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Constant Tension -vs- Full Range of Motion

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Some say constant tension is the holy grail of hypertrophy while others conclude that it is an utterly usless approach - who is right, who is wrong, and which approach is the best?
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test bear (1 month ago)
If you want to be truly strong, full range of motion all the way. No half reps bullshit
Eduardo Gutierrez (1 month ago)
I hope to one day be as knowledgeable and chill as you james
eriko soderlund (1 month ago)
blaha is a retard who took steroids.
Coach Tim (1 month ago)
Good stuff James, as always.......I think Just about any style is good, time under tension, high volume, heavy lower rep.....HIT....consistency & variation is the key and plenty of SLEEP and FOOD...I'm a huge Jerry Brainum fan, and he's got some good science behind it on his newsletter Applied Metabolics...dot com.....check it out subscription is cheap..he's also on facebook.....tell him I sent you!!
Nick Arrigo (29 days ago)
Generally a big fan of JTV but I have to respectfully disagree here. IMHO full range of motion is a recipe for injury. I've stayed injury free by using constant tension and enough range of motion to completely fatigue the muscle. The entire point of a preacher curl is to isolate the peak....which is the end of the contraction...not the beginning.
Mike Hammer (1 month ago)
Constant tension works PERIOD!! the longer u keep the muscle under load (tension) the more tissue damage u will create. more damage= more muscle.
Denny Medeiros (1 month ago)
At the end of the day...experiment on YOU... We are all different
Casta Erreape (1 month ago)
Once you have used magical help, you are never natural anymore genious.
Tom McGivern (1 month ago)
You must really be bored watching bloho. Check out Alpha Destiny and Eric Bugenhagen.
Nicholas Maddalena (1 month ago)
...I'd say do both...variety is the spice of life
Dave Dreds (1 month ago)
Thoughtful as always 👍
2kanchoo (1 month ago)
For preacher curls I use constant tension but on the bottom not the top which as you say is useless. Just don't let your arms go down to lockout. Stop the movement short before going back up keeps constant tension on the biceps. Same with dumbbell curls. If I keep my elbows forward and tucked in and my hands out to the sides as far as possible and do the same thing don't go down to lockout just 90% ish of the way my biceps hurt and burn during the entire movement and set way way more.
Harry Banner (1 month ago)
Full range is always superior. "Constant tension" aka half reps are only useful when on steroids.
Nick Arrigo (26 days ago)
that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard when it comes to lifting. No logic whatsoever...
Christopher Lenz (1 month ago)
Harry Banner not true
MErazoPT (1 month ago)
On the lock out, you are in a stretch bicep position, not contracted. If you are in a locked position, on the bottom, then you are contracting your triceps. Like when you fully extend the arm, in a locked position, when you contract the triceps.
Harry Banner (1 month ago)
MErazoPT but even on the lock out you're still squeezing the muscle especially on a bicep barbell curl.
MErazoPT (1 month ago)
Constant tension, does not have to be half reps. On a barbell curl, right before locking out, without pausing, you come back up and that is constant tension, without having to do half work and it does work.
Carlton McCartney (1 month ago)
Short, and sweet video! Agree with everything you said. My training has always targeted real world functional strength. I see full range of motion movements as a great way to pinpoint your weak points, and work the whole machine. But, I do also employ partial ranges of motion to strengthen those weak points to work towards balancing my overall strength. Love your philosophy on strength building. Thanks for the video!
BIG ROB FITNESS (1 month ago)
Honest good guy👍👍
jayme mok (1 month ago)
Watch gallant natural bodybuilding! Train the muscles not the joints!
D W (1 month ago)
Blaha is a strange dude, I'd be tempted not to ever mention the guys name if I had a channel. The Either-Or mentality of range vs tension is nonsensical. Full range and total tension are both great tools for development. Full range has its place for warm up and burnout for increasing localized adaptation which exceeds in increasing output capability and volume of muscle beyond partial rep. Partial rep (100% tension) has its benifits for more tension on the muscle which increases hypertrophy. Short full tension reps accomplish this by reducing risk of injury during HEAVIER lifting by removing the portion of the rep with a exponential rate in tension that increases possibility for injury. Thanks for sharing Tiny. Great info and perspective.
Tuco Ramirez (1 month ago)
D W you are right, there was a trainer at this one gym that I used to go to. He was a master's level dietician and has a master's degree in kinestheology. He had a 600 lb bench with the shirt and also an amateur body builder. As far as building muscles complete and in a safe way, nothing beats negative
Alixxusa (1 month ago)
You should do more workout videos
Hey JAMES, recently i had to deal with a LOT of motherufckers in my country that try to throw down people who use steroids, making fun of them, saying theyre bad useless people in society, i told them everyone should be fre to do what they want, that prohibisionism is wrong and the motherfuckers kept “comming back” at me, and they keep giving a bad name to steroids etc in the country, which isnt that big so everything gets caught and make such a big deal out of it on the news. What to do? Informative arguments dont work with these illiterates. They keep saying it ruins your body, and is worse than alcohol and smoking lmao which we all know its not true, i dont promote them but these people demonize them. How would you approach this type of hate James? These people make me feel like a freak in this country and make me want to move somewhere else but not sure if this is possible for a few more years
Curtis Mitchell (1 month ago)
James - have you ever watched Gallant natural bodybuilding channel? He’s a big advocate of constant tension and working in the best range for the individual. Rarely does he train a full range of motion because of the impact on the joints. Thoughts?
cant really use full range in bench. I only use full range for 1 rep. max.
slapjack2000 (1 month ago)
Still looking like a beast.
Dan smith (1 month ago)
You can still have continuous tension on full range of motion by contracting the muscles harder and holding it there awhile. Arnold i think use to say to squeeze the biceps hard at the top of the contraction. Best of both worlds i guess.
COLA FIZZ (1 month ago)
I hold the dumbbell halfway for 3 secs every other rep,it really tears the muscle fibres up )) ultimate tension at play !!
Doug Boykin (1 month ago)
I may be incorrect Jim, but ...didnt Jay Cutler use continuous tension often in his Olympia training to great success ?
Chris Morrell (1 month ago)
Doug Boykin yeah Jay was big on that but blaha would just credit all that to the grams of gear. Not saying anyone is right or wrong, but blaha swears that pump and short range motion only works for guys on gear and if ur natural you need to go heavy and full range. Who’s to say who’s right or wrong, just do what’s best individually . I do anyways.
Chris Bellville (1 month ago)
He just admitted as an absolute that full rom is better ... Jason's advice is for newer lifters and to help people trying to be efficient ... he always says after your main movements if you wanna throw in other movements or try unconventional or different things then feel free ... and James explains w his bicep example something that Jason wasnt even talking about... working the weakest range of motion is usually what the half rep guys are avoiding ... the advice of only use full rom is just generic advice for most exercises and honestly I'd say after watching this video it seems like James and Jason agree to some extent
Cunt Dracula (1 month ago)
Doug Boykin You are taking Jay Cutler as an example. That is not very smart. Elite genetics and jacked. Not your average joe lifter.
Doug Boykin (1 month ago)
You are totally on point Jason Bla Bla ha is once again showing that he doesn't have any usable tips for effective training
eric yam (1 month ago)
It does all work. It works if you make it work.
Cave Man (1 month ago)
It doesn’t have to be vs. you can incorporate constant tension in your regular full range workouts
Jody (1 month ago)
When I have time and in the gym.. I do half and half. Sometimes ill do full range.. Sometimes I only do 3/4 reps to keep full tension at all times

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