for individuals and the average small enterprises. But why hasn't anyone organized public fund raising campaigns for these great alternative therapies? Every 10 persons in the USA donate $1 would be more than enough to support one of the therapies to develop. Like what the Open Source software movement has done to revolutionize the computer industry in past decades, can you good people in America start an Open Source Medicine movement to counter the Big Pharmas? Or are such activities already in progress? If I know of such campaigns I certainly would like to make donations and tell people in my country to do the same. Thank you.
Bruce Wright (7 months ago)
THE BEST MEDICINE to use in overcoming any and all diseases is your very own URINE.  Imagine that!  Well it's true folks.This practice goes back 5,000 years.  The ancient Indians of India, the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Chinese, and many others have practiced drinking their own urine to cure any and all diseases, and still do.  Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus all drank their own urine and taught their followers to do the same.  See Proverbs 5:15.  See John 7-37-38.  Your URINE is, by far, the greatest medicine available to you on earth.Don't believe me?  Check out a couple of FREE online books.  THE WATER OF LIFE by John Armstrong and THE GOLDEN FOUNTAIN by Coen Van Der Kroon.  Aside from traumatic injuries like broken bones, drinking your own urine overcomes any and every disease you can possibly name and works more effectively than anything else...BY FAR!!!!Unfortunately, corrupt Christian and Jewish clergy, corrupt government, and corrupt medical establishment has intentionally suppressed or kept this powerful information away from you, all in the name of BIG MONEY.  As you know, your URINE is absolutely FREE!!!!!
Sayit AsItIs (7 months ago)
In the European Union there was consideration in banning homeopathic approaches but now they say the the European scientists don’t want to ban homeopathic medicines outright but want to inform people better. We haven't seen any of that. In Britain the NHS is set to ban homeopathy for patients because it is 'not evidence based and any benefits are down to placebo' effects. They say that Doctors should stop prescribing homeopathic medicine to NHS patients, the health service has said. The change has been proposed because "at best, homeopathy is a placebo and a misuse of scarce NHS funds which could better be devoted to treatments that work", said Simon Stevens, NHS England's chief executive. The NHS currently spends £92,412 a year on the natural “treatment”, which uses highly diluted doses of natural substances that some claim help the body heal itself. The NHS annual budget is almost 134 BILLION POUNDS so the natural approach is a flea bite on that budget. But the NHS bows to the hands of the big pharma lobbyists with vast amounts of money to bribe and cajole. So even today the brutality of the pharmaceutical industry is still hard at work. Rotten to the core
Kathleen Jones (7 months ago)
jtuno122 (7 months ago)
All American government entities are evil, money motivated, self serving, unethical and criminal. They take money out of our paychecks and use it against us. They don't look out for our best interest.
Allie Grant (7 months ago)
Bill Gates admitted that there are things being done to depopulate. But of course while they are depopulating they are making money.
A fungus not cell
Richard Bruce (7 months ago)
Right, fungus, not mutating cell, which is a lie designed to keep humans from figuring out what cancer really is.
RETUSAF1995 (7 months ago)
Big health can't afford a cure for cancer. They will lose trillions of dollars. They will allow people to die to make a profit.
vera smith (7 months ago)
is anyone practicing this work or is it lost to us? We are in such a sad state in such a beautiful world...Help us!
frances D (7 months ago)
This is absolutely ridiculous. Why do the American people allow the AMA so much power? It is time for the Americans to stand for each other and refuse to listen to the AMA. Too much money is being made so there will NEVER be a cure for cancer in America.
Timothy Appleseed (8 months ago)
Also check out MMS and DMSO treatments or cancer and other anaerobic pathogens.
Trishawn Allen (8 months ago)
WOW LOVED THIS VERY INFORMATIVE TOOK PLENTY OF NOTES FEEL WISER wish I knew this 4 my grand moms ,who was wise enough to have know nd wanted to go therapeutic but was talked into kemo by blood sucking doctors aka killers whose job is to prevent the life by all means but I never forgot even as a teenager the power of herbs thnx 2 my brilliant southern healthy book 📚 reading researching beyond brilliant grandma Ms Mary Ann Allen Whom I Love & Will always miss dearly, the great strong stubborn triple Og ♉️
SOROS SOROS (8 months ago)
Dr my eye hurts says the patient, how about a kick in the nuts and your eye will feel a whole lot better says the Dr. lol
SOROS SOROS (8 months ago)
Giggle Train (8 months ago)
Not a coincidence that in the Bible God talks about sorcery. If you look up the Greek root meaning of that word it translates to "pharmakeia". Smh... our doctors are modern day witches.
Edward & Marci Hudson (8 months ago)
They what make any money is the big problem doctors love make money and sell drugs that's all they got in mind they don't care about their patience
rfn944 (8 months ago)
Western medicine is a scam. Doctor are harmful drug pushers.
MR T (7 months ago)
BLOODY CHEMO AND RADIATION DOSENT KILL CANCER IT PRODUCES BLOODY CANCER BY KILLING MORE GOOD CELLS IN YOUR BODY Doctors get a kick back from the drugs ,its woth thousands to a doctor to treat cancer with drugs that dont work at all
MR T (8 months ago)
Natural products cant be patented ,so a cure for cancer by the drug companies will never be found ever DRUG FAMAS THEY ARE NOTHING BUT --------------- ADD YOUR OWN WORD
PAULA O (8 months ago)
The chemtrails are highly toxic and our soil is full of toxins. No such thing as organic anymore...
PAULA O (8 months ago)
All the billions of dollars, given to cancer research since the 1950's. AND We still have chemo and radiation... What did they do with all the money donated to cancer research over a half century now...?? I think they have a cure. Israel has got two cures now. Big Pharma won't let these cancer cures into the United States because they won't make as much money off of these, as they do with the chemo and radiation... these people will have to answer to God one day and it will be nothing nice for them!
Robin Walter (8 months ago)
cancer wasn't an accident! DEPOPULATION! Control, Money, Evil! ABORTION is their backup plan!
Megaman11 (8 months ago)
You cant cure cancer with poison like radiation, dont trust in pharmaceuticals or doctors they will never cure you, medicine is designed to help with one problem while it gives you 5 more problems. Use natural remedies that god put on the earth.
Emily Carson (8 months ago)
Wow wow wow that's sad.
rose danteze (8 months ago)
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Karen Williams (8 months ago)
My husband had Hep C which spread to his liver and now its in his spine bone marrow. He stopped the Chemo pills because it made him sick. I ask the Veteran Doctor why have they now given my husband a Nutritionist. Now good response. They gave him 6 months to live. Its been 2 years. He started taken apricot seeds. I think he also started using baking soda. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Love tyiopoi (8 months ago)
Please help me I'm a very hard situation my dad have stomach cancer and he's 62 and doctors said they can't do it nothing about that please help me
Giggle Train (8 months ago)
He needs high dose cbd oil. Look into it :)
Richard Bruce (8 months ago)
Jarek, I am no expert, but I would immediately get some baking soda and have him drink a small amount mixed with water, and also get apple and apricot seeds if you can, and eat them daily (I eat the seeds with an apple daily) for my B-17, see my movie "Cancer is B-17 Deficiency". And get on your knees and just say out loud as a prayer, Jesus help me.
David Hickey (8 months ago)
The so called.."doctors"..Are what kills you
Bradley Holliday (8 months ago)
Hemp and water flushing is the best way to cure cancer that’s why natural water not tap or water with so called pesticides is not promoted on tv and hemp is banned because there is more profit in so called medicine and treatment. Just another way of making money because if they treated and cured all cancer the planet could not survive with this many humans inhabitants there has to be a balance. But I’ve studied hemp and water flushing or oxygenising the blood to be almost 100% effective to curing cancer. I have close friends that have been diagnosed with terminal cancer that have flushed and used hemp oils and are still living even though they was given just months to live they are still here years later and the cancer/tumours have shrunk by majority e.g 70/90%. My grandad has just been told he has an aggressive stage 4 cancer which is spreading daily and is incurable and he won’t take any advice as to the things I’ve been studying for some years now and that’s due to his age he just doesn’t believe in what I’m saying as he’s from a different era but I believe it’s because he’s just come to terms with the fact his life is almost over. My heart and thoughts go out to anyone with this most evil disease on this planet and anyone who’s family/ friends including the people with cancer. Do the research and look up hemp oil used in curing cancers and re oxidising the blood maybe it’ll help those willing to listen god bless x
mindfcuk101 (8 months ago)
this was made in 2014 & in 2017 nothing has changed.. just like nothing will change ever unless we kill a lot of the elite ruling famalies...but they will probably kill me first because they got all the money and if doctors and media and judges can be so easily bought...how hard is it to hire a hit man if you a billionaire ??????
Scott Deniese (8 months ago)
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Lynelle Meadows (8 months ago)
What about inhaling baking soda for patuaitary tumor, adenomas? What do you think, I have 1 for 9 years, breast cancer 2 years ago and another patuaitary growth for total of 2 adenomas now.

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